Monday 4 July 2016

Berhati-hati dijalanraya during Raya

Someone I knew died in a road accident near Rompin yesterday.

He was on his way home to his family in Kuantan from JB.

The last time I saw him was at his daughter's wedding a few months ago.

Alfatihah for the deceased.

May Allah placed him among those whom He favoured.


Guys, please be extra careful on the road during this Raya.

Follow the speed limit and don't break any traffic regulation.

They said the police will not tolerate any kind of violation of the laws this time.

Those caught doing so will be taken direct to court.

So, don't fool around, okay.

And if you are tired, please stop and rest.

Try to learn to take a power nap to get rid of that sleepy feeling.

This advice is meant for everyone, including myself.

It doesn't matter whether you are pro-Najib, Mahathir's supporters, opposition supporters or whatever else you may be.

Your life and those of everyone else should not be wasted by inconsiderate and reckless driving.

Watch this if you are still not convinced that it's worth it to slow down and drive more carefully;

Be safe, okay.


  1. Just as death is not always something to be mourned, being born is not necessarily a joy in itself ... so what is the meaning of our journey through life and death?

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