Sunday 29 January 2017

GE14 in November and other predictions

Resting and doing nothing at the moment.

So, I think I want to do a bit of predicting.

Just to while away the time.

Okay, I'm quite sure now that the next general election will be in November.

My sources said so.

Well, I could be right, or I could be wrong.

Doesn't make any difference.

Just like me playing mahjong for fun at home with my mom and aunts.

If in case I got it right, I can brag about it later.

Okay, I'm also predicting that BN will win the general election again.

BN is in a mess, but the opposition are too much in disarray to seize the opportunity to defeat it.

Simple as that.

The results should be more or less the same as during the GE13.

Lets go state by state,
I think it would be like these:

Perlis - BN (The small state has always been BN's.)

Kedah - BN+Pas (It will likely be close but BN and Pas will in the end form a unity state government with Pas leading it.)

Penang - PH (Status quo. DAP too strong)

Perak - BN (Very close fight likely, BN may retain state government but lose some more parliament seats)

Selangor - PH (BN not ready to take over the state. Status quo)

FT - PH (BN not likely to make any gain in urban areas.)

NS - BN (Close fight. Something like in Perak)

Malacca - BN (Another state which BN is going to barely win)

Johor - BN (BN to retain the State but likely to lose lots more parliament seats.)

Pahang - BN (Arguably the only solid BN state in the Peninsular. Likely status quo)

Terengganu - BN+Pas (BN and Pas ikely to come up with an arrangement similar to the one in Kedah)

Kelantan - Pas (BN to help Pas retain Kelantan in return for its help elsewhere)

Sarawak - BN (BN all the way)

Sabah - BN (BN all the way)

Logical, isn't it?

The opposition people should then blame themselves after that.

Everyone seems to have too big an ego.

Yet to win, but already can't stand each other among themselves.

Many of these opposition people are also just too obnoxious, that people can't make themselves to vote for them.

They are even more obnoxious then the obnoxious ones in BN.

Really, I'm not kidding you.

That's the main reason why BN always managed to beat them.

Unless of course if later on in the coming months, the BN people get so cocky and behave even worse than them.

That's very possible,

The people may just get so disgusted that they just close their eyes and vote for the opposition....just out of spite.

It's becoming a case of choosing the lesser evil instead of getting the best to lead us.

Very unfortunate.

I know, it's going to be quite anti-climatic, but that's likely how it's going to be.

I think the next Umno election to be held after that will be even more exciting.

But let me save that one for another day.

Okay, that's about it.

I'm going back to resting.

Later, I may go out to buy some pineapples.

Feel like eating them,

It's a CNY thing for me, okay.

Never mind.

You all will never understand it even if I try to explain my weird CNY habits.

Here's a beautiful song instead,


  1. Thank you Annie for the analysis.

  2. I predict, after BN win the GE14, in a month or two,
    GST will be increased from 6% to at least 10%!!!!
    Mark my word.
    When I hear people in the village moan,I will tell them CONGRATULATION, this is your choice. Not god's WILL so be happy..........!!!


    1. Ini kali maa aa !, betut-betut kasi tukar . Sutak tatak bolih tahan lor rr.

    2. haha..I guaranteed if pakatan win..dap will challenge malay special right and ask for dpm post..mark my word.

  3. Annie,

    //Okay, I'm quite sure now that the next general election will be in November.//

    Anyone's guess is as good as anybody else's.

    I say the next general elections will be held about June 2018 :)

    //Okay, I'm also predicting that BN will win the general election again.//

    Hm, it is difficult to rebut your prediction.

    We do know that "Cash is King".

    We also know that there is still a lot of cash squirreled away - eg, the unspent portion of that RM2.6billion plus god knows what other hidden reserves on top of that!

    //Many of these opposition people are also just too obnoxious, that people can't make themselves to vote for them.//

    Unfortunately, the obnoxiousness part is true :(

    There is this DAP guy in my kampung and he is a foulmouthed inconsiderate rude dickhead.

    Oh, he is always extremely polite to me because I think he wants to win me over to his clique.

    But I know he mistreats other people who are less educated and less fortunate.

    So, I keep my distance from him.

    He also aspires to be the next DAP candidate in GE14 because he is very very influential and very well-connected all the way to the state level.

    Sadly, I think he will win the candidacy.

    And I think he will likely win that seat for DAP because the people around my kampung are sick and tired of being left behind, of having a crappy local school system where the internet simply doesn't work and teachers have to use their own private internet to submit work, etc etc.

    //I think the next Umno election to be held after that will be even more exciting.//

    Actually, if BN wins GE14, I think the following UMNO election will be quite boring.

    Najib and his crew will just be rubberstamped back into power.

    But if BN loses GE14, there will certainly be fireworks and things will get exciting.

    //You all will never understand it even if I try to explain my weird CNY habits.//

    Oh, pray do tell and let us be the judge of that :)

    I mean eating pineapples during CNY is hardly weird unless you also dress them up and give them names before you eat them :)


  4. I predict the old man Federer - oops silap (there is a lesson to be learned from his victory Annie. That's why I posted it earlier. Probably you could not see the relevance) - I meant the handsome old man actually will prevail in his effort. May Allah Ta'ala Al Jabbar subdue the corrupt and mend this broken nation. Ameen Allahumma ameen.

    1. Sorry. I thought it was a spam or something. Will be more careful. Thank you.

    2. Thank you. No problem Annie. I need to be clearer I know. I am a power point type. My former Boss once desperately said to me "I can't read what's in your mind", when I passed him too brief slides for his presentation. Often time I expect people to see the quick connections. Hehe.

  5. if bn win again, it will confirm sabah and sarawak are dirt cheap and the inhabitants still swing from tree to tree

  6. Sabah will be OK so long as the money they suspiciously make will not be considered corruption. As for Sarawak they know how powerful they are and will continue Adenan Satem's policy of squeezing Najib's balls. So much for BN power!

    I can sleep with everyone on that, even with Annie.

    1. sabah and sarawak have the moral capacity to alter the history of malaysia for the greater good but their greedy, hypocritical and apathetic leaders are just as corrupt as their peninsular counterparts, in their hearts they no longer consider themselves part of malaysia except like you said to squeeze whatever they can, can't say i blame them when you have a weak and vulnerable leader in putrajaya

    2. Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor.
      how can these people vote for UMNO after all that they done
      Jho low dengan skandal 1mdb bersuka-suka manakala negara malaysia yang jadi hina dan berhutang beribu-ribu juta, anak dan cucu kita menjadi mangsa

  7. Part 1

    My prediction for GE14

    UMNO vote bank will be divided between UMNO Bersatu and PAS as all three are using race and religion to bait for decreasing conservative base in the Malay heartland and more Malays are becoming increasingly progressive and see economic stability and prosperity is their future and wellbeing of their future generations survival and wellbeing. Amanah presents that home which also safe Guards race and religion in a more pragmatic way which is more acceptable to Malaysia as a whole. PAS is going to lose Kelantan and will have a few state seats in Kedah and Terengganu and no presence in other states because the increase in seats won by PAS in GE12 and GE13 was with the help of non-Malays and these voters are not going to return to vote PAS in a million years. The PAS grassroots on the majority hold the present PAS leadership in contempt as they have done in actions and works all the opposite of the revered late TGNA and will vote with their feet for Amanah and support the opposition candidates where possible. The consider the present PAS leadership as traitors to TGNA legacy of universal love for all Humans as he have said it once too often that we are of one race and must love each other and live in peace

    1. Perlis is going BN

    2. Penang will have BN lose more state and Parliament seats

    3. Kedah - PAS will lose the gains of GE12 and GE13 and Umno may win maximum 4 or 5 state seats and 2 parliament seats. Bersatu will win the seats lost by UMNO and DAP wins in urban Alor Setar and PKR retains its seats and Amanah wins all the seats lost by PAS. State government in Bersatu led government.

    4. Perak - due to Umno infighting , UMNO is going to lose 10 state and 3 parliament seats to Bersatu and PAS will he wiped out totally as the non-Malays and PAS supports and progressive Malays will vote Amanah .DAP will increase their state and Parliament seat counts wiping MCA MIC and Gerakan from Perak as same as Penang. State government will be Amanah led government

    5. Selangor - Total win out of PAS to Amanah. PKR will increase their state seat count by 2. Or 3 seats and Bersatu will win 4 or 5 state seats and BN Umno will be left with maximum 5 state seats and one parliament seat thanks to Jamal Yunos factor. MCA will be wiped out. State government will be led by PKR

    6. FT Kuala Lumpur will be total route of BN and all Parliament seats will fall to opposition and the is because of City Hall not representing the majority who voted opposition and implementing only BN friendly policy when the KL voters have voted Opposition and have no representation as in City Hall

  8. Part 2

    7. Negeri Sembilan - BN UMNO will win maximum 7 to 20 state seats and maximum 3 Parliament seats or less. Here interesting as DAP will put up Malay candidates for state seats in 3 or 5 state seats .DAP PLR will increase seat count. Amanah wins PAS seats and Bersatu wins seats lost. The Head of state is a pragmatic ruler and will be open to a MB of Malay heritage to be the First DAP MB in a state ruled by a Malay ruler

    8. Malacca - Betsatu is going to win Big at the expense of UMNO and other opposition parties will increase the state seats. State government will be a Bersatu led state Government

    9. Johor - will remain a BN led state government with drastically reduced state seats with a majority of 5 seats and BN will only win maximum 7 Parliament seats . There is unease of in Johor. Less analysis on this state is best for personal health but it may surprise all by having a state government led by Amanah. Do not want to write detail
    Analysis but my hunch it is going to be an opposition led government

    10. Pahang a lot of damaged done by logging which contribute to greater flooding in the Malay hinterland and also distribution of flood and welfare aid on political lines and cause Alor of unease in villages where some Do nothing have big houses cars money to spend and others hard working people who just make ends meet after toiling in the sun whole day. This is battlefield of honest people of the land who toil the land and the others who don't judge thing but are rich because of their political connections and Sapu the aid for the villager’s .MCA Gerakan and MIC totally wiped out. The development very unequal in this state. Unpopular state government. Do not want to spoil the surprise and it is going to be a very big surprise in the state

    1. haha..I bet you are chinese right..haha..keep dreaming..chinese is not majority more thing..bersatu will never ever replaced umno in malay heart.if you are not not say something that like you know malay very well..malay will always protect their special right and islam..remember one thing..I bet bersatu will never ever can replaced umno..keep dreaming la.

    2. i bet u r malay idiot only thinking about umno are chosen by islam. no matter what happen. just another otak udang help to kill this country. umno giving special right might look they are help malay but they are just crippling the malay for the rest of their life

  9. Part 3

    11. Terengganu - UMNO and PAS will doing battle royal and fighting for the ever decreasing conservative votes. Terengganu have been very hard hit by the falling oil prices and jobless among the general population and ever more youth entering the job market yearly. I have worked here for some time and know the local sentiments and they always never had much of a choice between UMNO and PAS and now thinks have changed with Amanah and Bersatu. PKR here is weak. The Malays here now have a real choice between living in dark ages or modern times with jobs and better facilities. The implementation of short sighted religious laws is increasingly striping away the youth’s freedom and they are getting restless being told what they can do and can do. State to watch as there is an Ahmad Said factor also. Bersatu will be a big winner expense of UMNO and Amanah will win some state seats from PAS and PKR wining a few seats DAP wining Kuala Terengganu to help Bersatu form the state seat

    12. Kelantan is one political animal very hard to predict but they my analysis meetings Kelantan people in out and in state , they feel very betrayed by the present PAS leaderships to TGNA legacy and here BN Umno will make inroads in PAS seats wining some and Amanah showing a stronger performance. Here PAS leadership will be punished very severely for trashing TGNA legacy. The state government will be UMNO led with majority of 2 to 4 seats

    13. Sarawak - As no elections - the opposition will win between 8 to 14 Parliament seats with DAP between 5 to 8 and PKR 3 to 7 seats. Sarawak prefer BN state Government and with no state election constraints with Hudud encroaching to Sarawak, the voters will try to make their mark by voting opposition to change the federal government for the better

    14. Sabah - no doubt what Berjaya did to USNO and what PBS did to Berjaya. Warisan is going to do to the same to BN UMNO in state and Parliament elections. There will be a lot of high profile defections from BN as Warisan will soon concluded seat allocations in secret with the BN political animals. Here no surprises as opposition will contribute between 14 to18 Parliament seats.

    15. Putrajaya - civil servant will punish the fake Tengku big time

    Federal government will be a Bersatu led government with possibly two third majority which will help to repeal unpopular laws. This elections will be elections to end elections of race and religion as a political slogan and a party policy tool to entice voters.

    BN and UMNO will not survive after this election as courts and prisons will be busy

    Ben Hur

    1. My take on Kelantan as I live o Kelantan.If there is some kind of political collabortion between UMNO and Pas,kelantan will remain under Pas.
      If it involve 3-corner fight between BN,Pas and PAN there is a very strong likelyhood that UMNO will get Kelantan back
      Prof Kangkung

  10. Sabah may call for state election as early as 1st Mac. Warisan has nothing new to offer. So so with PH PR whatsoever. GE 14 is schedule on 1st September.
    Note: PAS will be kencinged again.
    The beast is umno, the angel too.

  11. I think it's quite funny that the spineless pink lips wants to "tumpang glamer" on the Rohingyas but doesn't have the teloq to scold Trump for his Muslim ban.

    Why no Jamal Jamban, Umgnok Youth and Village People protest outside US embassy?

    Ahhhh, Mr Pinklips doesn't want to call US attention to himself.

    What a worm that Bugis wimp is.

    1. Do you think by calling people names the voters are going to vote for your party.Pas has been doing this name calling since zaman tok adam lagi and yet nothing much came out of it

      Prof Kangkung

  12. Part 2

    In Sabah it always have been local politics and Like Berjaya and PBS , Warisan have nothing more to offer but in Sabah, the Sabahans love to see a Giant defeated by a underdog and it happen many times and will happen again. Yes it does not make sense to us but that is what is happening. In Sabah politics race and religion does not matter much

    Sabahans always like to change the governing political parties and history is the judge and nothing going to stop this happening again.

    Then again does Malaysian politics makes sense

    this is least of BN's worries as BN have already wrote off Sabah and will be happy winning 12 seats out of the 22 seats up for election

    The real battle royal will happen in UMNO as UMNO will be fighting UMNO.

    It is difficult to change leadership thru party elections and leadership will be changed thru ballot box

    Najib camp will let opposition win in Zahidi Hamidi group’s parliament seats and hence wiping the fraction off from government and same will be done against Najib led fraction.

    This is team A and Team B political survival and between freedom and prison as the winning fraction will not be forgiving of the losing fraction. This infighting as per their calculations will only be lost of handful parliament seats but it is going to be more costly and more seats will be lost with independent candidate’s field against official candidates. The opposition candidate will have to only concentrate on its message of delivering election promises once in power and will have no need to do personal mud slings with the candidates as he will be too busy fighting his own kind

    The postal votes of Police and other enforcements under Hamidi will be used against the official UMNO candidates of UMNO and Hisamuddin will use the Arm Forces postal votes against team B.

    They will be blinded with hatred and will forget that the real enemy is the opposition.

    The team which is more venerable will make a secret deal with Bersatu for help as most UMNO members are undeclared Bersatu members in the range of 60% in West Malaysia.

    As I have said in Part 1 this will be the demise of BN UMNO .

    Ben Hur

    1. Keep on dreaming.

      Prof kangkung

    2. prof kangkung macai najib bermimpi jilat kaki najib yang kaya raya

    3. I am a staunch supporter of UMNO.I don't much what happens to Najib as long as UMNO remain in power

      Prof Kangkung

  13. Ben Hur THANK YOU. Yes to the Handsome Old Man.

    I see glimmer of light at the end of this current tunnel.

    1. Anonymous @ 30 January 2017 at 14:50,

      //I see glimmer of light at the end of this current tunnel.//

      You know what they say?

      Just make sure it is not an oncoming train :)


    2. Gladiator

      Sorry. We are in a cave. Not a train track.

  14. Ben Hur,

    Thanks for sharing a very long and very optimistic analysis. :)

    An interesting analysis and is entirely plausible.

    But like I said, optimistic.

    It is difficult for me to think of PAS losing their grip on Kelantan but I guess anything is possible.

    If the Opposition loses GE14, it will just be another general election lost and Malaysia will return to just another day of the same.

    But if BN loses GE14, boy oh boy, we will see a new Malaysia.


  15. i want to see malaysia with very much reduced corruption. Anybody wants here wants to see public money mismanagement thrives?

    1. Anonymous @ 30 January 2017 at 20:10,

      //Anybody wants here wants to see public money mismanagement thrives?//

      I think Parti Anak Syaitan would.

      They have refused to join Pakatan in fighting global kleptocracy :)


  16. Not likely for BN to win. You may have issues with the opposition but always remember that when the rakyat feel oppressed, suara rakyat becomes suara keramat. We may see the same effect as Trump in USA as people are reluctant to offer actual intentions to pollsters. 2017 in numerology is year 1 of new beginnings and year of rooster affords a new dawn. BN can never be associated with a new beginning and a new dawn.God bless my original Malaysia.

    1. Anonymous @ 30 January 2017 at 20:19,

      //Not likely for BN to win.//

      You forget - Cash is King.


    2. why don`t you vote for opposition and tell all your friends and family to do the same?

  17. You got to also include the 2,873,000 RELA members under the Home Ministry who are potential weapon at the ballot box and forsee this will used against hiis opponents in UMNO then opposition . He cannot form a government out right because of a divided UMNO and will throw his lot with the opposition after elections. Which his faction having 30 to 40 seats will help his bargaining power

    Then there is a Shadowly Organization call the Black Sixth Hand which have been empowering the youth thru secondary educations and after work of 10 years lay the foundation for empowering the youth , these empowered youths will be a force to watch for as the agenda for them have already been set 10 years ago .

    Let the game begin

  18. Annie,

    I have hope that our nation will be rid of current ills and degradation.

    I fear the day when the disabled are disposable. As in this tragic case of Roger Curry.

    Granny Dumping, that's what they called it.


  19. " Okay, I'm also predicting that BN will win the general election again"

    Sokong, walaupun tak sokong BN

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. what about "i tak sokong, walaupun tak sokong BN"?


    2. OK you tak sokong keyaataan, Sdr ANON 12:04
      and instead you predict BN will lose?

      OK jugak

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  20. Kelantanese people by nature are very loyal to their leaders ( if a leader is a good leader like TGNA ) and also loyal to the land

    PAS won Kelantan back fromVN on the strength of TGNA . The Youth who return to vote from outstation knew that TGNA was a leader who was selfless and respected by all Muslims and non-Muslims , voted for PAS enblock .

    Now without TGNA the issues like jobs , freedom of association , delipment and good governance are the main issues

    The Logging issue with the orang Asli have damaged the PAS state government as a greedy lying back stabbing and insincere government with leaders no better then their enemies UMNO. The logging of the forest reserve have resulted in silting of the rivers and made the rivers shallower and when it rains it floods badly the Low lying areas . The logged forest is not replanted and none of the logging revenue is seen to be used to uplift the lives of the Kelantan people.

    Now with TGNA no more the people are not tied to a pious leader but have seen his legacy trampled by the very people he brought to them in power which is PAS . The Kelantan people with the TGNA Haterd for UMNO will not allow BN to rule Kelantan and if they allow BN to rule Kelantan than they are no better then the present state government leaders .

    The Kelantan people for first time have a choice in Amanah PAN and the youth who work outstation want Kelantan to be like Penang and Selangor with development and jobs for them . They are going to influence their parents and siblings that PAN deserve a chance because the malays in PAN are progressive , professionals and understand the aspirations of the Kelantan people. PAN leaders were all groomed by TGNA and hold his legacy dearly . The present PAS office bearers were jealous and. Oils not do anything as Long as TGNA was alive. Once TGNA was no longer around the jealous PAS leaders took out their knives literally chased the leaders groomed by TGNA out of PAS . The Kelantan people know that PAN will be part of the federal government Comr GE14 and the PH federal government will pay Kelantan the oil royalties and also the back payments of the oil royalties. This is Kelantan people's money and the money was channel try Kelantan UMNO leaders by the federal BN government. All was depend on themselves Big house big cars money in the banks and the Kelantan people have seen it and have promised themselves never again will BN rule Kelantan and have see the Present PAS state government squandering the logging revenue for them selves and their families and the Kelantan people have said enough is enough no more wolves in Sheeps clothing and PAS is out for them . PAN and Betsatu will win the state elections hands down with a big majority and PAS will be consign to history's dustbin and the end of politics using religion as a weapon . PAS is going to end up as a mosquito party and slowly die off as Berjaya did . This is 21st century and the Kelantan people want also to be in the same century like the others .

    BBen Hur

  21. Ben Hur.

    With you on Amanah and Bersatu in Kelantan. We seek help of Allah Ta'ala Al Fattah Khairul Fatiheen.

  22. Kelantan

    Allah will only help if you help yourself. I think the force is with the Kelantan people this time around as the people have seen there is not different between BN and PAS. They all are self-serving and provide only lip service, that is to line their pockets only. Are there anymore PAS leaders in TGNA Caliber and live a life like him, a modest live. It is all about wealth for them. TGNA brought in professionals as he knows they can provide good governance and expertise to the government Kelantan to uplift the lives of the Kelantan people. The PAS leaders saw this as a threat because the people will start questioning why PAS is not doing anything to develop Kelantan. The Professionals were discarded and the professionals than form PAN Amanah to carry out TGNA vision and empower the Kelantan people. PAS was using the UMNO tactic of keeping the people poor and stupid.
    That is why things are going to be different now as religion itself cannot fill the people’s economy aspirations and fill their bellies. PAN is here to stay and BN=PAS are going to be hit big time like a speeding train for change. Go across the border into south Thailand and you can see the hypocrites enjoying themselves there. The people know all too well but for held back by their reverence for TGNA who was a pious and honest soul who only thought about his people first.

    For State elections of 45 seats the Bersatu – PAN – PKR team will wing at least 32 to 36 seats giving the group a mandate to change and repeal laws which hinder the development of Kelantan . PAS may wing 5 to 8 seats and BN-UMNO 8 to 10 seats.

    For Parliament - Bersatu – PAN – PKR team will win 9 to 12 seats , PAS 2 to 3 seats and BN/UMNO 3 to 4 seats

    Ben Hur

  23. TGNA as you call him also made Takfiri fatwas throughout his life...branding other Muslims who would not support his particular creed and political Islam as "kafir" or heretics

  24. What is so wrong that TGNA have done , he did not take what was not his Abd did not steal , indulge in corruption , lie , kill and harm anybody . He called the Muslims who lie cheat kill dishonest the corrupted and call them infidels . Tell me what is so wrong he did and he did not blemish an honest Muslim. For him a Muslim must be an honest incorruptible unblemished and place all others above him . Can you name any who he wrongly accused

    Ben Hur

    1. Nik Aziz is history.So will Mahathir,Lim Kit Siang and Anwar

      Prof Kangkung

  25. Masih ada lagi yg bodoh & bangang nak sokong umno?

    Masih tak cukup lagi berpuluh tahun diperbodohkan umno untuk kesenangan pak2 menteri?

    Kepada rakyat yg bangang, simple calculation:-
    Gaji menteri rm15ribu setiap bulan. Mereka takkan mampu hidup mewah seperti yg ada pada menteri2 umno sejak dulu sampai sekarang. Sampai kiamat pun menteri2 takkan mampu hidup mewah kalau mereka kerja jujur. Hidup SENANG YA...bukan HIDUP MEWAH!

    Menteri2 yg hidup mewah, tak banyak, mesti ada sikit makan duit haram. Guna akal untuk menilai bukan guna telinga & mata.

  26. pakatan in disarray ? That would be right if u count pas together.

    without pas everyone seems to be united.

    plus it is so obvious that pas is joining hands with umno.

    yet they try to play2 as if they are fooling anyone. and they are being smug about it too. talk about being bodoh.

    as soon as pakatan ditches pas officially they will get a new look. but then theres the 3 penjuru

    fucking pas. can always count on pas on being stupid

  27. Parti Anak Syaitan

  28. The night of the Long short sharp and blunt knives have started in UMNo with open warfare in the open between Najib and Zahidi . Annuar from Najib fraction getting suspended by minister from Zahidi fraction and first blood have spilled. No there is no return to normalcy in UMNO and more
    Causalites in the coming days . UMNO imploding in the open to point of no return

    Ben Hur


    1. Imploding(?) better describes the opposition kan(?) Sdr Ben
      with big contradicting statemants made by the big big leaders. Ask lah Sdr Shamser Singh

      ( this just for balance, the statements here)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  29. Annie

    Come tomorrow I am going to get my IT to create a blog for me to blog. Have some information from all and it is bursting my brain and commenting on your blog puts me at your mercy . I need an avenue to digest this information on the political economic and current affairs of the country. The political warfarin in UMNO is going to burst very soon as the first blood of no return have already been spilled

    I will comment with my blog page in 2 days time and can follow it

    Ben Hur Colour Blind

  30. Finally Anwar Ibrahim have shown his hand in UMNO and when he was sacked in only took enough UMNO members to form the justice party and made sure the bulk will stay in UMNO and will be activated when the time is right. It have been a long wait and true to form his loyal compare in politics is leading the fight now. It will all be over in a month when all the fence sitters in UNNO NT will align with Anwar's man and command the majority in MT to vote out MO1. The police are already thru the IFB under the home ministry and take orders from MO2. The army will and not get involved in domestic politics as their prime duty is to defend the country against external threats

    Mathathir knew Anwar's game and the strength of Anwar's support in UMNO. PKR is only a convent vehicle when needed by Anwar as the real prize was UMNO and thru that he can become PM

    If do not belief me than see the events unfold from now onwards

    Ben Hur Colour Blind

    1. throwing mo1 alone will not solve anything. the whole bunch need to go. all the MTs all the perwakilan, every single rotten one of them who knew yet do nothing and didnt stand for whts right. even the members who couldnt muster even a rally.

      that is why umno is beyond redemption.

  31. I predict Najib will announce he is stepping down if BN wins next GE. I predict GE will be in 1st half this yr. BN is woried more ppl will be pissed off with gomen as the price of oil strengthen & yet ringgit continues to weaken.

  32. Ben Hur. Your blog. Please update.

    Actually I prefer to be here because then we can all open up at one place. Don't have much time. Individually we can bring the news and our thoughts here.

    As long as the comments and discussion are civil, we certainly can enlighten each other. Based upon facts and figures of course. Name callings and insults certainly are not. It puts others off. And build walls.


  33. Yes please please continue posting here Sdr Ben
    or/ and paste a link to your blog,
    as we appreciate the more eloquent posts here

    ( although huhu don't agree more
    than agree with your comments)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


  35. chinese and indian wants to topple down umno due to abolish bumi special right..want to request dpm post..etc..that is their hidden agenda since their grandfather..if malay do not trust me see comments in malaysiakini..but malay want topple down umno due to if bn is defeated..that gives hopes for them to exercise their hidden agenda..malay must ensure we stay in power..what so called bumi special right is regarded as unfair for them by not realising where do they belongs..

  36. It is unfortunate after reading all these comments only asserts the fact that none of you know what is needed to make this beautiful country great again. I do agree Najib has brought nothing but shame to Malaysia. Yet we do not have a leader of any substance or charisma to run this country with integrity and for the people.