Sunday 8 January 2017

Work more, talk less, learning from Japanese

Woke up quite early today.

Still in relaxed mode.

Checked the net to see if there's anything interesting.

Found none.

Okay, maybe some people think this one is interesting,

Shahrir to reshuffle Felda management and board

but to me it's just typical Shahrir.

Making big announcements about the work before actually doing the work.

Was it so necessary to do that?

For me that's just awkward.

Imagine what all those Felda people are thinking right now.

Shahrir already telling the world he's going to kick their ass even before he enters the office.

So much aggravation.

Why can't he just go in and do the necessary first before saying all that?

Well, whatever lah.

Just wait and see what's going to happen.

Cakap banyak pun bukannya ada guna.

Anyway, it reminds me of a conversation I had with a Japanese friend quite a while back.

We were having dinner at a yakitori restaurant in Seri Hartamas.

He asked me how to know whether a Malaysian politician is a good guy.

"A good one works more and talks less," I said.

The guy smiled and agreed.


Almost all who talk a lot are just bullshitters.

They criticise everyone and everything but when given the work, they can't do any better or can't do the work at all.

Pandai buat bising saja.

As if they are the ones who are so good and pure.

Check their track record and see whether they are really good or just appeared to be good, okay.

End of the day, it's the end results of the works that count, not the talks.

Talk is cheap.

It's also one of the reasons why I like Japanese.

They just do their work well and don't talk too much.

They only talk when necessary.

If you ever been to Tokyo station which is the biggest railway station in Japan, you would know what I mean.

During peak hours, the station would be packed with hundred thousands of people, yet you hardly hear much noise.

The Japanese go around doing their things without making much noise.

They just focused at doing their work well instead of talking too much about it.

That's why they are so good at what they are doing.

That's discipline.

And guys, please stop watching Japanese porn. Those are fakes, okay. They are not really crazy perverts and they don't make so much noise as in the videos (As people told me lah).

Better watch these kind of Japanese videos instead and learn something from them,

Nice, isn't it.

Sounds of Japan, not noises of Japan.

I miss those quiet autumn evenings at the ryokan of a small beautiful onsen town.


  1. well annie, u r comparing country full of people with integrity and one that has none

    even though we have here full of muslims.

    thats all there is to it.


  2. Wa selalu lengar ,olang ceakap ,'macam Cina kalam' manyak bising lor rr ,itu sampan tetap kaam juga maa aa.

  3. Any of you can do this thing called restructuring, some called it reengineering, some called reinventing and some called it re-defining. The question is, "who is this Shahrir Samad?

    To many of us, to clean up the mess and dirt in Felda, you need an experienced trouble shooter of the calibre like the late Tan Sri. Ghazali Shafee, "King Ghaz", we used to called him.

    Much obliged, sorry to say Shahrir is no trouble shooter, no such record or background, nor such experience to revive a dead corporation to successfully turn around. Many people said, he was a bloody trouble maker and he still is very conceited, boastful too and last but not least revengeful.

    Now people know he is just a division head, a Dedak man and have been a division head for decades. He must have made millions of Dedak by now. He Looks more now as a hypocrite than a genuine fighter fo people's rights and wellbeing.

    Look at JB, flood at Sungai Seggit, a never ending stories, he never fought relentlessly for the demolition of the causeway, a very critical infrastructure for the reshaping of JB town. He never say a word to have the HSR line trminal at JB when 90 % of line is in Malaysia. He never say a word and just play dumb on Forest City Project.

    Shahrir is an urban Malay with no rural background. Felda is rural and the settlers are amongst the poorest lot in the country. You think a man of such a character and background can do wonders for Felda and its settlers? In my humble opinion, he is not the man and he can keep on kissing his boss's ass.

  4. Annie,

    //And guys, please stop watching Japanese porn. Those are fakes, okay.//


    How in the hell did this pop up in the middle of a discussion about FELDA, work ethics and discipline?

    It is hard to believe that that are people who think those Japanese porn videos are real but then I guess we do have some very very gullible people in Malaysia.

    Now, I have about RM300,000 in RM3 notes which I would like to change into RM100 notes. Anybody know someone who can help me out? Just give me RM100,000 in RM100 notes and I will be happy, OK? The rest is yours to keep - and I will throw in some Japanese porn videos as well :)


    1. ha.ha.ha..terkezut jugak...tiba2 terselit "japanese P@rn"..really in relaxed mode dear Annie...anyway, quite agree with you on this..

  5. Adakah menteri bertugas masih boleh mendabik dada konon dasar-dasar yang direkanya berjaya?  Apakah dana2 yang dikata sudah sedikit itu mengalir ke tempat yang sepatutnya atau sudah masuk ke kocek sendiri menjadi jam-jam tangan mewah, menjadi ‘mansion’, kereta sport dan jongkong-jongkong emas?  Atau ditabur kepada manusia paling tak berguna, pakai baju merah bikin kecoh demi mengekalkan kuasa?

    Nation building bermula dengan pendidikan berkualiti dan mampu buat semua rakyat Malaysia.  Berkualiti dan murah apabila kerajaan menyediakan perbagai inisiatif membantu mereka yang ada usaha, ada sedikit kepandaian dan kemahiran. 

    “spare no expense” pada tempat yang betul, janganlah terlalu berkira untuk mewariskan negara ini kepada anak2 yang bakal mewarisi.

    Peliknya apabila pasukan bolasepak negeri tiada penaja, maka gegak gempitalah menteri-menteri, kerabat dan tokoh politik mengherdik syarikat korporat, agensi kerajaan pusat dan negeri kerana tidak turun membantu.  Tidak sampai 2 minggu beritanya menghuni muka hadapan (bukan muka sport di belakang lagi), selesailah segala isu…semua happy dan business is back as usual.

    Kita marah menteri bodoh dan bangang.  Kita pun sama bangang juga.

    Semoga Allah selamatkan negara ini dan gantikan pemimpin celaka kepada pemimpin yang berjiwa beragama.



    The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) recent arrests are a reminder to civil servants that they should not deny the "people's rights", Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

    MACC last week arrested the secretary-general of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Datuk Mohd Arif Ab Rahman, and his two sons in a corruption investigation.

    "There are reminders about wastage. The actions taken by MACC recently are a reminder not to take what is the people's rights," he told civil servants from the Prime Minister's Department in the department's monthly assembly here today.

    "This belongs to the people. Everything we do is for the people. The projects are for the people. The value adding is for the people," he added.


    1. wowww kimak indeed. puke2

      this guy really have no shame.


    2. Wa manyak tabik sama itu Najib ,bolih cekap itu macam maa aa .

      Manyak hebat lor rr.

  7. shahrir's just a tin kosong lah, i remember from his FT minister days; him and that ahmad tambakau.

    i used to work for the Japanese. Not all that honourable. had one boss who made me do all the work, then presented it to Tokyo as if it was his idea. very stressful because he had a superiority complex but no skill, so used to kutuk Asians.

    Anyway, tentacle hentai is hilarious!

    1. yup2 granted. i just meant Japan in general. at least some still step down, when their integrity is questioned. unlike the MO1, mat isa, and the list goes on...

      and tht they are tht pervert and still manage to have good work culture puzzles me (in general)

  8. Tell the japanese,if he or she want to know about your beloved top leadership in Malaysia either good or otherwise..Try ask the question to secondary and primary school children.

    You will get interesting and honours answer. You need to mention their name.....

  9. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth9 January 2017 at 14:44

    How many people tried to turn around MAS?

    Did any of them succeed?

    Nope, when the money ran out, a Mat Salleh was called upon to do the necessary "downsizing" & "fat trimming".

    Maybe a Mat Salleh should be nominated to head Felda & FGV?

    Or is "dignity" more important?

    1. "a Mat Salleh was called upon to do the necessary "downsizing" & "fat trimming".

      Ya....then he kena trim pulak!

    2. Tebing Tinggi XVII10 January 2017 at 16:48

      Yah, lor - only to be replaced by another Mat Salleh! Good M'sian talent don't have, izzit?

      SIA, Cathay Pacific, Garuda, Korean Air etc are all run by locals.

  10. knowledge about Japan are gathered through my readings and from watching tv.My only visits to Japan were overnight transit during my student days more than 30 years ago.
    We salute the Japanese for their discipline,hardwork,cleanliness etc.
    But we have to remember they have their own problems too.Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.In their effort to achieve perfection their society is under a lot of stress
    Prof Kangkung

  11. yeah and our people is doing great by the way ! haha

  12. Just apply KAIZEN,Japanese strategy for continuous improvement

    Then,our cooking oil will be cheaper

    Too diversified,even ventured into movie making

    Should fund research for higher yield palm tree,
    thus reducing deforestation

    Blue ocean strategy,to develope an additive when mix/add together transform itself as lubricant for engine

    How convenient frying roti chanai and lubricating engine