Saturday 7 January 2017

The best guy to replace Shahrir in JB

I'm still in hibernation mode.

Shut down almost everything and resting.

But earlier this morning I woke up and saw this, which was sent to me by a friend last night,

Well, that's unfortunate, I think.

I was hoping for someone better.

Shahrir is about as old as Isa, okay. Almost 70.

Does Shahrir knows how to fix Felda?

Well, I do wonder because his JB constituency doesn't even have a Felda settlement.

As for his track record, you all may have a look at it yourself at this link,

Shahrir Abdul Samad 

I'm not saying the guy is bad, but do you all honestly remember anything significant that he did when he was a minister three times in his career?

As for Isa, he would probably claim that his 22 years as Negeri Sembilan MB was memorable.

Actually, I think the only significant achievement of Shahrir is that he managed to build a reputation of himself as being someone with integrity, honest, clean, etc.

Okay, he also made a name for himself by whacking Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad throughout his career. At least the guy is consistent on that count.

But were that good enough for him to make things better as far as Felda is concerned?


Really, I'm not sure.

Well, whatever it is, good luck to Shahrir.

Oh, I'm also wondering what is going to happen to his JB parliamentary seat in the next general election.

Shahrir's appointment at Felda really looks like a retirement golden parachute.

And I think I read somewhere quite a while ago that he said he will not defend his JB seat.

Honestly, I think without Shahrir there, BN may find it very difficult to defend it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see anyone from the JB Umno division who can pull it off.

Do note that Shahrir's majority there was slashed from over 20k in 2008 to just over 10k in 2013.

Maybe the Umno leadership should think out of the box over the matter.

If it's up to me, I would like to field someone with a reputation as good as Shahrir's or even better.

After all, the JB people have all these while prided themselves as being special as they have mister integrity Shahrir as their MP.

So, because of that, I think the best person to take over Shahrir's JB seat is this JB guy,


Abdul Wahid Omar

is my choice as BN's parliamentary candidate for JB in the next general election.

I really think the guy is good.

Okay, I can already hear the protestation of the JB Umno division people, but seriously guys, don't you think you all need someone good like Wahid to replace Shahrir?

Do you all rather lose the seat by fielding someone lesser?

Well, never mind.

For all you know, Wahid may not even want to take the risk of contesting the seat. He's probably already comfortable being the PNB boss.

But still, if I'm PM DS Najib Razak, I would call the guy up and tell him that he needs to do it for the sake of agama, bangsa and tanahair.

I think Najib needs all the good Umno guys like Wahid to be around him now and especially for the coming general election.

Hmmm...maybe can consider putting Khazanah boss TS Azman Mokhtar to contest somewhere too.

Amokh, you vote or not?

Hahaha...just kidding :)


  1. ABUP even a cow I'll support.

  2. What so clean , he admitvtaking 1 million from Najib

    As for PNB and Kaznah bosses all GLC companies no need to engage your brain if they have one. Do UMNO have any with corporate experience from real public sector not the FLC or UMNO cronies linked companies

    You serious belief in the slogan the thieves use Ugama Bangsar Tanah air when they are robbing the Malaysians blind

    What happens when there is no money left and will you then open your eyes full

    What you blog is Bunch of croak but do Nor blame you as you also need to eRn a living but have some decency when blogging and not arse whipping

    1. Fully agreed 100%. What to do. Cari makan ma

  3. Actually, I think the only significant achievement of Shahrir is that he managed to build a reputation of himself as being someone with integrity, honest, clean, etc.

    Yep, till he happily admitted getting a 1 million cheque from "that" Ambank account of Najis Tong Rosak.


  4. he is a staunch supporter of najib. thats all tht matters

    who cares about felda ?

    its just a 2 x 5 and 5 x 2 after isa comes shahrir

    in msia it doesnt counts who can perform well and do real good to wht hes entrusted to. u will only be considered if the boss is pleased with you.

    thts how it is in msia, in the gov and even in academic (especially IPTA) fields.

    but being msian, we all already accustom to it. see if we are normal decent people someone would have already said something about the world we live in here.

    it is not about the boss or the guy who is in power, it is about the institutional that you are responsible to. every action, every elected member should be chosen based on tht.

    but well

    its msia

    and msian have no problem with it. we just accept it as the norm. and to those who we are responsible to will become the victims.

    satu !! ? satu malaysia !

  5. Annie,

    The thing is this.

    You can forget about suggesting any names of people you believe are fully capable of running any GLC.

    Meritocracy is a concept which UMNO does not subscribe to, full stop.

    I can understand why UMNO fears meritocracy when it included non-Muslims non-Malays.

    You know lah - the Chinese will take over, Malays will have their privileges stripped, Islam will suffer, yada yada yada.

    But I have noticed that UMNO fears meritocracy even where only Melayus are concerned.


    1. Any institution in malaysia fears jho low. Thats a fact. UMNO no balls when comes to jho low eventhough he is chinese. Tangkap sorrylah says who.

  6. Congratulations!! Hahaha ..... Pak sanggup. Cuci lah mamgkuk Isa Samat tu!!

  7. Replace one monkey with another monkey to screw all the other monkeys.
    Great move.

  8. Looks like your smelly fat Friend surfaces every now and then to incite more hate. Surely there's got be some law in the country to avoid this? Dumno stooge or no? Can you ask your blogging Captain? This is our Malaysia, our home. For all of us.

    1. Anonymous @ 7 January 2017 at 21:11,

      //Looks like your smelly fat Friend surfaces every now and then to incite more hate//

      Fat Soh's blog is so predictable nowadays.

      Whack DAP, evangelist Christians and Life of Annie, whack DAP, evangelist Christians and Life of Annie, whack DAP, evangelist Christians and Life of Annie, and so it goes.

      And it is amusing she re-cycles old photos over and over again and rehashing them with new commentary, e.g. Hannah Yeoh in the mosque.

      It has always made me wonder what Hannah Yeoh ever did to her.

      Maybe she lost a boyfriend to Hannah Yeoh in the dim dark distant past, who knows?

      She has really gone downhill in her journalistic skills and seems to lead a very lonely and unfulfilled life.

      Maybe it is true that she is not paid for her writings because I cannot believe that anybody in their right mind would pay for what she is writing now.

      But if she is being paid, lucky for her because she is able to con someone into thinking that they are getting their money's worth.


  9. Only person good enuf for annie is gunny osmond. Advise for Annie: there is a life outside gunny adoration.


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  11. Whoever UMNO man head Felda is just a Puppet...They can't do much except get huge salary.