Tuesday 22 March 2022

A Russian song

 I have been updating this blog daily for the past week.

Now, I'm a bit tired.

Need to rest a bit.

Today I just want to tell you all about 

Viktor Tsoi

He's a Russian rock singer that I like very much.

I have been listening to his songs quite a bit lately.

One in particular, called Kukushka has been covered by other Russian artistes and became quite popular ever since the start of the Ukraine war in 2014.

This is one of those covers of the song being used by the Donbass Russian separatists to tell their story,

I think it's more effective than all the talk by Putin about why the Russians invaded Ukraine.

Still, I don't think Tsoi had that in mind when he wrote the song.

This is the original, which is more sedate than the cover.

The video was actually put together from Tsoi's concerts and not that of the song. 

Kukushka was released after Tsoi's death in a road crash in 1990.

His voice singing the song was recorded just days before his demise at the age of 28.

Unlike the rich Western rockstars, Tsoi lived his short life almost entirely in poverty, working as a boilerman to make ends meet for his wife and child, as well as support his band Kino.

Those were towards the end of Soviet Union at that time.

I respect Tsoi for being true to himself.

Wish I could be the same.


  1. taliban and communist also love killer song.

  2. Walau camno pun Putin very much better dari Bidin ( dan gang2 yg tak sewaktu dgn dio ) dalam memeliharo kedaulatan agamo islam .

    Salam Sejahtero Putin .


    1. alamak! kuat sokong puting.
      puting bukan kommunist.
      elak tuhan macan china merah xi han jing ping

    2. POOPER NASI LEMAK in diguise!

  3. annine dont rest yet!!!!!
    any updates from your reliable resources like the utara "rock"
    or one whole lost his "marbless" in manchester

    Look at the salary of the CEO, Sharil. RM71.92 million in the financial year ended Jan 31,

    2018 (FY18), and RM84.24 million in FY17.
    Do we still talk about saving sapura with internal mismanagement and ungodly salaries of

    the top few

    1. Tak rasa pelik ke pasai ape PH terbulu bulu appointed Zeti as PNB chairman in July 2018? Banyak toyol2 berkeliaran dalam PNB tau.

      Lepaih tu dividen ASN, ASX itu ini mula merudum. Baru2ni ASN 4.25 + 0.75.. hmmm berapa juta pelabur bumiputra kena main dgn toyol2 nih semua.

      Shahril? Klo tak silap ade kaitan dgn Sapura kan? PNB has 40% shares dlm Sapura betoi tak?

      Toyol2 dalam KWSP pun banyak berkeliaran. Tu sbbnya Minister ketaq teloq nak bg izin pelabur keluaq RM10K. Satni toyol2 kelaparan payah ler. Kekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Not worth saving like lehman bros.Why use duit raakyat. Yang ceo jagi berjuta apa pasal. This gas been going on for so long and yet pnb and epf that sit on the board did nothing. Depositors should ask these guys to be accountable. This is not an overnight thing.folks that is the reason why you get low dividen on pnb. Oil and gas is very volitile biz. No more bailout.

    3. I am a depositor in pnb. I will say that no more bailout to safuru. You made the blunder you have to bear. If NR is so strongly about it. He and his friend or his party can use thier own money. What a bloody conceited person have a gulled to used public money again. Let it failed. Pnb just cut your loses. It is our money as a depositors

  4. HY, tgk apa jd kat Tony Phua.. asyik meratib nama Taliban tak renti2 balasan? Kena kicked out fm CEC. Kekeke

    Cik Annie
    Life is simple.. esp musim wabaq C19, bulan Ramadan tak lama lagi, cuba hayati keistimewaan Surah Taha, ayat 53-54..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. orang umno/pas sikarang support komunis cina dan penceroboh rusia, orang dap pula menegakkan demokrasi dan hak manusia. so bila taliban mahu sertai komunis dan penceroboh? asyik dengar lagu darah dan bunuh bukan cara baguih.

  5. Sorry off topic .. Annie u've got to give spotlight to this vid from rpk: