Saturday 28 January 2017

Funny CNY news

Saw this story just now which made me laughed but also in a way dampened my CNY mood quite a bit,

Tengku, 3 others charged for rioting at condominium

excerpts :

T. Vigneswaran, 40, a nasi lemak seller; Tengku Hazrul Shah Tengku Hamid, 42, owner of a security company; enforcement staff Mohd. Neezam Jelani, 35; and Izakri Zakaria, 38, a driver, all pleaded not guilty when the charge was read before magistrate Mohamad Izwan Mohamed Nor.

I guess this is the nasi lemak seller,

I don't think I want to buy nasi lemak from the guy.

He looks too scary lah.

And the whole gang are out on bail now....and probably back selling nasi lemak again.

As for the charge of rioting, it's under Section 147 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum punishment of two years jail and fine.

That's maximum, okay. They probably will get less than that if any.

So, remember, that's the penalty of beating someone half to death.

I wonder why can't they at least be charged under Section 325 of Penal Code for causing grievous hurt which maximum penalty is seven years jail and fine.

The lorry driver looked quite grievously hurt to me.

Don't know lah.

You can watch the video of the beating and what I found out about the assailants at my previous post,

The real people who beat up the lorry driver 

Well, never mind.

That's how things are.



  1. Tak terkata Annie. But am glad you commented on this after I saw the news update on this. Keeping it on the front page. Thank you.

  2. Dunia ini Annie. Boleh berubah sekelip mata.

    "Iraqis who say their lives are in danger because they worked with the U.S. government in Iraq fear their chances of finding refuge in the United States may vanish under a new order signed on Friday by President Donald Trump."

    Read more at:

  3. Annie,

    As RPK would have said, "I told you so" :)

    Maximum 2 years jail and/or fine?

    Didn't I say, slap on the wrist, finger wagging "naughty, naughty", all selesai.

    These are people with money and power and connections.

    Semua bolih in Malaysia.

    The lorry driver?

    I thought he was told to go jump into the Klang River.

    Has he done that yet?

    I am told that kite flying is also supposed to be very therapeutic.


    1. RPK is another one who should be dragged back by his fat fucking arse to face justice here. But given his head is deep up fat mama's arse...fat chance of that ever happening

    2. Oh shit! What is he seeing man with his head up the wrong end?


    3. The sentence given should be heavy, Sdr Gladiator
      for the charge of rioting(?) and should be examplery

      Maybe 2 years maximum will be appropriate
      and lets in-sya-Allah respect the YA judges decision

      M Zin
      Alor Gajsh DPH

    4. Ha ha Zin, o Zin.

      Surely the only pious hypocrite who uses "in-sya-Allah" and "fuck arse" regularly.

      Crawl back to RPK's nipples and suckle on hypocrisy to your heart's (or fart's, as you like to say), content.

      PS: Where is "Alor Gajsh"?


    5. This thread and comments are on gangsters, Sdr ANON 14:48
      and my comment so

      Vulgar troll?
      You sadly are apparently not capable of neither giving a constructive, or contrary opinion. Enough lah the personal hate whoever you are, boleh?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  4. The real people on the ground. Hidup mereka memberi manafaat kepada orang lain. Must read.

  5. Hahahaha...

    Redha je lah..

    Ape nak jadi Malaysia.

    1. And we shall overcome the Gangster plague that is sweeping this country from the top down...


    2. Ini lalam Malaysia ,kechik punya olang kena manyak 'redha' maa aa .

      Kalau manyak luit bolih pegi itu sampai mahkamah rayuan ,tatak luit kena banyak beli laluan lea aa.


    Where children can question their Prime Minister.

    "Why did your dad give everyone in Western Canada the middle finger?" one elementary student asked the prime minister.

    And the respectful answer given by the PM.

  7. Maybe... we should have someone like Duterte as PM.

  8. RD. No no no. No.

    Sometimes kita terlampau marah dan benci. And we think. Anything. Anyone is better.

    But Du30 is just another warlord in disguise.

    1. Anonymous @ 28 January 2017 at 19:23,

      //But Du30 is just another warlord in disguise.//

      He might be a warlord in disguise but by all accounts, he is a damn good warlord.

      For example, I have a feeling that the drug problem in the Phillipines is now starting to decrease and will soon virtually disappear.

      And some of those trouble-making so-called Muslims in Mindanao, will soon know it was a bad bad idea to reject Duterte's outstretched hand of friendship.


    2. I agree with Glady.

      In certain fragmented society, its better to have a stern and brutal warlord as a leader. He might turned out to good for the country.

      Iraq & Libya used to be a good example.
      Life seems to be much more peaceful there, when Saddam and Ghadaffi was alive and kicking.
      Today... no thanks to the American and its Western allies... its people would rather risk their lives to migrate to kafir Countries.

      Or... we can be proud of our country Malaysia, famous the world over for the wrong reason. We chose a bangsawan lembik who turned out to be kleptocratic.



    From "Only Old Men Are Going To Battle"

    Many Muslims Fighters of the Russian army fell during the war against Hitler's Nazi.

    The song is full of joy that would cheer a moody anyone. As the Commander in the movie said. War comes and goes. But music remains.

  10. Why are you focusing on the non bumi?

    Little prejudice are we?

  11. Gladiator

    Sorry. I don't trust anyone whose entire family is in-charge of the population.

    1. Anonymous @ 29 January 2017 at 08:54,

      //I don't trust anyone whose entire family is in-charge of the population.//

      I may have missed something but the link to the Wikipedia article you posted, does not seem to support your above statement.

      I am well aware that Duterte is not a very nice person and there is not that much which is new in that Wikipedia article on Duterte.

      On my part, I would be interested to see how his drug war goes, how he resolves the Muslim insurgency in Mindanao, what he will be doing about corruption in the Phillipines, how he manages the economy and importantly, will he be able to improve the lives of the people of the Phillipines.

      Note that many people in Davao City credit Duterte with cleaning up and improving the city, and people can come and go, do as they please as long as they do not break the law.


  12. Anon 8:21

    The Bumi Face already terpampang in Annie's previous post. And no Bumi marah pun. Dah memang gangster. Nak support buat apa.

    This Indian was highlighted because of the unique profession of Jual Nasi Lemak. Prejudice is everywhere. Cuma most of us simpan dalam hati. Kita cuba control sebolehnya. Walaupun kadang-kadang terkeluar juga. We remind ourselves. Yang salah tetap salah walau pun anak sendiri.

    When accusing others of prejudice. Kita tanya semula hati sendiri.


    1. Yes why prejudice(?) regardless of race
      we law-abiding-people do not associate with gangsters, Sdr ANON 09:04

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  13. Annie,Ini lah kenyataan kehidupan di Malaysia. Apabila rasuah telah halal, tidak ada satu pun yang mustahil.

  14. Gladiator.

    The son. The father. The daughter. Mayor bertukar ganti di Davao. Check who is sara. Who is paolo.

    Other family members also in various posts in Davao.

    War against drugs, corruption and violence is not the issue. The method is.

    He is a bully. Always has been. Only now he is a legal bully.

    "Shot a fellow student who had belittled him about his Visayan origin as well as other students of the same ethnicity, while at San Beda law college. He said "But the truth is, I'm used to shooting people. When we were about to graduate from San Beda, I shot a person." Duterte said that he shot the student in a corridor at the college."

    Perception of people that Davao was safer was because of his open killing campaign related to drugs. In reality during his tenure "Reuters reported in May 2016 that according to national police Davao City has the highest murder rate and the second highest rape rate among 15 Philippine cities, and that locals think that the city has become safer because of Duterte's campaigns against drugs and crime."

    During his tenure, "A Davao-based NGO that helps prostitutes, said in October 2016 that child prostitution had sharply increased over the past two years. She said that children were cheaper and more marketable."

    Perempuan pula baginya seumpama kain basahan. But for most men this probably would not be considered a sin. Personal matters they would say. Sambil mengangguk sama bersetuju.

    Perception and reality in stark contrast. Du30 position changes much like when you stand up to a bully. Either you get maimed or killed. Or the bully turned around when he thinks he can't win. For him it is a matter of who is the bigger bully. For he knows how to save his skin. Life experience must have taught him that. But still that doesn't make his method valid.


    "Philippine police are suspending their controversial war on drugs until after the "corrupt" police force has been "cleansed".

    For eight months President Duterte has been unrepentant as the death toll from his drug war has risen. He has repeatedly promised to support, even pardon, any police officers accused of unlawful killing, and been unmoved even by the clear evidence of police involvement in the drug trade, and the murder of important drug suspects in police custody.

    But the shocking murder of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo last October has forced Mr Duterte to acknowledge that the Philippines National Police are too tainted to continue running the anti-drugs campaign.

    Mr Duterte now accuses the police force of being "corrupt to the core". He has ordered all tainted officers to be sent to front-line duty in the conflict-wracked southern Philippines."

    This is what I fear that puts me off Du30. I did not mention it in previous posting. Just didn't want to offend our police counterpart here. One would expect comradeship by profession.

    Du30 is ignorant about this? I don't think so. But it took the death of a foreigner to make this Bully pulled the brake on his own brand of violence.