Monday 17 September 2018

Anwar's relevancy and about garbage in UiTM

Looks like Anwar is beginning to feel the heat ever since initiating the PD Move.

Saw this Bernama's story just now,

Anwar rubbishes views 
he is no longer relevant


The Prime Minister-in-waiting,  who is 71 now, said the 11 years he spent behind bars had made him a person who truly understood the people’s problems, specifically of those in the lower income group and that this would serve him in good stead when he became the nation’s leader.

“There are cynical views that I am already old and no longer relevant to get back into government,” he said at the “Pidato Malaysia Baharu: Mengisi Harapan Rakyat” event at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here tonight. 

Well, looks like someone will make a better PM if he/she had spent time in jail....according to Anwar lah.

Hmmm....maybe Najib should take comfort in that. If he goes to jail over whatever they are now throwing at him, upon his release, he could become PM again and be a better one.....even if at that time he's already 71 years old.

Guan Eng should be hopeful as he had spent time in jail at one point....and so do many criminals too.

Hahaha....stop panicking, I'm just joking, okay.

Anyway, I think Anwar is beginning to realise that he is no longer as popular as he used to be and the PD Move could actually backfires.

And then there's the fact that

PKR factions are at each

 other’s throat over PD move

Whatever it is, I think Anwar should just gracefully retire.

His insistence to become PM is becoming a bit embarrassing....I think even for many in PH.

I don't think someone past 70 and with such a chequered history should lead the Malaysia Baru.

Being 71 is not "Baru", okay.

I'm more in favour of the relatively young Azmin taking over from Dr Mahathir should the handsome old man really does stepped down in mid-term as promised.

Better still if Dr Mahathir stays on till the end of his days.

Ya, he's two decades older than Anwar but Dr Mahathir is of a different class altogether.

Anwar is definitely not of the same level as Dr Mahathir.

Another good thing if Dr Mahathir stays as PM till the end is that we can avoid having to go through another round of him trying to topple his successors such as Pak Lah and Najib.

Just imagine, later on, after he stepped down and Anwar becomes PM, we start to hear Dr Mahathir being unhappy again and wants to topple him too.

After all, I don't believe that Anwar is any better than Pak Lah or even Najib.

However, I think the risk of another such a campaign is less though if it's Azmin and not Anwar being the one taking over from Dr Mahathir.

Well, at least that's how I see it.

On a completely different matter, I took this picture earlier today while waiting for my cousin at the Mawar hostel of UiTM, Shah Alam,

This is right in front of the girls' hostel.

My cousin, who stays there said the garbage had not been collected for quite a few days.

Maybe it's because of the long weekend, but that should not be an excuse.

They should come up with a better system for it.

I really think that the UiTM administrators should not let this happen again.

A campus of an institute of higher learning should not look like a slum area with garbage strewn all over the place like that no matter what.

Simply not a conducive studying environment, okay.

It may also make the students think that things such as having garbage all over the place where they live are normal.

That's not good.

Hopefully they take note of this and not let it happen again.


  1. Those who think Pak Lah or Najib is better than Anwar better get their dumb skull head examined properly. DUMBASS !

    1. Of course Anwar is better than Pak Lah and Najib.His libido is legendary.

    2. Anon @ 19:48

      Better than Najib who always under the thumb of fat mama. No balls Najib. Hahaha

    3. No brains Najib:

      If he wants some credibility, he should at least admit the facts of the money looted from 1MDB. Then he could explain how he thought it was from Saudi or was told it was from Saudi. But to argue it was actually from Saudi is a disastrous tactic

      — Bradley Hope (@bradleyhope) September 17, 2018

      I think Bijan understands "SWIFT codes" as well as Ponygod does : )

    4. Tok Pa is NOT stupid.....

      UMNO now loses another MP, and the supreme council member with the highest number of votes – Tok Pa.

      UMNO now only has 50 MPs, the same as PKR.

      The smart ones leaving the sinking ship.

      Next will be KJ.

      Then around 10-15 more.

      Sayonara, Scumno.

  2. Annie must be scared shit of the prospect of Anwar being an MP and appearing in parliament soon. Not mentioning being the next PM. Imagine Anwar & Najib facing off in parliament. The Najib coward who has previously chickened out on numerous debates is gone case and Anwar will win hands down.

    1. He he he!

      The famous Pendekar Bugis running like a KFC-targeted chicken away from "Nothing2Hide".

      Damn funny.

    2. Jibbygor scramming for safeguard his behind from the 40mm Rear Admire-l ... two old hands doing what they do best? Heehee...

  3. Di mana logiknya pengalaman anwar 11 tahun di dalam penjara menjadikan dia lebih faham dengan golongan rakyat marhaein?

    Dia bukan kena tahanan di pendalaman?

    PKR ditubuhkan untuk membela anwar dan ia kekal hingga sekarang.

    Cuma azmin berjaya terjemahkan parti itu mesra rakyat apabila menjadi MB Selangor.

    1. Logiknya Anwar pernah memegang jawatan Menteri Pendidikan, Menteri Kewangan dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan mempunyai pengalaman yang cukup luas Beliau juga menjalani dan mempunyai hubungan mesra dengan ramai pemimpin luar negara.

    2. Logiknya Anwar tak pernah bekerja sebelum menjadi menteri. Terus jadi politician jadi Mana logiknya dia tau Susah payah rakyat melihat dari atas high cloud???

    3. Anons 19:35

      Memang betul apa yang hang katakan, tapi ia tak jawab soalan kluangman tentang kaitan anwar dalam penjara dan masaalah rakyat marhaein.

    4. Anwar's achievements as menteri Pendidikan & kewangan: bahasa baku, istilah arab dimelayukan & imf's prescription of increasing interest rate & fiscal tightening during asian financial crisis. And not to forget the islamisation of our schools.

  4. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 17:47,

    //The Najib coward who has previously chickened out on numerous debates is gone case and Anwar will win hands down.//

    In Malaysian politics, being the incumbent is a huge advantage, so Najib will get shredded by Anwar.


    1. Agreed with Gladiator.

      Not only that, but by then the bulk of Umgnok will have gone to Bersatu or PKR.

      The dedak bloggers will close down, in fact some of them haven't posted for weeks.

      Annie not dedak blogger lah, Annie is very, very, very, very, very neutral, okay?

    2. I don't think even when Najib was incumbent the so called advantage you mentioned was any use for him. He dared not face Tun M in debates nor face to face sessions. Of course Najib will never ever dare have a one on one debate with Anwar whether as incumbent or otherwise

  5. Spin as much as you like Annie, but Anwar will be the next prime minister no doubt about it. A fitting one too and long overdue.

    1. Ask Saiful about Anwar's long thing which he fitted into the young boy...

  6. "I'm more in favour of the relatively young Azmin taking over from Dr Mahathir should the handsome old man really does stepped down in mid-term as promised."

    I agree.

    See Annie?

    Who says I always whack you : )

    I agree with you.

    In fact, a lot of confidence of the rakyat to vote PH into power is because of Azmin's good work as Selangor MB.

    Despite the millions paid to Jamal Jamban to buat kecoh, in the end Umgnok & PAS were completely shattered in Malaysia's richest state in PRU14.

    People are reduced to complaining about potholes, garbage and dengue. That's pretty trivial compared to massive Federal corruption!

    Azmin is steady and drama-free.

    Anwar isn't.

    However, let's see.

    I guess there's enough loyalty still.

    Azmin can be 9th PM, after all....

  7. considering d heading….n by all d additional dispersion around d words, he is nothing but a junk leader. being compared n coming out worse than mr najib…its d expansive view tat wrapped it all. lets wait for pd’s result if d 'accolade' can be acclaimed or not

  8. "After all, I don't believe that Anwar is any better than Pak Lah or even Najib."

    You're correct Annie. Methinks Anwar will be worst than Pak Lah & Najib, combined.

  9. No one can be worse than Pak lah sleepyhead and Najib pirate penyanggak

  10. If Anwar becomes PM, cabinet kena reshuffle.. must fill up with old2 ministers, deputies etc. lagi tua2 macam Tun lagi selamat..

    Macam2 Saddiq semua kena cepat2 resign.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Cabinet Anwar tak akan seteruk cabinet Najib yang makan dedak belaka...kahkahkah

  11. Before PH won, Najib & Co kept saying Tun M is too old & senile to lead. Well Tun M has indeed proven otherwise.
    To all those naysayers now disputing Anwar's relevance, etc well Anwar will prove them wrong too when he becomes the next PM

    1. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

      All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
      Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Anon 23.49
      Yes i agree with you anwar will prove those who support him wrong,when he becomes pm.

      Big NO to anwar as PM

    3. Anon 7.38

      Well,too bad you are the MINORITY !
      The majority wants Anwar to win and be next PM

    4. Big YES to Anwar as PM

  12. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 20:22,

    //Annie not dedak blogger lah, Annie is very, very, very, very, very neutral, okay?//

    I have reason to believe that Annie is an independently wealthy person in her own right.

    It is why I have never believed the nonsense about her being paid to write in this blog.

    There are other clues that suggest she is not being paid but that is just my personal opinion and I am sorry I am not able to share with you why I say so.


  13. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 20:44,

    //He dared not face Tun M in debates nor face to face sessions//

    Well, when Najib was the incumbent, there was no need for him to entertain Mahatir because technically speaking, Mahatir was merely just another private citizen while Najib was the PM of the country.

    It is like saying that Mahatir should come over to my kampung right now and discuss the longkang situation with me because I am not happy with progress on the repairs.

    But unfortunately for Najib Razak, whilst Mahatir may be just a private citizen then, he was a private citizen with some very very powerful friends :)

    With 20/20 hindsight, it was a very bad move for Najib to have ignored Mahatir.


  14. Annie,

    //Looks like Anwar is beginning to feel the heat ever since initiating the PD Move//

    No lah, I don't think Anwar fis worried.

    Look, PH is in power and there will be no monkey business from the EC for sure.

    Then Sg Kandis, Balakong and Seri Setia have all gone well for PH.

    If anything, AI could be suffering from overconfidence!!

    //Whatever it is, I think Anwar should just gracefully retire//


    Anwar Ibrahim will retire gracefully - just as soon as he has served as PM of Malaysia for a few years :)

    //Better still if Dr Mahathir stays on till the end of his days//

    I don't think that is going to happen.

    Mahatir has achieved his main objective - getting rid of Najib Razak.

    All Mahatir is doing now is just trying to fix things up the way he thinks it should have had been.

    As Hadi Awang said, Mahatir has "mellowed" and Mahatir knows he made some bad mistakes in his time, so he is trying to correct them.

    At least that is what I think he is trying to do.

    //later on, after he stepped down and Anwar becomes PM, we start to hear Dr Mahathir being unhappy again and wants to topple him too//

    I don't think so.

    Mahatir has done what he has set out to do - get rid of Najib Razak.

    It's "mission accomplished" for Mahatir.

    The way I see it, Najib Razak was Mahatir's main target and UMNO was simply collateral damage.

    //I don't believe that Anwar is any better than Pak Lah or even Najib.//

    I see Anwar Ibrahim as having a very narrow focus - he wants to be PM, full stop.

    Once he is PM, Anwar Ibrahim, will not have a clue as to what he is going to do next.

    Fortunately for us, we have a reasonably strong Cabinet.

    As long as AI does not interfere with the work his Cabinet Ministers are doing, it will be all fine.

    AI should do what he does best - swaggering on the world stage, hyping up what a wonderful country Malaysia is, etc etc.

    //On a completely different matter, I took this picture earlier today... //

    Good grief!!

    If I am not mistaken, property maintenance for our universities is usually handled by private contractors, isn't it?

    I recall that in the bad old days, such contracts were virtual gold mines for cronies, nay, diamonds mines!!

    I guess that those contracts are still on foot and may be impossible to rescind without huge compensations.

    I just realised something.

    There are never any penalties when the terms of the contracts are not carried out, but there are always huge compensations when contracts are terminated.

    Those contractors must have very very good lawyers who draw up very very good contracts :)

    //Hopefully they take note of this and not let it happen again//

    I don't know how strong the student body is in UiTM but maybe your cousin could speak to them and get the student body to do something.


  15. Anonymous @ 17 September 2018 at 20:27,

    //Azmin can be 9th PM, after all....//

    Mark my words, Azmin Ali WILL be the 9th PM of Malaysia.


    1. Gladiator 18 September 2018 at 01:11

      "Mark my words, Azmin Ali WILL be the 9th PM of Malaysia."

      Ohhhhhh, don't say that!

      The Failed Umno Bloggers & Very Very Neutrals have a mission.

      Their mission is to restore the Pinklips Kleptocracy to power, so that their masters can enjoy free-flow dedak once more, and they get some crumbs.

      Why do you think so many of them have switched sides more often than the ladies (???) in Lorong Haji Taib?

      Hee hee.

  16. fatin,

    //lets wait for pd’s result if d 'accolade' can be acclaimed or not//


    No need to wait for the PD result lah.

    Anwar Ibrahim does not need PD to claim any accolades - he is not shy about giving himself accolades whenever he feels like it :)

    For me, I am just waiting to see what AI does AFTER he becomes PM.

    THAT is when AI becomes important in the game.

    If AI does a good job leading a PH government, GE15 is guaranteed and UMNO/PAS/MCA/MIC/Gerakan dan lain2 can all tutup kedai until GE16.

    If AI does a lousy job leading PH, then I will have to think hard about GE15.

    But for AI to become PM, that is at least another 2 years away, so I am curious what he does and how he handles himself between now and 2 years from now :)


  17. Anon 23:49, I HOPE SO TOO but I doubt it.
    Even though Tun M is 93 OLD, I feel safe but not if the 71 years
    young Anwar is the PM. Just think when he puts Rafizi as the Finance Minister and NurIzat the Economic Minister.Hehehe
    Imagine the wrath of Lim Kit Siang and the DAPs!
    Can we live in peace until pru15......?????

  18. Anon 22:41

    Anwar has sufferred 10 years in jail and knows what hardship is really about. During his incarceration he has read thousands of books and updated himself with current events. Compared that with Najib who has never tasted hardship with priviledged upbringing and yet went on to be steal and rob the rakyat.

    1. Anon 22:41 Anwar has suffered 10 years in jail has been stressed again and again. I am sorry, Anwar is not MANDELLA. He went to jail due to personal problem not for the country, religion or the the people. His children also fight for his cost, not for the nation. Hence, we do not owe him anything. If Anwar wants to be a PM badly, let him fight for it. We will never support him because we know which direction the wind is blowing if he is the PM. Pakatan Harapan for sure wil break if Rafizi were to be the Finance Minister. And PAKATAN MALAYSIA will take over....hehehehe
      Do you want this to happen..........?????

    2. Cik Minah,
      You are the minority hehehe.

      Why so scared of Anwar? Even Nazri and UMNO fellas are supporting him and ditching Najib.

      Rafizi will not be FM. Even Guan Eng has openly thrown his support for Anwar. So it is stupid of you to try to create any issue..

      Anwar is the future and way forward and UMNO knows that.

      As for you...continue to wallow in your jealously and self pity...hehehehe

    3. Cik Minah @ 10:59

      Anwar knows imprisonment hardship due to political persecution.

      You know nuts about any kind of hardship except being a key board cybertrooper.

      Enuf said.

    4. I agree with Cik Minah.

      While Anwar was languishing in jail, majority of the Rakyats have successfully ditch the Penyamuns into the longkang, 3 months ago.

      Is it right and just for the 2 times ex-convict, although Royally pardoned, to collude with the penyamuns and the Pak Lebais, to bring-back the Penyamuns to Power, through the back-door?

  19. Even UMNO fellas like Nazri are supporting Anwar. Shows that Anwar enjoys tremendous support. UMNO guys are supporting Anwar and abandoning Najib. Sign of the times.

    1. Agree with Anon 9:21

      Only those who are afraid of Anwar becoming the next PM are spinning all these issues.

      Mark my words, Anwar will be the next PM, and even UMNO guys will support and flock to him.

      Yes he IS that great!

    2. Anon 11:06

      Spot on!

    3. Anon 11:06 & 12:49, open your mind & eyes la. The reason those umno folks support anwar is because they know anwar is like a chameleon & can be persuaded to create a new alliance. Now, why do they think so?

    4. "Even UMNO fellas like Nazri are supporting Anwar. Shows that Anwar enjoys tremendous support."

      You people must be out of your mind.

      GE 14, majority of the Rakyat voted in PH which consist of PKR, DAP, Amanah & PPBM, to get rid of Penyamun UMNO as the Federal Government. However, at State level, majority of the Malays in Kelantan & Trengganu chose PAS.
      We all knew that UMNO & PAS have some sort of understanding between them since May 09. Now they're already together in PAS' Muktamar.

      Therefore, if Anwar 'embraced' UMNO's support, please ask yourselves:-

      - what about the majority who wanted to get rid of Penyamun?
      - if only Malay MPs in PKR, UMNO and PAS 'get the numbers' to form government, it will become a totally Malay-Muslim government. Is it ethical and just? Is it not an abuse of the democratic process?
      - what about the non-Malays, especially in Sabah & Sarawak?

      Maybe you people have already forgotten the incident, exactly 10 years ago, in which the Royally pardoned ex-misused-of-power cum sodomy convict, had once declared... 'I we have the numbers to form government'... on 16 Sept. 08'.
      In that exploit, the 2 times ex-convict had schemed a back-door scam with PKR, DAP and PAS MPs to snatch 30 defection of BN's MPs to gain control of Federal government.

    5. Anon 19:22
      Fat hopes Anwar will create alliance with UMNO.
      UMNO is desperate. Not PKR.

    6. RD at 20.54
      UMNO is desperate for Anwar la not the other way round. Don't be so aloof

    7. Anon 23:27, don't be naive la. These umno leaders know Anwar much better than u do. Zahid used to be Anwar's best buddy & strongman.

    8. Anon 07:35, who in his right sanity could think a way to connect with penyangak2 umno again. Such a dumbass if you to believe. Umno is dead.

  20. i'll support anwar if he contested in any by election.

    except for pd or any circumstances alike. it's disgusting..

  21. Latest news!

    Rosmah will be charged in court soon and will be facing up to 20 criminal charges.

    One of the charges include her purchase of hormone-based anti-ageing products from the US worth over RM1 million using SRC International funds.

    Annie, any comments? Women and corruption related topics should be your area of expertise to comment on :)

    1. Maybe Annie also got some of these anti ageing products from Rosmah :)

  22. Why is it the oppositions are giving their supports for Anwar ?


    You should write about Ziqri the autism boy who was handcuffed and thrown into lock up

  23. Anonymous @ 18 September 2018 at 10:07,

    //Gladiator 18 September 2018 at 01:11

    "Mark my words, Azmin Ali WILL be the 9th PM of Malaysia."

    Ohhhhhh, don't say that!//

    OK lah, Azmin Ali will, most likely, be the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia :)

    It was a tough choice for me between Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah and Lim Guan Eng.

    OK OK OK, I was kidding about LGE. :)

    The only thing which could prevent Ain from becoming PM would be if Anwar Ibrahim screws up so badly as PM and PH gets kicked out in GE15.


  24. Breaking news, Tok Pa has quit umno!

  25. tak fhm knp sesetengah org m'sia sgt mengidolakan undi ph bkn nk anwar jadik pm..xpenah rasa anwar berjuang tuk Negara apatah lg tuk rakyat m'sia.apa yg dijuangkan adalah tuk dirinya sendiri...


  26. kokomint,

    //sy undi ph bkn nk anwar jadik pm//

    Are you serious??

    It's like saying you voted for Parti Anak Syaitan and you thought you could practice Islam as you please :)


    1. I agree with kokomint.

      We all voted for PH just to get rid of the kleptocracy /Najib and also because Mahathir would be made PM. Anwar was never in the picture as PM after Mahathir.

      Also, Anwar didn't go to jail because he fought something for the rakyat. He was jailed for his own personal desire.

  27. UMNO is imploding ! Highly respected Tok Pa has resigned from UMNO. Looks like UMNO is sinking fast.
    And KJ is furious that UMNO is losing talented leaders like Tok Pa.

  28. annie shud write more obituaries about dumbos b4 they kaput (tokpa left that dumbo sinking ship) wakakaka

  29. gladiator...
    sy xpenah undi pas n xpenah rasa yg pemimpin pas terpuji.mmg betoi sy undi ph sbb sy percayakan tun m tp sy xharap anwar jadik pm sy.sbb...anwar hanya brjuang tuk dirinya sendiri klu anwar jadi pilihan sesetengah rakyat m'sia sy pon xleh buat aper tp jgn salahkan tun m jika anwar sama lain cerita lakonan dr najib n paklah..itu pilihan sesetengah dr duk tgk tb ja laa....tak susah kan..