Thursday 28 July 2016

Malaysians actually care about loving one another

An anonymous wrote this 

haha.. would you post your 'viewed graph' for this posting?
today people are love-hate driven motif.

just one song for your article.

but nice social studies. :)

at my post 

I guess the anon was wondering whether readers of this blog care to read about the feel good stuff and love messages that I wrote.

I did that posting along with this one yesterday,

It's about the need for us not to hate, which is in a way promoting feel good and love stuff too.

So, okay, I obliged.

This is the cropped screenshot from this blog's stats counter page which I took just now,

The number of pageviews yesterday is in the red circle - 4,867.

For comparison, I wrote three posts related to the US Department of Justice's civil suits on July 21 and the total number of pageviews on that day is 4,768. Also, on the day I wrote a single posting about Marina Mahathir and her armpits which was on July 25, the number of pageviews of this blog is 4,433.

You can check that out in this post,

Based on that, I have to conclude that readers of this blog and likely Malaysians in general do want to feel good and love each other.

That's good okay.

Well, maybe peddling hate can get this blog an even higher number of pageviews but I don't feel like doing that.

Instigating racial and religious hate do sell, but it's bad.

If others want to do that and then later boast that their blog have millions and millions of pageviews, let them do that lah.

I'm done with that sorts of things.

I think Malaysians want to read nice things for a change.

I have that much faith in them.

Of course a lot of them also like reading about armpits and stuff, but that's just human nature, okay.

I think we need to be more positive.

Try to be cool with each other.

That's the best.

We are after all not so bad as a people.


  1. Hey. Thanks for obliging and even better create a posting for my anonymous comment.. :)

    Did i find u a feel good song that really match the picture that match the feel when u see the picture? Im just trying to bridging the gap between haters and lovers by understanding.

    Really thankful.

    Vanity, overriding wisdom, usually common sense.-Julian

  2. Annie,

    It's not about Love and Hate.

    It's about Right and Wrong.

    That is Malaysia's problem in 2016.

    It's about Right and Wrong.

    The racial thing is just used (yes, including by the smelly porkfat-dripping Malaysiakini turncoat) just to cover up the crimes against the rakyat.

    Yes, Jibby loves the Chinese very, very much.

    Now Najib is attempting to get China to cover that loss surreptitiously and in the process probably selling out his country over its rights in its own exclusive economic zone.

    In return for this enormous bailout, Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance is to undertake to pay billions to CCCC on top of the actual cost of the project.

    The contract works thus:

    Total contract value: MYR60 billion

    Actual assumed cost of project: MYR27 billion

    CCCC profit margin of 4.55 percent: MYR2.729 billion

    Additional differential: MYR29.8 billion

    The so-called “additional differential” is the amount needed to compensate CCCC for its support of 1MDB. Thus the Malaysian public is expected to pay double the proper price for the railway simply to bail out Najib and his corrupt associates. The amounts to be paid on behalf of 1MDB total an astonishing US$7.46 billion. This includes the debts due to Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund which is currently suing 1MDB over unpaid loan guarantees.

    Because of this, Anifah Aman did not even turn up to defend ASEAN against the China offensive in the S. C. Sea.

    I'm serious - Anifah Aman ponteng the ASEAN meeting. No reason or excuse given.

    Check out what I'm saying. It's true.

    China owns the Bugis pirate's soul now.

    Jibby loves the Chinese very, very much.

    1. Confucius wouldn't approve of the fraudulent bogeysman. Posing as leader of the people instead he steals from the nation and burdens the masses.

    2. no wonder lanun bugis tu x berani naik kapal pinisi halau China dari spratly......."you help me i help you"..........

    3. Jalan kepit-telor, mana berani. Tambah-tambah lagi bila dia tahu dia ada buat salah.

  3. Yes Annie. With all those nonsense going on in this country by the thieve and his eunuchs(males who were rendered incapable of sexual acts by mutilation and castration—grew to serve the emperors’ special needs), we need something to chill down like this, although we can't escape from mentioning or quoting on what is going on(like my beginning sentence).

  4. are u embarras because someone commented that u are writing 3 articles in a day suddenly? coz u just got paid so u are suddenly doing analysis on your writing just to cover your

  5. To believe that a situation is more good than bad I'm an optimist - I see the glass as half full and think we'll come through this love/hate/happy/difficult times in our beloved house, Malaysia. Thank you Annie!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. si khinzie betina tu patut "pick on" lemak badan sendiri.........toyol cina gemuk

    2. Sorry Anon 00:11
      I just realised that you wrote a name which closely resembles the one I have banned from this blog. Please refrain from doing that in future. Thank you.

  7. "Of course a lot of them also like reading about armpits and stuff, but that's just human nature, okay."

    That's true Annie.
    Of-course, not only read about it, but even like to sniff it too, especially of their own. famous 'rear-admiral' seems to get sexually arouse sniffing other male's armpit. I'm sure everybody have seen a picture of him doing it.

    1. He has the same urges to scour filthy passages as his bedouin comrades in wahhabi land....haha you know, over there they uphold the gay adage that its ok as long as its done in the closet - and you're the one on top poking below. Is that why al-Juburi is driven to overpower people of his own gender? Part of the compendium of Freudian realpolitik lah!

  8. 1) Annie, since you have been talking about statistics, i would like to share some unquantified "statistics" based on observation in the social media.

    2) If you look at most blogs that describes about the stinking political situation in Malaysia under MoF1, you will find that the comments made by most commenters are anti-MoF1 gov, and estimation of 90% vs 10% who "supports" the thieve that stole billions. The 90% are people like me who does it on our own conscience while the other 10% are paid to do so,ie;dedak eaters or eunuchs.

    2) How do we differentiate the general public of 90% and the 10% dedak eaters?
    Looking at the way they express their thoughts on the issues arising,and the factual argument vs the dedak eaters who gives some rubbish statements and unable to dispute the fact,ie;1MDB is the den of thieves headed by MoF1 and they will only attack those made comments against their "naked emperor".Worst still, these dedak eaters have very poor command of English.The cyber dedak eaters are headed by Mad Maslan, we can talk about this person’s stupidity till kingdom come and it doesn't change the fact that he is stupid. They should have hired me as the strategist for cyber war, but unfortunately i do not render service for thieves and criminals.

    3) Based on this observation, does that mean that BN will lose GE14?
    Unfortunately the answer is NO. They will win big. But why?If the most powerful agencies like AG,MACC,PDRM,PAC can be "castrated to meet the naked emperor's needs", what is SPR which is only a kacang putih.

    4) Then the thieve aka MoF1 will continue to rule with iron fist?
    Unfortunately yes. But everything must come to an end sooner or later. Sadam Hussein and Gadafi did not ruled forever so this criminal will not rule forever.The day will come and most of us are pretty sure that since he became the first PM for many crimes, he will also be the first PM who will retire in Sg.Buloh.

    5) History Created
    Because of his crimes which have overtaken the likes of Marcos or Suharto,his name will be mentioned for the wrong reason for the next few generations,just like the name of Marcos in Phillipines until today or Suharto in Indonesia.Not only that, Tun Razak name has been tarnished and he will be now remembered as the PM with a crooked son.

    The next few generations of Tun Razak will never survive in politics anymore after Najib, just like the children of Suharto and Marcos. Their generations will be cursed for a long time. And to make matter worst, they have also dragged Hussein Onn's name together,being cousins. This means Hishamuddin may never be PM at all and his generations will also disappear in politics.

    A new UMNO will be born in 10-20 years time but they will be an opposition party like PKR now.

    In case you are wondering about your favorite icon KJ, he will also go down when the 1MDB ship sinks together with UMNO.He may try to revive his political career by courting Nurul Izzah or Mat Sabu's daughter, but he will treated as an ox-fart.


    1. 2A) Not you(?) the overloud 90% claim so, Sdr Zack
      but do not represent the voice of voters

      ( al-Quran, 31: 19)

      M Zin
      Alor Hajah DPH