Wednesday 27 July 2016

Sakinah loves Annie very much

My friend from Kuantan forwarded me this just now,

My friend got it from Facebook and said she was so touched by it.

I'm very touched by it too.

That's why I want to share it with you all dear readers.

It's true love, okay.

And I believe that's in Singapore.

This world is indeed so beautiful if we choose for it to be beautiful, alhamdulillah.

That's why - love is good and hate is bad.



  1. A short essay. Annie is Sakinah. Sakinah loves her grandmother very much. Grandmother Annie lives in Singapore. Sakinah writes in Life of Annie. And I am not Miss Marple. The end.

  2. Awakening to hidden Love

  3. Indeed love is good and hate is bad.

    What ever the love is, its a politically bad for the Mr. Prime Minister, Malaysian Official 1.

    The Minister of Finance who loves money will be anguished of feeling bad.

    The Chief Adviser for 1MDB is in love but feeling bad by self afflicted.

    The President who is once loved by his congregation is now in a mortal agony.

    Why love is good and hate is bad?

    It is all because of love, of a loving Prime Minister who loves into marrying a bad First Lady, in turn becomes everyone bloody nightmare.

    Good luck to you our loving Mr. Prime Minister who messes us up, from yours sincerely Hates.

    1. Lagu mappadulung ahjibgor itu "SELF-LOVE" - bukan Fraternal Love of humanity.
      Najib is a confirmed NARCISSIST.
      His NEUROTIC CRAVINGS are leading him down the path to PSYCHOSIS.
      Beware the Mad Man at the Helm!!!

  4. Cuit giler, I must admit. LOL...awwwwwww.

    Old timers tell us Malaysia used to be just like this.

    1. Yes, Malaysia use to be like this. That was when Peliwat was not yet in UMNO.

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    1. Sorry. Something went wrong with your comment. There were two of them which were more or less the same just now. I deleted one and let through the other but it turned out like this. Please resend to get it published, okay. Thanks.

    2. Owh i wrote :

      Understanding is Greater than Love.
      She understand her Roots, thus Love is Born. PURE.

      I accidently use somebody else profile so i have to delete it.


  6. this is what our pm najib wants...a loving people of malaysia.
    but oppositions aka pakatuns are full of hatred and they wanna make sure the rakyat feel the same way.

  7. haha.. would you post your 'viewed graph' for this posting?
    today people are love-hate driven motif.

    just one song for your article.

    but nice social studies. :)


  8. A grandmother is a grandmother ,no matter what religion they are .
    Islam thus not cut family ties .

    1. To me its beyond race and religion. To me this is how GOD shows mercy to HIS creation.

      "Beauty are deemed to the eye of the Beholder"

  9. Malaysia was like this until the 80s. I remember following my father to chinese coffee shop meeting his chinese and indian friends without any doubt although it serves pork rice and wan tan mee. It all changed after PAS came into the picture and made worst after 2009 when some criminal wants to escape punishment and continue to hold on to power supported PAS.