Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Does Ismail Sabri really care about kampung kids climbing trees to get connectivity?

 I'm actually starting to dislike the current government people in Putrajaya.

The other day, a friend in JB complained to me about PMO people coming up with a programme at the Angsana shopping mall, which was actually part of BN's campaign for the state election.

Civil servants were said to have been ordered to attend the event, which my friend described as "lavish".

He believed that some people in PMO were making money from it.

The whole thing smelled rotten as it was with BN's campaign in their doomed 2018 general election efforts.

I actually wrote about it back then in this post right after GE14

Someone needs to stop this nonsense. Johor BN doesn't need another round of shit like that.

I noticed that this disease of profiteering is starting to creep in again among people who supposedly working for PM and others in power.

Just look at the 5G rollout issue.

Today The Star came out with this story;

Govt leans towards dual 5G network


Ahead of the Cabinet’s final decision on Friday, sources told StarBiz that decision makers within the government are “leaning more” towards the DWN (dual wholesale network) model as compared to the single wholesale network (SWN) model where MNOs gain 5G access from a single provider for a wholesale price.

That single provider is DNB, which is a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) wholly-owned by the Finance Ministry.

Once the DWN model takes off, there will be another 5G wholesale provider, via a consortium privately-owned by MNOs. The second provider will build its own infrastructure without the government’s involvement.

Now, what is this ding dong nonsense is all about?

Why the government is flip flopping on this issue.

They should stick to their original decision on this and not backtracked on it.

Anyway, if they want to have DWN, then don't la come up with the SWN in the first place.

No need to set up DNB and bullshitting about ensuring better connectivity in the rural areas and such.

Just let the telcos take care of everything from the very start.

Let them make more money out of people's pockets with their lousy services.

Ya, the telcos services are actually quite shoddy okay.

This is one complaint

Hello, dropped calls in the 21st century is inexcusable

Well, really, if the government wants the telco vampires to continue sucking our blood, then just say so la from the very begining.

No need to bullshit about caring for kampung kids who have to climb trees to get the telcos' lousy 4G or 3G or whatever.

Now, I suspect that someone really tried to change the situation with the SWN proposal but the guy now is being overwhelmed by those looking after the interests of the telcos and pushing for the DWN model.

We better be on the look out and see who these people are and check how much they are making over the whole thing.

I think they are making a lot, okay.

Seriously, even the argument that the DWN was to prevent monopoly is bullshit.

We all know the DWN will eventually kill off DNB because the telcos will concentrate their 5G rollout efforts in the lucrative urban areas as they have always did in the past.

DNB will meanwhile has to struggle to provide the rural areas with the services and of course it will eventually die off if it tries to do that.

In the end the whole 5G thingy will entirely be run by the telcos and the kampung kids will go back to climbing trees to get connectivity.

The digital divide reached a flashpoint  when 18-year-old Veveonah Mosibin, from Kg Sabanalang Pitas in Sabah, went viral in March 2020 after she posted a video of herself studying on top of a tree in order to sit for her exams.

Meanwhile the bastards in Putrajaya will burp off their filled stomoch from what they got from the whole deal.

Oh, and how much will tax payers' money will be lost if the initial SWN plan is to be cancelled and DNB closes shop to make way for the telcos' DWN?

Does Ismail Sabri care?


So much for all that Keluarga Malaysia jingoism.

Umno people in particular better start asking Ismail Sabri what the hell his people are doing.

If he cannot answer, then they need to kick him out right very now.

Demand for GE15 to be held as soon as possible before more damage is fully done.

Umno people, you all better set up a new government and stop the nonsense and bullshit right now.

End the gravy train before it even start or the rakyat will sooner or later punish you all again like in 2018.


  1. like any other big projects that the msian govt handles, its a shitshow. politicians have their grubby fingers in every pie thats goes through - a practice started under Tun’s watch and part of BN’s dna today. Even in US courts, people acknowledge 1MDB is being used for political warchest.

    will voters learn ? umno back in charge & the thief is back play.

  2. same old same old...pi mai pi mai orang sama juga... perut penuh taik pun masih dok tamak lagi...nanti tak boleh berak lagi susah ohhhh...perut kembung...boleh mati berdiri....jangan haloba...

  3. IS and AM are jokers or just dumbest if dwn is approve. It is captive capitalism. Consumers will be held captive by this robber baron cartel. MARK my word. It is profiteering in making and this current government is a party to this.

  4. Ismail Sabri's answer to everything that ails msia is umnoputra's quota. The opposition could not have picked a worst alternative to Muhyiddin, apart from Najib & Zahid. Look at how many court cases have been dismissed already & whose son in law's company is being awarded huge contracts.

    Msian politics is so vile & toxic, msian politicians are selfish pr**ks who refuse to make way for younger, more competent, less baggage next generation.

    May god have mercy on us rakyat.

    1. Anonymous 10 March 2022, 8.45 "The opposition could not have picked a worst alternative to Muhyiddin, apart from Najib & Zahid."


  5. What else is new?

  6. in any permutation you punch in, no one party will rule stand alone in msia again. its actually a good thing for check & balance, reform. i take that over stability.

    even if team B umno rules, with a safe bet like tok mat, i dont see how najib & co cant get away from the courts - unless its a royal pardon. the evidence from msia, to sg & US are stacked against them.

    1. lets have erlections in Kedah and Perak

    2. No, lets have GE15 in 3 months' time. Can't wait to see yet another round of rumble between all parties. What can you expect from Malaysian politics? Hapless and hopeless, urgggg!!

    3. Lets get back Tommy Tomato to be our AG again...lets see how many court cases files will be thrown out of the window!!!
      And some dungus will be very very proud oh him...kihkih

    4. A-bendi has outgrown tomato la. Why not take the sticky bendi instead?

  7. would sabri also be rewarded with umno reserved land eventually like penyamun and penidur even if kena kicked out?

  8. yay zahid is our next prime minister...eveyone dont forget to vote umno...and i hope yang berhormat Ab Rauf Yusoh (the sand specialist) becomes the deputy prime minister and hopefully becomes the next Agong if possible.
    >james bond

  9. Mood 'Malu Apa Bossku' bawa momentum luar biasa di PRN Bangsa Johor..!!

    Berjalanlah Dengan Keberkatan Dari Allah.

    BN DiAmbang Kemenangan Besar PRN Johor.

    40 DUN InsyaAllah Sudah Pasti Dalam Tangan BN.

    Terdesak gelabah cemas hingga 5 pucuk surat Tun tulis di PRN Bangsa Johor dalam seminggu.. kah kah kah

    sayang Bangsa Johor abaikan dan lansung tak peduli surat Tun... kesiannnn!!

    Terima Kasih Pada Seluruh Bangsa Johor Yang Membuat Pilihan Yang Tepat Demi Masa Depan Bangsa Johor.. !!

    Malu Ape Bosskuuu..


    1. Tanjung rambutan case bila tak ada mulu. Berbogel di jalan raya apa malu. Mencuri duit orang apa malu. Berak di dalam dewan masjid apa malu. Makan rasuah apa malu. Bila malaikat dalam kubur siapa tuhan kamu jawab apa malu bossku.

  10. DNB was approved under the Muhyiddin administration and now it is the UMNO/BN administration, so there is no contiuity of policy and whatever decisions are made under the Ismail Sabri administration can be overturned under the next administration. That's the "benefits" of democracy.

    1. is this not cause by the loss of people's democracy right and rule of law?

      if one want to insist msia is still a democracy start 2020, i can only say we have a very interesting democratic system.

    2. Anon 01:29, u need to read more, jgn jadi katak bawah tempurung. Tengok berapa kali uk & Australia dah tukar pm, israel too.

    3. if thats normal, why both faction want anti hopping law? so if uk aust israel did it mean we are okay to do it?

      a very interesting mind from one that lecture others to read more.

  11. Bila nak tangkap Zety dan keluarga penyamun nya...

    saya ulangggg...!!

    'Hari ini tangkap Zety dan Jho Low esokkkk PRN Bangsa Johor kami pangkah PejWang Boboi dan Tun Mahathir'

    Ada brani...!?

    kah kah kah...


  12. I think IS is just the accidental PM and has little clues how to properly govern and move the economy forward.Thats why GE15 will come soon and BN will win Johor PRN. Many voters will tell you all politicians are the same, but the one that look after the food on the table for them will win.Reforms are non-issue to many poor struggling rakyat. As for DNB, I just hope there are some real serious objections to DWN in today's Cabinet meeting.Otherwise, the poors will continue to struggle as their kids have to climb the trees to get Internet coverages in rural areas. DWN will bring us to even lower ranking of speed and coverage of 5G in the world, even African countries will be higher than us soon."Maluku" should be the cry to those telcos.

  13. It is foregone conclusion BN will win tomorrow. Hands down. No discussion. It is no longer a question of if but how. How BIG the victory is gonna be. Historically I tell you, historically BN almost always won by-elections and ALWAYS won PRN. They’re always undefeated and undefeatable in locally held election. If they were held separately from general elections. The state has never changed hand into the opposition through PRN. Never.

    The only way the opposition could win big at state election and take over state goverment is through general elections. Where all eyes, attention and resources concentrated at federal level rather than state level. If by election or PRN is held as stand-alone, BN always triumph.

    1. Mudah2an menang majority.. Syabas BN...

      Ramalan cuaca habaq 2ptg esok akan mula hujan. Datsat pun kol 3ptg hujan lebat sampai pukul 6ptg baru stop.. so jangan leka, esok keluaq mengundi awal2 tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. InsyaAllah BN menang BESAR esok tapi PKR mesti 20-0. Lepas tu, kita kenduri besar kat Desaru. Ye-ha... Nak join ke Annie?

  14. Alhamdulillah my sons n his grp dpt tiket bas causeway link n ondway back to gv their support for BN.. golongan muda2 pun very excited dgn penuh harapan BN will win.

    Leceh tau even wth VTL .. may take them 2hours to crossover SOPs whatnot, harap2 no jam harini.

    Professor Nasi Lemak





  16. Slogan 'Malu Apa Bossku' rakyat faham permainan puak oligarth di Malaysia.

    Wahai Tun Mahathir dan kuncu kuncu Tun rakyat tak mudah dibodoh bangang kan oleh puak Oligarth Malaysia.

    Rakyat faham dengan kekecewaan Tun Mahathir kerana jutaan wang ringgit telah di habiskan untuk memburukan kan jenama Najib semenjak PRU14 lagi namun tidak berhasil.

    Kroni Mahathir sama jahil dengan Mahathir, dalam Islam di seru pertahan kan maruah diri dan keluarga jika di aniaya dan di fitnah, hatta Najib counter dengan Malu Apa Bossku jika tidak bersalah.

    Itu lah yang Najib sedang lakukan terhadap kes kes rekaan Mahathir dengan tidak cukup saksi , bukti dan pelbagai pincang dan kekangan kepada pihak pembela. Jho Low dan Nik Faisal lesap sedangkan sebelum PRU 14 nama Jho Low dijaja.

    Bila Tun berkuasa dalam PH nama Jho Low lesap tiba tiba malah Jho Low seperti dilindungi dan dibela. Masa ini rakyat dah buka mata permainan puak Oligarth ini. Rakyat tak mudah lupa Tun..!!

    Hendak Malu Apa pada perkara pincang dan penganaiyaan.

    Mahathir yang sepatut malu membela orang semburit dan penyamun 1MDB Zeti Akhtar yang terdapat wang RM700 juta di dalam akaun suami nya di sorok di Singapura.

    Kes Zeti begitu lembab dan terhegeh hegeh berkemungkinan (memang pasti) permainan belakang tabir oleh Mahathir dan Muhyiddin.

    Sebalik nya Tun Mahathir menerima kemaluan besar apabila menjadi Perdana Menteri pertama di didalam dunia yang telah tewas di Lima PRK berturut turut dan dua kali selepas tidak berjawatan Perdana Menteri.

    Mahathir juga mendapat kemaluan besar apa bila tewas dengan majoriti paling teruk sebagai Perdana Menteri Ketika parti yang membawa jenama nya tewas besar dengan majoriti 15,000 di PRK Tanjong Piai.

    Lepas satu kesipuan di ikuti kesipuan lain, namun Mahathir kulit muka nya tebal dan cuba sedaya upaya alihkan tumpuan kepada Najib.

    Lebih parah lagi Mahathir tewas kepada sebuah parti yang di anggap sudah mati tinggal nama. Mana ada dalam dunia parti politik tewas kepada parti yang sudah mati tinggal nama? Hanya Mahathir sorang sahaja.

    Dalam siri kempen PRN Johor Mahathir pergunakan Tan Sri Lim Kim Yew , kroni yang di beri tanah dan lombong untuk bercakap bagi pihak nya.

    Tun tak perlu cemburu jenama Bossku yang kian popular dan melekat dihati rakyat.

    PRN Bangsa Johor hari ini akan bawa satu lagi sejarah kemaluan paling besar pada Tun dan kuncu kuncu nya...!!

  17. Aini. You tak pergi ke Pesta Ronggeng Sisters In Islam.
    Betul la DS Zahid Hamidi cakap. Sekarang ada feelgood factor for BN..right time for PRU 15.
    What say you

  18. Alhamdulillah bright and sunny arini. Anak2 dh sampai dn tunaikn tanggungjawab mereka.. Sana sini syukur, keadaan tenang dan relax sja.

    Almost 4hours we went pusing2, rindu sgt2 anak muda kitabdpt crossover Johor.. last2 stop sat kat MidValley.. teringin sgt cendol dan rojak buah Penang. Malam nih ronda cari asam pedas kepala ikan pula sambil tunggu keputusan.. best kepala ikan dkat gerai2 Danga.

    Sama2 kita doakn BN menang.. Aamiin aamiin aamiin

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. rupa nya "barua" Singpok yang di basoh mentality kat semasa kecil SJK chino masih hidop!!!!! dan anak jadi Ang Mo Koi "manager of waste managment"
      sikilang lets go for Perak dan Kedah.

  19. pukul 6.40 potang

    keputusan tak rasmi...

    20 BN... lain tolor...

    Lingkup kan Boboi melingkup Tun Mahathir...

    Banyak calon PejWang hilang wang deosit

    kah kah kah


  20. Tangkap Zety,, Tangkap Jho Low,, Tangkap Nik Faisal tangkap Tun Mahathir sekali...!!!


  21. Sebelum bubar PRU elok ke PRN Bangsa Kedah... di sana kunci segala kunci haramjadah malapetaka huru hara negara dan bangsa Melayu berantakan dan bercakaran sesama sendiri terjadi....

    Rampas kunci haramjadah itu selama lama nya dari penjenayah fitnah jijik...

    Banyak pulau dan akidah songsang dari haramjadah perlu ditamatkan segera..

    Ayohhh PRN Bangsa Kedah...

    Buat atok pejuWang dan konco2nya...

    berhentilah menghina orang lain kerana diri sendiri belum tentu mulia di mata rakyat.

    Kau naik dan kaya sebelum ini kerana rakyat.

    Sentiasalah bersyukur

    Berhentilah sikap suka menjatuhkan orang lain dengan cara yg kotor dan berdosa besar

    Malu Apa Bossku sudah tunjuk jalan keluar ke negeri Kerala terbuka luas


  22. Malu Ape Bossku tunjuk jalan keluar ke Negeri Kerala.. Malu Apa Bossku sudah tunjukkan jalan bertindak dan bergerak diluar kotak minda..

    Sebelum bubar PRU elok ke PRN Bangsa Kedah...

    Di sana kunci segala kunci haramjadah malapetaka huru hara negara dan bangsa Melayu berantakan dan bercakaran sesama sendiri terjadi....

    Rampas kunci haramjadah itu selama lama nya dari penjenayah fitnah jijik...

    Banyak pulau dan akidah songsang dari haramjadah perlu ditamatkan segera..

    Ayohhh PRN Bangsa Kedah...

    Buat atok pejuWang dan konco2nya...

    Berhentilah menghina orang lain kerana diri sendiri belum tentu mulia di mata rakyat.

    Kau naik dan kaya sebelum ini kerana rakyat.

    Sentiasalah bersyukur

    Malu Apa Bossku sudah tunjukkan jalan bertindak dan bergerak diluar kotak minda..

    Berhentilah sikap suka menjatuhkan orang lain dengan cara yg kotor dan berdosa besar.

    Malu Apa Bossku tunjuk jalan tak perlu pun guling guling atas jalanraya berarak bodoh bangang walaun panas hujan ke jalan raya.

    Malu Apa Bossku tak perlu risakkan harta awam dan buat kecoh bangang dijalan raya ada walaun yang buta bijik mata, mati katak, kena buang dari universiti dan buang kerja..

    Kami tak perlu guling guling, rosak harta awam sambil terpekik terlolong menyusahkan orang lain, berpanas berembun dan berhujan. Lepas itu walauncai ditinggalkan keseorangan. Itu semua boleh berambossss juga..!!

    Malu Apa Bossku sudah tunjukkan jalan cara bertindak dan berhujah dengan fakta...

    Bukan geli geli goreng fakta dan auta.. ini semua dah outdated, kolot dan bodoh..!!

    Tangkap Zety cari dan tangkap Jho Low dan Tangkap Nik Faisal... tangkap sekali Tun Mahathir jika perlu..!!

    Malu Apa Bossku sudah tunjuk jalan keluar ke negeri Kerala terbuka luas


    1. Nahhhhhhh ambik ko bahlol JIBKOM.....

      A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigator told the ongoing bribery trial of ex-banker Roger Ng that former prime minister Najib Razak stole US$756 million (about RM3.2 billion) of the total US$6.5 billion raised in the bond offerings arranged by Goldman Sachs.

      Eric Van Dorn also named several other individuals who received the money, including fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho who took US$1.42 billion; Khadem al-Qubaisi, the former managing director of Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company who got US$472.8 million; former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner (US$73.4 million) and Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz (US$238 million).


  23. pencuri menang, pencuri sapoter happy, penyamun kalah, aku sedih.

    1. Saudara HY,jangan sedih sangat.
      Bangsa Johor sudah memilih,hormati demokrasi.
      P/s : saya gembira/seronok ,semua Calun Parti Pejuang kena tapau.hilang wang deposit.Atok Madey terdiam,Boboi Mukriz terkilan.Aura Atok tak menjadi.

  24. Alas, thought of berkenduri last nite but the party pooper pkr anwar has won 1 seat by the skin of teeth. Anyway, still feel good that pkr arrogant woman had lost in Kempas and congrats to MUDA maiden score in Puteri Wangsa.