Friday 29 July 2016

Muslims must not become haters of Christians

When an airhead bimbo in France called for a Christian crusade against Islam, how are Muslims in Malaysia should react?

Should they respond by declaring jihad on the Christians in this country?

I don't think they should.

You can read about that desperate to be popular female bigot at Rocky's post,

A call for Crusade in France

Good Muslims in this country should just be who they are - good Muslims.

And being good Muslims, they should refrain from hating others who are not of the same faith as them.

That has been the way with most Muslims in this country.

They are good people who are willing to share this country with others, and for that they and this country are blessed by Allah.

Just look at how prosperous and relatively peaceful this country has been.

Even if the others allegedly do things which the Muslims don't like, they should leave it to the authorities to handle things.

They should not listen to all the goading to hate the Christians, or anyone else by people with vested interest or personal vendetta.

"Umat Islam di Malaysia perlu bersatu untuk menghadapi ancaman orang Kristian yang memusuhi Islam," said those bad people.

Muslims, please don't listen to those people.

Those who said that sorts of things are actually trying to manipulate the Muslims because they are the majority in this country.

They want the Muslims to use their majority power to suppress the minority Christians for their own personal interest or satisfaction.

Yes, there are bad Christians, but there are also bad Muslims. Please always bear that in mind.

We should be against bad people because they are bad, not because they are Christians or Muslims.

I'm of the opinion that those who called for Muslims in this country to hate their Christian fellow Malaysians are actually trying to cause Muslims to be further vilified by the world.

They want Muslims to act aggressively or even violently against the Christians so that later on they could be blamed when this country goes up in sectarian flame.

Muslim majority persecuting minority Christians in Malaysia - they want that to be the headlines across the world.

I believe when that happened, those people who are now trying to instigate the Muslims to hate the Christians in this country will turn around (again) and blame the Muslims themselves for the mess.

Do check the background of those bad people to know why they are calling for the Muslims to hate Christians in this country.

That's why I made these suggestion in my previous post,

excerpts :

If there are people telling you all to hate Christians or people of any religion for that matter, ask them back for their motives.

You can ask them something like this - "Are you really trying to protect Islam and our akidah (faith) or are you actually trying to make us hate Christians because you yourself hate them and want everyone to hate along with you?"

Or you can ask them something like this - "Are you telling us Muslims to hate Christians because your ex-boyfriend who is a devout Christian treated you very badly before he dumped you?"


  1. Hi Annie,
    Ah Jib gor...the most corrupt PM we have in Malaysia....that filthy immoral greedy guy....

    1. The bastards make Justo Xavier the fall guy, but he's only a sinner.


  2. "Do check the background of those bad people to know why they are calling for the Muslims to hate Christians in this country."


    Let me help.

    Here are a few - just the tip of the iceberg - long articles a certain triple-chinned, sweet & sour pork-slurping, dedak-munching, fat ugly hypocrite wrote just a few years ago:

    "Hudud creates two-tier citizenship"

    "Haram supremism fans bigotry"

    "Behind Perkasa's pig obsession"

    "Criminal bullying of the poor into Islam"

    And on and on and on.

    I'll say this again - of course, people do change their views.

    But at the time, Ustazah Khinzir was already in her late 40s.

    People do not suddenly, in middle age, switch their viewpoints unless there is plenty of $$$$$ involved.

    Added to which, Blobby hasn't had a full-time job for years.

    She just lurks like a fat, pale insect grub in semi-darkness, glued to her chair and keyboard, handing out “advice” on Islam to her tiny band of dim-witted groupies.

    LOL…..tiba2 alim pulak.

    Yes, there is plenty of dedak involved, and the calorie count of dedak is obviously pretty high.

    1. 'Yes, there is plenty of dedak involved, and the calorie count of dedak is obviously pretty high.'

      HA HA HA HA!

    2. From Fat Soh's writings:

      "Malaysia is aiming for yet another world record. We may have had a 15-month-old Indian baby ostensibly able to recite in Arabic the kalimah syahadah or affirmation of faith – ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger’.

      Yesterday the Penang High Court denied S Banggarma’s application to quash her so-called conversion to Islam. Below are the dates as to Malaysia’s possible claim for an unparalleled child prodigy."

    3. Munafik menurut istilah adalah menampakkan keislaman dan kebaikan, tetapi menyembunyikan kekufuran dan kejahatan.

      Hendaklah kita waspada dari sifat-sifat munafik, jangan sampai sifat-sifat ini menghinggapi diri kita dan hendaklah kita selalu waspada dari tipu daya orang-orang munafik karena mereka hidup bersama kaum muslimin akan tetapi mereka membenci bahkan memusuhi Islam dan umat Islam.

      Walau mereka menyembunyikan karakter mereka namun al-Qur’an telah menginformasikan kepada kita mengenai sifat-sifat mereka sehingga kita akan dapat mengetahuinya, karena semua tanda dan sifat munafik itu tidak akan berubah dan sama setiap zaman dan tempat.

    4. Seorang Munafik ni,dia tak kena mengena dengan jenis agama yang di-anuti. Malah, Rasulullah s.a.w. telah bersabda bahwa seorang munafik itu mempunyai satu atau lebih daripada 4 ciri2 berikut:

      1)apabila dia bertutur ia ada membohong.
      2)apabila dia di amanahkan sesuatu ia akan mengkhianati amanah itu.
      3)apabila dia berjanji sesuatu ia akan memungkiri janji itu.
      4) apabila dia berselisih pendapat dengan orang lain ia akan marah-marah berkurang ajar.

      Memang dari zaman ke zaman adalah sifat2 kemunafikan pada manusia di mana2. Orang yang tegas Munafik itu akan di lemparkan ke dalam neraka yang terbawah!

    5. Wow attack Islam and pretend you are not.

      Your shameless propaganda is what Christians are famous for bullying the poor into that faith.

      Funny you Christians seek the poor while muslims seek the educated.

      Hudud DOES not create two tier citizenship Malaysia as a Muslim nation has a duty for shariah for ALL Gods laws are superior to man made laws.

      What is haram and halal is clear and defined by the scholars in reference to the hadiths of the prophet (saw)

      You are attempting to bully muslims to follow a jahiliya lifestyle to dilute this deen you will fail

  3. "Are you telling us Muslims to hate Christians because your ex-boyfriend who is a devout Christian treated you very badly before he dumped you?"

    Biar betul....Blobby had a boyfriend????

    Ewwwwww...I thought LGBT with Hannah? Bitter break-up?

    1. mdzfrs,

      "Biar betul....Blobby had a boyfriend????"

      Apparently, he had very poor eyesight.

      The rumour was that as soon as he started wearing a pair of spectacles, their relationship ended.

      And the doctor said that the mental scars will eventually heal as long as he maintains his psychiatric treatment.

      Like I said, it is just a rumour, OK?

  4. Annie bimbo, Marion called for resistance against RADICAL ISLAMISM lah! I know you don't read French but the news is all over in English ... comprender?

    1. How very Un-Nice a dastardly coward could do ... they'll go to HOT HELL!!!


      Community leaders in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray said they did not want to "taint" Islam by having any association with Adel Kermiche, the 19-year-old jihadist who slaughtered Fr Jacques Hamel in his hometown in northern France.

      Mohammed Karabila, president of the local Muslim cultural association and imam of one of the town's mosques, told Le Parisien: "We're not going to taint Islam with this person. "We won't participate in preparing the body or the burial." Muslims in the town were supportive of the decision.


  5. Muslim in Malaysia are known to be acceptance and tolerance ,that why at times they are taken for granted to be weak and easily manipulated .

    1. Please don't disparage or show disgust to Malays who have not done anything. You are asking them to radically depart the world in which they have been born into.

      Asking the everyman who supports Umno is asking him to discard the party he identifies with, his race, his history and his place in this world.

      The Chinese took years and years to finally swing away from MCA. It takes time and it takes a catalyst. Calling them stupid, lazy or greedy does one thing, force them to hold on to Umno even though they shouldn't.

      It’s not because they are stupid, greedy or lazy. Imagine the moral crisis they face.

    2. Anon 10:49. If you look at the posting again. Tebing Tinggi was not disparaging. Moral crisis is when you lose your moral compass. Muslims - Malays or otherwise - if we focus on building our individual character need not be afraid of perception. The perception has been thrashed out by our esteemed Allahyarham Prof Syed Hussein Al Attas (May Allah Ta'ala give him mercy).

    3. Anon 11.49....

      But the non-malay have a tendency to blame malay for case like 1mdb and all umno corruption. Actually they have to understand that break away fm umno is mentally hard for melayu........for generations they vote umno.....non-malay have to be understanding and patience. Malay also benci rasuah & corruption...but control by media arus perdana.......

    4. Anonymous @ 13:52.

      "But the non-malay have a tendency to blame malay for case like 1mdb and all umno corruption."

      Well, who is in charge of 1MDB? A non-Malay?

      And who are the members of UMNO? Non-Malays?

      The fact is that Malays are now in the driver's seat as far as Malaysian politics and the economy are concerned.

      Virtually every major political or economic decision is made by a Malay.

      I would go as far as saying that even the non-Malay Ministers in cabinet holding kangkung portfolios like Transport, do not make decisions without getting the quiet approval of a Malay like the PM.

      So, if there are problems, real or perceived, who should be responsible? Non-Malays? Jews? Evangelical Christians? Pendatang Cina? DAP? The Flying Spaghetti Monster?


      Totoro's Friend

    5. Anon 13:52. Not true. I know for a fact that many of us vote for the person. Not the party. When something is bad. It is bad. Cina. Melayu. India. And so on. Sesiapa pun. Limiting our perspective will not benefit anyone. Not us nor our children.

    6. Totoro's Friend

      If you are in Indonesia ,you had to asked the Jawa's . If you are in Thiland ,you had to asked the Thai's .If you are in Mat Salleh country ,you had to asked the Mat Salleh .
      The same if you are in China ,you had to asked the Chinese before anything to be done.

      Behind any corruption in Malaysia ,there must be a Chinese ,probably they are the master of it.
      Malay are not born raciest ,unlike the Chinese ,who take Chinese interest first ,before anything else .

      That is Malay weakness ,they should put race above everything .

    7. Well, remove umno from power then, Totoro's Friend. Next Wednesday can or not?


      GE14 can?

      Orso kenot.

      Liddat loh.

  6. And here we see a classic example of a generalised statement trying to portray ALL Muslims in Malaysia as tolerant and accepting.

    Such statements are usually made to provide an excuse for the disgusting antics of the Jamal Yunos'es, the Ali Tinjus, the PERKIDA fanbois (or whatever they call themselves today) and their supporting cast of thousands, who will claim that they are protecting the interests of the poor little innocent Muslims who are being bullied by the evil evangelical Christians.

    I do wonder where common sense has gone to - the fact is that not all Malaysian Muslims are accepting and tolerant.

    There are many bad Malaysian Muslims, just as there are many bad evangelical Christians, many bad Hindus, many bad Buddhists, many bad Taoists, etc, etc, and of course many bad atheists.

    Playing the victim card is such a transparent amateurish tactic that I have always wonder why so many Malaysian Muslims gladly accept the role of the victim even when the whole deck seems stacked in their favour!

    BTW, has anybody ever asked why is it that only Muslims can play the victim card, while non-Muslims are never allowed to do so even if they hold a handful of victim cards?

    Maybe there is some truth that Muslims in Malaysia are weak and easily manipulated ,and sadly, the manipulation seems to be by their own kind with help from the likes of Fat Soh.

    But then, I am wrong, aren't I? It is all the fault of the Jews, the evangelical Christians, the f*&king pendatang Chinese, the DAP, the Illuminati, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc etc.

    Totoro's Friend


    Let me predict that there will be responses to my comment which will accuse me of making generalised statements as well.

    It is how some Malaysians seem to think they can conduct intelligent discourse by modifying a word here and there and then repeating what others have said.

    Plagiarism is alive and well in Malaysia :)

    1. 'Such statements are usually made to provide an excuse for the disgusting antics of the Jamal Yunos'es, the Ali Tinjus, the PERKIDA fanbois (or whatever they call themselves today) and their supporting cast of thousands' bro these people paid to demo by umno lah, ko x faham ke? Jamal Ikan Bakar & Ali Palui are rosmah macai lah....

      nah bukti......

      (Look at her expression nak muntah I).....

  7. Proud to be Malaysian. She said.

  8. The suddenly muslim and malay loving Ah Soh HA is just a load of crap. Writing the same old thing just to convince Dumno that she is on their side. And she succeeded with flying colours! I am waiting for Hannah Yeoh to sue her fat face, which will never happen, as they are actually BFFs

    1. Fat Soh's latest headline:

      "Melayu DAP lecture Malays on how to be good Muslims"

      Which in her case is.........

      "Cina DAP/MCA lecture Malays on how to be good Muslims"

      Which is even worse.........kan???

    2. "Cina DAP/MCA lecture Malays on how to be good Muslims"........HA HA HA, yes, is worse!!!

  9. The Muslims of PAS and now joined by UMNO since 2009 had given Islam a bad image and perception in Malaysia.When the non-muslims categorized muslims in negative manners, they are not wrong because this is what being shown by people in PAS & UMNO-lies,stealing,sex,criminal act and using religion as their political tool.

    My respect for DAP despite all the negative accusations against them, they never uses religion for their political agenda or neither they insult other religions.We had UMNO calling the chinese as Cina Babi but DAP did not call the malays as Melayu Lembu.UMNO had told the chinese to balik Tongsan but DAP never told the malay to balik kampung.

    1. Zack,
      I'm letting your comments through because I believe in freedom of expression. But I think you are sometimes a bit too much. Umno never said those bad things. The ones who said those bad things are certain individuals in Umno. It's the same with DAP. The party never said bad things about Malays but the words spoken and attitude of certain individuals in the party expressed exactly that. If you continue like this, you will be no better than those who pass judgement on all Christians or Muslims because of actions and words of a few. Thank you.

    2. you have a real short memory, zack.

  10. I see Fat Soh, without fail and utterly predictable, wrote another daily love letter to our lovable Annie.

    Ah Soh, Ah Soh...(face palm while shaking head with pity).

    1. I think Hannah Yeoh is feeling jealous of Annie....... Fat Soh should spread the love, she's already spread the cellulite all over her own body......LOLOL

    2. Ah Soh is a sad lonely creature.

  11. Annie, your point is noted but in case you might have forgotten, let me mention the name PERKASA here and what will be yours and the rest first impression of PERKASA. The answer will be the same reason why i mentioned UMNO.