Tuesday 1 November 2016

Between showing support and winning support

Woke up just now and did the necessary.

Noticed that my mother sent me a text message at about 2.30am.

It's not such a bad news. Alhamdulillah.

It's still dark outside.

And it's raining.

Can't go on my routine bicycle ride exercise yet.

That's why I'm writing this.

Nothing much to write actually.

The supposedly big political issues these days are mostly made up, I think.

It's getting dry and repeating itself.

I think our politicians lack imagination.

They don't know how to make Malaysian politics raise above the current level.

You whack me, I whack you. That's all.

I think most of you all could agree that the maturity level is rather low.

Honestly, it turned me off these days.

Those who write about it are mostly the same.

They can't even differentiate between showing support and winning support for their cause.

Most of the time they deliberately show their support without caring to win the needed support.

They are too lazy to think and be creative.

Showing support is easy. Just whack the other side and kiss the ass of leaders on your side.

It may win you some applause from like minded crowd from your side....and maybe some nice amount of money too, but it's not really going to help the cause.

In fact, not only those who were supposed to be convinced to join your side found it unappealing, they most likely got disgusted by it too and ended up joining the enemies.

Really, that's not how you win support.

Well, the supposedly brilliant big bosses of the mainstream media can't even figure that out. That's why their newspapers and television channels are suffering.

To be fair, maybe they are not so stupid. They just don't really care. They just want to keep their well paying job and get datukship.

So, can't really blame the smaller players, can't we?

Well, never mind that.

Let those people figure out themselves on how actually they can win the needed support for their bosses.

That's their job, after all.


I'm waiting for the bloody rain to stop, so that I can ride my bicycle.

Maybe, I should fix myself some breakfast first.

Okay, I better get off my bum now.

This is the song for the day. Just to cheer up things a bit.

Nice eh.


  1. Annie,

    There are plenty of topics to write. Currently the hot topic is RUU 355. Perhaps you can write how the people in this country including non-muslims can benefit from this new codes.

    1. It is indeed a good topic. Under hudud law, the theft of public funds of over US$7 billion is punishable by removal of pink lips or huge RM1,200 hair, made easier by refusal to tutup aurat. However, the making of films, using stolen Malaysian funds, featuring huge amounts of nudity and drugs is permissible. RU355 does not cover that.

      Harap maklum.

    2. 'However, the making of films, using stolen Malaysian funds, featuring huge amounts of nudity and drugs is permissible.'....YAH, but WHY the filem lucah maker follow his Mummy to China???

      Who made riza aziz a minister?

    3. Because Riza Aziz wants to make a 1970ies TV drama 'RUN FOR YOUR LIFE' into a filem, set in the miliminum of 2016, with Riza as DR. Richard Kimble, 'The Fugitive' on the run from Doj. The filem is based on his own experiance of course, while on the run from DOJ, hiding under Anifah Aman, Menteri Luar Malaysia's armpit, back to Malaysia. In Malaysia, he tells of his experiance, hiding from the public eyes under his mama's hair!!!
      The filem will be a join venture with China. The filem will be directed by Zhang Yimou who directed 'Terracota Worrier'. Now Zhang will have another Terracota Worrier in the form of Riza Aziz, the new Fugitive on the run from DoJ.

    4. Phulamak Cik Minah! Two thumbs up : )

    5. LIKE...ya cik minah! Woot

    6. Can't you see Annie? Judging from the number of responses, both muslims and undoubtedly non-muslims will benefit from RUU 355. For sure Riza will not dare doing what he has done if RUU 355 is in placed. The same with Jho Low, TBH, LGE, etc.

  2. Wah, I usually get off my bum but you got off your bums.....hope it don't mean you have fatty bums like those insatiably greedy bums in the mappadulung clique.

  3. Or how about on all those who like to say "balik tong san", now what will they say when tong san is slowly bungkusing huge parts of the tanah air--- thanks to Jibby Long Hands.

    Only an idiot like Jibby thinks there will be no pay back when Beijing has enough grip on our country.

    1. He knows lah, but don't care.

      In 20 years more dah masuk kubur, make hay while sun shine.....

    2. Jika pemimpin hebat pasti akan di sanjung....akan di kenang....tapi jika perdana menteri penipu....pembohong...akan di cerca selamanya...

  4. Annie,
    As someone mentioned....you should write something about our intimate relationship with China.
    Tun Razak went to China and requested help to eliminate the communist scourge and at the same time help resolve the immigrant problem.

    But the trips made by the son......with wifey and son tagging along..is something else.

    While India has "Make In India" to attract investors, we have "Sell To China" to attract all the dubious vultures.


    1. The Chinese Emperor just got a new Bugis concubine.

      Bend over...

      ...apply Planta...

      ...but 30 million also kena liwat by this Bugis coward selling our backsides to China, to save his own backside.


    2. not just the Bugis, I saw the BN cinapek Mah & Liow on the photo also....I guess it makes them the pimps!

    3. they be pimpin' bro

  5. Sebenarnya, Melayu peduli apa. Tanah Melayu? Lain kali landasan keretapi aje Tanah Melayu. Yang lain semua milik China. Dulu, Najib tanya apa lagi Cina Mau? Tanah, tanah, hasil bumi, bunga dari pinjaman.

    1. Keluarga penyamun melawat negara China.
      Nak minta perlindungan kot. Takut2 nanti kena terajang ...sangkut....kat mahkamah...salah..tak sempat cari perlindungan.

      Rasanya kalau keluarga penyamun nih rakyat negara Cina..rasanya dah lama dah kena hukuman tembak sampai mati.

    2. Sebenarnya, Melayu peduli apa? Haaaa...tu lah. Kalau di negara lain, Najib dah lama jadi BEKAS PERDANA MENTERI dan isterinya yang berbentuk tubuh badak air tu, dah lama jadi isteri bekas perdana menteri. Tapi disebabkan rakyat Malaysia dungu dan hidup dalam kepompong feudalisme, Najib terus diangkat dan dijulang walaupun dia terus gagal, gagal dan gagal.

      Sudahlah negara jadi miskin sampai terpaksa cipta satu cukai baru, naikkan harga semua barangan dan perkhidmatan, kemudian berlakon macam baik sedangkan rakyat dah nak mampus, sekarang naikkan harga minyak 2 jenis, masak & kereta. Tapi Melayu peduli apa? "KIPIDAP!" Ishhh

  6. najib face on the picture in china......aged about 15 years. the badak air looks horrible. So moral of story is.....don't steal money. How do they sleep? Injections kot?

    1. Mmg dorang x bole tidor. Kena songlap wang lagi. Geng tok arab dah tak boleh dipercayai. Alih ke geng china pulak. Mintak derma. Satu lagi skandal akan terhasil yg merugikan rakyat Malaysia.

    2. It cannot be fun knowing you are 'famous' all over the world lah. But so what. For China, Jibby can do any wrong AS LONG AS he can be used as a pawn to gain control of S C Sea and make China dominant. That's all lah. We are now "owned" by China. Get used to it!


  7. Itu apa atak laku sikalang ,manyak mau 'redha' maa aa .

    1. ehhhh, sdr lufang....ko punya version sepatutnya "LEDHA" kan, bukan "redha"...maaf ye gurau jer

    2. 2 November 2016 at 08:49,

      To the contrary. Now that Malaysia has become a colony of China, it will be imperative for orang Melayu to learn new pronounciation habits. Dewan Bahasa has already started changing "R" to "L" in all their kamus2. However, Malays will still have a future role working as cleaners to mop up the random spitting of the millions of PRC citizens who will flood Malaysia once the Chinese banks and railways take hold. It is a small price to pay for keeping two Indonesians and their stepson out of jail. In the meantime, the Javanese plots his takeover in the background.

    3. heheheh

      the chinese gonna own us bro


  8. Global headlines again, hoorey.

    (AFP) - Malaysia's opposition and Twitterati have lashed out at Prime Minister Najib Razak after images showed he was accompanied on an official trip to China by his stepson, who the US authorities have fingered in a massive embezzlement scam.

    In images on Twitter, Mr Riza Aziz is seen emerging along with Datuk Seri Najib from his delegation's official plane after it arrived in Beijing on Monday (Oct 31).

    The US Justice Department said in lawsuits filed in July that more than US$200 million (S$416.8 million) was funnelled to Mr Riza from a state investment fund that Mr Najib founded called 1MDB.

    1MDB is now the subject of investigations in several countries across the globe amid allegations that Mr Najib, his relatives, and associates plundered billions from it."


    1. The Singapore DJ son also there....

      Not DJ Dave.

    2. Maybe... Mr. Riza is representing Jho Low is some business deal with the Chinese. Or... his Red Granite Motion Picture company is planning to make another x-rated movie with Jack Ma. After-all... like the Indonesian, there is news that Malaysia will also seek Jack Ma's advice on boosting its economy.

    3. riza can use money from east coast rail to make wolf of beijing street

      mummy can pass $$$$$$$ to him


    4. Mr Zamri,

      That money is going for GE14 lah.

  9. annie can you please tell your friend jebat mustdie to write more often? it's suspenseful to wait for his next posting everytime. thx!

    1. Agree! But read his new one on Mo1.

  10. Ada org kata utk berfikiran positif we must be surrounded by positive people.Reading the comments in this blog really depress me.Nothing positive.semua tau hentam aja tp jarang ada yg memberi idea yg bernas.
    For those young readers of this blog let me tell you a bit of history.
    When the govt awarded the contract to UEM to build PLUs highway in the 80s the negative people protested.Lim Kit Siang even when to court to stop the project because he knew UEM is an UMNO linked company.Mesti ada certain percentage that goes to UMNO.In those days the generous Arabs have not exist yet.
    Having lived in Kelantan for almost 30 years the announcement about RM55billion East Coast Railway project is a welcome news. I used to spend up to 12 hours driving back to my hometown in Muar from Kota Bharu.Now with a portion of Lebuhraya Pantai Timur has completed the travel time is cut by 2 hours.
    So, what is wrong having an alternative mean to reach you destination.Apa yg negatif sgt kalau ada high speed train dari KL ke KB.After all it give us the east coast people more choice.
    Just imagine if the govt succumbed to the opposition's pressure not to build PLUS highway 30 years ago
    These negaholics jugalah yg jadi pengguna tegar highway and keep on complaining tol naik.

    As Tun M has said,PLUS was built to provide an alternative route but now all the people think of PLUS is the only route

    Prof Kangkung

    1. 'So, what is wrong having an alternative mean to reach you destination.'......maybe because the cost went up from 30 billion to 55 billion in 2 years (do your research from GOVERNMENT STATEMENTS) and the difference (ie kickback) is going into 'someone's' pocket to settle the 6.5 billion theft from UAE and jho low's company debts. So m'sian taxpayer kena twice lah.

      Ohhhh, sorry lah it's all komplot yahudi, kan, Najib never stole one sen from 1mdb, the ongoing singapore trial is all fiction, the Arab prince donor really exist, the swiss a-g is a jew, ambrin buang mabuk ketum, never mind lah.

      Macai tetap macai, kan.

      Selamat dikencingkan.

    2. kangkung
      no one is protesting the benefit of development for the country
      people are against the corruption involved
      be smart don't let umno screw you and be grateful as well


    3. Maybe 'negaholics' a tad judgemental, Sdr Prof
      OK really more one-sided tending to unconvincing reading

      PS. Contrary opinions? Theyd say others English are huhu unreadable

      ( but alhamduli 'Llah now less vulgar names-giving)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. "He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars: general Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer, for Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars." -William Blake, English poet

      "IM4U" (I am for you!)
      -Taigor Mappadulung, sovereign fun poltergeist


  11. R_za Aziz yang telah mengkhianati rakyat dan negara Malaysia tidak layak sama sekali untuk menjejak kakinya di atas pesawat khas milik kerajaan Malaysia!!

    Budak pengkhianat ini sudah pun dimaklumkan oleh jabatan peguam negara Amerika Syarikat bersekongkol dengan Jho Lo menyeleweng berbillion ringgit wang rakyat dari syarikat 1MDB!!

    Saya nak tanya Ketua Setiausaha Negara apakah jawatan R_za Aziz dalam kerajaan?! Apakah mungkin pengkhianat negara yang tiada kaitan langsung dengan kerajaan dibenarkan mengguna kemudahan kerajaan malaysia!!

    Bagi saya ini juga adalah sebahagian daripada salahguna kuasa perdana menteri paling korup!! Anak tiri beliau adalah simbol kebencian serta kekecewaan rakyat Malaysia yang menentang amalan rasuah serta penyelewengan!!

    Dalam isu ini, Ketua Setiausaha Negara sedang berhutang penjelasan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia kerana amalan ini amat bercanggah dengan etika perkhidmatan awam mahupun kerajaan Malaysia!!

    Ketua Setiausaha Negara jangan ambil mudah dan isu ini!! Beliau mesti terang dan beri justifikasi kepada semua pembayar cukai kenapa perkara ini dibenarkan berlaku?!

    Apakah mungkin penyangak pengkhianat negara dibenarkan mengguna kemudahan milik kerajaan Malaysia?!

    1. riza aziz is 'minister of softcore porn' bro


      : P


  12. Hospitals are even running out of insulin for diabetes patients.

    Paling ramai pesakit diabetik di Malaysia ini orang Melayu juga. 

    It is bad enough 'Melayu miskin dulu'.
    Now 'Melayu sakit dulu'.
    Lepas itu 'Melayu mati dulu' 

    But they are going to spend RM63 billion for High Speed Railway. 
    Another RM55 billion for East Coast Railway.
    Another RM100 billion to repair Gua Musang - Tumpat railway lines ?? (Is that real?) 

    Kepada semua Ahli UMNO - hangpa semua kena bangkit, angkat kepala haramjadah tu pi campak dalam tong sampah. End of story.

    Orang lain tak boleh buat apa. 
    Kita kena ikut undang - undang. 
    Kena tunggu masa ikut undang - undang.

    Tapi ahli parti boleh buat usul. 
    Ahli parti  boleh bangkitkan hal dalaman parti atau "internal party matter".

    Jadah tu pi campak dalam tong sampah, ambil pemimpin baru. 
    Bugis, Jawa semua tak payahlah. 
    Cari orang lain.
    Do it fast.

    1. cooking oil price killing us!



    Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had threatened to imprison any Umno leader who “created trouble” following the outcome of Election 2008, according to long-time friend and supporter Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan.

    In his re-telling of events after Barisan Nasional lost its customary two-thirds parliamentary majority that year, Kalimullah said he had been with Abdullah at the Barisan Nasional operations centre when the results were announced.

    Abdullah would not have a repeat of the deadly race riots of May 13, 1969 following the Alliance Party’s loss of the supermajority then, former New Straits Times editor-in-chief said in remarks published in Abdullah’s authorised biography Being Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    “Abdullah opened up and told me that there were some from his Umno ranks who wanted to create trouble to wrest back states like Selangor and Perak but he told them: ‘You do that, we will throw you behind bars and you will be there for a long time,” Kalimullah said.

    “Without his blessing and protection, the bravado of these so-called leaders just withered and thankfully, there were no incidents,” he added.
    Kalimullah said that after sensing the tension following the results, Abdullah had called the then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and asked the latter to warn both BN and opposition leaders against instigating trouble.

    Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who briefly served as de facto law minister in Abdullah’s Cabinet, also said that Abdullah did not give in to the temptation of political self preservation and allow the Umno operators to entice a few opposition crossovers.

    “Abdullah accepted the verdict of the voters. It was democracy at work,” Zaid was quoted as saying in the book released yesterday.

    1. pak lah era no 1mdb

      but kj steal a lot with 4th floor boys

      but pak lah still 100% better than najis rosak bro

    2. I still think if Pak Lah had not trusted the son in law he would still be PM. Always took wrong advice. Sadly lah. But he's not a bad man.

  14. kesian lihatlah melayu kampung, china bukit dan keling temple berbuih2 mulut memarahkan diri sendiri sebab vote ah jib gorr dan kroni jadi pemerintah. golongan bodohan ini juga percaya yang keadaan kembali baik selepas ah jib gorr berundur. kebodohan jenis macam nie memang tak boleh di ubati heheheh

    1. can't be worse

      anyone who don;t steal from public funds to make porn film is usa already better

      1st thing 1st bro, remove the cancer

  15. Rizal Mansor said ""when you drink water, think of its source".

    Melayu Islam said all rezeki come from Allah.

    Rizal Mansor must be telling the Melayu Islam to huhu think of huhu, Allah kan?

    alhamduli 'Llah, huhu poetic justice.

    keep on makan makan makan makan makan tak payah buat kerja jadi malas malas malas malas malas ingat duit jatuh dari langit.

    letak dua telapak tangan bersama hulur ke langit lepas tu baca baca baca baca baca.... pooooff duit jatuh.

    Brim mahu, dua ekar tanah dusun mahu, projek kontraktor kelas F mahu, jawatan dalam jabatan kerajaan untuk anak pinak mahu, duit hantar belajar di unibersiti luar negeri mahu,subsidi minyak diesel mahu, apa lagi free yang tak mahu?

    Siapa bagi kalau bukan kerajaan UMNO?

    Dan UMNO dapat duit daripada mana? from GOD of course.

    Poetic justice.

  16. Dipendekkan cerita Tun M has a lot to answer.I really pity the handsome old man.Masa inilah Pak Lah come out with his memoir.A few months back Tun Musa Hitam came out with a book 'Frankly Speaking'
    I haven't read both books but from the bits that i read in the internet, the two Tuns seem to attack the older Tun.
    Rasanya biarlah Tun M enjoy his sunset days.Janganlah dilukai hati beliau.After all he has contributed a lot to this country

    Prof Kangkung

    1. bangang jugak kau ni kangkung. tun m dah keluar posting tunjuk surat musa hitam bagi kat dia ko tak baca? Revelation tu terus buat buku Frankly Speaking jadi tahap sampah. Kau jangan nak jadi gaban kangkung. Kalau nak harapkan kau selamatkan negara ni, memang tak menjadi la. Tumpang tanya, kenapa kau puja sangat dengan si Pencuri duit 1MDB tu?

    2. 'After all he has contributed a lot to this country'...his biggest contribution is trying to remove d penyamun bugis who has hurt the country so badly. Teruskan perjuangan Tun, semoga berjaya, InsyaAllah. Only melayu haprak will not salute what you are doing now. It is service to nation.

    3. 21:18,

      Tun may not succeed but you have to respect the fact that at age 91 he still wants to right the wrongs. No lah not for Mukhriz, so silly. Tun knows he will not see Mukhriz become PM. Just stupid Rpk spin, and not everyone is dumb enough to believe Rpk, world's no1 turncoat.

    4. Jawapan saya kepada anon 2052

      Sejak bila saya puja PM kita.Kalau awak baca balik posting saya dlm blog ni saya pun memang suka diambil tindakan kpd pihak yg songlap duit 1MDB.
      Biar saya bagi satu analogi.saya adalah prnyokong tegar JDT.katalah safiq Rahim as the JDT captain masuk bola dlm gol sendiri
      By all means buanglah Safiq.gantilah dgn org lain.Tapi JDT must remain because generally speaking JDT is the best team in the league.
      I can still tolerate if people want to replace Najib with somebody else as UMNO president.Of course within the framework of party constitution etc.
      Tapi what Tun M is trying to do is to destroy the team not to replace the captain of the team.

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Prof Kangkong.

      Pada mulanya, memang itulah hasrat Dr.M... mahu UMNO ganti Najib. Tapi mustahil... semua dipecat/diganti (pemimpin UMNO, AG & semua orang-kuat penguatkuasa... dengan mereka penyokong atau menjilat beliau. Maklumlah... methodology > 'Cash is King'.
      Melalui 'undi tak percaya' pun gagal.

      UMNO'baru telah bertukar menjadi... team UMNO-Najib untuk defend scandal 1MDB-Jho Low. Oleh itu... last resort adalah "to destroy the team" ... BN & UMNO-Najib melalui PRU. Itu pun kalau PRU tidak tertangguh... atas sebarang sebab-musabab.

  17. China coming is a good thing. In collaboration with local pendatang to run this country. Najib can stay on another 15 years as figure head.
    Revamp the civil service to be efficient. That means fire 70% of them and replaced them with them superior race.
    It's a win-win.

    Melayu has utterly proven to be completely useless in running anything. So please keep quiet.


    1. Bumiputra voters are really smarter than is given/ not given credit for Sdr ANON 19:29
      and BN will in-sya-Allah be there again GE14

      I could vote opposition again,
      and most you people here(?) can continue to curse and scream all you want

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Who is the superior race? The Chinese? As far as I remember the last guy who had a penchant talking about superiority of one race was Adolf Hitler. It seemed that you have the same outlook as him look down on the Malays and insinuating that they are inferior race compared than you.
      Your people keep harping how racist the Malays are all this while with their special status but here you're talking how superior your race is as compared to the Malays is sangat Malaysian la..

    3. It is a fact in Malaysia the Malays are holding the political power. Never mind the policies since independence and never mind the quarrels between races that happened ever so often. Since the losing of Pulau Batu Putih, now called Pedra Branca, people's eyes were opened and start observing the sincerity of the government in defending the territorial integrity of the Country.

      Yes, it's not about its capabilities but its SINCERITY.

      Then the Kiram Invasion, not from outside but within the Sabah state, how the hell an entire army and its commander came in to declare warfare without being noticed?

      Even after Esscom was formed, invasions still occurred and Malaysians were kidnapped as if they are living without a government.

      Then the mass graves of foreigners in Mal-Thai border in Perlis, the world's largest marine fuel smugglers haven in Johor East Coast, the catching of the most notorious Nigerian drug kingpin in Negeri Sembilan after so many years of masterminding his operation worldwide from his base in Nilai, and the region's most powerful Selangorian Chinese pirate disguised as a philanthropist in Pahang, etc. etc.

      Where is the sincerity?

      Now strategic lands and country's assets are put on a platter to the Mainland Chinese.

      To the Malay brethren, you do not know the Mainland Chinese more than the Malaysian Chinese. Some older Malaysian Chinese who were born in China may be sympathetic to the China's cause but others are as patriotic as any other Malaysians. Kurang sikit rasuah while you still can, think for the country, think for the next generations.

      Why China wants to throw so much money to Malaysia ? What the hell is their agenda?

      Kurang sikit rasuah, boleh?

    4. Eh eh rilek lah kawan2. That 19:29 is just a troll trying to be batu api. Don't react lah. Ignore him and he will go away.


  18. Annie,

    The Human Pork Barrel just posted a long and completely incomprehensible post about why the Pink-Lipped One went to China.

    The rather bad news for her is that the Red Army will sweeping through their Southern Province (they now own us) and will be executing by firing squad all overweight, ugly Chinese females.

    Tick tock, tick tock...

  19. Chinese Tsunami

    1. "Apa lagi China mahu?" Complete control over ASEAN. Siapa nak bagi dorang? Lanun bugis xde teloq.

  20. Najib balik tong san

    1. Blom balik lagi....kak ros pi shopping kat Chanel Shanghai kot? Mestilah guna wang songlap baru "dedak China" kan

  21. Seluruh rakyat Malaysia sedia maklum Datuk Seri Najib Razak akan berangkat ke China atas urusan rasmi kerajaan, lebih awal lagi sewaktu belanjawan 2017 mula dibentang ke dalam Parlimen.

    Yang rakyat tidak tahu dan mendapat kejutan adalah apabila semalam, secara terang-terangan, anak tiri perdana menteri kita berada sekali di dalam jet rasmi kerajaan mengikuti lawatan rasmi ke China.

    Kita semua sedia maklum Riza Aziz antara individu yang terkait dengan skandal 1MDB tetapi masih bebas bergerak ke luar negara seperti tidak ada rasa bersalah. Lebih malang, apabila pergerakan beliau ke luar negara terpaksa ditaja oleh rakyat menggunakan jet rasmi kerajaan.

    Persoalannya di sini, mengapa Riza boleh bebas bergerak sedangkan di belakang tengkuk beliau terbeban dengan isu skandal 1MDB yang berkait rapat dengan kewangan negara melibatkan wang berjumlah berbilion ringgit?

    Mengapa peminjam Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) tidak mendapat keistimewaan yang sama walaupun hanya gagal membayar hutang berjumlah ribuan ringgit sahaja yang jauh lebih kecil nilainya berbanding dengan skandal yang didakwa ke atas Riza?

    Adakah semua peminjam PTPTN perlu menjadi anak tiri Najib untuk mendapat keistimewaan yang sebegitu rupa?

    Rakyat perlu tanya kepada kerajaan apakah pendirian mereka terhadap individu yang disenarai hitam daripada bergerak keluar negara?

    Adakah mahasiswa yang tidak mampu membayar hutang ini jauh lebih jahat?