Wednesday 5 September 2018

State of journalism

The media was said to be free, balanced and everything good in Malaysia Baru.

Not like during the BN's time in power.

Well, I'm doing this short post because I opened the website of national news agency Bernama just now.

These are the latest stories on its first page of the political section;

PH in comfortable lead to win Balakong
 by-election amid concern of low turnout

PH set up 10 booths to help
 voters check polling centres

Upgrading of Balakong road
 project not to fish for votes - Baru

Constituency to be contested by Anwar
 to be announced this month - Saifuddin Nasution

PPBM adopts 'open door' policy
 to those keen to join the party

Seri Setia by-election: Halimey
 confident voters' support remained

Look at my track record, 
says Azmin to delegates

Seri Setia by-election: Internal squabbles
 in PKR not affecting PH's campaign

Balakong youngsters hope 
for a safer and better road quality

Mahathir says will honour 
PH agreement on succession

So, okay or not?

Free, balanced and everything good?

Well, never mind.

Anyway, I'm actually more interested in this story by Reuters;

 How Myanmar punished two reporters

 for uncovering an atrocity

Brave guys, those journalists.

Well, at least over here the authorities are no longer doing that to journalists....for now.

I'm always hopeful that Malaysia will have a truly free media one day.

I believe I have always been consistent on this since back then during the BN's rule.

Please check the archive of this blog before simply accusing me of these and those, okay.

Maybe you all want to read again this post of mine which I wrote on May 20 2015;

Journalists need balls

If you don't feel like reading that, maybe you want to watch this instead, okay.

Tough, right? Even in Malaysia Baru. Even for me.


  1. Well, Annie, we don't expect you to have balls. Anyway, after years of unbalanced reporting by government-owned media, please la don't compare Bernama's current posts with PH's promise to make the press freer. Silly isn't it and rather petty.

    You appear to be getting unbalanced by the day. It is still, however, interesting to read your posts. Tell us a lot.

    1. Anon 15:09.

      Please bear with lying Annie. She is trying her best to create issues from non issues. Needs to justify her existence to her paymasters... hehehe

    2. I love Annie's blog.

      Hilarious trying to watch her spin with no material.

      Of course she's forgotten that under the regime of Najis Tong Rosak...

      Three publications were SHUT DOWN for reporting the truth about 1MDB.

      Including The Edge:

      As the US & Swiss have now confirmed, these reports WERE 100% CORRECT.

      Awwwwwww, poor little macai Annie.

      That amnesia is a real problem : )

    3. Please read this past post of mine
      Thank you

    4. Balanced reporting...Can you find any from opposition published newspapers? Roketkini, Harakah etc..

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Sorry... The Rocket is govt aligned. Not harakah.

    7. Anon 22:58 still in denial? The Rocket is Govt aligned, not oppo published.

    8. Annie,

      Please read your OWN post, lah.

      Let me quote YOUR WORDS:

      "What if Barisan Nasional loses the next general election and those taking over decide to shut down all news outlets they deemed as misreporting in favor of BN.

      Do we really want that?

      They can use the same argument."


      ...did it happen?


      All you Umgnok bloggers are still free to maki hamun Tun and the PH gomen.

      TV3 and Utuscum are doing fine (errrrr, not really, financially, but people got sick of their lies : )

      None of your blogs have been blocked = UNLIKE THE BN GOMEN ERA.

      No journalists put in lock-up = UNLIKE THE BN GOMEN ERA.

      The most pro-Umno news outlet is Malaysiakini.

      See how critical it is of the PH gomen?

      Pay close attention lah Annie.

      When Jibby wants to get a message out, he gives exclusive interviews to whom?


      Nobody else.

      How many of you BN mouthpieces gave 6-7 articles a month on PH leaders?

      Think about it.

    9. I guess you are just too stupid to get the point of what I wrote. Never mind.

    10. He he he, Annie O Annie.

      I guess you are just too stupid to rebut any of my points intelligently with facts : )

      Never mind lah, Annie.

      Your huge contribution to the BN cyber-effort must continue.

      With you macai running propaganda like this, even Perlis and Pahang will fall.

      Johor was bad enough.


    11. Not my job to rebut stupid people with stupid comments.

    12. Your intelligent reader's job is to rebut your stupid spin articles Annie.

    13. I see. Good lah that you can earn a living. Hope you are paid good money.

    14. "Not my job to rebut stupid people with stupid comments."

      Hee hee hee.

      You are right, Annie.

      Your job was ensure that Umno/Barisan Neraka won PRU14 with a huge majority so their leaders could keep robbing us.

      And that Johor was kept safely in the pink-lipped pirate's hands.


      Never mind, after all...36% of the popular vote is better than...

      35% of the vote : )

      You can do it, Annie!

      Spin, spin, spin!

      Dead dogs, pizza, Grab drivers, your aunties...whatever it takes!


      GO, ANNIE!!!!!

    15. Anonymous6 September 2018 at 13:12

      Actually, we are not here to debate Annie. Only to fall in love when she merajuk. Mmmmmmmm, geram la aku....

    16. Annie dah tua merajuk buruklah.

    17. Why fall in love with Annie? We don't even know how she looks like....hehehe

  2. there a PH owned newspaper? The last I know is that MCA still owns the STAR papers and DUMNO still owns UTUSAN MELOYA.

    Under BN govt, the opposition does not have the luxury of owing newspapers and face many restrictions on circulation of its internal publication.

  3. Lama jugak tak nampak akhbar DAP, sudah bungkus ke..Kalau u guys Hate BN and luv LKS n family, akhbar DAP is da best...

  4. Annie,

    //These are the latest stories on its first page of the political section;//

    Come on lah, BERNAMA is just sucking up to their new masters.

    My guess is that after soooo many years of kissing UMNO arse, BERNAMA has arse-kissing down to a fine art.

    //How Myanmar punished two reporters for uncovering an atrocity//

    Make no mistake, Myanmar is still effectively under military rule.

    If I am not mistaken, more then half of the seats in the Myanmar are reserved for military appointees.

    Aung San Suu Kyi is there only under the sufferance of those 3 generals and there is very little she can do about very much.

    //Well, at least over here the authorities are no longer doing that to journalists....for now.//

    I would be most curious to see if PH would dare imprison any journalists.

    I guess there are circumstances where journalists could be detained. eg inciting unrest, racism, le majeste, etc, but this is a common feature of law anywhere in the world.

    //I believe I have always been consistent on this since back then during the BN's rule.//

    Yup, I would vouch for the fact that you have always supported press freedom.

    In fact, I know that you even try to practise that here by allowing comments which, in my opinion, quite insulting to you.

    I have always admired you for walking your talk.

    I certainly could not do it myself.


    1. Annie has no problem with insults, but she do ban comments. I had my fair share of comments banned..and I know why.
      For this comment..why use some mat salleh's basic theories of journalism..semua orang tau...takde orang ikut.
      Post la some of our toko wartawan's speech or Pak Samad's acceptance speech for his honorary PHD from UKM titled..'Siapa Dewata'..or lebih kurang macam tu.. I've been looking for it tak jumpa. Maybe because I'm no journalist so not good at this getting facts and infos thing.

    2. I don't publish comments which are too extreme and can give reason for my blog to be closed down. Thank you.

    3. Hypocrite Annie did delete uninsulated comments also and thats a fact.

    4. "Annie has no problem with insults, but she do ban comments. I had my fair share of comments banned..and I know why."

      Hee hee...bro, if you mention her PonyGod negatively, she won't publish it.

      But PonyGod blogs like once a year and got zero comments.

      Dunno why Annie sembah him.

      I think Annie should become new blogging captain : )

    5. *uninsulted comments.typo

  5. Anonymous @ 5 September 2018 at 15:09,

    //please la don't compare Bernama's current posts with PH's promise to make the press freer//

    And do not confuse BERNAMA current posts with PH's promise of a freer press.

    Like I said elsewhere, BERNAMA has perfected the art of arse-kissing during the UMNO years and all it is doing now is kissing PH arse.

    Same dedication and commitment in the kissing, just different arse.

    BERNAMA knows nothing about balanced news reporting, but everything about arse kissing, OK?


  6. STAR?? On paper sja MCA... tapi otak semua PH.. shareholdings mau transfer to PH payah sikit. But now everythg can TERKEJUT! TERKEJUT! TERKEJUT wan. Who knows, maybe can oso buy for 5sen..

    Utusan... haiya sll cannot buka news, always error. Few hours only can.

    BTW what happened to the gerai Ramadan rasuah PH leaders? Oso Mat Sabu's RM800K assistant? So quiet?? No kes ke? All thrown out?

    Traditional media soon will disappear.. see even Guardian;

    Who bothers to buy newspapers nowadays? Our networking coverage esp generations coming from boarding schools.. worldwide 24/7.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Nasi Dedak,

      Bila nak melawat Najib? Kesian dia sorang sorang sekarang...

  7. Professor TERKEJUT wrote:

    "Utusan... haiya sll cannot buka news, always error".

    Ya la macam kau la Professor Terkejut...selalu error. Bungalow pun tak reti eja...Tulis pon macam budak Form 3. kahkahkah

    1. Anonymous5 September 2018 at 16:27

      "Tulis pon macam budak Form 3"

      Actually Prof Pokpek Parrot failed Form 3...

    2. Anon 19:13
      Jual nasi lemak tak teghiuh bahasa England tak kisah. Dok jat counter tolak masuk duit dalam laci aje hari, tak jadi masalah.

      Haiyaa pemimpin PH kamu taraf macam ni aje, itupun kamu pilih jadi your leader? Kekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      U mau leader macam Najib ke? PENYANGGAK PENYAMUN PEROMPAK ?

    4. Anon 10:04

      leader macam Najib ke? PENYANGGAK PENYAMUN PEROMPAK ?

      Dok curious sangat2 nak tau sejak 2015, tapi dia baru kena caj kan sabit perkara lain pulak dah? Please make up your minds la.

      Bicara pun belum.. Kamu ni Hakim ke? belum ape2 dah menuduh? Share la sini nak tengok bahan2 tuduhan. Jangan sorok2 lepastu TERKEJUT! TERKEJUT! TERKEJUT jadi kes macam Guan Eng..

      Tak serbu selongkar reban ayam Najib juga ke? mana tau jumpa bukti2?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Prof Pokpek Parrot actually NEEDS a leader who is PENYANGGAK PENYAMUN PEROMPAK, else how to get dedak?

    6. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      Nak serbu jugak... jangan tak serbu weh...mana tau cincin berlian birkin semua susuk kat sana..

      Kau cam ne? Dedak ada simpan kat rumah tak? Serbu jangan tak serbu.

    7. Anon 13:58

      BTW what happened to the gerai Ramadan rasuah PH leaders? Oso Mat Sabu's RM800K assistant? So quiet?? No kes ke? All thrown out?

    8. Anon 16:12..

      FELDA, MARA, TABUNG HAJI kes dah selesai ke? Itu pun tak termasuk kes USD40 juta duit haram Hasanah Spy dan Hishammuddin bawak masuk kat Malaysia.

    9. Anon 17:21

      Kan Malaysia Baru, melalak rasuah berbuih2 ayaq liok? Kes gerai Ramadan, pembantu MtSabu dan Guan Eng jatuh golongan ape eh?? Sekarang bole ikut teladan sama ke?

      Alaaa. Hasanah spy kena la cekop.. 61tahun bahan rahsia dalam tangan dia. Satni dia dn Hishamuddin bawa keluaq file masing2 yg bertimbun2, nah.. terkancing gigi..

      Negara2 lain, kesalahan mengkhianati Negara, kena hukuman mati tau.. kalau China, firing squad!!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Utusan... haiya sll cannot buka news, always error.//

    No problems for me - seriously, not a single error.

    Methinks your computer is full of malware from all the porn sites you visit and the Utusan site is blocking you :)



  9. Free and open media means everyone can write about what ever they want wihout any restrictions. If Bernama wants to write about PH let them. The fact that MCA Star and UMNO Utusan are still being published and sold openly is proof of the free and open media we have under PH now. At least now you have more choices for alternative views.

  10. Hi Annie,
    Don't worry LGE news will be on 1st Page anywhere anti-PH and even in Blogs.....fair and balance or not, people still can report no need worry go to jail. The worst if says wrong thing get sued in court and thru court process either pay fines or apologize. Recently Rafizi apologize to Dahlan and pay some fines...We don't need Myanmmar junta style in Malaysia.

  11. Hey Neutral Annie,

    The clamping down of free speech is done by BN and UMNO through the enactment of the Anti Fake News Act just before the elections this year.

    It was the PH government which subsequently after the elections repealed the draconian Anti Fake News Act.

    It's because the PH government is in favour of free speech that it abolished and did away with the Anti Fake News Act brought in by BN

  12. Good info for those who wish to know;

  13. Yeay! Gaji minima naik seringgit tujuh kupang sehari.. my customers bole belanja teh o ais tiap2 hari..

    Thank You Pakatan Harapan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Jangan makan dedak sorang sorang Prof Nasi Dedak. Kongsi sikit dedak kamu tu kat customers....

  14. funny guy. yea...let him be.he really has lost his sales. n thinks tat his best years r over.

    1. Yes fatin? RM50/30 is seringgit tujuh kupang.. whats so funny about that? You are trying to look funny yourself isit?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. annie
    orang besar gomen baru " ta-tak sombong maaa...ta-rak serupa ini orang...

    1. ROTAN ! ROTAN ! ROTAN !
      Rotan jangan tak rotan.
      Lama lama jadi Taliban

  16. All the top 3 bosses in Bernama, kontrak mahu tamat... Kena lah gosok buah epal lebih sikit. Mana tahu boleh dapat sambung 1 atau 2 tahun lagi.
    Lobby maa...

  17. fatin @ 6 September 2018 at 22:07,

    //funny guy. yea...let him be.//

    I think you meant Prof Nasi Lemak?

    If so, yah lah, I think his best years are long over, but I suspect that either he doesn't realise it or he can't accept it.

    Very likely, nobody in his "restaurants" can challenge his intellect, he can't argue with customers or they will not come anymore, always have to let customers win arguments, sooo what to do?

    He comes to Annie's blog lah, hoping to find younger people he can bully - not realising that he can't keep up.

    Imagine in your mind, an old man trying to show-off his rapping skills on the dance floor, wearing his baseball cap backwards, making pistol signs with his fingers, trying to look gangsta :)

    That's Prof Nasi Lemak :)

    Never mind lah, he is good entertainment value.


    1. Gladiator
      Just divide RM50 by 30days.. itu pun tatak tau kira ke? Tetiba;

      ...bully2, entertainment values, dance, baseball cap, gangsta, rapping, pistol kekekeke apahal kamu dok pokpekpokpek tak renti ni? Amboi, fantasy kamu ni macam bebudak 3tahun la.. tapi

      Klo darah daging asal keturunan prostitutes perkataan memang "porn", yg ni memang tak akan lekang dari bibir kamu ya..

      Go take fatin for a dance. She sure will mimic you like crazy wan.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  18. Annie... 9.5 million !!!!
    sharing is caring

  19. Good news kpd mereka berpendapatan gaji minima. Harga pasaran tomato tanah tinggi seringgit tujuh kupang sekilo..

    Dengan kenaikan gaji minima RM50 sebulan, sekarang hari2 keluarga bole makan sekilo tomatoes..

    Terima kasih Pakatan Harapan

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  20. Annie, give it time. The Bernama's, tv3's still haven't figured out how to do fair & objective news reporting. Frankly it is getting a little nauseating listening to tv3 pouring praises on people they used to bash.

  21. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Just divide RM50 by 30days..//

    What on earth are you talking about?

    //...bully2, entertainment values, dance, baseball cap, gangsta, rapping, pistol //


    Hey gangsta!! You look good on that dance floor :)

    Keep dancing!!!



  22. I don't think it's fair until utusan, star and the likes be considered as harakah untuk ahli sahaja...

    Also when TV3 stops giving airtime to the oppositions.

    Until those things happen, I consider it's not fair for now that the government has no controlled over the news medias.

    Eyes rolling yet?