Sunday 30 September 2018

Good voices at PAU and a bit on the handsome Hsien Loong

I was rendered rather immobile since Thursday.

Transportation problem which I need to fix later this afternoon.

Have to cancel my plan to drop by PWTC for the closing day of Umno general assembly today.

Unlike the previous years, the assembly was only a one day affair because yesterday was actually the wings' meetings.

Guess, they just rushed this one because of the RoS problem.

Well, I'll be monitoring it online just like yesterday.

So far I'm okay with it.

Even though I was not so impressed with Zahid's opening speech last night, I agreed when earlier

Umno Youth wants a strengthened party, 

not unity government

I want to see Umno rebuilding itself instead of trying to strike a deal with especially Anwar to get back in power.

The party should learn to be a good opposition, cleanse itself from the bad people and habits before it could hope to be in power again.

I do believe that it's capable to do so as the majority of them are really good people.

For the meanwhile, this country needs a good opposition to check on the PH government and Umno should take the lead as it still have significant support and the governing experience.

I also agree with this one

Umno must not be an ultra Malay party, 

says deputy youth chief

I have never agree with the Umno-Pas tie-up even when I was going all out supporting the party back then.

Please check this blog's archive if you don't believe me.

I believe that the best for this country is two multi-racial parties or coalitions checking on one another.

Back then, when I considered myself as a truly pro-Umno/pro-BN blogger, I never advocate the destruction of the opposition parties including DAP. Some of my friends, including prominent bloggers,who are now with Pribumi Bersatu had wanted that.

I do believe that there must be a strong opposition at all time if this country is to be a fully developed democracy.

That's why I started to lean back on the side of Umno after GE14 as I realised that there seemed to be a movement to totally eradicate the party and its remaining allies which are now in the opposition.

I will never agree to an all dominant  PH coalition just like it was with BN before the 1999 general election.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so they said.

I know, most of you all would say "Oh Annie is spinning again. PH is good. Everything about PH is good. Not like the evil and corrupt Umno and BN."

But the signs are already there. They lied on their election promises, and their ministers are mediocre at best.  Some are outright stupid.

Then they are already fighting among themselves. Just look at the ongoing PKR elections.

There's already that big question - Will Dr Mahathir hands over power to Anwar, the man he once described as not fit to lead the country due to his homosexual tendencies and other defects?

My bet is NO.

Personally, I want Dr Mahathir to stay in power till at least the end of this term.

Then if PH wins the next general election, he should hand over power to someone relatively young like Azmin.

Definitely not Anwar.

It's the only way forward for this country.

Meanwhile Umno and its remaining allies should work on rehabilitating themselves by being a good opposition coalition.

I have no objection if Pas wants to join them but the party has to accept that it's a multi racial coalition instead of an ultra Islamic Malay coalition.

I think Pas can do that as it once cooperated with DAP and PKR to set up the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat which laid the groundwork for the PH's GE14 victory.

Who knows, maybe they could be so good while PH becomes so bad over the next four years that the rakyat may decide they want a change again.

It's not impossible, okay.

Anything could happen over the course of four years.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping for Dr Mahathir to remain healthy and in good shape.

I watched his speech at UN on Friday night and I think he looked and sounded tired.

Maybe his aides and family should tell him to slow down a bit. He's 93 after all.

I'm always worried these day should anything happen to the handsome old man.

I simply don't want Anwar, his families and cronies to take over.

I rather if Dr Mahathir feels that he can't carry the weight of premiership, calls for a snap general election and let the rakyat decide once more where this country is heading.

If they still want Anwar to lead them, then I would not bitch about it anymore.

Maybe I'll just migrate to Singapore.

Hsien Loong is definitely better than Anwar.

More handsome some more.....unlike Guan Eng.


And Hsien Loong is way much smarter too. He definitely would not make supposedly mistakes so stupid such as putting a decimal point at the wrong place, or try to spin national debt figures.

Oh, and Hsien Loong is quite surely not a homosexual or bisexual  or such that he's susceptible to blackmail which is a big NO for someone leading his country.


  1. At least you declare your stand on AI and family and nepotism-no-go. For that, you are still in my good books. So, ABAI, yah!!!

  2. "That's why I started to lean back on the side of Umno after GE14 as I realised"....


    Ahhhhh, Annie, Annie, you are so cute : )

    "....started to lean back" pulak.

    Let me help you, dear Annie.

    a) You were pro-Umno blogger before GE14.

    b) You failed.

    c) You are pro-Umno blogger after GE14.

    d) But with no new strategy.

    e) So you will fail again.

    "....started to lean back" pulak.

    You are not fooling anyone, Neutral Annie : )

    Nasib baik you're cute!

  3. "and their ministers are mediocre at best. Some are outright stupid."

    Still hell of a lot better than the corrupt morons of Barisan Meraka, Annie.

    Other good thing, we are FINALLY getting qualified people running agencies. Here’e the latest:

    “KUALA LUMPUR: Former Allianz General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad CEO Zakri Khir has been appointed the new chairman of the Social Security Organisation (Socso), effective Oct 8.

    The appointment was announced by the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement issued here today.

    Zakri takes over from Aseh Che Mat.

    “Zakri is a fellow of the Malaysian Insurance Institute and has 30 years experience in insurance and portfolio management,” it said.

    He was the first Malaysian appointed as country manager for Allianz Malaysia Berhad.”

    That follows replacements at MARA and FELCRA, where Bung The Biadap Beruk was kicked out.

    I know how much you hate this, Annie.

    Actually your dream line-up would include:

    Najis Tong Rosak: Chairman of 1MDB, 2MDB, 3MDB and Songlap Minister

    Annuar Musang: Chairman of MARA

    Bung Biadap Beruk Radin: Chairman of MARA

    Azeez Baling: Chairman of Tabung Haji

    For the all the talk of “unity gomen” etc, Umno is desperate to regain power because the supply of $$$$$$$$$$ into the pockets of their corrupt leaders has been cut off.

    With clean, professional leaders at the helm of MARA, TH, FELCRA etc, these agencies can begin to recover.

    All Umno wants to do is to tie the Malays to a chair and continue to gang-rape them financially.

    And that’s the truth.

    1. I nominate Jho Low as Chairman of 4MDB and Deputy Songlap Minister.....

  4. "I simply don't want Anwar, his families and cronies to take over."

    Interviewing Dick Anwar at Port Dick son, yes or no answer:

    Q1: Do you kiss hands?

    Q2: Do you kiss ass?

    Q3: Was it china doll?

    Q4: Was it in Bangkok?

    Q5: Was your dick bengkok?

    Q6: Was it you or looks like you?

    Q7: Are you bisexual?

    Q8: Do you have landings in Jakarta?

    Q9: Are you a chameleon?

    Q10: Can you win the by-erection (oops! election)?

    1. Grand Q: can your sperms fly???

    2. Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE)30 September 2018 at 15:43

      You are what is known as a "repressed homosexual".

  5. The payback of the rakyat towards Umno has just begun.

    There will be more Orange MACC Fashion Shows.

    Even the Botox treatment of Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Najib, has been included into the “investigation papers” of the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC).

    While this may seem small vs the tens of billions of Malaysian Ringgit that have been stolen — and squandered in night clubs and casinos — they strike home a simple point:

    What is owned by, and owed to, the Malaysian public will be reclaimed and recovered.

    To Umno MPs, whose wives and children must have indulged beyond their means –not unlike Najib and Rosmah — they know that the good old days of Najib are gone.

    Pakatan Harapan (PH) is here to stay.

    If they don’t leave Umno now, they risk the fate of the whole ship exploding with all their ungodly entitlements and privileges even before the next parliamentary session next year.

    Not forgetting when the Prime Minister in Waiting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim come back who championed reforms, reforms and more reforms.

    When Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim combine forces, the president of Umno Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the Supreme Council of Umno will find themselves pushed to the wall, from everything they splurged in their Hajj and Umrah trips to their personal vacations and shopping sprees in Europe and the United States and other exotic holidaying locations.

    The justice has just begun.

    Umno is not apologetic, not reforming.

    Still as greedy as ever. So Tun is right, they will fall apart.

  6. Then what will Umno yell as they are arrested and taken away in handcuffs?

    "Komplot Yahudi?"

    Criminal breach of trust and the use of AMLA are just the beginning of the whole process of teasing out the facts and recovering the funds that belong to the Malaysian public.

    There are up to eight investigations on 1MDB, some as far away as Luxembourg, the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, UAE and New York, not forgetting our “good neighbor”, Singapore.

    So much for "Komplot Yahudi."

    Umno it was who lapped up all the state largesse, without any sense of remorse and guilt. They thought they could steal our money freely forever. They were wrong.

    Holding Umno and Barisan National accountable is also the least one can do for the late Altantuya Shaariibuu, an innocent single mother, who was, allegedly, caught in the criminal deceit of the first family. That case will be brought back to life too.

    It is the new beginning of the elbowing out corruption, malfeasance and abuse of power as a way of life, towards rebuilding and reinventing a new Malaysia for all.

    Tun Dr M is the chemotherapy doctor who killed the malignant national cancer called Umno.

    The Umno tumour is now in remission.

    By 2020 I predict it will be gone.

  7. This article is full of bitchiness and hatred. Says a lot about Annie.

    1. "This article is full of bitchiness and hatred. Says a lot about Annie"

      No lah.

      Poor Annie just cant think of any original spin.

      She should read Tok Mat's speech at PAU.

      At least not 100% cliched.

  8. The power of money...cannot beat common sense.

    "An Umno delegate today accused news channel Astro Awani as being Pakatan Harapan (PH) sympathisers, calling it “worse than TV3” as he called for party members to turn to “pro-Umno media” instead.

    According to Federal Territories delegate Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, speaking at Umno’s general assembly here, the news channel is seen as acting as PH’s mouthpiece by distorting news to court support for the new government.

    Tun Faisal, formerly the director of Putrajaya's now-disbanded propaganda outfit Special Affairs Department (Jasa), blamed media critical of the past administration for Umno’s loss at the 14th general election."

    Tun Faisal was the chief dedak handler of the JiBoros regime.

    Hence, he is a complete hypocrite and loser.

    His job WAS to distort news to court support for the old government.

    He ran JASA, supposedly neutral (HINT HINT!) and for the good of the country, but actually just an Umgnok propaganda unit that hired freelance prostitutes like ex-editors and journalists to be mouthpieces.

    Now, is Tun Faisal right?

    I would say not.


    Even under the previous regime, the mouthpieces were bleeding money.

    Utusan and NST were already on the verge of bankruptcy, even though Utusan received several injections of illegal cash from insider share trading.

    Moral of the story:

    People are not stupid any more.

    The prostitutes who cannot evolve, cannot think, will be just as ineffective as they were before.

  9. Of course Annie prefers Spore Lee because her favourite Najib allowed Spore to benefit from all the lopsided deals entered by Najib.

  10. Self confessed pro umno blogger, Annie.
    Thus, neutral Annie is a myth.

  11. I agree with Annie, 100%.

    Like Annie, Haji Hadi also... sort-of... said;

    "Personally, I want Dr Mahathir to stay in power till at least the end of this term".

    Anwar must wait GE15. Therefore next GE, PH Government will be going to the polls with its no.1 main promise in the manifesto, to make Anwar next PM.

    Of-course Dr.M must go all-out, campaigning for Anwar... of-course, if his old age permits him.

  12. lol its all make sense now. u’r as said lol. it has been umno from d beginning. tats a long run for d show…i hardly knew tat. when i read those guys straight up hitting on u, i tot they were just act uncanny or just bitching around…kah kahh….

    same here lol. my kampung’s umnos. exact same thing…exact same thing…kah..kahhhh…

    anyway i still enjoy readingit...even d answer is glaringly obvious.

  13. PAU is syiok sendiri.

  14. tis pau 2018 created a record for NO DAP whacking well done dumbo wakakaka

    1. Except Annie....she can't resist bashing LGE to the point of obsession

    2. No whacking DAP but they whack their own instead...their own who are deserting UMNO...hahaha

    3. I think Annie has a crush on the Arrogant Lansi Tokong.

      But sadly she just married Jibby.

      Second wife, after hippo berlian.

      Unless Jibby talak tiga, Tokong will have to wait to win Annie's hand in marriage.

    4. since annie like PAP LHL so much, perhaps she can resurrect msian PAP to challenge DAP & win back govt fr PH wakakaka

  15. LHL is handsome ??? OH PLEASE....Whoever thinks LHL is handsome has such poor taste...

    1. Poor political taste....hahaha

  16. Annie,

    Here's a theory from Raja P*ki Kotor (RPK).

    He's wrong 99% of the time, but this might be true simply because the 1MDB money trail of course leads to all KBU hence all bahagian.

    "Today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in New York that Umno is doomed. He did not, however, say how and why.

    And this will be how and why.

    All 191 Umno divisions have received letters like the one below. What is happening is: all 191 Umno divisions are being investigated under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

    After this, the bank accounts of all the 191 Umno divisions will be frozen and their assets confiscated. Technically, all 191 Umno divisions would be penniless or bankrupt and would have to close down."

    If this fat white prostitute is correct, then I can understand why Umno leaders are leaving.

    Keep an eye on Rembau : )

    1. Close all these filthy and corrupted Umno divisions down

    2. Anon 06:36

      La.. dia pi mengacum kat United Nation? Dia nanggis teresak2 tak? tst tst tst tst

      La aaa kamu ni pokpekpokpek UMNO nak bankrup dn penniless pula? Nape kuat bohong sangat ni? Dulu kepoh Negara nak bankrup. Finance Minister yg melalak2 tiap hari tetiba korner baring cakap Malaysian economy is doing well pula dah.

      Macam janji 100 hari berbuih2 janji habuk pun takde. Mai dengaq apa Minister ni pula cakap;

      La aaaa? Video jadi bisu pulak ke? Freedom of speech Minister pun kena sekat juga? Kekekeke.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. KJ was not impressed at all by Zahid's speech.

      If KJ had won the Umno election, I believe they would survive because Tun actually likes him.

    4. KJ has matured a lot.
      He much prefers to be strike out rather than leaving umno on his own free will like Tok Pa. Hence, all the provocative statements! fellow.
      If he plays his card well, don't be surprised if he becomes a PRIME MINSTER, may be for the 17th GE.
      God willing.

    5. Cik Minah

      Agree with your observation. Me think Azmin and KJ together will give our country a better chance of progressing towards a better future, provided they don't turn rogue.

    6. Hehehehe.......

      Prof Pokpek Parrot dah gelabah o.......if ameno deregistered, bye bye dedak......kihkihkih

    7. Fat hopes Cik Minah,

      KJ is an opportunist and cannot be trusted at all.

    8. Anon 13:15

      Takut dengan bayangan sendiri ke? Dah 5 bulan masih kalut berebut jawatan, bila nak mula bring in results nih??

      Pemimpin atasan pula masih dok fly all over dok mengacum tak kesudahan, nak raih simpati macam mana nak lure investors... declare Negara dah bankrupt.

      Hmmm kecuh benar 3rd National cars pun dah gone wit the wind ke? Asyik kalut bohong memanjang..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. I have not written much in this blog nowadays due to my job commitment but I read every posting and comment in this blog.
    Personally, I am of the opinion that UMNO should form a very strong opposition together with Pas and maybe with some non-bumis parties.
    To be a part of the government through backdoor will be unacceptable especially among the grassroots supporters. After all GE15 is not that far off. The PH government is making a mistake by lowering the voting age to 18 under the assumption that young voters will vote for PH.The PH government received support from many young Malay voters due to their false promises such as PTPTN issue and 1MDB.
    I am sure in 2023 when Tun Mahathir is most likely no longer around (politically speaking), no political parties can garner the Malay supports (forget PKR and Amanah. By then, Bersatu will probably become a footnote in history). Malays are breeding like rabbits and in 2023, Malays will become much more significant demographically.The thought of combined strength of UMNO dan Pas will send shivers on DAP supporters' spine.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. No wonder you are called Prof Kangkung, with Kangkung like thoughts. UMNO will kill off PAS once it gets want it wants just like it did before. I admire the wisdom of the late Tok Guru Nik Aziz who warned against any PAS UMNO co-operation as history will repeat itself when UMNO got rid of PAS later. Only those who lust for power fail to see this.
      Maybe PAS will be conned by UMNO again..hahahaha

    2. "By then, Bersatu will probably become a footnote in history".......ya you are right if you replace word "Bersatu" with "Umno"......wait for orange lokap parade, AMLA & deregister......padan muka la you crooks!

    3. Betul tu Prof Kangkung..

      Katakaloo pemimpin bertaraf Vitalik Buterin, Justin Bieber atau Kpop idols, mungkin they MAY be interested.

      Ni setakat pandai cakap berbuih2 performance elek.. maki hamun, menuduh, mencarut hari2.. they got no time to follow even you la Minister Saddiq ooi.

      Pak Google always there 24/7, masih belajar oredi can generate their own income. Ask them about Tun, Anwar, Guan Eng, Kit Siang bla bla "not interested, tu orang zaman2 dulu mentality dah outdated, pemimpin2 yg muda2 semua kaki pak turut aje, new ideas.. elek"..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  18. Is Annie so desperate to move to Singapore and have to bodek LHL since UMNO has no future left in Malaysia? UMNO's support will dwindle by the day when the financing is cut-off.

  19. handsome and dirt rich’s-politicians/

  20. Annie.

    Why does Umno need to balas dendam against Tok Pa, Anifah & the others who quit?

    Why do they need to take revenge?

    This is BIG MISTAKE.

    They are making themselves look petty.

    Also, they will lose the case:

    "PETALING JAYA: Umno will fail in its attempt through the courts to recover costs from its elected representatives who switched camp after the May 9 election, says retired judge Gopal Sri Ram.

    Sri Ram said existing court rulings on similar cases were stacked against Umno, and cited two Federal Court decisions: Datuk Ong Kee Hui v Sinyium Anak Mutit, and Nordin bin Salleh v Dewan Undangan Negeri Kelantan.

    He said any contract between an elected representative and his political party that he would vacate his seat and return election expenses upon defection was illegal and void.

    “Even an anti-hopping law is unconstitutional and invalid as held in Nordin’s case,” he told FMT.

    Sri Ram said a court would not indirectly enforce a matter which could not be directly enforced."


    Like I say, Zahid is not leadership material.

    I said so.

    He will lead Umno to its grave.

  21. benar lah kata2 sesetengah org..melayu mudah melupakan n memaafkan...kj yg dulu di gelar mr 10persen ka 25persen dh matang..he he lah org lain plak.


    1. Compared to Wak Jahit, KJ has matured from 25% to 75%. Whereas Wak Jahit, eventhough he is 30 years older than KJ, his maturity remains 10%. Kira macam budak autisme tahap rendah gitu. Wak Jahit said, don't push me too hard, when I reach the wall, I will no longer be opened!
      Nampak sangat, Wak Jahit never understand why KJ is pushing him to the wall. The wall has tumbled down but Wak Jahit takda amik apa-apa tindakan pun. This shows that, Wak Jahit's maturity has never developed. Wonder where he bought his doctrate............????
      Maybe Prof Nasi Lemak was his mentor/fasilatator at upm....???

    2. Cik Minah ni suffers from inferiority komplex ye? Dok tunjuk jari kat irg lain.. 4 jari dok tunjok kat diri hang.. kesian, nak tunjuk konon diri tu pandai terpaksala bodoh2kan semua orang lain. Hehawww

      Alahai.. zaman skrg college drop-outs pun amongst the richest man/woman on earth.. gantung la sijil kamu tu kat pokok nyiok atau twin towers, kalooo performance elek, Justin bieber jentik masuk longkang aje.

      Hmmm 3rd Nasional car apa kabar? Habaq mai sikit. Bohong ke betoi?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. "Maybe Prof Nasi Lemak was his mentor/fasilatator at upm....???"

      Cik Minah,

      Professor Nasi Dedak dropped out of school after Form 3, as clearly proven by the quality of his arguments.

      I think it's sad that Umno can steal billions from 1MDB, Felda, TH & KWAP but still uses 5-sen cybertoyol like Pokpek Parrot.

    4. Anon 22:49

      So kena pandai bohong hari2, mencarut, memaki dan mengaibkan semua orang will meet your intellectual quality of argument?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      I am surprised you know the meaning of "intellectual"...hahahahahah

  22. aiya! any
    how much money Sian Long wife "what the name"? burnt
    at temasik venture????
    betty chew buy a bungalog with no swimming pool and some "pricy" handbegs is a issue???
    i bet sian long more "stupid" if not "foolish" then tokong lge

    1. Anon 18:09

      Is yours a standard 5 style of writing?...hahhahaha

  23. Annie,

    //Even though I was not so impressed with Zahid's opening speech last night//

    I did write a very long winded comment but I have no idea where it is.

    Oh, well, never mind, here is somebody else's view on the UMNO AGM.


  24. Annie does not fancy LGE. She prefers the previous finance minister ie Najib who is world renowned kleptocrat.

  25. hi! ANY
    lee hsien loon definitely do not look like what your picture of him trying to protray!!!! nowadays he look an old haggard man. and saddest becos he cannot retire from his primier post.
    such a pity ANY, even with pictures comparison bloggers have to deceit!!!! taslk about fairness.
    maybe next article of the beloved klepto ex primier ANY may post a picture of him and rossie from 1990's

    1. Anon 7:43
      I could not agree with you more. Annie is just trying to be a batu api due to her deep hatred and jealously of Lim Guan Eng that he is now the finance minister and not Najib

    2. Annie should be gone to Singapore by now. Malaysia doesn't need a batu api and hypocrite citizen like her. And also a forked tongue blogger in the name of neutral. My foot!

  26. Latest news!

    Azmin Ali predicts only 3 to 4 UMNO MPs left by month end !

    Can't wait. Stay tuned :)