Saturday 1 September 2018

Missing love on Sept 1

This is my friend and me via Line last night,

My friend is the masseuse from Thailand whom I wrote about in this post,


She has a nine year old daughter back home and she is also supporting her elderly father.

We mostly talked about that as she massage me.

How's Aom doing at school? Is your father well? That sort of things.

Yes, she's a real friend.

I was in the East Coast early last week when she told me that she was rushing back home to Thailand because her father's condition took a sudden bad turn.

Her father was 87 years old and wheelchair-bound.

As I wrote in the previous post


She used to work in South Korea but switched to Malaysia after her father got really sick a few years back.

She needed to be nearer to home because of her father's condition, she said.

She wished she could go back to Thailand altogether but has to instead continue working here as she needs the extra money to fulfill her responsibilities.

I actually admire her for being such a strong woman.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that she managed to be there for her father till the end.

I really hope that she'll be alright because I know that she loves her father very much.

Her father raised her by himself because her mother died when she was about four-years-old.

It was actually quite heart breaking to think that in his old age, his daughter has to work abroad as a masseuse to support the family.

He was a paddy farmer.

Despite all the talks about how advanced the Thai paddy industry is, its farmers are still not doing very well.

I actually learnt from my friend that life is still tough for her family and most other farmers in her country.

Actually after listening to her, I think our paddy farmers in Malaysia are generally doing better with the help from the government all these years.

But of course these days

Paddy farmers worry over possible end of Bernas import monopoly

Hopefully the government is doing the right things and things will not be too bad for them.

Anyway, I think I'll just rest at home today.

I actually miss my mother very much after receiving news from my friend last night.

Not unlike my friend, my mom is now taking care of my grandparents.

It's not easy taking care of elderly people.

My mom also got sickly herself sometimes these days.

I pray that my mom, grandma and grandpa are okay.

That's all.

Here's a song for today;



  1. Ending any monopoly is a good thing.Let there be competition and strives for better pricing and quality of products.

    Love this song too. 😀

    1. I'm of the opinion that ending Bernas monopoly of rice import is not good. For one thing, please read what the paddy farmers have to say about it. Thank you.

  2. missing love on Sept 1, my birthday. roll under honey. omymy

  3. Annie
    Instead of resting at home and Kluang only a few hours away.. why not spend yr wkend wth yr mom and grandparents?

    Take them to the beach.. or just jln2 cari makan, very refreshing.

    Mention Bernas, think of rice/padi, think of Kedah think CM of Kedah, think of whose son he is.. kekekeke then analyse why the nonstop pokpekpokpekpokpek on monopoly.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. yea…its nothing can compare d grief when u lost ur parent. i‘ve had tat….i’ve lost my mother on last december. d pain is crippling n it hits at random moment…one minute i feel ok but on next minute curling up with inconceivable pain.she was d biggest part of my life. my world never look d same again.

    one‘ll not understand if one never come through it.

  5. Even after so many decades of development, Asia still has a mountain of such silent cases of poverty-stricken and tragedy-ridden lives.

    In many instances, they hit women the most. Born poor and missing out on education, they discover they have to mature faster in life in order to survive menial work in harsh workplaces with only hope and resilience as their daily shield. And they ennoble their sorry lot the moment they sacrifice themselves to responsibly take on loads beyond their age and ability for others who had not done enough for them. Single mothers particularly exemplify such nobleness.

    Which comes to the matter of a logical age difference between life partners. Men should be at least ten years older than the women they marry. Then the latter will have the strength to take care of the former as the diseases of age such as dementia and alzheimer hit. If both are of comparable ages, neither can take care of the other. Because when all are poor, it would be irresponsible to depend too much on the offspring who have to improve their own economic condition in order to cut the poverty trap that engulfs too many. When the time comes, it will be easier for the poor to care for one widow than two elderly.

  6. mai has gone back to chiangmai. let me be your masseuse the way and where you want it blindfolded. omymy

  7. Annie,

    Sorry to hear about your friend's dad.

    My commiserations to your friend.


  8. Anon 20:36 ini macam punya orang pun ada? Why dont you go to chiangmai yourself, a...h....

  9. Annie's fake news ?

    1. Annie has levelled up since GE14
      Her intelligence rose

  10. missing mike taib cash & carry, now dumbo money racketeering cash & carry by a hasanah who loved CIA...