Tuesday 31 January 2017

Falling in love with Canada

I was rather relieved at the way the Canadian authorities handled the mosque shooting case as in this report :

They were very quick to apprehend the suspect and charged him for the crime.

However, what was even more comforting was the way the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau reacted to the act of terror.

Excerpts from the above report :

Trudeau, who has made a point of welcoming refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, told parliament in Ottawa: "Make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack."

"Last night this community experienced something that no community should ever have to know: Unspeakable cruelty and violence perpetrated on those who came together in friendship and in faith," Trudeau said later at a vigil attended by hundreds who braved frigid temperatures in Quebec City.

He added a personal message to Canada's 1 million Muslims:

"We stand with you. We love you and we support you and we will always defend and protect your right to gather together and pray today and every day," Trudeau added.
What a contrast this Trudeau guy is compared with his southern neighbour, the new US president Donald Trump, who as far as I'm concerned doesn't make it too difficult for me to assume that he doesn't like Muslims.

You can just google "Trump muslims" to know why I don't like him very much. 

Back to Trudeau, I think he's now my favourite western leader.

He seems to be such a nice guy and good leader.

He's good looking too.

Well, I'm going to read more about him.

Anyway, I always like Canada.

I have never been there but whatever I know about it suggest that it's a beautiful country.

Huge open spaces with relatively small population. 

The few Canadians whom I met also seemed to be good people.

I think Canada is something like America...but without too many obnoxious people.

I wish I can visit it someday.


  1. Tried getting a visa to visit Canada and was reject 3 times because of religion I assume as met all their visa requirements and Got US Visa on first try and that also for 10 years and no questions asked. Canada have for past 5 years have Red flagged Malaysia visa as plucations

    Go ahead Annie apply o e and see if you a Canadian visa on dirt second or third try and apply for US visa and see how fast you get one

    Do not read too much in the international media about Triumph being at Muslim . The world media does not like him and they are planting all kind of false news about him out of jealously


    1. Amelica untuk kulit puteh Christian ,Canada jugak sama maa aa .
      China untuk Cina , Malaysia untuk Malaysian ,lia olang cekap itu 1Malaysia .

      Semua bangsa lalam lunia sama maa aa ,mesti pikir sendiri bangsa lulu .

      Wa pikir Malaysian first .

  2. "What a contrast this Trudeau guy is compared with his southern neighbour, the new US president Donald Trump, who as far as I'm concerned doesn't make it too difficult for me to assume that he doesn't like Muslims."

    Why the songlap king is quiet as a mouse on this?

    Why no Umno youth protest?

    Where is Jamal Jamban?

    Why haven't the Kipidap clown with sunglasses been sent to buat kecoh at US embassy?

    Ahhhhh, becos he dun want to remind Trump of DOJ case.

    But why PAS also diam?

    Looks like the poor Rohingya are the safest "photo op" for Bugis pirates and their friends....

    .....and last year we pushed their boats out to sea.

    Cantik lah tu.

    1. Cos they're a bunch of toads and liza

    2. An assembly of spoilers and fraudsters posing as community leaders and spiritual people...their breasts puffed up with vested self-interests.


  3. Najis vs Zahid war spills out:

    "The imbroglio in Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) continues with its suspended chairperson Annuar Musa claiming that the emergency board meeting which decided on his position this morning was fast-tracked with the consent of Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

    He said the council was supposed to meet on Feb 14, and he had planned to discuss matters concerning his post then.

    "However, it seems the minister had given consent for a special meeting to be held earlier without my presence," Annuar said in a Facebook posting."

    Who cares?

    Both are crooks and so are their proxies.

    Rakyat loses, whoever "wins".

    1. EVEN WORSE NOW LA BRO......

      "The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is investigating allegations of graft and abuse of power involving Umno information chief Annuar Musa, with regard to his positions in Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara)."

      I love how MACC is ignoring the hippo in the room.

      But karma comes back to bite Annuar.

      Padan muka.......but as long as MACC don't solve THE BIGGEST CASE......they are a joke.

    2. why mo1 not cover for annuar musa? jeng jeng jeng......someone have to go inside and cover the tahi, like shahrir in Felda.....is a major cover-up ops.....becoz the Felda people kena liwat kow2 by MO1 & Umno.....

    3. Good for UMNO if people like Annuar Musa is purged from the party

      Prof Kangkung

  4. Yes.

    "Rakyat loses, whoever "wins"."

    But now at least rakyat can try to make a difference.

    If they want to.

  5. Annie I've been thinking... the bigoted religionists in Malaysia are obnoxious too.

  6. As a matter of fact ...

    "In the pantheon of Canadian mass murderers, Mr. Bissonnette is entirely unremarkable. Just about every single one in our modern history has been a Canadian-born, Canadian citizen, and usually white and Christian, meaning extreme vetting of immigrants from places like Yemen and Iraq wouldn't have done a thing to prevent their predations."


  7. Its not difficult to predict who will next be on Trump's list. It must be asians because they are robbing americans from their jobs. Topping the lists are definitely chinese and indians. They are responsible why the unemployment rate among white americans is high in US. It will be matter of time before Trump signs another decree forcing chinese or indian to pack their bags and leave.

  8. Annie,

    //He's good looking too.//

    I knew you would say that :)

    No, no, I really did, as soon I saw the title and started reading the first couple of paragraphs of the article :)

    My cousin (who is not so handsome) is in Canada with his wife and family.

    I had always thought he was a no-hoper - didn't like studying, didn't like working, didn't like doing anything, always in trouble.

    But his wife is some hotshot research scientist or something and was accepted by Canada as a migrant.

    Amazingly, my cousin is now, apparently, a computer expert!! No idea how he did it.

    Just goes to show what some people can do when they get out of a rut.

    Yupe, Canada is an incredibly beautiful place, especially up north, but very cold during winter. But I like the cold.


  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38821804

    [US TV network Fox News has removed a tweet saying a suspect in the Quebec mosque attack was of Moroccan origin, after a request by the Canadian prime minister's office.

    Justin Trudeau's communications chief, Kate Purchase, said Fox was "spreading misinformation" with the tweet, which was based on early reports.

    "Suspect in Quebec mosque terror attack was of Moroccan origin, reports show," the offending tweet had said.

    Some early reports had in fact said that one of two men arrested was of Moroccan origin but the man was later deemed to be a witness and released without charge.

    Fox's story was updated to reflect this but the news organisation did not, at first, remove its tweet. The Fox News Twitter account has 13m followers.

    Kate Purchase tweeted Fox asking it to "either retract or update the tweet to reflect the suspect's actual identity".

    "We need to remain focused on keeping our communities safe and united instead of trying to build walls and scapegoat communities," she added.

    After the tweet was removed, she responded on Twitter: "Thank you @FoxNews for deleting the tweet. We appreciate it."]


    Trudeau's rating increases. Breaking walls and fighting scapegoating.

    Thank you Trudeau.

    Thank you Annie. In your own way you too are breaking walls.

  10. see blog https://benhurplugup.blogspot.com

    1. Ben Hur.

      Belum boleh access. Would take sometime I guess.

  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jan/31/jared-kushner-grandmother-refugee-holocaust

    A grandmother talks from her grave. How the world's doors were closed to her and family who were Jewish refugees.

    “A few Jews, friends of my father’s who had stores, left everything and went to Palestine. [Even before the war] they said to my father and mother, ‘Sell everything and run,’

    But we had a problem. We didn’t know where to run. There was no Israel like there is today. There was no place that you could legally go to. It was very hard to get a visa to the United States; it would take years and years.

    For a family with small kids to pick themselves up and go it was very hard. But a few families left to Palestine and they stayed alive."

    Time for Jared Kushner to remind his Father-in-Law that the east and the west has only imaginary boundary. The world turns. And light becomes dark. As darkness is lifted.


  12. Another clear sign Msia under Najib going bankrupt ... retrenchment of civil servants coming up next.

    the civil service had been bloated since Tun Razak times, 40 yrs ago. that is the forte of UMNO ... life time job support in return for political support of UMNO. who doesn't know this. but the civil service is a sacred cow that must not be touched. even at the peak of the 1997-78 Asian Financial crisis, the bloated civil service was not touched.

    n in spite of the bloated civil service plus all the corruption that went with it, Msia still prospered, had favourable balance of trade, managed impressive developments w/o incurring too much ext debt. It was less than 25 billion RM when Mahathir handed the PM baton to Badawi. n now it has ballooned ... sorry, exploded is a much better word, to >RM 1 trillion (from Tony Pua's latest est.) under just 6 years of Najib.

    why didn't Najib trim off the civil service when he came to power in 2009? why trim off now after Najib had plundered Msia dry? why complain now after RM billions had entered his personal acc illegally. if Najib had not run Msia to the grd, the bloated civil service w its corruption, cud go on forever w no problems. the problem .... is Najib had stolen too much money from the nation's coffer. it's the terminal phase of a parasite-host relationship. Dracula has sucked off too much blood from its host victim who will die as it cannot recover from excessive "blood sucking".

    1. Anonymous @ 1 February 2017 at 15:04,

      //why didn't Najib trim off the civil service when he came to power in 2009?//

      The civil service is a vote bank for UMNO.

      //why trim off now after Najib had plundered Msia dry?//

      I don't think there will be any trimming of the civil service.

      It will be political suicide for UMNO to even think of it.

      One thing which can be done is to purge all non-UMNO supporters out of the civil service to make room for the next batch of otherwise-unemployable graduates from the public universities.

      Another thing is to continue to grow the civil service.

      I think Johari Ghani has said that we have 1 civil servant for every 19.37 citizens.

      Maybe one day, we could have 1 civil servant for every 1 citizen, who knows?

      //why complain now after RM billions had entered his personal acc illegally.//

      As far as the law goes in Malaysia, those billions are totally legitimate.

      We are told they are a donation from a Saudi prince, and this has been accepted by the relevant authorities, so the story ends there. Sorry.

      The Attorney-General has also said there is no case for Najib Razak to answer, so I don't think there are any other legal avenues left to prosecute the case.

      //the problem .... is Najib had stolen too much money from the nation's coffer//

      Najib has stolen money?

      Stolen from where?


      As Hadi Awang is supposed to have said, do you have four witnesses to the fact? :)


      Geez, too bad for you as far as Hadi Awang is concerned.

      In fact, I think that if Hadi Awang could, Hadi Awang would have you punished under hudud for making accusations without proof.

      I believe Fat Soh has suggested that Muslims should consider cutting tongues off for lying.

      Again, I remind you that the Attorney-General has said there is no case for Najib to answer.

      Furthermore, 1MDB has insisted no money is missing.

      Even RPK has told us that there are billions and billions in 1MDB, eg from


      //So far RM30 billion has been recovered from 1MDB and more is coming in//

      //1MDB is an open book//

      //Once 1MDB’s businesses have fully matured the company will be showing a profit//

      //all that is very clear and is well-documented.//

      So, you can see, 1MDB is perfectly OK, according to RPK :)

      BTW, we know that RPK is a PAS supporter, and it will be in PAS's interests that 1MDB does not sink the good ship UMNO. :)

      //Dracula has sucked off too much blood from its host victim who will die as it cannot recover from excessive "blood sucking"//

      Never mind, by the time the "host victim" dies, Dracula will have lots of blood stashed in blood banks all over the globe.

      Then, Dracula will just move to one of those lovely penthouses in the US or UK or wherever and live happily ever after.

      And the "host victim"?

      Oh, somebody else can handle the messy job of burial.

      Those Pakatan people have always said they wanted Putrajaya, didn't they? :)