Saturday 5 March 2022

Russian explanation

I never really like Russia.

It invaded many countries in the past and its invasions were almost always brutal.

I remember crying when I was very young when I saw images of the Russian invasion of Chechnya in the 1990s.

The Russian artillery firepower and airstrikes totally destroyed Chechen capital Grozny, killing thousands of civilians.

There was not even any real international outcry back then. Nobody really cared what happened to the Chechens.

Maybe it was because the Chechens were not considered Europeans like the Ukrainians even though Chechnya is actually located in Europe.

Or maybe it's because the Chechens are Muslims and therefore their lives are not considered so valuable in the West.

In comparison, I think the invasion of Ukraine so far, has been mild by Russian standard.

In fact, it's not even as bad as the latest American or Western invasions.

The civilian casualties in Ukraine so far has been much less than those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Russians have yet seen wiping out whole family or a wedding reception with drone strikes like what the Americans did in Afghanistan.

They didn't even carry out any massive "shock and awe" bombardment campaign like what the Western allies did in Iraq.

The Russians, so far, appeared to be mainly trying to surround the Ukrainian cities and choke them to submission.

Even their bombardments of the cities for now seemed mild, considering the amount of firepower that they actually have.

That, at least by comparison to what they did in Grozny back then.

Yet, the reaction against the Russian invasion has been overwhelming with Western media coverage being totally bias for Ukraine.

The Russians were painted as being barbaric and their president Putin a mad man.

As for the sanctions, now even Russian cats are not allowed to participate in international beauty competition.

I'm against any country invading another country too, but I want to remain objective about what is happening in Ukraine.

Hopefully the war will not get any worse and end soon.

Hopefully not too many more innocent lives would be lost.


  1. thats pretty understandable, taliban and wumao thought process is very close.

    1. Saudara HY,saya sudah jangka Komen anda Akan begini .
      Sedikit sebanyak saya sudah tahu pemikiran Saudara condong kemana.Komen begini hak saudara.kita raikan perbezaan pendapat Dan fikiran orang lain .
      Terima kasih Cik Annie,post Kali ini tiadak Ada kena mengena Politik Tanah air/PRN Johor😁

  2. Look at the larger pic Cik Annie. Russia is protecting her borders..

    Paham2 aje la US n kekawan dia.. licik cara mrk dlm sonyap asyik cari jaln nak establish military bases mrk, senang nak kacau2 Russia.

    Sama juga dgn Afganistan. Bukan juga border sgt2 bernilai sikit lagi nak tembus China. Tu sbb US n kekawan buat macam2 alasan.. ade udang d sebalik batu.
    Bawah tanah Afghanistan macam jenis minerals untouched.. tak caya google for more info.

    Tgk aje Malaya sudah. British mai bawa Apek2 naik tongkang depa kikis Timah negara ini sampai botak. Ha aaa mujuq Atok dapat juga bina mahligai dia d kawasan tinggalan lombong. Entah dulu2 tanah tu milik Omputih dan Apek.

    Tu sbb Apek2 otak sewel kat Malaysia benci sangat Taliban. Sebab depa tak dpt senang wenang masuk Afghanistan kikis bahan2 galian situ. Geram takleh make $$$$$$$ itu sja niat depa nih semua.

    Taliban extremist Islam??? Haiyaa. AmaApa yanadey. Macam le layanan China, India including Mynmar towards their Muslim population elok sangat. Its happening even today 2022. Terang2 dok buat tp oghang macam Tony Phua tak takut dengan depa ni pun?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. ...,%2C%20travertine%2C%20gypsum%20and%20marble...

    Katakaloo Taliban bg greenlite, rasanya HY willbbe one of the 1st person to arrive there, to buka rangkaian kedai kopitiam. Hahaha

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. some ingrate SJK rendah oppotunated given educate apes
      me-royan royan.
      kesian jugak dah di beri peluang belajar di SJK. pi jadi "manager trollie de ambsaddor" di Singafool

  4. They play both side. Wwr2 was funded by the same people. Hitler was the bastard son of... remember the bis and its role in wwr2. It is still active until today with their central banks. Wht u need to ask is why the war ? We shouldnt be caught in their games

  5. The explaination is a joke. You do not attack a country just because they dont like you. They just dont like Ukraine joining Nato.US militariy expenditure in 2021 was about usd780b.Europe spent about usd200b.Ukraine spent about usd6b.With Ukraine joing Nato is just a drop in ocean to Nato. Russia spent in 2021 about usd62b a bit more than 4% of its gdp. What Russian is on par is its nuclear arsenal. This weapon does not buffer border.It is enough to stop any countries. Russia is playing chicken with West who will push the button first. So it is an excuse of protecting the border. Even with the might of Nato they will not provoke Russia with even no fly zone. The west have been enjoying the peace dividend scene the collapse of soviet russia in 1991.They do not want to fight at thier doorstep.

  6. pretty sure LGE & DAP are at fault here.

    1. Bro,tak perlu pancing panjing lah Komen untuk LGE & DAP .move on please