Friday 13 January 2017

Rushing to GE14

I saw this article yesterday

GE14 almost certain not in first half of 2017

and became curious.

I was particularly interested in this visiting schedule of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin as displayed in the article,

I think that's a rather reasonable schedule as it would give Khaled and his boys reasonable time to prepare the Johor BN machineries.

Based on that schedule, I think the writer of the article got it right that the Khaled's team would have six solid months of touring the State and doing the necessary to prepare for the general election, which would probably be held later in the year.

So, I contacted my good friend in Kota Iskandar to double check the info.

This is part of our Wassap conversation,

I guess something must had happened that Khaled and his boys now decided to speed up the schedule.

My friend told me the visits to the parliamentary constituencies were indeed in view of the general election.

If they are going to finish the whole tour by April 27, then the general election could be called as early as May.

But still I believe Khaled and his team need more time to prepare for it.

Logically, after such a tour, they need to study their findings and do follow-ups for remedial measures to solve local issues detected during the tour.

That should take another month or two.

Unless of course as I said, something had happened that they really need to rush the whole thing.

That's actually strange.

I had actually earlier learnt from a high ranking intelligence guy that when Khaled started his tour early this month, the actual level of preparedness of Johor BN for the election at that time was only at 30 per cent.

That's what made me thought that  Khaled had did well by allocating about six months to do the tour, if indeed it was to be the final push before the election period.

But if they are rushing it now, then I guess it's no longer Khaled's decision.

The directive to wrap up everything early must had came from KL.

Maybe BN really wants to have an early general election.

Maybe it's because of things like this,

A Pas-PKR-Pribumi Bersatu coalition in the making

Well, I never really trust that Pas wants to be an Umno's friend.


  1. Annie,

    Ooooh, you bad bad girl!!

    And I thought you were banished to Johor and NEVER allowed to write about politics EVER AGAIN :)



  2. "Pas, PKR and Pribumi Bersatu have started to discuss the possibility of setting up a new opposition coalition catering especially for the Malay Muslim electorates.

    Pas election director Datuk Mustafa Ali today told The Mole that leaders of his party, PKR and Pribumi Bersatu had been meeting each other to discuss the matter.

    “The discussion is still at its infancy stage but so far all three parties have agreed to co-host political talks whenever possible because Umno is still our common (political) enemy.

    “That is why Pas will always share the stage with leaders from PKR and Pribumi Bersatu in our talks and vice versa,” he said.

    Mustapa also said the meetings to discuss the possible coalition were done with the knowledge of Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang."

    I think Hadi has played the Pink_Lips Pondan like a fish on a hook.

    Also the urgency is because S'pore courts have figured out that the badak air betina is the signatory of the account that the 2.6 billion came from.

    "It's my money too!" she said.

    Time is running out for the thieves.

  3. On a side but related note, looks like the fat whore of Manchester is taking over from the fat whore of Subang to create racial strife. I Guess the Budget could only afford one fat whore.

    1. Fat whore of Subang ruled herself out when the price of dedak khinzir went through the roof.

  4. "Penang-born billionaire Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, had used "Eric Tan" as a proxy name for opening bank accounts as well as corporate entities.

    This was revealed in a Singapore Court during the case of Falcon Private Bank branch manager Jens Fred Sturzenegger, according to Channel News Asia.

    On Wednesday, Sturzenegger was sentenced to 28 weeks in jail and fined S$128,000 for failing to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, not highlighting suspicious transactions and providing false information to authorities."

    Arab donor, pale hotak engko.

    The company Tanore Finance is a Jho Low company.

    The Arab donor is Chinese.

    The money is from 1MDB.

    The lazy useless Bugis and fat hippo stole our money.

    Thank you both.

  5. Somebody is doing a phone census on BN's prospect in the next GE. Got an automated call just now asking me to take part in phone survey. Two key questions: 1) Is govn to be blamed for the price increase of goods & 2) Who am I likely to vote in a 3 corner fight betw BN, PH & Pas. Survey also asked for my postcode.

    1. I have also received the call.I hung up the phone.we will never know which side of the political divide the call came from

      Prof Kangkung

  6. The longer the wait the better it is for BN as the economic situation is expected to improve

    Prof Kangkung

    1. ha ha ha, yeah right. Opposite is true. Look at all the markers and Johari's sudden whining. People can smell the rot all the way in North Pole. Better sell Istana Nergara to China.

  7. Annie,

    Khaled Nordin, is not a charismatic politician. He acts gentlemanly, never over react. Throughout these few years in Johor, he behaved more like an 'appointed' chief of JCS than an elected representative of the people. It's not in anybody's memory that he has done anything significant nor said anything significant. He is just like any Melayu Islam CEO of a GLC, ada kerja aku buat, bukan hal saya tak peduli, and like all those CEO of GLCs, trying to emulate Umar Al-Khattab ra. but often in occasion that's unnecessary.

    Khaled Nordin has made himself a replaceable MB of Johor. It's not in anyone's memory that this man had fought for the post of Menteri Besar. He was 'named' as one in 2013. Therefore, perhaps, he associated himself not with people influential in politics in Johor let alone Federal, he couldn't care to do anything significant to make the rakyat remember him, and when the calendar permits, he disappeared into faraway lands with familiar faces who garnered around him on daily basis.

    The promises that he made, that is to turn the self-enriching JCS into a government that works for the people of Johor had not been fulfilled. Instead, the reshuffling and changing positions of JCSs have all too often been used as a mean to tame, resulting in confusion amongst the ranks of JCS and disrupting systems that's familiar to the people.

    Rumah Mampu Milik in a nutshell sums up the MB's commitment and seriousness in his promises. People need to pay under table moneys to orang orang tertentu to get the houses just like it has always been, with under table money all kinds of wonders can be done. That goes to show that the level of supervision is close to none and when that happened, one can comment that MB bukan berjiwa rakyat.

    Therefore, Annie, tell your friend in Kota Iskandar, that when the MB goes around Johor, ask those powerful young assistants around the MB and the familiar 4-5 closed friends of the MB to let loose their grip a bit, let the rakyat walk pass them to see the MB so that whatever the rakyat wants to tell the MB they can tell directly to the MB, don't need those people to 'sampaikan' pada MB. After all, it's too short a time to ask for any project so don't need to be too paranoid.

  8. Boost your income. Mr PM says.

  9. Annie,

    MB Johor's schedule does not tell anything about when election will come. Like it's said before, MB buat kerja saje, ada kerja dia buat, PRU datang ke tak itu bukan kerja dia.

    So don't get carried away by what you saw. Instead, you should know that UMNO BN is going to die soon. We all know why, but he's too scare to leave to let UMNO BN live.

    So the sudden surge in SPRM tangkap and the filling up of headlines with Melayus caught with suspicion of corruption are but a rehearsal of prophecy to those government and political people that, if UMNO BN sinks, this is going to happen to all of you.

    Scare tactics, like the daily showing of bombing of Baghdad and other Islamic cities in TV1 TV2 & TV3/4 in the past where the target audience was none other than the Melayu Islam.

    Perhaps there may be also news of demolition of mosques, symbolic ancaman kepada Islam, and even some kinds of disturbance to the institusi raja raja etc in the making, who knows? Just to tell the Melayu Islam what will happen when UMNO BN kalah.

    So wait for these kinds of false news, scare tactics to come to pass. When you see that, then per chance GE is near.

  10. Possible. A friend who works in pahang said his friends there said money has been sent to Umno officials last month. They from Felda schemes and Umno members. So groundwork beginning.