Sunday 14 July 2019

Mukhriz as PM

Was alerted of this story the other day

Mahathir's son ready to inherit Malaysia's political legacy

Quite a naughty headline by the Nikkei journalists.

Actually, Mukhriz was just saying that he was not fixated to become PM like "some people".

And of course the Anwar's camp jumped at that,

Anwar’s aide accuses Mukhriz of dissing his boss

I really laughed when I read that. So childish, I told myself.

However, Azmin today expressed support for Mukhriz,

Azmin: PM doesn't need to rush power transition

So, it was not just kids' play, but really part of the ongoing succession war.

Azmin must be still sore over the gay sex video thingy.

I think he is now willing to go all out against Anwar for pulling that stunt on him.

I also believe that Azmin will now even support the idea of Mukhriz actually succeeding his father.

He knows that he's "dead" if Anwar takes over from Dr Mahathir.

Even now, with just that video, he should know that his chance of succeeding Dr Mahathir as initially planned has been reduced to almost zero.

Apart from that, Azmin must have realised that the Anwar camp is knocking off his people one by one.

This is the latest,

Perak exco member claims PKR 

man’s police report a conspiracy

Yup, why not? What's wrong with Mukhriz taking over from his father?


So what? DAP and PKR are already family business what.

After all,  Mukhriz is a very nice guy.

I went all out supporting him for Umno vice-president post during the 2013 Umno election. You all can check this blog's archive for that.

Too bad that he lost. If he had won back then, I believe the Dr Mahathir-Najib war would not have happened.

Najib and his advisers failed to see that by insisting on maintaining status quo at that time. Stupid.

Personally, I don't mind Mukhriz as PM.

Better than Anwar as PM, okay.

Some people said Mukhriz is not bright enough and incapable of such thing, but for me, at least the guy is quite harmless.

He's more like his mother than his father and I like Dr Siti Hasmah.

Of course Mukhriz needs to adjust himself a bit to be PM, such as by not be too fussy about small things which is his habit.

He also needs to tell his wife to be more people friendly and his daughter not to flaunt the family's wealth too much, such as showing off the yacht that he bought for her in social media.

And Mukhriz, try to remember people's name, especially those who support you.

Oh ya, also if you can, tell your sister Marina not be too irritating. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you.

Okay, all these in case BN, or to be more precise Umno screws up its chances in the next general election.

Well, I need to go to the beach now. Just going to lepak and be lazy there for the rest of this Sunday afternoon. I'm somewhere in the East Coast, by the way.



  1. am following you wherever right behind not doing the Anwar thing though

  2. May God save us from this disaster. At it is his father has brought enough destruction. It is a sad fate of Malaysians to have elected PH. Cant see any bright political future for the country under this regim.

    1. Kikikikiki
      Najib mohon Pengerusi BN, ADA hati mahu jadi PM semula.
      Ditolak - hanya dapat jawatan Punahsihat.
      Pengesahan - sila call Nazri Aziz/Kj SEKARANG.

    2. He he he

      Naughty boy, Kluangnan, but I loved it.

    3. Kesian korang. Terlampau obses dengan DSN sampai dah tak ada tujuan hidup lain. Move on bro. Banyak isu yg melanda negara bawah PH. Dari kekusutan ekonomi ke kekecohan politik. Agama dan bangsa sering jadi sasaran. Keluarlah dari kepompong saudara. Kerajaan dipilih untuk sejahterakan rakyat. Bukan sebagai pujaan terhadap pemimpin tertentu walau tiada kaliber langsung.

    4. "Agama & Bangsa" siapa yang jadi "sasaran"... Mr J?
      'Sasaran' dalam bentuk apa?
      Agama & Bangsa itu diperlekeh, dihina, diejek, dipersenda, dipandang-rendah atau diancam pupus ka?

      Jangan-jangan... Bangsa dan penganut Agama itu sendiri yang beri 'peluru' atau modal untuk Bangsa lain perlekeh, hina atau serong.
      Misalnya guna duit-hutang Rakyat 1Malaysia untuk taja beribu-ribu Pak Imam, naik Haji.
      Jika dibiarkan... lama-lama, mereka yang tunai Haji dengan duit-sendiri akan turut rasa malu untuk guna gelaran 'Haji' kerana takut dikaitkan dengan 'Haji-1MDB'.

      Ataupun... Bangsa yang dilahir dalam Agama itu sendiri yang rasa rendah-diri dan tidak yakin mampu bersaing dengan Bangsa lain kerana sekian lama tertinggal jauh kebelakang dalam semua espect kehidupan duniawi.
      Akhirnya sifat inferior complex menjadi sebati sehingga sentiasa bersikap negatif dan syak-wasangka terhadap Bangsa lain, seolah-olah tanahair mereka akan terlepas dari gengaman-politik, sama seperti Pulau Tumasek.

    5. My friend, kindly give us one decision making that his father have had caused to destruction?

    6. Anon 1147, PM needs to lead his team to deliver. Since PH came into power the economic growth has plunged as have the stock market, currency and reserves. Utility tariffs have come up and well as a number of creative taxes. Cost of living up. Economic support for those who are needy has been cut. Not to mention the non delivery of all the election promises. People are worse off now then during BNs time. The recent by election in Semenyih and the treatment of PM and Azmin at Felda is a testimony to peoples anger. This is really Management failure. PM has not been able to lead and direct his Cabinet to deliver to the people. Now DAP is also busy selling off assets built during BNs time. Last count 20 billion and growing. It would be good to get out of denial mode and really accept this.

    7. RD, money spent on the rakyat is not 'curi'. Money has been spent on many items that has benefited the rakyat. This includes buying IPPs and reducing electric tarifs, building airport for army, money to Kojadi MCA for charity and others. BR1M was race blind. Any needy people got benefit of it.
      When looking for Malay votes PH leaders went around promising the world to the Malays. When PH won the election the same leaders are calling Malays lazy and stupid. Malays are supposed to take this insult lying down? Touch one previlieged race's issues like race based schools or loyalty to country immediately the racist term is thrown out. Stop this RD and your PH politicians. Remember you can insult Malays now. Come PRU 15 you will be licking your spit. Malays will then show you what they think of your insults.

  3. Telokwanjah says:

    Azmin committed the same dumb mistake that Anwar did in 1997 - wrong timing.

    Azmin made a novice political mistake he declared his hand before being in powerful enough position.

    Too bad for him - if he had turned down the ceremonial (aka powerless) role of Economic Minister, he would have emerged later as a hugely powerful force...and quite easily have left Dr M to defenestrate Anwar directly, then coming in as a compromise PKR leader and next PM....

  4. Aisay Annie...u seem to have advice for everyone...Mukhriz to know names ddd, daughter to not show off, wife to be more friendly...and saving the best for last (drum roll)...Marina not to be irritating. How did Marina get under your skin? Pls la don't just go making sweeping statements. U dengki cos Marina is more eloquent than you, has a column in the that it? Annie...envy will kill you. Cheers

  5. Takda jugak cerita Chief Adviser BossKu. Balik2 cerita next PM. KJ, Nazri Wira2 UMNO lain dan Bossku sendiri dah keluar macam2 statement tapi semua blogger2 pro UMNO diemmm je..senyaappp je..buat dek je..Ini yang dulu bossku pernah cakap blogger bangang....wakakakakakaka

  6. Mukhriz...
    2. Kedah MB pun tak fit...

    1. Mukhriz is not bold, outspoken, witty, brave, true grit, strong character, determine, far sighted, visionary & self confident as his father.

      He may not have the PM material, but he certainly is better off than Najib, Jahid & brader Al. Mind you, he has a genuine US Masters degree.

    2. Husam Musa is better by the way😁

    3. Sepatutnya cai dan mahacai perlu risau, siapa bakal jadi Perdana Menteri selepas madeyy mampos.

      Cai dan mahacai kena ingat, umur orang tua tu hari ni dah masuk 94 tahun, umurnya dah semakin menghampiri liang lahat, so kalau esok lusa dia padam, siapa nak jadi ganti tempat dia, itu yang patut cai dan mahacai risaukan bukan risau pasal UMNO.

    4. Rasulullah SAW sendiri tak tinggalkan wasiat 'sucession' siapa pengganti baginda untuk menjadi khalifah mukminin. Ini urusan & haq Allah SWT menentujannys sesusi dgn rukun iman yg ke 6.

      Yg kamu nenggelatat tak tentu pasal, apa ke hal...kamu siapa nak sibuk2......??

  7. Bagussss....kasi tarok sikit cili dlam politik Malaysi ...kasi pedassss...Anwar suka curry...dah nak termuntah sembang pasal ni...tak habis habis...I think Tun M hold his trump card until his last day...and he won't risk all his effort to rebuild the country. Checkmate Anwar...hahahahaha

  8. And don't forget OSTB when you become PM, like some other leaders, ok?

  9. Truely i agree Mukhriz even has higher integrity then Azmin Ali, just can't understand why most PKR guys are mostly filthy. 🤔

  10. PH leaders n supporters many seem not comfortable with our Sultans.. esp Non Malays or mrk dari keturunan yg mai sini naik tongkang;

    Apakah mrk teliok dan mengoyan nak mulakan Dynasty sendiri? Cuba kita tengok;

    1. Atok.. Boboy, (son), (doter), (cucu)
    2. Anwar.. wife, doter
    3. LKS, son, doter, menantu, (cucu)
    4. Mendiang Kapal.. son, son
    5. Sabu..(son)

    Dalam bracket r not in politics but hot "in the news".. yang terkaya, berlagak daddy I so and so, gaya hidup mewah semacam beryatchinging la, yg kena tangkap berdadah, yg public nuisance and so on...

    Haiyaaa. Pemimpin2 sikalang klo talak "perform", "results yelek" u will die a "nobody" tau dak?? Sama2 kita doakan jangan pula mereja jadi pemimpin seperti tikus membaiki labu.. malu tujuh keturunan nanti tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Enuf with Semburit and Bunga...we want UMNO & PAS coalition.

    1. Enof of perompak dan penunggang agama. We want the royalty to rule the country. Hahahaha......

    2. Yang Arif Hakim cukminah a/p kentut.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. who d hell invented tat word….semburrito? hohoho i cant even spell it. it’s a private part of a female ….a klantan etymology of cursing n swearword rather than other states. what a disgusting, insulting n humiliating allegory it is if a girl to hear tat.wat a funny dbp who lauded tat out as bm’s new allegory for sure hearing some school boys already chanted their happiness for it.

    4. Cik Fatin kena be more creative cikit with yr words.. kdg2 satu perkataan may have many2 other meanings or even pronounced differently..

      Kat Malaysia sll yg jadi masalah bila ada Pemimpin sebutan pun lari spt Lari=Lali, Right=Light, Wrong=Long, Limau=Rimau, terburu2=terbulu2.

      Perkataan semburit pun mesti ramai pemimpin PH akan tersilap sebut.. sembulit, tu pasai ramai suka kentut.

      Menakutkan lagi klo pilih pemimpin dok celita yg dia bela anak2 manusia dan anak bulu2. Kekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak