Tuesday 3 January 2017

Ghani @ Sime Darby

In his latest posting,

Will Isa ever "die" so Felda and FGV may live?

my blogging captain Rocky asked this question,

Tell me which retired, failed or/and overaged politician (with the exception, perhaps, of Johor Menteri Besar Ghani Othman, who is chairman of Sime Darby) has done really well as chairman of such an institutions?  

Honestly, I don't have an answer to that.

As for Ghani, I know that he was a good MB but not really sure how he is doing now as Sime Darby chairman.

However, earlier today, a friend forwarded me this message from his Facebook wall,

"Salute to Tan Sri Ghani Othman. U drove Sime Darby's revenue to around RM50 billion with a profit around RM4 billion. And U only took a salarie of below RM1 mil yearly."

I don't know how accurate that is, so I checked the Sime Darby's annual report for last year and found these,

I think that's not so bad at all.

You all can read the details here,

Annual Report 2016 - Sime Darby

Well, for one thing I know Ghani is as straight as an arrow when it comes to work.

No hanky panky.

He will not do anything to harm the organisation that he leads.

Let's say the PM wants him to take onboard someone who may likely harm Sime Darby. I'm certain he would say no to that.

He would rather be thrown out instead.

I believe that if the PM read this, which unfortunately I'm sure he is not :) , he would agree with me.

I know that Ghani actually said "no" to him over such a matter quite recently.

I think the PM knows that Ghani is just like that and respects him for it.

It's something like when he decided to leave Johor before the last general election in 2013.

He preferred to let go his MB post at that time rather than not being able to say "no" to things which are bad for Johor.

I think current Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin would know what I meant by that.

For one thing, I don't think Ghani would allow those land along the Tebrau Straits to be converted to "free hold" and sold to the mainland Chinese.

He would say "no" to that no matter what.

It's the same in Sime Darby now, I guess.

Good for Sime Darby that they got Ghani as chairman.


  1. I am gobsmacked to learn that Isa Samad salary is RM1.8 million!

    1. Not much if you consider that part of the deal is that he had been pre empted to be the skapecoat taking all the blame and keep his mouth shut, while others enjoy the loot.



  2. Kita manya lengar ,manyak olang say's NO apa sutak jadi , kalau mau hilup senang mau say yes maa aa .

    Itu Ghani mungin nasib masih ata baik lea aa.

  3. "For one thing, I don't think Ghani would allow those land along the Tebrau Straits to be converted to "free hold" and sold to the mainland Chinese."

    It's very sad.

    I thought the day when we lose Tumasek and Pulau Pinang to colonial powers, freehold, was over. Yet our government are still selling land to foreigners for the sake of... 'development' or was it for... fast & easy profits.

    1. So what if the land was reclaimed and sold to Chinese. Yang lulu's reclaim tu orang Eskimo ke?

    2. RD

      The souls have long been sold. So apa ada pada tanah. Don't be sad. Allah Ghalib. He is Victorious over all things. We keep walking on His path. Don't let ignorance derails us.

  4. Your blogging captain is the laziest paid blogger around nowadays Annie. I mean seriously. It's getting ridiculous. If you read his postings, it is not really a posting or a commentary but a wall of copy pastes from other blogs. He would then threw in a bit on his parts of stupid exclamations like yikes, Ah! and some ridiculous jargons in order to look smart but turned out bizzare and out of place.

    1. 07:41

      Beautifully said and 100% true. Also, he dont dare to publish comments for 2 weeks becos kena hentam for being so crap.

      But i bet hee the highest paid except for raja p*** dedakmudin.

      go figure.....

    2. If you all dont like a blogger, I think it's better not to read his/her blog. That's what I do.

    3. What, and miss out on the comically entertaining efforts of these dedak eating clowns to cover MO1?

      Better than watching Astro or GSC beb.

      And it's free!

    4. Love Xnkdedak comments in his blog. Hilarious!

  5. So what is wrong if the seafront along Pantai Lido and other estuaries have been reclaimed and on top has been built luxury condos. The Malay community hardly made a fuss. At least now the state government from all te condos gets a revenue. Frankly, who cares about Pantai Lido.

  6. Annie,
    1) Pada pendapat anda, adakah barisan nasional akan memenangi pilihanraya umum akan datang? Jika ya, kenapa anda berkata demikian?

    2) Adakan anda berpendapat Parti Bersatu Bumiputra akan bertahan dan dapat menyatupadukan pembangkang?

    Saya amat merindui penulisan dan pendapat anda berkenaan situasi politik semasa. Saya amat berharap supaya anda kembali menulis dan berkongsi pendapat dan pemikiran anda berkenaan isu isu politik negara.


    1. 1.Yes BN will win hands down if Pas don't join forces with Pakatan Harapan

      Prof Kangkung


  7. One question to be asked !, if Najib controlled everything ,why can't he put the best person to head all the GLC ,if he does care ???.

    1. Because... he values loyal people over smart people. That's why.

  8. Annie,

    //And U only took a salarie of below RM1 mil yearly//

    Seriously, I find this hard to believe!!

    Maybe there are bonuses, stock options and other perks which do not show up as salary.

    But if it is true, Ghani Othman is one guy I would respect.

    A salary of under RM1million is an indication that the man is not there just to makan gaji buta but to try and do some good for the company he is working for.

    I mean, a low salary usually means some incentives elsewhere, so his fortunes are tied to that of the company.

    If the company does well, the incentives will make up for the low salary.

    I guess part of the evidence that Ghani is doing a good job at Sime Darby is the snippet you quoted from their 2015/2016 annual report.

    Oil palm prices have had a tough 2015/2016 and this is also flagged by the KPI for Net earnings (RM2billion) and ROE (6.3%).

    Despite the tough year, it looks like Ghani and his team have still managed to hold revenues and net earnings relatively steady in real terms.

    Overall, it appears that it is a job well done at Sime Darby for FY2015/2016.

    Ghani Othman is an interesting character indeed. he is one to watch.


  9. Hmm....then why was Hasan Marican shown the door at Petronas?

    Let's not even talk about the revolving musical chairs at the top job in MAS!

    Isn't corporate meritocracy supposed to be "race blind" & "colour blind"?

    Or is that irrelevant for GLCs?

  10. Around March 2016,they embarked on an Asset Monetisation Exercise

    Details are:
    (1)They sold their Caterpillar franchise in Australia
    Caterpillar brand of heavy equipments are of
    American origin
    (2)In Singapore they sold three properties
    Namely,S Darby Centre at 896 Dunern Road,S Darby
    Enterprise Centre along Jln Kilang and S Darby
    Business Centre at 315 Alexandria Road