Sunday 10 July 2016

Buying Proton

I was with my best friend at a Proton showroom not far from her house yesterday.

She wanted to buy an Iriz to replace her old Produa Kelisa.

Actually, she had wanted to do so last year but had a bad experience with a salesman there.

The man was "not very friendly",  she said.

Knowing my friend, I'm more inclined to think that the salesman had actually been rude to her.

My friend is simply the nice type.

We were greeted at the entrance of the place by this new Perdana,


I think I don't mind having one myself, but it's quite a bit over my budget.

The price is about the same as a Honda Civic.

Anyway, I'm okay with the car I'm driving now.

No one attended to us at first as we checked out the cars on display.

I noticed this thank you message to Proton customers by the former Proton chairman still hanging on the wall,

Guess they forgot to take it down.

I read the message and can't help feeling a bit sad.

I think you all know why.

Soon after, a salesman came to attend to our inquiries.

He's a Chinese man in his 50s.

The guy was nice and helpful.

My friend seemed okay with him and after a long discussion agreed to buy the car.

It's a red 1.3 Executive,

I think it's a good car.

I had test driven it and was impressed by its very good handling and safety features.

Nice to look at too.

Hopefully Proton will continue to improve after this and more Malaysians will support the national car maker.


  1. I wish all the best for Proton's future.
    Good riddance to the old crook that pludered Proton, plundered the nation and every other Government-linked company for his cronies!

    1. Guys like you should be sent back to school to be disciplined and instructed by the right teachers.


  2. 23.50

    Are referring to yourself?

  3. So you got a car so what? That don't impress me much!

    1. Annie did not buy the car, her friend did.

      Did you understand Annie's writing or not?

    2. Annie, we'll go riding on a bicycle built for two alright?

    3. Have a laugh drive a cab, makcik

  4. "I read the message and can't help feeling a bit sad." What they did to Tun M, sadly indeed.

    These 'Dedak fellas' and their bunch of Cyber troopers have been attacking Tun Mahatdir. Hope they will get what they deserved for, in return ....."by punching at their own noses."

    If they think they could shutoff Tun, they must be out of their minds!!

    Don't expect that Tun would retreat. Under no circumstance, don't they ever dream of that Tun will stop (they term) badmouthing. Tun will continue to give advice and render by his criticism.

    Don't they ever forget that this old man is still the dean of all deans. He is peoples' ombudsman who carries weight of being the former Prime Minister of Malaysia for more than two decades.

    Tun has every reasons by his action. He is responding with his empirical observation towards such failures of Najib's leadership. Tun face it head on because, like we all, he is fed-up of Najib's hypocrisy. He cuts off Najib who has hurt Malaysians and smeared the reputation of Malaysia realities of nationhood.

    Najib's failure as a leader is a grievous offense against people's integrity and dignity. 1MDB the mother of all scandals, with more than US 1billion banked into Najib's personal bank account to name a few, this thing stinks like in the infernal regions full of shits.

    This stinking smell won't go away until he is totally gone. Could or would Malaysian hold on to bear this stinking odor? We can bet you, this stinking smell will be the final verdict in next general election.

    Like Tun, many are grievingly disappointed with Prime Minister Najib. Moreover, it stings. Najib has been planting seeds of distraction and disunity. These plants are often grow into choking weeds which are not easy to be removed. It muddies our judgment and perception at all levels of Najib's leadership.

    More than that, it dulls our senses of Najib being the true leader. Some were coned, their minds have been clouded by the expression of, I'am yours, truly the betrayal of the Cash King in denial.

    However, the truth will always prevail over the force of Najib's wrongdoing.

    1. This particular money scam mappadulung has shamed the whole Bugis race of worthy seafarers

  5. Annie,

    Hm, a Proton Iriz, eh?

    Just had a quick read on Wikipedia and it sounds like an interesting vehicle.

    That claim in Wikipedia of an 800km trip from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Baru on one tank of petrol (40 litres) sounds impressive - if it is true.

    I doubt if such fuel economy can be easily achieved by the average driver though, even under the best of conditions.


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