Monday 2 January 2017

A crazy doctor biker and chess matches with uncle

Was yesterday riding north with my friend, the doctor I featured in this post

In defense of good doctors 

This is his bike, a Yamaha R25

It's his first bike.

The crazy guy just woke up one day and decided to be a biker and bought the bike.

He never really ever rode a motorcycle before.

I scolded him when he told me about it.

"Why you want to risk riding a bike? You never even rode a kapchai before. Are you crazy?" I ranted at him.

"I want to be cool la," he replied like an idiot.

Really didn't know what to say.

The guy is actually cool enough already, saving lives on daily basis as a surgeon.

But it's done already.

He is now a biker, risking life and limbs on the road.

Well, at least he has the common sense to get a small bike first.

Mine is small too but I got more riding experience than him.

Actually I wanted to visit my uncle and he wanted to tag along.

My uncle is the one with a disability I featured in this post,

He was very happy seeing the two of us.

It's been quite a while since I last saw him being so cheerful.

My uncle was actually very close with the doctor.

They were childhood buddies.

We had lunch together and chatted for quite a while.

The doctor brought a chess set for my uncle.

As I previously wrote, my uncle was a very good chess player before he was afflicted with his current ailment.

The two of them played a round.

From the few opening moves, I knew my uncle was going to win.

True enough, in the end he forced the doctor to make a fatal error and won the game.

Then it was my turn.

I'm quite a good chess player myself. Almost as good as my uncle.

I think I played quite well, giving my best against him.

At one point I managed to corner his king and almost caught it, but in a brilliant sacrificial move, he counter attacked and trapped my queen, forcing me to admit defeat.

If you all know the actual ailment of my uncle, you would not have believe that he managed to beat me and the doctor, who is a neurosurgeon at chess.

It was very pleasant though, knowing that my uncle can still play chess so well.

I always miss his old self.

Hopefully his condition stablise one day and he can live a normal life again.

I'm riding east alone later this morning.

The doctor is going south.

Will remind him to berhati-hati dijalanraya.

He really should just drive his sports car.

Much safer fun that one, okay.


  1. ... and the point you are making?

    1. No point. Just telling story.

    2. Haiya, all that brainy meandering in the name of self interests...

      "I think a gentleman is someone who holds the comfort of other people above their own. The instinct to do that is inside every good man, I believe.
      But the rules about opening doors and buying dinner and all of that other "gentleman" stuff is a chess game - especially these days."
      - Anna Kendricks, Academy Award winner.

    3. Point or no point, it's her blog by the way. She doesn't need anyone's validation in what she intends to write. Right Annie?

  2. faham faham lah............still cool.

    1. May God bless the broken road .......

  3. Sweet story Annie. About your Uncle. About the Good Doctor. May Allah SWT give your Dear Uncle syifa soon. Ameen Allahumma ameen.

  4. Safe riding Annie... and to your good Doctor friend too.

    Watch-out for logs, fallen-off from undercarriage of lorries or foreign large objects, on the edge of roads.

    Therefore, avoid using the emergency lanes. That's where, sharp objects such as screws, nails and tiny wire-pieces from burst lorry-tires are a plenty too.

    - I've many times stop my LC135/car to remove these foreign objects. Once... a spare tire in the middle of the road.
    - SPAD or RTD must be very strict with lorries carrying these loose logs, use to wedge their load.

  5. Wah annie, you must be clever to play chess. I'm hopeless at it. It also shows you are patient and think strategically.
    Happy New year!