Wednesday 27 July 2016

Some Christians are irritating, but that's not a reason to hate them all

Okay, enough of the armpits stories.

So many people are angry with me already because of them.

Actually, it's not even really about armpits.

It's about the stuff that we Malaysians like to read.

Guess, that's too hard to get.

Never mind.

Today, I want to write about something more serious.

I read this story earlier in the morning and prayed that it will never happen in this country,

Terrorists attack French church, slit priest’s throat

It's a Reuters' story picked up by The Mole and given a modified title.

The Reuters' original title is this,

Islamists attack French church, slit priest's throat

Yup, it's a story where Islam got another round of bad Press.

The crazy terrorists were described as Islamists.

Come on, Islam doesn't teaches us to slit the throat of Christian priests or anybody's throat for that matter.

Islamists don't do such things. Islamists are those who practice the true teachings of Islam.

They are good people.

Okay, it's true  that the terrorists in this case are Muslims, but they obviously had been influenced by some bad people to do those horrible deeds.

I believe that they had been goaded by those people and ended up murdering the Christian priest.

'Christians are enemies of Islam. Kill them. Slit the throat of their priests," those bad people must had told those crazy terrorists.

That's why I have been writing about the need for everyone to cool down in this country.

Stop goading Muslims or there will be the crazy ones who may end up committing such murderous acts.

But of course some people thrive on doing just that.

They told the Muslims to hate the Christians.

The Christians are coming to get you, so the Muslims were told.

Okay, I'm also sometimes got irritated by some Christians and their religious talks.

But it's not to the point of making me hate them.

Back in college, the overwhelming majority of my A-level classmates were Christians and they were mostly of the evangelical type.

They were nice to me and invited me to join their Christian fellowship gatherings.

They will have a bit of a picnic, play guitar, sing songs and talked about their Christian faith.

I was like....okay, go ahead, I just want to enjoy the tuna sandwiches and lemonade. You all can talk about Christ and everything, but no way in hell I'm going to believe in the trinity stuff and all that.

Islam is cool as far as I'm concerned.

And I'm not even the Islamic religious type.

But I don't hate my Christian friends even though to some, what they did by inviting me to join their Christian fellowship meetings could be deemed as trying to convert me to Christianity.

I know my friends. They have no bad intention towards me.

However, another friend who is a Catholic was actually very angry when I told him about me joining those gatherings.

"These stupid evangelists are going to get all of us Christians in trouble. It's against the law for them to invite you to their religious gatherings," he said.

"Relax Les. I don't think I will ever convert to Christianity. Those guys actually make your religion seems lame, okay. Picnic with lemonade....and religious talks....sheeshhh...," I replied.

"Anyway, even if they were trying to convert me, that's because they believe they were trying to save me from hell. Muslims go to hell according to your religion, right?

"I'm actually the useless friend. According to my religion, you all Christians are the ones going to hell. And I'm not even bothered trying to save you all. See, you got it or not?"

Well, that's how I handled my Christian friends.

Really. I don't hate them and I don't go around telling others to hate them.

Yes, true that most Christians that I know are anti-establishment to a certain extent, but that's not a reason to hate them.

That's their right to be anti-establishment or whatever.

Instead of hating and threatening them with physical violence and stuff, pro-establishment people need to be smart and instead try to convince them that the establishment is actually good.

If there are people telling you all to hate Christians or people of any religion for that matter, ask them back for their motives.

You can ask them something like this - "Are you really trying to protect Islam and our akidah (faith) or are you actually trying to make us hate Christians because you yourself hate them and want everyone to hate along with you?"

Or you can ask them something like this - "Are you telling us Muslims to hate Christians because your ex-boyfriend who is a devout Christian treated you very badly before he dumped you?"

Yes, I believe that we Muslims are secured enough with our faith. There's no need for us to hate others just because they are of different faith than us, or of different political ideology.

Oppose or disagree with them is okay, but not hate them.


  1. Absolutely no reason for Christians and Muslims to be at loggerhead. Both worship same god until Paul revised the bibles and introduced the doctrine of trinity. If the present day Christians revert to the original Injil then they and Muslims converge to one point, which is God does not beget and neither He begotten.


    1. Subhana'Llah halleluyah,
      Muhammad SAW and Jesus AS!

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  2. Imam Ghazali, who was called the Proof of Islam, said:

    "The hypocrite looks for faults (to blame others); while the man of faith looks for excuses (to relieve others)."

    "In this world, half of the disbelief of people in God is caused by those who make religion ugly by their bad conduct and the display of their ignorance."

    Please remember brothers and sisters, that Allah Almighty & All-Merciful is the Lord of Judgement Day.


    1. "3 ciri orang munafik" - najib razak........


    2. Yang paling munafik adalah Mahathir. Dia membiarkan ahli keluarganya menjalankan kehidupan diluar tabii - LGBT

    3. LOl ANON 3.53.. Yg paling munafik...

      the person who said that in the video seems to be self referencing dont you think?

  3. Welcome back Annie.

    That anti-Christian fatty....aiya, let her wallow in her insanity.

    I was horrified at the old priest's killing. As a Muslim, I get so scared to turn on the news these days because of these ISIS murderers with their twisted minds.

    Because of them, millions of peaceful Muslims are viewed with hate and suspicion.

    These mostly Arabs and South Asians are repressed, don't know how to function in western society. I dunno why they don't just go back to their own homelands if they cannot tahan western society.

    Here also I've come across Pakistanis, Indian Muslim nationals who kutuk our government as non-Islamic but they happily work and study here. I always tell them why don't they go home then? Silence or waggle head trying to give reason.

    And some Arab and Iranian men, wow, first few months here cannot mix withiwomen colleagues or students lah. After more months, berjoli pergi karaoke etc.

  4. Annie,

    What's your view on people who write several anti-Islam articles for Malaysiakini, get investigated by police, put on 600lbs in weight, become ugly and bloated, and then start attacking the looks of other women and lecturing the Malays on Islam?

    Hypocrite, much?

    Someone forwarded this to me with about 3 "laugh till you cry" emoticons. It was apparently written by the Ah Sow (khinzir betina) herself:

    "Granted that the wife is a bit problematic but PM recently willing to don jubah and kopiah, and take part in selawat (public programme). Once he mixes more with the PAS people, it will rub off."

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    "......don jubah and kopiah" cukup ke ber? Jadi si lanun Bugis tu dah instantly alim on the spot ke? LOL...I guess Ah Sow thinking's pretty shallow. Keep chewing that dedak and pork, sweetie (or is it pig dedak in the first place, in keeping with your species? : )

    1. If you want to belittle someone, don't stoop too low. I don't think that Ah Soh weighs 600LB. Maybe you being a Malay is 600LB. I am a Malay myself who live overseas. I'm here on a vacation and have been noticing many Malays of both sexes are obese.

    2. What kind of stupid mentality is that? Don Jubah and Kopiah enough already? Just like that stupid fat Ah Soh la! Don baju kurung enough to be an Umno and Islamic champion??? Think people are that stupid? Showing your real evil intention to deceive Malays and Muslims. Well, have to give the Ah Soh HA some credit as she managed to hoodwink DUMNOs with her baju kurung. And...I see someone or is it she herself defending her obesity?

    3. One thing about Ah Soh is she never hides the fact is 'Aku Cina' and her religion is Buddhism. She advises the Melayus to be wary of evangelical Christians in DAP who have been lulling some Malays to complacency.

    4. Defending the Ah Soh or is it you defending yourself? Very quick to react, me think...hehe

    5. Ah Soh is Cina with a Christian name? How stupid can you get?

    6. Many Chinese have Christian names but they are not Christians. Alvin Tan is an atheist. So who is stupid and ignorant now? Moron!

    7. Hit a nerve... kah kah kah! And why are hanging around here, Ah Soh?

    8. h*l*n "Aku Gemuk" a*g is not Christian name, maaaaa.

      nama dia from greek, konon.

      kih kih kih.........alasan bodoh from betina bodoh........

  5. Annie quite an interesting and sensitive topic to discuss but this shows you have the guts.

    Our country is in the same situation today where Islam is being politicized while some are giving Islam a bad image. UMNO (its President and members) does not anyway shows that they are practicing islam except that it shows in their NRIC. Stealing , lying ,surpressing the poor ,committing crimes does not show that one is Islamic. They are no different than the guy that slit's the priest throat.

    PAS? No way represents Islam and they use Islam as their political tool.They support or complicit to the crimes of UMNO thus it makes them no difference. Wearing jubah and having beard does not make a person islamic but rather his actions and faith. In fact,PAS is the biggest satan of all.

    PKR does not uses Islam as its political tool or agenda. In fact the political party in Malaysia that conduct themselves in a manner of good governance or considered a way of "Islamic" practice apart from PKR is DAP. At least they do not steal money from the people,especially the poor, and let their family members spend them lavishly and when money runs out,they continue to "rob" from the poor again by imposing taxes(GST) increasing the price for public facilities.


    1. DAP kucing kurap will always say good things on DAP. Undersea tunnel feasibility study RM305mil no corruption? LGE's bungalow without swimming pool no corruption? The planned transport master plan which ballooned from RM27B to RM46B no trace of corruption? You are only fit to comment in Malaysiakini where you have common ideologies with your DAP comrades.

    2. I agree with Zack.

      I'm not chinese but DAP leads the way...Try talking to some Muslims in penang and they will tell you the same thing.

      You can't fool the people forever Dumno

    3. I'm apolitical but I despise DAP because of its hypocrisy. Anon 08:20 must be in the same boat as Zack - claim not to be Chinese but actually Chinese chauvinist pigs. Come here to spread DAP propaganda. Ptui!!!

    4. I;m Anon 820..and I'm NOT a chinese! I don't have any propoganda neither am I paid.



  6. Agreed no need to hate others, Lil sis Ms Annie
    just because they are of different different political ideology,
    which majority voters did not vote for recently and same outcome should follow GE14

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  7. Islam forbids the killing maiming injuring and hurting of innocent people be they muslims or nons. Now in certain countries so-called muslims are bombing murdering and injuring muslims. So-called because anyone who cant or wont adhere to islamic principles lost their right to be called true muslims. Those who kills and profess they are doing so in the name of and for the cause of islam are just terrorists pure terrorists.They dont have any religion because all religion do not condone the killings of innocents.Only propagandists will gleefully label killings and altercations done by so-called muslims as acts of muslim terrorists when they should just be acts of pure terrorism.

    1. Enough with your bullshit. Each has their interpretation of Islam. The Shiah has theirs, the Sunnis has theirs. So the Islamic State being Muslims also has theirs and justified from the verses in the Holy Quran and Hadeeths. Whether they wrongly interpreted that verses, well that is your opinion. To them killing is allowed as God permits. Go tell the Islamic State otherwise.

    2. If these groups and others worship God that allows killing then they are non believers whatever faith they profess to be. They are waging war against humanity. As Pope Francis expounded "They might think it is a war of religion. It is not. All religions want peace. Others want war"

    3. Just answer yes or no.

  8. Annie,

    "According to my religion, you all Christians are the ones going to hell. And I'm not even bothered trying to save you all."


    One of the funnier things I have read from you.

    To be honest, I find quite a few Muslims and Christians to be irritating.

    I have NEVER EVER encountered a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Taoist trying to convert me to their beliefs.

    Muslims and Christians always seem to want me to convert to their religion.

    I mean, Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists are just as devoted and dedicated to their religions and yet they don't go around pestering people to sign up.

    Why is it always only Muslims and Christians who are so persistent? I don't really know.

    Totoro's Friend


    1. Actually that Q is answered in this thread kan(?) Sdt Friend
      so instead Q why Hindus and BCTs not so?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH