Friday, 18 March 2022

Pujuk Melayu

Malays are generally soft hearted people.

They tend to easily forgive and forget. 

Maybe that's why a friend, who is a Johor Umno division chief sent this picture last night

Yup, it's the picture of the new Johor MB, his uncle and Hasni.

They were at a dinner gathering held in conjunction with the ongoing Umno general assembly.

My friend didn't say anything as I think he knew I was still pissed off over what happened last weekend.

But I understand his message - "Hey, cool down. Hasni is okay with those two. Let's get back to business as usual."

Yeah, sure. What do you expect Hasni to do. Run away as the uncle and nephew approached the table for the photo op? Punch their faces?

Of course not. Hasni is too much a gentleman to do such nonsense. He instead greeted them nicely and smiled with them for the cameras.

What my friend doesn't seemed to understand was that I was not actually pissed off because Hasni was blocked from becoming MB.

I hardly know the guy, having only met and talked with him once, just before the Tanjong Piai by-election in 2019. I wrote about it in this post;

Tanjung Piai, between Umno and MCA


A very high ranking Johor Umno leader asked me the other day whom should BN field in the upcoming Tanjung Piai by-election.

I actually felt honoured that he asked for my opinion. After all, I'm just a nobody while he is a very important Johor Umno decision maker.

Yup, that "very high ranking Johor Umno leader" was Hasni. I didn't put his name in that post because I don't want to be seen as his paid macai or something.

I never tried to even approach him after that encounter as I have never been really comfortable with doing such things.

As for my anger over these past few days, I was actually pissed off because they think its okay and within their rights to throw the rakyat's democratic rights into the dustbin.

If Onn Hafiz had became the MB in a proper way, I would have cheered him on, actually. 

He would probably be a good MB who would protect the people's interests. 

But now he can't be one.

I think even my friend knows that.

It's such a pity as I actually like the guy after meeting him several times after BN's defeat in 2018.

I wrote about him in this post on March 7, 2020;

Looks good in Johor


4. Onn Hafiz Ghazi
I first heard about this young man during the GE13 campaign. Smart, hard working, polite, and sincere were qualities I heard about him at that time. He was just a young junior Umno guy then and it was said that he didn't mind being assigned to minor things despite him being the great grandson of Umno founder Datuk Onn Jaafar. I however only met him in person in the aftermath of GE14. My assessment of him after several encounters was that he looked the way he was described to me back then. I have high hopes for this guy to be part of the future of a good Umno.

Okay, I may have been very harsh on the guy in my past few postings, but what else could I do.

The thought of Johor having another lame duck MB really irked me.

I really can't see how the guy could act in the interest of the common Johorean folks with the way he was appointed to the post.

What have the common Johorean folks benefited from all the jingoism being peddled since 2013?

Calling themselves Bangsa Johor made their lives better?

JDT won their matches improved their quality of life?

What did they gain from the selling off of the coastal land to Chinese mainlanders which stretched all the way from Stulang to near the Second Link? They can't even afford to buy a house there, okay.

Seriously, I can't see any real positive development in Johor for the rakyat marhaen over the past nine years except for the leftover of projects initiated before 2013.

If Onn Hafiz wants to prove people like me wrong, he must stand up, be courageous and change all that.

And Johor Umno better back him up if he does that.

Otherwise, you all would also be just a lame duck party.


  1. Yes too soft for our own good. Look at history. We lost to siam. We lost to portugues, we lost to dutch. We lost to british. We got the constitution from country that they themselve does not have one. Yes we are soft hearted people. We called it takdir. We never tried it beyond our shell. We do want to achieve greatness as we are humble and mordest peoples. We always go for ground middle.
    We dream big and high. We are not a dreamer. We never believe that dreams are transcending. We are all silver platterers.

  2. Org Jawa perangai lain.....

    “Siapa pun boleh bertanding, termasuklah jawatan Presiden… kalau Tok Mat (Timbalan Presiden Mohamad Hasan) berani, bertanding. Jawatan Timbalan Presiden, kalau berani.. lawanlah Tok Mat.

    “Tiga jawatan Naib Presiden lawan! Kita tak takut … jangan gunakan duit, jangan. Budaya ini buruk,” katanya.

    Di hadapan semua perwakilan, Zahid turut mengakui menerima laporan bahawa terdapat beberapa kumpulan yang sedang melobi untuk jawatan dalam parti.

    “Bukan saya tak tahu. Sekarang pun sudah ada berpasang-pasangan, ada cai, saya tahu. Jangan ingat Presiden tak tahu. Presiden pernah jadi Menteri Pertahanan tau, ada pasukan perisik di bawahnya, Presiden pun pernah jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri, ada SB (cawangan khas) di bawahnya.

    “(Saya) tahu, siapa kartel managernya, siapa ‘chief manager’, siapa ‘financial’, saya tahu. Cukup … cukup, kita tunggu dulu. Penyatuan parti untuk PRU itu paling utama,” tegasnya."


  3. no wonder penyamun and pencuri everywhere

  4. Mb untuk dikudakan. Anything for self interest or one specific group interest is against national and people interest.

  5. I do believe its about time for UMNO to start introducing new and fresh line up. The other parties will be doing it too. A win by MUDA eventhough a single seat shouldnt be taken lightly about the tidal waves on the ground. It will definitely become bigger and louder by coming PRU? Did they win by having track record? .. simply by being fresh. Track record doesnt give an edge these days

    If the party refuse to change internally, then change will be forced from outside

    All the best for the new MB to work along the Regent by next year for the good of Johor.

    1. You seem not to believe in our constitution.

  6. Let it rest lah...If Hasni can accept and he himself agree to it why should people like u make noise. They need a younger man as MB when TMJ becomes the acting Regent when his Father becomes the King. Faham?

  7. "Malays are generally soft hearted people..."

    Annie, you are describing the ori malays of the old days. There are not many of these malays left. They've been replaced by the melayu baru championed by umno baru.

    Ni contoh umno's melayu baru, uncouth & tak tahu malu:

  8. Buat perabih duit saja PRN ni...yang keluaq undi pun 50% which is orang umno semua...

    sebelum PRN kerajaan negeri susah nak approve project sebab opposition with two third control by UMNO...tengoklah nanti...within one year before GE15 sure banyak project lepas...kaya lah orang yang sokong kerajaan baru Johor.

  9. Yes, very true malays are soft hearted. They tend to forgive and forget very easily. One fine example is bossku. They have all forgiven him despite the man not asking for one or regretted what he had done to the country. Such kind-hearted human being, the malays.

    1. Yes, very kind hearted that they once allowed Tanah Melayu to be reengineered into Malaysia with many races to live as equal didnt matter where there come from. Such are the Malays. Others are also not lacking in being in the kindness and forgiving department.After being told countless lies oppss promises, documented promises, they still offer unrelenting support to prop the liars and incompetent up as government still. Such forgiving human being.