Tuesday 29 March 2022

Getting worked up over the DAP's LTTE/BJP wannabes' bullshit (updated)

UPDATES at 10:07 March 30 2022

This is the FMT's headline this morning

Single mum hopes AG won’t oppose suit over children’s conversion

The headline gives the impression that the FMT reporter who did the story was talking to Loh Siew Hong.

But if you read the story, you would realise that it's all the words of the lawyer, who was supposedly representing her.


Her lawyer, A Srimurugan, said Loh had a genuine grievance and an arguable case.

“We hope the attorney-general will not oppose her application on grounds that it is frivolous and an abuse of the court process,” he told FMT

See, I told you that it's not really Loh who is stirring the shit.

And these are what the bastards demanded,


Loh, who filed the application in the High Court last week, is also asking for a declaration that a provision in the Perlis state enactment that allows a parent to unilaterally convert minor children is unconstitutional.

She also wants a declaration that her twin daughters and son are of the Hindu faith and were legally incapable of embracing Islam without her consent.

Of course they used Loh's name to make their demands.

Why didn't the FMT reporter try to contact Loh and let her speak for herself about the whole thing.

Asked her why she previously said that she doesn't care about the kids being Muslims and all that matter was for her to be reunited with them.

That FMT reporter Anbalagan is actually a very senior court reporter who previously worked for many years with NST.

Of course he can get Loh on the phone to get her comments if he was instructed to do so by the editors.

Even a much more junior FMT reporter had previously got hold of Loh early in the morning to interview her and the kids right after they got together again.

Remember that interview where the kids were saying that they just finished performing their Suboh  prayers and were happy to be with their mother again?

One of the twin girls even said during the interview that she hopes to be a syariah judge when she grows up or something like that.

Remember that one?

Well, I actually can imagine what happened at the FMT office this morning.

Anbalagan walked in about 9am and one of the editors called him over to the editorial desk and told him to call one of Loh's lawyers ( whom probably is his friend) saying that they need to run another story on Loh.

Anbalagan must be a bit irritated as these phone interview things are normally  assigned to a less senior reporter. Senior court expert reporters like him are supposed to be just hanging out at the courts and get the big complicated court stories.

But being a pro, Anbalagan carried out the instruction and quickly finished writing the story as according to what Loh's lawyer said to him. After all, he needed to go to the courts to do his routine court stories.

If you read Anbalagan's story you would notice that it's just a dry factual story. The lawyer said his client want this and that and that's about it.

So the editor, knowing that Anbalagan being a senior will throw a fit if he tries to edit the story too much or put additional bullshit left it mostly intact.

All he could do was to make the headline looks as if the whole shit was coming from Loh and not the  lawyer.

Anything happened, they can make it looks like this is a battle of a single mother to restore the Hindu faith of her children.

That's actually weird, as someone had told me that Loh was actually a Buddhist.

I was also told several other things about Loh but I'm not going to put it here because they were not very nice personal stuff.

Anyway, you all may expect more of this shit in the coming days. 

I'm quite sure they will come up with another Loh story before the end of even today.



 I thought we were done with the Loh Siew Hong story after she was reunited with her children.

That was until some lawyers who were supposedly representing her came out with statements that she wanted to nullify the children's conversion to Islam.

Always the lawyers and not Loh, who made those statements which were published by the usual news portals.

At first there was no reaction from anyone.

Then these lawyers continued making similar statements over and over again as if fishing for something.

And today the PAS people finally responded saying anyone who try to turn the kids from Islam will get some shit coming from them.

Immediately, those lawyers came out with guns blazing and the portals lapped it up with these sort of stories;

After PASwarning, Loh's lawyers condemn intimidation ahead of challenge against her three kids' conversion


“We urge all parties to refrain from making any statements pertaining to the case, as it might incite hatred and cause unnecessary tension among various races in the country.

“While we respect the freedom of speech and expression of every citizen in this country, we urge religious figures not to produce any more videos or make any further comments pertaining to the case or against Madam Loh Siew Hong, as the matter is already pending before the Court,” it said.

“We hope that this case will not be politicised and the legal process be allowed to take its own course. We believe in the legal process and we place our trust in the judiciary to resolve the dispute between the parties amicably,” it added.

Yea, right. They stir the shit and now they want for people to keep quiet and take it all in their face without feeling or saying anything.

Hey, who exactly the ones who want the kids not to be Muslims anymore? 

Loh or the lawyers, who have their own agenda?

Remember when Loh said she doesn't care whether her kids are Muslims or Christians or Jewish and such?

That all she ever wanted was to be with her kids again.

Remember that?

What happened to that Loh?

Who are these lawyers and who are behind them?

My bet is they are the same LTTE/BJP wannabe bastards from DAP who tried to turn this simple family dispute into a racial religious polemic so that they could be seen as heroes by their community.

They actually enjoy throwing such shit at Muslims so that they react to it and then they could later point fingers and call the Muslims racists and bigots.

Remember when fireman Adib died? That was what they did. 

Remember all those insulting comments by them in the social media?

And when the Malay Muslims got angry and decided not to support Pakatan anymore because those LTTE/BJP wannabe assholes are mostly hiding behind the DAP skirt, they jeered the Malay Muslims some more as being pro-corruption and shit.

Well, the Malay Muslims don't give a fuck with that okay. 

For them the corrupt Umno/BN people are anytime better than those LTTE/BJP cunts who insulted and taunt them and mocking their religion. 

Yeah, that's the real reason why the Malay Muslims overwhelmingly voted for the return of Umno/BN back to power.

They are hoping to shut those bastards up.

It doesn't really have anything to do with Najib Bossku, okay.

For them, even if Najib did really steal all those 1MDB money, he's still anytime better than those LTTE/BJP wannabe shit in DAP.

Really guys, these shit behaviour of the LTTE/BJP wannabes in DAP has been piling up since Pakatan won in 2018.

They became so fucking arrogant and believe that they can do anything and get away with it.

You all Pakatan supporters should try not to be too stupid, okay. Those bastards are the ones who did you all in at the polls.

Not BN, not Umno, not even Najib.

You all want to fix the situation, you go and fix those bastards among yourselves.

See, even I got all worked up looking at their shit behaviour.

Well, it's up to you all.

If you don't believe me, you'll just wait until GE15. The Malay Muslim majority votes are going to bury you all so hard that your heads will spin.

Yeah, just wait and see.


  1. You are spot on. I used to be atas pagar guy who support Pakatan but no more for me. They are dead to me. They are arrogant shit stirrer doing nothing for this country and the people.They don't know how to run the goverment. They should be Pembangkang Forever. Most like me detest them. My prediction they will be wipe out totally in the next GE15. They shit on people who support them, they shit on each other in their team. I would vote for anyone but not from PKR , DAP or Amanah Tailgaters. They are mistakes for me. Not anymore. Once bitter twice shy, never again as long as I live.

  2. Spot on Annie. Depa nak cari pasai...pi jolok sarang tebuan.Barua BJP nanti pungkok depa kita jolok...haram jadah punya BJP.

  3. These are just stupid lawyers doing pro bono with ulterior motive. Dont poke hornet nest if you are afraid of bees.You can kiss goodbye to malay rural vote and now you are encouraging urban and professional muslim malay to vote across racial line.They cant see the forest for the trees. You want justice and fairness you need malay help. That is a fact. Look at bigger pictures. Nobody care how you raise your kids but to go to court on things that is sensitive is different matters. We will punish pakatan in ge15.

  4. vote is fine, dont threat or worst do a russian, komunis or taliban invade tis kill tat.

    1. Yeah, and don't complain when they get two-third majority and amend the constitution turning the country into a full blown Islamic State.

    2. You never know. When pushed to a corner they will react beyond logic. So dont cross the line. History gave shown that inevitable is possible. Ww1 started at sarajevo. Ww2 started with treaty of versailles. Ww3 could be ukraine.close at home we have may13. So dont cross the line and we all will live happyly.
      Yes with two third majority anything us possible.

  5. If I could, I want to slap all those hypocrites and tell them off to keep Loh's name out of their fucking mouths. Exactly like what W Smith had done to C Rock.

  6. No. They are not racist.
    To them the real racist is TDM.

    1. Everybody is racist in this world. We dont live in fully homogeneous country. Only place to have one race is an island in andaman island. Japan and korea arethe most homogeneous countries in this world. Racial politics can be nasty

  7. what is happening to malaysia.....these type of pariahs also wants to be politicians and some are holding power lol

  8. Not too long ago, there was an old non-muslim teacher who brought up an abandoned baby girl of Indonesian origin. The baby girl was brought up as a muslim. All praises were heaped on her and rightly so.

    1. Apostasy in Islam is very serious crime. In classical islamic jurisprudence it it punishsible by death. So it is too sensitive too a muslim. To most muslim to renounce your religion you have cross the rubicon.

    2. God gave us all a brain....and d all knowing God wld know, we wld think and make choices as we see fit. So if we leave a faith, the all knowing God , will know that we are exercising what he has bestowed us. So why are we getting worked up over this. Choice is given to us by God, when he gave us a brain. let us respect that.

    3. @anon 10:31

      they were not born into a into islam. both the parents were not muslims. they were minors, converted unilaterally by a parent hoping to hide under islamic law.

      does islamic law superseded the law & courts ? i actually think by jumping up & down, pas & annie does a great disservice to the religion

  9. Peringatan untuk PRU 15 watak acah acah Power Melayu Islamik,acah acah power suci krim bersinar, acah acah power Formula dah tak laku.

    Watak watak PRU14 seperti Rafizi Ramli dan Mahathir masih bersangka naratif lapuk PRU14 masih laku dan boleh di gunapakai.

    Pada PRU14 lalu, naratif memburukankan lawan dan hidup atas keburukan lawan mampu bawa kejayaan.

    Cari keburukan lawan dan bertenggek diatas isu itu.

    Jika pihak lawan tiada keburukan, maka citpakan keburukan “fake” dan bergayut keatas nya.

    “Make others look bad to make oneself look good” sudah tidak laku lagi untuk menghadapi PRU15.


  10. i have to disagree with you annie.

    the father, taking a page out of indira’s case, converted the minors unilaterally, knowing very well the muslim laws will protect him, and/ or giving him custody. It was done out of malice, however you see it.

    By taking it to courts, i applaud Loh, not from a conversion perspective, but to set a precedent going forward - it has to be done to avoid fathers taking this route.

    this is not about race or religion. Its about fairness, the law & a mother’s right.

  11. The problem is conversion to Islam is a 1 way deal in Msia & it has many legal implications later in life.

    I am of the view the children must be allowed to make their own decision once they reach 18. Before then, lets not pressure them to declare any religion on their ic.

    The children's right to choose should trump all other rights but let's give them time to choose, away from prying eyes & ppl or parties who wants to make an example of their case.


  12. Terbaik Bossku fitnah Rafizi kantoi kemaluan besar bila Bossku balas soalan Rafizi kenapa Bossku tidak bersuara semasa CEO Sapura bergaji juta juta ringgit masa Bossku jadi Perdana Menteri

    Saya tidak bersuara ketika CEO dibayar dengan gaji lumayan sebab sebelum 2019, syarikat tersebut adalah syarikat swasta yang juga dibina dan dimiliki CEO tersebut untuk menjadi syarikat perkhidmatan minyak dan gas kedua terbesar dalam dunia.

    “Syarikat swasta yang bayar, ‘shareholders’ (pemegang taruh) dan lembaga pengarah swasta yang luluskan gaji dan pampasan bagi pengurusannya. Dia nak dibayar RM1 bilion setahun pun bukan masalah kerajaan selagi pemegang-pemegang saham dan lembaga pengarah Sapura izinkan. Tidak ada kena mengena dengan kerajaan,” tegasnya.

    Kalau di tanya Tun Mahathir pasti dia kata 'Itu salahkan Najib..!!'. Kalau kenapa ayam itu berkokok sesudah subuh pun Tun kata 'Salah Najib'

    “Lemah, Rafizi. Cuba lagi dan cuba fitnah lagi.”


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    1. It is common in malaysia to get the company listed as soon as possible. Once it get listed they will try to ask glc or goc to buy majority of shares.Original owner hold about 20 to 30 % only any yet hold management control. These glcs usually send junior officers to be on bod which does not know anything about the nature of operation.You appointed influential chairman enough to intermidate these junior glc board members. ceo can control to his whim and fancy as if that his wholly onwned company. It is no more his money.Expand like hell. Pinjam sana sini. Bank pun bagi saja sebab glc are majority. Too big to fail. Just look saja lah how much these tycoon owned in thier company. No more majority but they get paid in million in salary.Why these glc or goc dont have the expertise in operations. You have to be rocket scientist to know about this.

  14. Was reading from top to bottom on the comment, how did the comment ended up from Low’s case to glc bod incompetencies? Maybe Annie need to write new article or some people need to write their own blog.

    Coming back to Low’s case, there would be no end to it. Media wouldnt let go of it. No reason not to for them. Its juicy bait to get work up.

    1. What about the husband right. Will the righteous lawyers willing to do pro bono for him. You all are playing the issue and she was led by the nose. Once we got 2/3 in next GE you will get worst than you are getting now. Blasphemy law might be on the card. Raise your kid quietly however you want and nobody cares. You do not have money to raise the kids and yet willing to have the lawyers to go to court. As for the muslim preacher and Perlis authories sue them for the expenditures incurred and for abandonment of the minors. What an ingrate person. She should be thankful that peoples are willing to raise the kids.

  15. Actually Islam is the most beautiful religion in the world. Kapiaq2 byk BLUR sbb majoriti taktau baca dan menghayati AlQuran.

    Yg extremists benci sgt Islam sebenarnya mereka JELES.

    Allah telah melimpah rezeki bawah tanah dnegara2 Islam spt Afghanistan. Tak caya just google out of 10 countries wth biggest oil fields and natural gas. Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UEA, Libya dan sikit2 dMalaysia, Brunei dan Indonesia...

    Ramai dr kalangan mereka dnegara2 ini pakai jubah. Tu sebab ada yg siang malam tak renti ratib TALIBAN.

    Kuasa2 kapiaq plak astik cari pasai nak serang negara2 ini SEBAB kemaruq nak cekop kekayaan bumi negara2 Islam nih semua.

    Dasar tak sedaq diri tak tau bersyukur yg keperluan harian mereka guna datangnya dari Negara2 Islam.

    Kepada semua 1.9b Muslims sedunia, dmana sja anda berada


    PS: Kapiaq2 yg tak paham Ramadan sila google and DISCOVER the beauty of Bulan Ramadan. Aamiin

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Joke je ni??? Kalau negara2 islam ni makmur sgt apasal rakyat nya sanggup menyabung nyawa nak pi masuk negara2 kapir ni?

      Tak ada negara kapir yg pi serang syria, awat bergolak juga?

      Gamak nya kalau ikut totok umno, rakyat yg kena tindas dgn pemimpin sendiri, itu dihalalkan sebab pemimpin, tak kira yg munafik, wajib di taati.

      Peduli apa kalau ada rakyat yg kena potong macam ayam sebab mengkritik pemimpin depa. Itu tak dikira kejam, sebab pemimpin tu tiap2 tahun pi haji, sedekah jota2 utk cuci dosa. Takbiir!!!

    2. Ni sekok yg tak paham Islam. Kita dsarankan mencari ilmu biaq sampai kNegara China. Macam katak bawah tempurung plak kamu nih.

      Yg JELES sgt2 dengan UMNO apahal?. Anak2 takde kerja kut? Hang suruh depa nganga drumah, tunggu dgn penuh harapan agar PH menang kut2 depa huluq RM30 lagi.

      JELES memanjang satni jadi senasib dgn Atok, kan dah kena masuk dalam bakul?.

      Apapun hang dh google keistimewaan Bulan Ramadan ke? Selamat membaca AlQuran, teliti juga terjemahan2 dgn mendalam. Mudah2an terbuka hati kamu yg kecik dan kerdil di bulan yg mulia ini.

      Aamiin Aamiin

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Unknown 16:23, poodah, tak reti nak hujah secara berfakta, tukar taktik kutuk2 orang.

      Rendah2 kan lah orang lain jika itu membuatkan sdr rasa cerdik. Umnoputra memang hidup dlm kepompong sendiri supaya diri sentiasa rasa superior. Menang sorak kampung tergadai...tepukk

  16. Wahai Tun Mahathir pembunuhan karakter dah out dated dan sangat kuno... Rakyat tak bodoh Tun. Kau sorang saja yang perasan bagus..!!

    Tun Dr Mahathir masih percaya, bahawa pendekatan pembunuhan karakter masih mendapat sokongan rakyat.

    Negarawan itu, mungkin terlepas pandang, pasca PRU-14, rakyat telah menolak pendekatan itu dengan kata lain tidak laku lagi.

    Di berbagai PRK pasca PRU-14, PRN Melaka dan Johor, pendekatan pembunuhan karakter dengan jelas ditolak rakyat. Outdated sudah lapuk dan berfikiran sangat kuno..!!

    Pun demikian, pendekatan itu masih cuba disegarkan oleh pemimpin parti Pejuang, apabila menyerang Najib Tun Razak Presiden parti Bersatu/Pengerusi Perikatan Nasional.

    Sebagai pemimpin TIKAM BELAKANG, kononnya punca utama, Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (PH) tumbang, sedangkan cerita sebenar bukan lah demikian. Tertebuk muka sendiri akibat takut bayang bayang nya.

    Rakyat negara ini, masih segar dengan kejadian pada 24 Februari, 2020, apa tah lagi dibantu oleh google sebagai penyimpan fakta, yang mana sesiapapun boleh mengakses dan menelusuri kronologi, satu persatu, punca, mengapa PH tumbang.

    Tindakan pembunuhan karakter bukan lah pendekatan baharu Pengerusi Parti Pejuang itu, kerana ianya sudah menjadi sinonim dengan beliau sejak dahulu kala, termasuk 22 tahun sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Jika dahulu, tindakan pembunuhan karakter boleh mempengaruhi rakyat, tetapi tidak lagi pada masa sekarang. Pemikiran kuno macam ini masih diminati pada mahacai dan walaun Tun saja.

    Pada PRN Melaka dan Johor, terbukti, pendekatan pembunuhan karakter, tidak menyebabkan parti yang mana pemimpinnya dibebani dengan kaedah itu, terhalang diberi mandat oleh rakyat.

    Rakyat negara ini sudah terbeban dengan pendekatan seumpama ini, mungkin atas sebab itu, mereka yang tidak berafiliasi pada mana-mana parti.

    Rakyat yang tergolong pasif atau atas pagar, enggan keluar mengundi, seperti mana ditunjukkan pada beberapa pilihan raya pasca PRU-14 sebab tak ada yang menarik dari pemikir kuno ini.

    Politik negara dipenuhi dengan isu-isu peribadi, bukannya menggunakan politik untuk kemajuan, pembangunan, dan kesejahteraan rakyat dan politik matang.


  17. Siapa jumpa siapa sebenarnya. Makin lanjut usia makin kuat penipu nya. Baru tukar bateri baru di IJN dah buat perangai kotor lagi.

    Wan Fayhsal dakwa Mahathir yang cari Muhyiddin

    Ketua Pemuda Bersatu Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal mendakwa komunikasi di antara presidennya, Muhyiddin Yassin, dengan Dr Mahathir Mohamad dimulakan pengerusi Pejuang terbabit.

    Kenyataan Wan Ahmad Fayhsal itu sekali gus berbeza daripada apa yang didedahkan oleh Mahathir semalam.

    Semalam Mahathir – yang meletakkan jawatannya sebagai perdana menteri ekoran langkah Muhyiddin membawa Bersatu keluar dari Pakatan Harapan – mendakwa dia dihubungi Bersatu untuk mendapatkan sokongan menjadi perdana menteri sekali lagi.

    “Bukannya Tan Sri (Muhyiddin) yang nak jumpa Tun (Mahathir), tapi, Tun yang menghantar pegawainya, Khairuddin Salleh, untuk berjumpa dengan Muhyiddin.

    Usia lanjut bukan bermakna makin insaf tapi makin kuat pembohong..