Saturday 21 January 2017

What needed to be said had been said

It's raining heavily where I am now.

I kinda enjoy listening to the sound of rainfall outside.

Otherwise it's just very quiet here.

I wish I can rest in peace this weekend and that no one bothers me too much.

Yesterday a friend asked why I didn't write anything about the ongoing Forest City fight.

I told him I don't want to get involve as if I do so I would easily be accused of taking side.

I want to remain neutral as I have friends on both sides of the fight.

I hate fighting with my own friends over politics.

Anyway, I had written about all those reclaimed land along the Tebrau Straits long before the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight.

There was no political motive when I did that.

I remember that it was me bitching on my own about it at that time.

No one else seemed to really care too much about it.

I was a bit like a dog howling at the hill lah.

I did so because I was trying to make the administration of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin realise that people are watching what's happening and that they better do something about it.

This post on Sept 3, 2014 is among the last and most read that I did on the issue,

It's at number eight among my most read posts.

After I had said what I have to say about it, I left Khaled and his boys to do what they needed to do.....if they want to do it.

I believe I had done my part on that issue.

So, if the rest of them want to only fight about it now, I rather let them be.

Don't want to tire myself with it anymore.

Got more troubling thoughts in my mind now.

Okay, that's about it for this rainy day.

Here's a song,


  1. I do not know if UM will be bankrupt in 2 to 3 years.   But when their expenses and cash outflows exceeds their revenues and cash inflows they will become cashflow negative or "technically bankrupt". 

    Talk is the gomen itself has been in this "technically bankrupt" situation since September last year or earlier.  Yes maybe July as well. Cashflow negative. Talk is the gomen has been borrowing money to cover its operating expenses. 

    If University Malaya has retrenched 700 staff, surely it will affect their academic programs. Yes student intake will be affected. They will not be able to take in as many students. 

    What about the other public universities? They cannot be any better shape than University Malaya? So if the intake of students is reduced, where will our school leavers go  for higher education? Especially Malay and bumiputra students? 

    1. Anonymous @21 January 2017 at 10:03,

      //So if the intake of students is reduced, where will our school leavers go for higher education? Especially Malay and bumiputra students?//

      Malay/bumi students never need to worry about where they can go next.

      There are many options available, eg Islamic universities, Islamic colleges, Islamic training, Islamic pondoks, etc etc.


  2. Annie,

    //Anyway, I had written about all those reclaimed land along the Tebrau Straits...//

    Didn't you write an environmental article as well??

    You see, this is why I said previously you write as you feel.

    No bullshit, straight up, as it is.

    You might skirt some thorny issues, eg 1MDB, but you don't hold back much on others.

    There should be more people like you :)


  3. Such a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

    - Twinkle

  4. King maker ni sebenarnya adalah orang yang tak berprinsip. Mereka menjual kedudukan mereka kepada sesiapa yang memerlukannya.

    Kalau dia ada perjuangan dia akan berjuang berlandaskan perjuangan bukan jadi jalang yang menawarkan lubang kepada orang yang menguntungkannya.

    Ada satu puak tu di negara Darul Rasuah menawarkan lubang dia kepada dua golongan yang sedang bertarung antara satu sama lain. Kedudukan kedua dua golongan ini hampir sama jadi puak ini mengambil kesempatan atas keadaan ini untuk mengugut kedua dua belah pihak.

    Dengan sendirinya puak ini tak berapa kuat tapi sebagai penjual lubang dia menawarkan service dia kepada sesiapa yang mahu memakainya.

    Yang sedihnya puak ini terdiri daripada mereka yang telah khatam Al Quran berpuluh kali, yang tahu hukum hakam tapi perangai berlawanan dengan ajaran Al Quran.

    Orang yang belajar tinggi sampai ada doctorate pun, ada yang jahat, yang mencuri, yang merompak, yang menipu, yang merogol, jadi tak hairanlah kalau orang yang hafal Al Quran, yang tahu halal haram, yang memegang tasbih ke mana mana saja berperangai macam syaitan.

    Bagi aku lebih baik aku berkawan dengan penagih dadah dari berkawan dengan ulamak jalang ini. Penagih dadah tahu dadah haram di segi agama tapi dia tak menggunakan agama untuk menghalalkan dadah.

    Ulamak lidah bercabang pulak, menggunakan pengetahuan agama dia dan penghormatan yang pengikutnya berikan kepada dia untuk mendapat keuntungan. Sama macam jalang yang cantik yang tahu servicenya dicari cari. Jalang tu, samada cantik atau tak cantik, tetap jalang juga.

    Dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang ini, aku haramkan tangan aku pangkah puak ini selagi ia dipimpin oleh pemimpin pemimpin jahat yang ada sekarang. Bila puak ini dipimpin oleh manusia semula, aku akan tarik balik pengharaman ini.

  5. Minimum wage law must be introduced

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