Wednesday 23 March 2022

Trying not to care about Johor

 I was about to sleep when a friend from JB called about 2am this morning.

I thought there was some sorts of emergency but it turned out that he just wanted my opinion on this case,

Ex-president of JCorp charged for allegedly cheating board members

My friend said he was quite upset over it because he knew the JCorp former boss was a good guy and thought that the charge was weird and flimsy.

He even was of the opinion that the guy had been set up.

I was actually a bit annoyed that he disturbed me just because of that, but instead of scolding him, I said he should wait for what is going to happen in court.

I also told him not to get too upset with what is happening in JCorp because the nonsense in that state investment arm has actually been happening for many years now.

I have my own theory on what had happened but felt that it's not worth sharing it with my friend or write it here.

I may end up in jail if I let you all know what I think about it, okay.

JCorp was supposed to belong to Johoreans, so let them figure the problem out and fix it themselves....if they can la.

Hopefully they even realise that JCorp actually belongs to them. If they think it belongs to someone else, then, they are really screwed. No one, including themselves can help them.

Well, I'm out of the fight now as I truly no longer live in Johor and have nothing that really tied me to the state anymore.

Nowadays, when people asked me where is my kampung, I sometimes jokingly said I'm from Pahang.

Okay, maybe I'll bitch about Johor once in a while such as when I did over the MB appointment bullshit that day.

But that's about all there is to it.

Only if it's such a glaring bullshit such as that one, okay.

When I left Johor back then, I still wrote a lot about the nonsense that was happening in my home state but nothing really came out of it.

Many Johoreans are still stupidly proud calling themselves Bangsa Johor as if that makes them special.

I wrote my thoughts on that in this post on Aug 28, 2016,

Do Johoreans need Bangsa Johor?

Now I couldn't care less.

Johoreans simply have to endure the nonsense until they can't endure it anymore.

When that happens, hopefully they will have the courage to do something about it.

They actually reached that point in 2018 but the problem continues till today.

Well, I think they'll blow up again sooner or later and maybe when that happens for the second time, they will go all the way to solving the problem once and for all.

As for myself, I think I have done all that I could.

Maybe I'll do more later, if I feel like it, but not now.

Now, I just want to chill out a bit.

Maybe I'll go to the beach later in the evening if it's not raining.



  1. The whole problem is that Johor has a family of grifters. If only you can imagine what their greed has earned them and what it has cost the rakyat.

    Johor politicians have lost all their tennis balls.

    This story will never end!

  2. I am pure Johore Jawa, but I dont call myself bangsa Johor.

    I was very disappointed and displeased when my fellow Jawa fella was tossed aside from being MB for Johore.

    Long live Hasni!

  3. In any company bod members has fiduciary duty to ask, enquire and approve. It is all in mom. Unless you have dump bod members to just attend the meeting for the sake of getting allowance.It is common in this country to have members who sit in 10 or more companies and dont have time to read board papers. They just trust ceo and management. It is interesting to see this case in court. Case study for mba

  4. Annie....jaga jaga...Southern Tigers banyak garang ooooo....nanti dia lari terkangkang kangkang

  5. Gambar anak cucu bogel pakai mask bila pihak berwajib nak interframe...!?