Friday 14 September 2018

Haters, stop bitching, please

I think I better write something now.

Been a week since my last posting and some of you are starting to complain and accuse me of things such as this one

Dedak belum dapat cannot thinklah.

Crazy. Don't know why some of you who really hate me wanted me to write more.

There were quite a few of those but I deleted some of them because they went to extreme whacking other bloggers too.

Hey, why whack other bloggers here. Go to their blog and do that there la, okay. Want me to quarrel with them, is it?

But never mind lah.

I was actually not feeling really well the past week.

And I have to take care of some personal issues too.

So, no time and energy for this blog.

Actually there were lots of stuff I could comment but it was too taxing for me to do so.

They were mostly nonsense such as Najib showing off documents that are evidence of the Arab king giving him the money everyone said he stole via 1MDB. Much too late and would not make any difference isn't it? So why bother.

Then there were the usual bullshit from Guan Eng about this and that. Well, if I wrote about those, all his fanboys would jump at me. I have no energy for that.

And of course there was that stupid Education Minister quarrelling with students over his appointment as IIUM president. And that of his political secretary to UUM. Serves those students right for believing in him. Anyway, what the hell were they doing bothering themselves with such stupidity instead of studying.

On the lewd front, there was that aide of a deputy minister taking upskirt picture of a girl. That's really sick, okay. Too disgusting for me to write.

On the racial front, there was that sort of professor quoted by a government's TV station claiming that Indians are the real bumiputra of this country. and I thought that one was over and done with by that Kulasegaran minister. And they said I'm the one playing the racial card. Well, whatever.

Errrr. what else?

Oh ya, now we are going to have the PD Move for Anwar.

That I can write a lot.

After all, I was in the thick of things during the Kajang Move back in 2014. It's more or less the same nonsense.

They really think they can do anything these days and the rakyat would swallow it.

Well, maybe they were right.

So, why should I bother myself trying to tell people that the whole thing is just pure crap.

Making Anwar the PM is really a crappy idea, okay.

I believe even Dr Mahathir knows that. He even said so back then....of course in some other words....ya, including that liwat word.

Anyway, why is it so important for Anwar to become PM?

Too big an ego, I guess.

Never mind.

If Malaysians want Anwar as their PM, then who am I to bitch about it. They can go ahead and have him as PM, and I wouldn't really give a shit.

I believe my life will go on.

I got more important things to watching Korean movies.

Just finished watching this one

The Man from Nowhere 

 Quite good.

Here's the trailer

Well, that's all for now.

I hope the haters will stop complaining and bitching after reading this one.

Really guys, I was not well and busy with other things the past week.

Ok. Ciao.


  1. annie you will be OK but there is NO tomorrow for najib + shafee (so far only 2 crooks when there are so many in Bandit Nasional adoi)...

  2. for Annie:

  3. U gave the right medicines to the idiots. Whoever they are. Good. Ok.Take and go to sleep

  4. Annie,

    //Crazy. Don't know why some of you who really hate me wanted me to write more.//

    It is simple.

    Many of us are still stuck in yesteryear and the hatred for all things UMNO remains.

    You are seen as an UMNO supporter, so to those haters, you are fair game.

    Not every Pakatan supporter will admit that there are decent UMNO people around, just as not every UMNO supporter will admit that there are decent Pakatan people around.

    I have always maintained that if UMNO had more people like you, things would be very different for them.

    Unfortunately for UMNO, over the years, most people like you have left to join PKR or PPBM :)


    I support whomever I like.

    Right now, I support Pakatan.

    In a past life, I was a BN supporter.

    In a future life, I have no doubt that I will drop Pakatan and support whomever is in opposition to Pakatan.

    Yes, I am that hated lalang, that reviled katak, that undecided flip-flopper :)

    But at the end of the proverbial day, I decide for myself who I want in public office and nobody can force me to vote for any party I don't want to :)

    I do understand that being a swinging voter can be difficult for some people who are used to voting in whatever way they are told to vote.

    And I know that it can sometimes also be a bit dangerous to being a swinging voter as I had a very uncomfortable experience myself prior to GE14.


    1. Hi Gladiator, you have said this to Annie..." you are seen as an Umno supporter "....well, if you really know how to read her writes, you would be able to see that she is not SEEN as an Umno supporter, but she IS indeed an Umno supporter, then and now too.

      My opinion is that visitors here 'attack' her not because she is an Umno supporter, but more because they get irritated that she is riding on that 'Defending the Undefendable' train which is full of Umno blackguards who even up to now, no longer in power, still wear their arrogant and brutal armour and going about town shouting the 3Rs at the top of their voices and the Chief Pirate now opening his floodgate mouth spewing all sorts of comments never heard before....such a vast contrast when he used to keep his elegant silence, quiet as a mouse then. Now he's ever so busy either giving media statements or be interviewed and continue further on with Facebook ! It is like he is making up for his 40 years of silence in this 4 months with hundreds of thousands of words...quite unfortunate really, so many holes and lame statements, if he had shut up as usual, nobody would know he's such a lame brain.

    2. Anonymous15 September 2018 at 02:40

      Annie is actually very smart.

      Her lifelong defence of 1MDB is always to flutter her eyelashes and whimper "ohhhhh, it's so complicated, I'm too stupid to understand it!"

      I think Najib should follow Annie's lead.

      The hilarious thing now is that he claims that Tanore Finance, the Jho Low offshore company that transferred 681 American Pies to Jho's boss - is actually owned by the Saudi king.

      Good luck with that one, Jibs.

      You are going to jail.

      Annie can't save you, because...

      "ohhhhh, it's so complicated, I'm too stupid to understand it!"

      Hee hee : )

      Kipidap Annie!

    3. Saya pun tak paham
      Just forget about 1mdb
      Politique matang

      Jho Low

  5. Miss your posting Annie.Visit your blog every 3 hours.In fact, the first thing I do every morning is visiting your blog.

    Hope you can write on "Langkah PD".I didnt agree why the Malaysians and PH shall focus on Anwar.

    Please also write on the most "handsome" minister, Lim Guan Eng. Recently he bashed Najib on the currency things.But he compared Malaysia currency when was ruled by BN .Why not compared Malaysia currency 1 day before PRU 14 and now.Spinning again this fella.

  6. Welcome back Annie, deep and simple. Bravo.

  7. Lifeofannie = 100% corruption supporting umno macai

    Truth is painful

    1. where is the proof you stupid fak

    2. Kih kih kih....

      U cannot read, not my problem la, Saudara Stupid Fak

      Lifeofannie is same geng as a group of failed ameno bloggers la

      Supposed to lead johor psywar effort ameno

      Tapi obviously orang johor are not stupid faks


    3. Anonymous15 September 2018 at 10:43

      "Tapi obviously orang johor are not stupid faks"

      Yes, true - they are not.

      Not only did all extensive Umgnok propaganda efforts fail in Johor, so too did the efforts by "certain istana folks" to run down Tun Dr M.

      (Of course, they should not have become involved at all. Read Kadir Jasin blog for more.)

      So, yes, it seems Malaysians and not just Bangsa Johor are more discerning now.

    4. About Johor, I was actually involved in its defence for the GE13, not the recent GE14. I published this message in conjunction with Johor Umno Convention in cNov 2014
      It was an early warning of what happened in GE 14 but of course they they never listen. There were other such posts in the archive.
      Anyway, PH seems to have very high standard cybertroopers coming to this blog. And I think they enjoy coming here because every time I didn't write for a few days they started to get itchy and bitchy.

    5. Annie,

      Actually you are right, Umno's problem is always overconfidence.

      This is what happens in any organisation (can be political party or even a company) where everyone is trained NOT to say anything negative.

      Just see KJ's current fate.

      The smartest, most dynamic and most popular Umno leader, reduced to silence by the old guard simply because he spoke a bit of truth.

      So now Annuar & Tajuddin are the face of Umno, not KJ.

      This will not end well.

  8. Anonymous @ 15 September 2018 at 02:40,

    //but she IS indeed an Umno supporter, then and now too.//

    OK lah, so Annie IS an UMNO supporter, now what?

    That makes her a mad woman talking nonsense?

    Those articles she has written in the past criticising some UMNO politicians and practices are wrong?

    Ooopps, what did I say there?

    Hmm, an UMNO supporter criticisng UMNO politicians and practices is wrong?

    Yah lah, must be a mad woman, right? :)

    //she is riding on that 'Defending the Undefendable' train//

    To be honest, I dont readily recall Annie "defending the undefendable".

    If anything, she has NOT defended the undefendable by not writing very much abt them.

    To me, that is a smart move on her part because she doesnt need to look silly trying to put spin on something which cant be spun, if you know what I mean.

    If there is one thing I feel Annie is guilty of, it will be her dislike for Lim Guan Eng and I dont really blame her :)

    Look, even a lot of DAP ppl dont like LGE, OK? :)

    I like LGE becos I think he is a highly intelligent and highly competent administrator but a totally lousy statesman.

    I admit that LGE is beginning to mature as a statesman nowadays becos I think he is more comfortable with himself now that PH is in Putrajaya.

    But LGE still has some way to go before he reaches the stature and reverence his father is held in.

    //Umno blackguards who even up to now, no longer in power, still wear their arrogant and brutal armour//

    OK lah, so UMNO has those undesirables in their midst.

    PH has its undesirables as well, OK? And they can be just as vocal :)

    BUT UMNO also had good decent people in there who were forced into the background, or out of the party when UMNO was in power.

    Like I said many of those ppl have left to join PKR and PPBM.

    So, UMNO is on a long downhill slide to oblivion and of cos you are going to get some of them shouting and screaming all the way down :)

    You ever gone downhill in a roller coaster? :)

    Let them shout and scream.

    As long as PH supporters stay focussed on rebuilding and repairing bridges between Melayu, Cina, India dan lain2, we will beat them :)

    Our battle today is not with UMNO.

    Our battle today is with ourselves in trusting a Melayu, a Cina, an India dan lain2.

    //the Chief Pirate now opening his floodgate mouth //

    Ah, yes, the de facto head of UMNO.

    Well, of cos lah, he has to make as much noise as he can.

    A drowning man screams to attract attention, hoping for salvation, from someone, anyone.

    I can completely understand Najib Razak's position.

    He must defend himself.

    I mean, nobody else is going to do it for him.

    The others like Zahid Hamidi, Hishammudin Hussein, etc are probably busy themselves, preparing for their own MACC visits :)

    Like I said, many Malaysians are still carrying a lot of anger from yesteryear.

    I, 100% understand that, becos it can take years to shed that anger.

    And anger is an energy - courtesey of the Sex Pistols.

    All I can say is redirect that energy in the rebuilding and the repairing of bridges. It will pay better dividends then bashing UMNO supporters :)


    1. "The others like Zahid Hamidi, Hishammudin Hussein, etc are probably busy themselves, preparing for their own MACC visits"

      The noose is closing.

      Also do read the excellent book by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), all about the 1MDB scandal.

      It really reveals how greedy the First Klepet were.

    2. "I like LGE becos I think he is a highly intelligent and highly competent administrator but a totally lousy statesman."


      I think LGE is all-round lousy, lah.

      Though I think he did a good job of transforming Penang, I would credit his team and not just him.

      And this tokong needs an "attitude adjustment" - big time.

      Wayyyyyy too arrogant!

      Hee hee hee.

  9. Anonymous @ 15 September 2018 at 02:45,

    //Lifeofannie = 100% corruption supporting umno macai//

    First time here?

    If you are a PH supporter, you are embarrassing other PH supporters like me.

    Show some class lah.

    Write intelligently.

    Show those UMNO + Parti Anak Syaitan macais why we are better and always will be better :)


    1. Gladiator 15 September 2018 at 09:54

      Hmmmmmmmmmm, as a long-time reader of this blog, yes, easily as long as you, I can also affirm that statement is incorrect.

      "Lifeofannie = 100% corruption supporting umno macai" is not right.

      The correct figure is:

      "Lifeofannie = 78.93% corruption supporting umno macai"

      That’s after some discounting for some mildly critical articles she wrote about the BN/Umno regime. (If Khaled then she will whack lah - nothing can fill the space in her heart left by Ghani : ) However, if you follow all the actual 100% corruption supporting umno macai’s blogs, she echoes their co-ordinated propaganda viewpoints more often than not. This is not helped by the fact that she used to (at one stage, not so much now) always echo and link to her Divine Ponygod (cannot say his name otherwise Annie won’t publish my comment!)

      Hence her claim of “neutrality” is pretty laughable, unless that 78.93% goes down to 50.0% : )

      Let’s see, huh?

      Maybe it will?

      PS: That “anger is an energy” line is not from the Sex Pistols but from Public Image Limited. You may be confused as the had the same lead singer:

  10. hi annie! glad u r back,hop u recover soon n take a break ok. .

  11. I'm watching Singapore Summit's session with Anwar on tv. He's charming & says all the right things & has the audience eating from his hands! but sorry, still don't trust the guy. To quote CNA, "mr anwar..fashioning himself as a thought leader...". Thought leader my foot!

    1. r'u still watching now? r'u so much a thoughtful than him? wat is he lying to u?

    2. Fatin, what original idea has anwar came up with to be called a thot leader?

  12. Alahai Kak Ani...
    Kita ramai di sini rindu la dengan Kak Ani...
    ....' Benci Tapt Rindu'...

  13. Annie...take a break & read some good books like BILLION DOLLAR WHALE. That will help educate u on all crap & lies about the saudi donation.

  14. Anonymous @ 15 September 2018 at 11:24,

    //"Lifeofannie = 78.93% corruption supporting umno macai"//


    I can see some ppl scratching their heads trying to work out how you got that figure :)

    //she echoes their co-ordinated propaganda viewpoints more often than not.//

    I don't enough UMNO blogs to agree or disagree with that.

    But I find it difficult to reconcile that statement with the clearly personal articles which Annie writes.

    As for her articles which have a political slant, I find that she takes that same heart-on-her-sleeve approach.

    But if others read something different into that, I guess that is just how it goes, isn't it? :)

    Maybe I am a bit dumb, but I would take a bit more convincing.

    //always echo and link to her Divine Ponygod//

    I don't think I have ever read any of his articles to completion.

    I find the writing style too monotonous and boring, sorry lah to parties concerned.

    But I do know that Annie thinks highly of him and so I guess it is natural that she will link to his blog.

    //unless that 78.93% goes down to 50.0%//

    At 50-50, that is being balanced.

    For neutrality, your 78.93% needs to go down to 0% :)

    Very few people can claim to be truly neutral in politics, even me.

    //That “anger is an energy” line is not from the Sex Pistols but from Public Image Limited.//

    Damn!! You are 100% correct, of cos.

    It was simply off the top of me head.

    I shall go and give myself 100 lashes for getting that simple fact wrong :)

    //You may be confused as the had the same lead singer://

    Yes, I was.

    John Lydon was, of cos, Johnny Rotten.

    Just had a read about him on Wikipedia.

    I am amazed he is still alive and still performing given his lifestyle. Sid Vicious didn't survive it.

    He does remind me a bit about Billy Bragg insofar as his advocacy for the working-class goes.

    But I think Billy Bragg is, of cos, a bit more political.


    1. "At 50-50, that is being balanced. For neutrality, your 78.93% needs to go down to 0%"

      Actually Gladiator, I would say it's the same:

      To be neutral, your ratio should be 50:50.


      That’s why I say that the MOST pro-Umno media of all is…


      Yes, really.

      I one counted that out of their top 7 stories on one day, 5 were damaging to PH.

      They cover Najib more than ANY other online or offline media.

      So I guess they are closer to the 50:50 golden rule than people like Astro Awani or Bernama now.

      Strangely, the former Umno mouthpieces like NST and Utusan are almost dead.

      I guess they underestimated Malaysians’ ability to screen out propaganda?

  15. without power & money, dumbo is finding it hard to live - adoi without us hating & fighting tis lemah lembik dumbo, it will die itself sigh

    1. Yup. Very high standard PH cybertroopers.

    2. Annie @ 18:39

      Anyone is higher standard than BN UMNO cybertrooper called Prof Nasi Lemak a.k.a Prof Pokpek Parrot

    3. annie dumbo katak2 are joining or merging with PH adoi
      so be prepared for any eventuality - imagine a world without dumbo wakakaka
      im ABU supporting PH ciao

  16. See Annie...this topic is so much more interesting than your previous boring padi dan beras article as evident from the more lively discussion and comments.

    1. Actually this one was just me bitching about nothing much after a long bout of flu and fever....and other difficult stuff.

    2. Yaa, more interesting coz it is much easier to condemn & bash than giving constructive feedback.

    3. Annie @ 18:56

      Even's Annie's bitching is more interesting than padi & beras. Sure Annie has a lot more bitching to do with the release of the book on 1MDB Billion Dollar Whale

    4. Anon 19:54

      Don't be such a hypocrite!

  17. I just come here to piss off the monkeys.

  18. Anonymous @ 15 September 2018 at 21:01,

    //To be neutral, your ratio should be 50:50.//

    You really should get a handle of some sort, you know :)

    Makes it easier to "talk" to you.

    But be that as it may, I dunno if I would consider neutral as 50-50.

    Neutral to me suggest a state of mind which is devoid of emotion a la BBC, for example.

    So in a 50-50, if, for example, I found out that Hadi Awang likes to dress up in women's clothes, I cannot say anything about it unless I also say that Lim Guan Eng is corrupt becos of that house deal.

    50-50, you see? Balance each other out and the nett is zero.

    Whereas, if I was neutral, I would just say that here are some pictures of Hadi Awang in women's clothes, here are some comments from the shop assistants where he buys those clothes from, here are more comments from his friends with whom he plays dress-ups with, etc etc and that's that.

    OK, I may say that he wears low-cuts more than anything else - but I don't think that I should include my personal views on whether he should or should not be wearing women's clothes.

    And I don't need to find any news on other politicians to offset what I may have written about Hadi Awang.

    Similarly, if I get evidence which shows that Lim Guan Eng acted in a particular manner regarding his house deal, I would just put it out there, again without my opinion attached.

    I may describe the mechanics of LGE's actions, and the results of that action but again I don't think I should offer an opinion nor do I need to find other news to offset against.

    Anyway, I am no lawyer, and neither am I a journalist, and the above are merely examples, poor examples perhaps, but examples nevertheless :)

    What would I know about presenting a neutral or balanced view?

    The above is just my view of what balance and neutral means and I could be completely wrong :)

    I am sure some ppl will say that I am as biased and bigoted as the next guy :)


    1. Anonymous16 September 2018 at 00:25

      Actually, I wonder if any news organisation is truly free from bias.

      Of course what you mention might be something like Reuters, which has no "stance" and is a wire service.

      However even philosophers know that anything that is perceived is coloured by the perceptions of the viewer. "The sea is blue" / "No the sea is green" - like that dress controversy where nobody can agree on the colour!

      In fact there is nothing wrong with being 100% pro-Umno blogger but please learn lessons from what has happened to NST and Utusan.

      Those who UNAPOLOGETICALLY defend thieves will not win favour from the rakyat.

      That's why PAS are being very stupid now to even embrace Umno.

      Bang go the Islamic credentials.

      For me, seeing all the kereta mewah with custom number plates was enough.

      They have sold their souls to the devil.

  19. "Dedak belum dapat cannot thinklah."

    Annie you as one of the PH haters, why easily get upset upon your readers mocking you. You did the same too. Whoever eats chilli sense its spiciness. Capeesh?

  20. Hi Annie,
    Miss your blogging la. You are sensible sometimes but I cannot understand why you so blind to support a thief like Najib. Even let say the fake Saudi letter is true. How u explain the money coming from Blackstone, SRC to Najib account? Please la Annie..wake up from Najib bomoh and know that he is caught and will spend his days in prison. The Mongolia case will revive again because justice will eventually caught up to the evil doers

    1. I don't write, you all said I tak dapat dedak cannot think. I write, you all said I'm defending thieves. Susah la like this. I think you all will only be happy if I write that Guan Eng is handsome, intelligent and a great statesman. Not much different from Umno people who want people to write only what they like to hear.

    2. Heh heh heh.

      No, Annie dear.

      These statements can both be 100% true:

      a) Najib stole USD4.5 billion from the people of Malaysia, and was defended by his equally corrupt cronies

      b) Guan Eng is not handsome, not intelligent and not a great statesman.

      Both are independent of each other.

      Nobody cares if you whack LGE for being ugly, stupid and a crap statesman.

      But maybe you want to stop blindly trying to divert attention from (a) - the biggest financial scandal globally in modern times.

      This is why Umno has zero credibility right now.

      Ditto, their bloggers.

    3. I write what I know. I don't pretend to know what I don't know. It's okay if people like you say I'm stupid because of that. Maybe after the case has been settled in court I will be more sure and can write about it. Anyway, since you seemed so sure even now about all those stuff, I suggest you write it yourself. I hardly censored the comments unless they were too extreme. Better still, you write all those things you are so sure of in your own blog.

    4. I have a feeling I already know what your blog post post-trial will look like:

      So it will just be PH "got him" because they promised to "get him".

      The fat white conman RPK has a “Justice for Najib” banner, maybe you can borrow it : )

      Actually that wasn't the promise, the promise was to seek justice and return of 1MDB stolen funds.

      Big difference.

      Anyway Annie, you should be pushing for Handsome Old Man and Anwar to be jailed for the 30-year-old Forex scandal.


      After all, Pinklips Pirate held an RCI just before election, with his little barua bermisai from Petronas, who has now gone missing completely.

      The RCI found Handsome Old Man and Anwar guilty.

      Of course, as you sembah the Pinklips Pirate, why not insist that Handsome Old Man and Anwar go to jail?

      Ohhhhhh, because it was 3rd world, cheap, pre-election bullshit by a paranoid dictator, using a stooge.


      But evidence of your Najib’s wrongdoings is from 7 countries, including Switerland, Singapore, USA, UK and more.

      Must be a hell of a komplot : )

      But I would say the credibility is a hell of a lot higher than the RCI farce led by little barua bermisai from Petronas, kan?

    5. Did I sembah any "Pinklips pirate"? Or anyone for that matter? You are a malicious person for accusing me of those. Simply hantam, right? And people like you claimed to be better than those Umno cybertroopers.

    6. Laaaaaa, rilek lah Annie.

      Okay don't sembah the Pinklips pirate, but you do:

      a) Quote him as a legitimate source of "truth" in all the massive scandals he's created for our future generations to sort out;

      b) Say that PH is out to "get" him, despite the fact that 7 countries are also out to "get him (?)

      c) Pretend not to understand that he and Rosmah STOLE BILLIONS, and keep excusing them.

      So...not sembah, lah : )

      Chill Annie, just enjoy a good Korean drama serial, okay?

      It's only politics, and of course the fact that our country is completely f***** for years to come because of BN/Umno's greed.

      Takpe lah.

    7. Our country completely fucked for years to come? Really? You do believe everything that Guan Eng told you, don't you....well, whatever lah.

    8. "Our country completely fucked for years to come? Really? You do believe everything that Guan Eng told you, don't you....well, whatever lah."

      Heh heh heh...

      I don't use LGE as an authority for ANYTHING, dear Annie. Much less Najib. They are both idiots, and the latter is the world's worst kleptocrat as well.

      Try and do some reading, it really helps.

      Buy the Wright/Hope book on 1MDB, for a start.

      It's out now.

      It's from Tokong.

      Nothing to do with him.

      After that, you can write a book review where you deny all the forensic evidence they had, claim they are Yahudi agents, and then cut & paste something from Jibby's Facebook rambles as proof of his innocence.

      Easy : )

      Umno bloggers cannot evolve, just like Umno cannot evolve.

      Both are doomed.

  21. I can undestand ur feelings n feel sorry..but u hve the courage to carry on..good work annie...u cant plse all de ppl all de time...

    1. Anon 12:38
      I supposed going by your logic you meant to say as long as you please the corrupted regime like the previous BN government then that is fine

    2. Annie @11:37

      No Annie, we don't want to hear how great LGE is but we want to hear more about Najib and his 40 thieves and how they looted our beloved Malaysia through 1MDB scandal

  22. Anonymous @ 16 September 2018 at 11:15,

    //Actually, I wonder if any news organisation is truly free from bias.//

    Probably not, but I think the BBC does set a good example.

    //what you mention might be something like Reuters//

    Now that you've mentioned it, I may have had Reuters on my mind.

    //please learn lessons from what has happened to NST and Utusan//

    Aaahh!! NST and Utusan :)

    You know, I have not held the print versions in my hands for longer then I care to remember.

    Not only that, I cannot even be bothered to give them any pageview clicks on their digital versions either :)

    //That's why PAS are being very stupid now to even embrace Umno.//

    I am sorry but I think you are totally wrong there.

    I believe that Parti Anak Syaitan is actually quite clever in fostering closer ties with UMNO.

    Consider this.

    As Hadi Awang snuggles up closer to Zahid Hamidi, rank and file UMNO members will despair and begin to desert UMNO, going to PKR, Amanah or PPBM.

    UMNO eventually dies, leaving all those remaining UMNO members to become directionless and leaderless.

    At that point, PAS may well step in and say to those poor lost UMNO souls, "You are Melayu, you are Muslim, we are Melayu, we are Muslim, come join us."

    So, PAS gets to kill off UMNO, capture its members and takes over UMNO's role as "jaguh kampung" for Melayu rights and privileges.

    Or some variation of the above.

    But the goal is the same - taking over UMNO role's as "jaguh kampung".

    PAS will NEVER play second fiddle to anybody - Hadi Awang has a Mandate from Heaven, you see.

    Given the current situation of a weakened UMNO, I feel that any UMNO+PAS interaction would favour PAS.

    //Bang go the Islamic credentials.//

    I doubt if Parti Anak Syaitan is concerned about Islamic credentials here.

    No problems if one lot of islamic credentials go down the drain - PAS can create plenty more counterfeit credentials any time.

    Plus, people who depend on PAS's Islamic credentials don't usually look too closely at those credentials , OK?

    Very often, they will not even know what an Islamic credential looks like unless the Ular-maks tell them, "This is an Islamic credential cos I said so".

    //For me, seeing all the kereta mewah with custom number plates was enough.//

    Aiyah, the ular-maks always preach that being pious has it's rewards.

    The ular-mak's kereta mewah with customised plates is proof of his piety. :)

    //They have sold their souls to the devil.//

    They are not known as Parti Anak Syaitan for nuffin.


  23. Annie hates Lim Guan Eng. That's why she is always obsessed with bitching about him.

    1. I believe you Annie. That's why i don't think you take dedak unlike other UMNO bloggers

    2. Still waiting for Rule Of Law Annie to campaign to throw Tun Dr M & Anwar in jail.

      She cannot understand 1MDB, but I'm sure Najib Stooge Forex RCI, she can : )

    3. I'm not familiar with the forex issue too. That's why I didn't write about it either. I'm really not good with money issues.

    4. Annie may not be familiar with forex issue cos her speciality areas are in finding fault with and condemning Guan Eng

    5. "I'm not familiar with the forex issue too."

      Nor was the short guy from Petronas who was ordered to find Tun Dr M & Anwar guilty, lah.

      Just like the PAC head Hasan Carimakan was ordered to remove all traces of Jho Low from the PAC official report.

      Since when does the truth count?

      Just start campaigning to throw Tun Dr M & Anwar in jail, Annie.

      The Forex RCI says so, what!

      It's the best way to help Umno WHOOPS Malay unity, that you care about so much : )

    6. The more I layan these people, the worse the comments coming in. Better let them be.

  24. I am surprised Annie is still faithfully believing Najib that he is not involved in the 1MDB scandal & grand theft and choose to defend Naib's innocence

    1. Typical stupid cybertroopers. Sigh.

    2. Annie, no point calling people stupid because by doing so you are just like those who called you a lapdog of UMNO who makan dedak.

    3. Well, at least we are even.

    4. Well Annie, can't be as stupid as Prof Pokpek Parrot. Funny how he never gets called out by you despite his idiotic comments. Birds of the same feather ?

  25. Sorry to burst your bubble Annie but the saudi donation letter was not signed by the saudi prince. Najib is guilty as hell. More will be revealed of this dubious letter later. Stay tuned :)

  26. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 00:57,

    //I am surprised Annie is still faithfully believing Najib...//

    I am surprised that you can come to that conclusion :)


    1. Why Gladiator, are you insinuaiting that Annie is on Najib's payroll ?

  27. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 11:14

    //the saudi donation letter was not signed by the saudi prince.//


    Was there even a Saudi prince in the first place? :)

    BTW, can you provide a link to where you got that info?


  28. Now... this is the main reason why Dr.M was so adamant to have a third car project.

    You can also click 'The Mole' at Annie's Blog roll.

    Of-course... PH haters who chose not to support what they perceived as DAP-led Government, can always opt buying Kapir-made luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz for their official use.

    If you choose to eat Siam Rice, not local rice produced by Melayu farmers, over also can.

  29. ...On the lewd front, there was that aide of a deputy minister taking upskirt picture of a girl. That's really sick, okay. Too disgusting for me to write...

    Ingatkn yr PH commentors aje perangai pelik2.. rupa2nya ikut teladan pemimpin2 mereka. Aduh.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  30. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 16:40,

    //Why Gladiator, are you insinuaiting that Annie is on Najib's payroll ?//

    How am I doing that?