Tuesday 10 January 2017

A poem

In the autumn of the year jen-hsu
A friend and I went out on a boat 
that passes the Red Cliff 
The breeze is fresh and the water is unruffled
As I drank with my friend 
I hummed a poem and a song
A phrase on its strange beauty
The moon rises from the eastern hills and wanders among the stars
White dew above the river draws a line beneath the sky
Letting the boat go where it pleases
We drifted over the endless flow
Sailing the void and riding the wind
We not know where to stop
Leaving the world and standing alone
We sprout wings to join the immortals

As I drink the wine 
I compose a song
Oars of orchid wood row 
through the moon's drifting light
Thoughts fly far away
for my loved one in a corner of the sky

A friend plays a flute
harmonising my song
The flute makes a whiling sound
resenting, longing, lamenting, protesting
trailing the night like endless silk

Woke up earlier and just felt like sharing that.

If you want to know what nonsense I wrote above, do watch the full movie at this address,

It's Anita Mui's last movie.
She had already gone when I first watched it.
It's heartbreaking.


  1. Well it looks like not only are Utusan Meloya, NST, TV3 and Media Prima in the 'Not High Income' bracket but soon they will be in the "No Income" bracket, especially Utusan Meloya.  Bolehlah beratur tunggu BR1M.

    Kekawan Utusan, NST, TV3, Media Prima this is what will happen to you when you write lies. Cakap bohong, fitnah orang, menjadi penyebar penipuan kerajaan, bersubahat untuk pertahankan pemimpin pencuri yang mencuri duit rakyat. Now you suffer the consequences. Bukan saja rezeki sudah lama jadi haram tapi sekarang rezeki haram pun sudah nak bankrap. 

    Ok here is a little bit more news. 

    Talk I hear is that NST, Media Prima, Utusan Melayu, TV3, Berita Harian and The Star are going to be merged under one giant news group. Yes The Star included. When they hold a shotgun, the marriage can be solemnised very quickly. Dont worry. "Saya Wong Chun Wai bin Abdullah Star dengan ini bersetuju bernikah dengan Utusan Melayu dengan mas kahwin 88 Ringgit h......u......t....a....n....g"

    Just kidding. I think Chun Wai will be calling me soon.

    Anyway, the line they are pushing (to the Super Moron) is that only this way they can completely monopolise the news for the General Elections.  But that is not the whole truth.

    The closer to the truth story is that one person alone will be put in charge of this giant new news organisation. 

    That person will be Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar. 

    1. Media prima is doing ok

      Prof kangkung

  2. For Anita Mui, & one & all
    We have heard it before ..... and we will go this way again