Sunday 15 January 2017

More important things in life (updated)


In case you think there's nothing more important to worry about than politics, read this.

Twilight Years

Really. Some people have bigger or more immediate problems to address.


Pribumi Bersatu was launched at the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam last night.

Reports indicated that there were about 3,000 people present.

Not very impressive.

Well, I don't know lah.

I'm not in the Klang Valley right now.

Can't be bothered to check properly.

Read the speech by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Datuk Kadir Jasin's blog via Rocky's blogroll,

PPBM Dilancarkan Dengan Ikrar Selamatkan Malaysia

It reminds me of his speeches at Umno general assemblies of yesteryears when he was still its president.

Personally, I think it's quite long and mostly repeats of what he said before.

But never mind lah.

Dr Mahathir is 92 years old.

Let him says whatever he wants.

I never believe in being harsh with our elders, no matter what.

It wouldn't be too long now before GE14.

Just let the rakyat decide when the time comes.

If they think life is better now, they should support PM DS Najib Razak, but if they feel their life is worse, then they can support Dr Mahathir.

I think we should leave it at that for now.

No need for us to make things worse.

Just be patient and wait.

There are lots of other things that need to be done for now.

There were also other issues to be handled too.

I rather spend my time handling my own personal problems now than being too bothered about politics.

What's the point in complaining about the country when we can't even take care of lesser things which directly affect us?

I got lots of issues at the moment and I have only enough energy and time to handle them.

Can't spare for anything else.

So, I think I would like to leave it to those who have no issues in life except berjuang demi agama, bangsa dan tanahair  to handle the big stuff such as saving the country.

For now, I need to handle a matter about myself being treated like garbage by someone.

Quite pathetic, but that's a reality of my life.

So, that's more important to me than 1MDB or Felda or Pribumi Bersatu etc.

Chinese New Year is also coming soon.

I hope I can settle my issues before then so that I can have a peace of mind during the festivities.

I really wish I can be happy again.

Dr Mahathir, Najib, etc....are now just mere distractions for me.


  1. What is your condition to be happy?

  2. deep in your heart, you wanted to believe it..3000 attended.


    1. Buluk punya keleta ,kalau simpan lama ,lagi manya masaalah maa aa .
      Balau punya keleta hanya satu masaalah saja , mau bayar lor rr.

      Mesti mau ubah maa aa.

  3. Poor Annie, working so hard to convince us that
    the official formation of PPBM is not that
    important compared to other things in her life.
    Of course berak is very important Annie....hehehe.

    It's alright Annie - I read MSO blog that U don't
    have here. MSO got a lot of pictures eventhouh he
    too was not at the PPBM official opening.
    Pictures can tell thousands of words and very
    convincing too.
    It was full house at the Melawati Stadium and
    according to MSO, most of the particepents,
    60% are YOUNG GENERATION!!!!!!!
    Old generation mungkin masih 50-50....nak, tak
    nak. Nak ke, tak nak. Tak nak, nak....HEHEHE.
    No wonder Khalid Nordin starts his walk about
    in Johore early. Poor man, dia mesti gubra
    considering 60% of young generation in every
    states are PPBM members!
    Just imagine thier influence in the family.
    Must be quite awsome since they are more educated
    than their parents especially in the rural areas.
    Parents suka dengar cakap anak-anak mereka.
    Take for example my neighbour, A pilot captain.
    He was an UMNO man - marah betul dengan PKR
    but during the PRU13, surprise! surprise!!!!
    He changed side! And dia bukan from rural area.
    A worldly man since his route is KL-LONDON, US,
    Hongkong, Zurich. Dia kutuk kerajaan kaw-kaw,
    cakap pasal rasuah, which he never didi before.
    Rupa-rupanya dah terpengaruh dengan anak-anaknya.
    Same thing goes with a fren of mine, an USTAZAH.
    Bukan main kuat sokong PAS since dia classmate
    arwah Datuk Harun Din in her Azhar days.
    She too changed side when I called her recently
    to enquire about halal haram simpan duit di ASB.
    Terkejut berok I, u know. HEHEHE.
    Poor Najib, dia baru merancang nak bersemuka
    dengan golongan muda. Cannot imagine what would
    happen if he is bombarded with thousands of
    qustions. Young generation are curious lots U
    know. Very much different from us, older
    generations who are polite and hand kissing lots.

    1. A picture worth a thousand words.A moving picture@video recording probably worth a millions words.
      From what I saw on tv3 there were a lot of empty seats.
      Maybe tv3 has its own agenda.However,even according to Malaysiakini which is known to be pro opposition estimates around 5000 participants only

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Nobody watch Buletin Tv3 nowdays , Prof Kangkung.
      Widen your scope - masuk blog-blog yang
      bukan pro Najib. U get different views.
      Beratus gambar ada. Yang saya nampak,
      Melawati stadium penuh je views from all sides.
      Tak tahulah JUMLAHNYA. Nobody bother to count.
      Yang penting, stadium nampak penuh.
      Kalau ada kerusi-kerusi kosong, biasalah
      dalam semua pelancaran macam ni.
      Orang tua-tua tak datang.
      Yang ramai cuma anak-anak muda je.
      It is their futere after all.
      All in all, pelancaran dikira successful.
      Time PRU14 nanti barulah kita dapat the true
      picture. So, wait and seelah.

    3. cik minah mimpi ke ngigau?
      those are pkr people lah u idiot!

    4. KIHKIHKIH....are U talking about surat arahan
      PKR kepada ahlinya mintak datang ke Majlis
      perasmian PPBM itu....?????
      Sekali pandang, dah tahu, itu orang UMNO
      punya kerja
      Typical surat rasmi kerajaan.........hehehe
      Yang paling geli hati, ayat nombor 6.
      Very the stupid - ayat macam budak darjah 6.
      Knowing Rafizi, I don't believe surat tu
      datang dari kem PKR. They are too intelligent
      for such rubbish.
      Most probably it is the work of JAMAL JAMBAN!

    5. U r rite Cik Minah.

      Kerja macai2 Umno yg xde kerja lain.

    6. when u r in a crowd u feel a lot...but when u look at actual picture u see a lot of empty seats lah....u probably didnt look at the upper level of the denial or just plain desperate....beratus orang keliling rasa mcm beribu coz u cant see beyond that...:)

  4. Cik Minah. You give positive vibes about the influence of the young ones. Good. Thank You.

  5. Most educated youngsters nowadays would not buy UMNO's mantras as easily as it was before...kind of an insult to their intelligence especially when looking at Jamal Jamban's boys in action..hehehehe...the struggle to "kotex" the malays. I was laughing like mad when those idiots were trying to explain to the Chinese lady in english the reason they join the red shirt army...very lame, very stupid and a disgrace to my race as a malay. I could not imagine how dumb you can be when UMNO's mantras clouded your mind and poisoned every bit of your brain cells.

    1. You can write anything about UMNO to please yourself.
      Just wait until the next GE results come out.
      Prof kangkung

    2. Sorry prof..i despised umno the day when my country was made like a fool by those idiots

    3. Prof Kangkung enjoys sponsoring kak semah's boiboi to make immoral films in the USA.

      That's his right as a Muslim.

      Jangan usik the poor OKU chap.

    4. @ Anonymous16 January 2017 at 10:17

      You can laugh, but people like him are the main reason the Malays are smiling as they get robbed. Alhamdulillah ada Starbucks!

      "One for you, 20 for me"...Umngok.

      And he's happy.

      Yes, OKU indeed.

    5. UMNO and BN will win this coming GE.InsyaAllah

      Prof Kangkung

    6. Of course.

      The will of God.

      God wants UMNO and BN win the coming GE?

      Someone or may be this individual called Prof Kangkung may have been to see God and God said that He wills that UMNO and BN win the coming GE.

      There's no two way about it. UMNO and BN will win and UMNO and BN will win. That's the will of God..

      and RUU 355(?) is huhu the offering?

      Haji Kangkung Bin Sajian Perdana
      Jln Alor, Gajah Duduk PLK (Pulikat)

    7. InsyaAllah?

      Allah supports corruption?

      I do not think so.

    8. I think Kangkung just insulted Allah......

    9. Anon 74

      Kl.kalau ckp insyaAllah which means dengan izin Allah is insulting Allah, I don't know what else to say

  6. Most importantly FatSoh got charged 20 sen for plastic bag to put her....fried chicken.

    Kipidap Fatty, I bet those arteries are in great shape.

    "Tick tock tick tock"....

    Extra pork belly?

    1. Anonymous @ 15 January 2017 at 21:06,

      //Extra pork belly?//

      Are you kidding?

      There is enough pork belly on that woman to influence the Dow Jones Index on pork belly trading.

      But then, maybe a few more pork bellies on her wouldn't make much difference.


    2. She HAS a pork belly!!!!

  7. Tak tumbuh tak melata,
    Tak sungguh orang tak kata.

    Musuh atau kawan TERPAKSA pasang telinga dengar ucapan Tun, walau berulang tapi dalam version dan vision yang berbeza.

    Roh dan kesemangatan ucapan Tun jauh lebih hebat dari semua ucapannya di PAU umno.

    Terasa tanpa PAS pun mampu tawan Puterajaya.

    1. Keep on dreaming

      Prof Kangkung

  8. Annie,

    Re Twilight Years.

    Well, it is worrying that many Malaysians will have nothing to look forward to in their old age.

    For example, my cousin will have nothing - no EPF, no savings, no nothing.

    But then, from what I have heard, even having EPF is pointless.

    EPF have been robbed and plundered for years and years now.

    FGV is one example of how money meant to look after Malaysians in their old age, has been pissed up the wall.

    I just had a look and the closing price for FGV on Friday was RM1.76 - compared to an issue price of RM4.55.

    Re PPBM gathering at Malawati Stadium.

    If I was in charge of propaganda at UMNO HQ, I would start to worry about now.

    Note that about 3,000 people paid for their own travelling expenses to turn up.

    Note that some of these ex-UMNO people have come a long long way to attend.

    Note that these are ex-UMNO people who are used to being paid duit minyak and duit air and duit apa-apa.

    Something tells me that those ex-UMNO people mean business.

    Also, as others have said here, many in the crowd are the younger generation.

    Yupe, if I was ketua propaganda at UMNO HQ, I would start to worry about now.

    Re you being treated like garbage by someone.

    *Sigh* What can I say?

    If this is a matter of the heart, I'd say that song by Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh sums it up - "{You} Gonna walk and don't look back".


    1. 'Note that about 3,000 people paid for their own travelling expenses to turn up.'

      Yes, and every KBU demands tens of millions just to show up at PAU.

  9. why would anybody support ppbm....nak sebut pun susah.....

    1. Anonymous@ 16 January 2017 at 19:39,

      //nak sebut pun susah//

      I think that is because you cannot think of anything to say :)


    2. Why would anybody care obout what you think even ppbm you pun susah nak sebut. You must be ratard or uneducated or low IQ or useless or what else only god knows.

    3. I prefer to support Umgnok because I want my money to go into the Birkin of a greedy 400-pound woman.

      Got a problem with that?

    4. Anon 17 January 2017 at 07:56

      No, go right ahead but the correct weight is 500 lbs. Thank you.

    5. Anon 16 Jan 2017 at 22.35

      PPBM = NO GST
      Sekarang senang nak sebut dan ingat kan?


  10. More important things.

    Rural Malay poverty:

    The main cause of rural poverty is,

    (1) Unemployment

    (2) The reality of undocumented foreign workers and the resulting lowering of wages and job opportunity

    (3) The feudalistic culture which dominates aid programmes - “Unfortunately, the manner in which this aid is given is opaque. The rural poor, the target population, are not informed of the actual allocation for the project in their kampong, its actual specifications, the quantum of the contracts awarded, etc. The poor communities are not in any position to monitor the execution of these projects.

    “In the absence of proper checks and balances, officers from the ministry concerned, the local district officer and his staff, the politically connected contractors and the local Umno assemblyperson and Member of Parliament collectively siphon off a significant portion of the funds allocated. This portion can come up to 50 percent of the actual sum allocated.”

    Yes, this matters.

    1. One would believe that nowhere under syurga would the murshit guru even begin to get near to taking the Rm93 million bantuan from Kafir Umno!
      Pangkahlah ... dijanji dapat PAS ke syurga??? Mana yang lebih munafik - si perasuah atawapun si fasik?