Tuesday 5 July 2016

Stop goading Muslims to hate

Tomorrow is Raya and I woke up to this news just now,

Suicide bombers hit three Saudi cities

And yesterday, there was this story,

Puchong grenade attack first by IS in the country

Really spoils my Raya eve.

Why can't these people not resorted to these sorts of crazy things?

Why must there be so much anger and hate?

I seriously think that everyone needs to chill.

Don't talk about hate so much.

Muslims are being oppressed or about to be oppressed.

We must fight back.

No retreat no surrender.

We take no prisoners.

Do we need to talk or write like that all the time?

There are many nut cases among Muslims out there who may take those things too seriously and decide that they have to go to paradise because of it by blowing themselves up.

Seriously, that is a real possibility, okay.

Even in this country where the Muslims are generally docile people.

If you goaded them day in day out with hate talks, some of them may go crazy and do crazy things too.

You really think it's okay to everyday tell Muslims all sorts of shit such as the Chinese and Christians are out to get them?

And when all that crazy shit start to happen, are you going to turn around and accuse the Muslims as being bad people?

As for the shit that you said and write day in day out to rile up the Muslims about the evil Chinese and Christians, are you going to say "Oh, that's just politics".

Is that it?

I don't know lah, but I believe that sorts of things will turn around one fine day and bite us back in the ass.


Sometimes I tend to believe that all these things which make the Muslims being perceived as lunatics are all the works of the real enemies of Islam.

They pretend to like and want to protect Islam but in actual fact they are trying to destroy it from the inside by sowing the seeds of poisonous ivy which they hope will eventually destroy it.

And they hope that the Muslims are too blind and stupid to see what they are doing.

Come on Muslims, don't be fooled by such people, okay.


What are the motives of people who clearly reject Islam yet claim that they are there to protect it?

Ask yourself that.

Don't be fooled by them.

Check their background and whether they have even renounced their past hate of Islam and Muslims.

Don't simply agree to what they are peddling just because it suit our dissatisfactions with people such as the Chinese and Christians....or even Jews.

I'm begining to think that crazy maniacs such as Islamic State and Taliban-like Muslims in this country are works of such true enemies of Islam.

They want us Muslims to be crazy so that it's going to be easier for them to weaken and subjugate us.

Do remember, we Muslims are good people and our religion teaches us to be such.

Our religion doesn't teach us to hate others, and definitely it forbids us from blowing ourselves up to kill others.

Be true to the teachings of Islam, okay.

Be at peace.

Learn to play a guitar like Meliani here and still be a good Muslim,

It's better than preaching or writing or listening to hate.


  1. ya great. blame it on the Chinese.
    Fuck you.

    1. Regular readers of Annie know exactly which Chinese she means. There's only one -- gargantuan, pustular, hate-filled, unloved and full of jealousy.

      Anon 11.42 must be new, or probably FatSoh is lurking again in her favourite blog.

      Can't keep away from Annie lah, itu blobber.

      Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya, Annie, to you and your family. MZB!


    2. 11.42

      What a pathetic life you must have.

      So much hatred.

      Wonder how you could sleep at night at all.

  2. Annie,

    Hate is a very useful commodity.

    It is quite easy to generate, it works very well as a motivator, and it can be used to block out rational thought in the people it infects.

    Most Malaysians do not want to think very hard - very latih lah. It is much easier to let others to do their thinking for them.

    Letting others do the thinking is a trait which has also been subtly encouraged in the Malaysian education system - the public one of cos.

    Somebody else will tell us what to think and what to do.

    If we think outside of the box, we are beaten, ridiculed and dragged back into the box.

    So, for some people, it is completely normal to hate the Chinese, hate the Indians, hate the Christians, hate the Hinuds, hate the Jews, hate Israel, etc etc.

    For others, it is hate the Malays, hate the Muslims, hate Islam.

    Of cos, in Malaysia, hating Malays and hating Islam needs to be done very quietly for obvious reasons.

    In fact, I don't think I have come across any non-Malay or non-Muslim publicly encouraging hatred against Malays and/or Islam.

    I have, however, come across public declarations which urge hate against the Chinese and Christians.

    Some of these public statements even use Islamic terms to encourage violence against Chinese and Christians.

    As I said above, hate blocks rational thought.

    So you are 100% correct to say "They want us Muslims to be crazy so that its going to be easier for them to weaken and subjugate us."

    And guess who "they" might be? :)

    An intelligent, thinking, rationalising Muslim is no good to "them".

    An intelligent, thinking, rationalising Muslim will immediately know that it is wrong to label a person as a "kafir harbi" and thus be OK to kill.

    An intelligent, thinking, rationalising Muslim will know that phrases like "dajjal" are used to justify hate towards others.

    An intelligent, thinking, rationalising Muslim deals with Allah direct - no intermediary, no authorised agent. Direct from supplier, direct from manufacturer, so to speak.

    An intelligent, thinking, rationalising Muslim cannot be easily controlled by someone who merely spouts Arabic words and phrases.

    My personal view is that Muslims in Malaysia have allowed themselves to be led by the nose for far too long.

    But I suspect that most Muslims in Malaysia are afraid of standing up to the preachers of hate and anger because of the long years of conditioning.

    It is easier just to follow, keep a low profile and stay out of trouble.


    1. Those PAS guys are specialists in the "hate game": hate UMNO like hell, hate Christians but politic together to Putrajaya, hate Buddhists and call them pagan ... the list goes on in their pseudo religion.
      If they only looked hard at the devil in the mirror!


    2. Perspective: Some fringe unenlightened ustaz preachers vs overleaned Catholic Archbishop took us to what up to Federal court(?) Sdr ANON 17:18
      they more than a tad hypocrite whacking us while offering the courtesy flower with the other hand kan?

      We must manage good community relations, not trying to reconcile inter-faith. Allahu Ahad maintains the fundamental Tauhid principle vs the Catholic one of Trinity
      ( Trinity = nauzubi 'Llah Shirik)

      Our religious authorities all promoting moderation and far from promoting violence, ada? ISs influence is external, or else why is it worse in majority no-religion England for idiot sake.

      Yes ageed JAKIM can do more, as alhamduli 'Llah have public forums like here in LoA

      Selamat hari raya and happy holiday week!

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Tebing Tinggi XVII6 July 2016 at 18:53

      "ISs(sic) influence is external...worse in majority no-religion England...."

      Please provide the statistical data to support your contention.

      Who is Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi? Didn't the Malaysian police identify him "as a mastermind who" commanded" at least four men to attack a nightspot in Puchong, Selangor, last week"?

      Here's a list of suspected ISIS-related terror attacks during this year's Ramadan (as published in the Singapore Straits Times, July 6,2016):

      June 12 - Orlando, USA (49 killed)
      June 21 - Jordan (6 killed)
      June 28 - Turkey (45 killed)
      June 28 - Malaysia (8 injured)
      July 1. - Afghanistan (2 killed)
      July 1. - Bangladesh (20 killed)
      July 3. - Kuwait (Foiled plots)
      July 4. - Lebanon (6 killed)
      July 4. - Yemen (42 killed)
      July 4. - Saudi Arabia (4 killed)
      July 5. - Indonesia (One injured)

      The July 4 attack in Saudi Arabia was near the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, Islam's second-holiest site.

      Al-Azhar, the highest authority in Sunni Islam, has condemned the attacks (in Saudi Arabia) and stressed "the sanctity of the houses of God, especially the Prophet's Mosque".

      Saudi Arabia's supreme council of clerics said the attacks "prove that those renegades...have violated everything that is sacred".

      Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Twitter: "there are no more red lines left for terrorists to cross. Sunnis, Shi'ites will both remain victims unless we stand united as one."

      Closer to home, Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakri, Mufti of Singapore:"These vile attacks were caused by misguided people who commit atrocities and violence blemishing the name of Islam, a religion that places great emphasis on the sanctity of human lives... The fact that the attacks took place during Ramadan...shows clearly these attacks have nothing to do with Islam. These are outrageous and evil attacks against humanity."

      Ustaz Mohammed Suhaimi Mohamed Fauzi, executive Imam of Al-Istighfar Mosque in Singapore: "ISIS might think it is religiously motivated. But the Prophet never did this. He was the ultimate promoter of peace and always called for us to respect everyone. It is disrespect to our Prophet."
      (Singapore Straits Times, July 6, 2016)

      So, Pak M Zin - exactly what point are you trying to make?

      Or are you saying that the above-mentioned individuals and institutions have got it all wrong?

      Certainly they are not "idiots", are they?


    4. Your list of ISIS attacks and many many prior proved a point, Sdr Tebing

      IS is clearly foreign not our ulamas and we just could not escape world terror in the end, sadly our 1st

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. Tebing Tinggi XVII7 July 2016 at 13:13

      So, Pak M Zin - this Muhammad Wanndy person is a Malaysian innocent led astray by "foreign" elements?

      Didn't stop him from participating in a beheading, did it?

      People have a choice.

      It's specious to blame wrong choices on "foreign" elements and "world terror".

      Do you agree or not?

  3. annie,
    selamat hari raya to you and family and all your muslim readers
    my take on that smelly hate monger is the possibility that he or she which i shall now refer to as 'shim' was thoroughly turned over, brainfooked, fine tuned, by the authority during shim's detention for previously insulting islam and muslims, otherwise shim has got to be the head of the covert rba operatives

  4. Selamat Hari raya! Millions of people celebrate the joyous day in peace..the world is bigger out there..forget about pencuri jokes and keep smiles for our love ones..

    1. Let us not forget
      Who we are
      Whence we came
      Where we shall go

      Allahumma Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nur al-Anwar Rahamat al-Alamin!


  5. Even the most extreme Malaysian ulama not condone violence against fellow Muslims and countrymen, Sdr Gladiator

    IS terrorists vs political Islam:
    IS is external influence from middle-eastern countries with no choice, no political-Islam outlet
    ( no-religion UK has been worse hit)

    PASs alhamduli 'Llah doing an examplary world-class job to accelerate advancement of non-violent Islam here.

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. M Zin,

      //Even the most extreme Malaysian ulama not condone violence against fellow Muslims and countrymen//

      Well, the Mufti of Pahang does.

      I will not be surprised that more of the ulama in Malaysia share the same views.

      The problem is that as a non-Muslim Malaysian, I just do not see the famed "peace and tolerance" which Islam is suppose to be delivering.

      I do see many so-called Islamic practices and beliefs which I feel are un-Islamic and plainly stupid but like most non-Muslim Malaysians, I do not discuss Islam in real-life because fear keeps me silent.


    2. Zin, can you spin me another tale? PAS guys world-class exemplary? I thought Hadi Awang branded Dr. Mahathir as the chief kafir of kafir UMNO for donkey years? So the Malaysian ISIS guys got their terrible takfir ideas from who else? I hope not from you saudara Zin?


    3. That SS Mufti later qualified that the struggle he meant against opponents of Syaria is not through violence, Sdr Gladiator

      I do however totally agree that the fatwa is alarming. Gor FoS however we allow all views kan?

      NB. Fatwa is opinion by an ulama and not binding. Fatwa by learned council, National or state is binding

      Some are already made legal enactments, those passed by DUN members including non-Muslim state assemblymen

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    4. The difference is brash talk in Malaysia not violence see(?) Sdr 01:49
      but nauzubi 'Llah theyd surely bring their explosives vest if we suppress their activities.

      FoS: So let them their loud what kafir dog barks

      Only unfortunate the IS pitch from abroad still reach fringe groups, but really less than other countries with much smallet Muslim population like UK and Belgium, kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. M Zin,

      //That SS Mufti later qualified that the struggle he meant against opponents of Syaria is not through violence//

      Yes, I saw that "clarification" BUT ....

      This is my understanding of how the process works.

      Note that I am not an expert at Islamic jurisprudence.

      In summary,

      1/ Is that person a kafir as defined?

      A kafir can be defined by the Quran, the hadiths, etc.

      2/ Is that kafir against the principles and values of Islam?

      At this point, if the answer to (2) is "yes", the kafir is now technically a "kafir harbi".

      3/ Did that kafir harbi respond to reasoning and dialogue?

      This last bit, (3), is the crux of the problem.

      If the answer to (3) is "no", violence is justified.

      Note that the kafir harbi MUST be given the chance to repent and the first attempt is via negotiation, i.e. talking to him/her.

      When negotiation is no longer possible, kill the sucker :)

      End of discussion and end of kafir harbi problem.

      So, you see, for the Mufti of Pahang to say that violence should not be used is really just the FIRST part of dealing with a kafir harbi.

      Violence is the SECOND part of dealing with a kafir harbi.

      Once a person is declared a kafir harbi, killing him/her is automatically OK as long as you follow the above 3 steps.

      Of cos, if you are a nice guy, you would not immediately kill the kafir harbi. You are a nice guy, remember? :)

      You would gradually increase the physical trauma, eg beating the kafir harbi harder and harder until the kafir harbi "surrenders".

      But if the kafir harbi does not "surrender", the physical trauma caused by the beating can be increased all the way until the kafir harbi is dead.

      That is, of cos, if you are a nice guy :)

      BUT, it is important to note that there is no penalty for killing a kafir harbi immediately.

      Please feel free to correct me.



    6. Your attempt to explain Kafir Harbi is purely speculative(?) Sdr Gladiator
      and being no expert would be wrong compared to an ulamas.

      Id take SS Muftis qualification at face value and further conjecture on our part is unecessary and at worst naughty

      Reality check: Any non-Muslims killed here because of faith?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Zin, is that question to test our stupidity level or what? The Puchong grenade attack if not meant to kill human beings - don't care muslim or non-muslim also watch euro 2016 football- then for what?
      Surely not happiness fireworks lah genius Zin

    8. Stop bickering guys pls. listen up to the ulamak .... who are the kuffar do you think?



    9. The IS had nothing to do with local ulamas, Sdr ANON 16:52
      but fringe groups influenced by foreign IS terrorists

      They infliterate even more devastatingly countries with little ulama influence like Belgium kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    10. Ya Zin, you cast the stone at someone then hide your hand lah?

    11. M Zin,

      //Your attempt to explain Kafir Harbi is purely speculative(?)//

      Like I said, it is how I understand an Islamic court will determine a defence that the killing of a person as a kafir harbi is justified.

      OK, what is the process then?


  6. Annie,

    Selamat Hari Raya to you, your family and all Muslim readers here.

    Stuff your faces silly, have lotsa of fun and chill outs.


  7. That fat tranny blogger really needs to be put behind bars. We live in dangerous times and she's inciting on a daily basis. A sexless fat failure of a person.

    1. Absolutely agree. Even the Nigerians find her a turn off and sickening i supposed!


  8. Violent Muslims nothing to do with madrasahs as the IS influence is from abroad, Sdr ANON 15:16
    who recruit though social media

    No madrasahs in Brussels where 32 murdered and many countries attacked earlier than Malaysia. ( really pissed off by nons making simplifications)

    Stop goading our Malaysian madrasahs and Islamic authorites advocating moderate ASWJ schools, boleh?
    ( Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. Tebing Tinggi XVII11 July 2016 at 21:56

    So, Pak M Zin, the Malaysians who went to Syria to join ISIS were innocents who were conned and duped by nefarious elements?

    Strange, then, that the police would issue warnings against radicalisation.

    How do you account for that strange phenomenon, Pak?


  10. Yes a world-wide problem, Sdr Tebing
    attracting the young through social media, and unfortunate we're finally last hit.

    Much have been written which you can Google search
    ( found time to read CNNs report on the Belgian attack)
    There are people duped by get rich gold investment schemes, so also promises of short cut to heaven kut?

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH