Sunday 23 September 2018

A wedding, and chances of Johor Umno's revival

Attended a wedding reception in Batu Pahat yesterday.

Selamat pengantin baru to Nazrin and Noorhaida.

Very nice to meet some of the old gang from the pre-GE13 Johor there.

Former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman and his wife PS Prof Jamilah Ariffin were there.

The groom is the son of former senior exco member Datuk Zahri Jamil and wife Datin Naini Drahman.

All good people.

Seeing them reminded me of those good days back then.

I didn't get to talk much with them though, as everyone were there with their family.

Just salam and chit chat a bit.

But it was still nice.

For one thing, I know that none of my old gang have switched sides.

Even the few whom I knew had given up on Umno preferred to be neutral rather than joining the PH camp.

Most of them still wanted to help with the revival of Johor Umno.

Personally, I think the possibility of Johor Umno getting back on its feet is quite good.

It's new chief Datuk Hasni Mohammad has turned out to be better than I expected.

Definitely much better than Khaled Nordin.

I was at first sceptical of Hasni as he is one of the strongest supporter of TS Muhyiddin Yassin in Johor when the latter was the Umno deputy president, but he turned out quite far.

At least he's quite receptive to new ideas and willing to accept help from others including members of my old gang who were hounded out of Johor by the Khaled gang back in 2013.

I heard he's already doing quite a few right things.

Unlike Khaled, I know that Hasni is not surrounded by "advisers" who insulated him from knowing about the realities around him.

It's also good that Khaled and his irritating boys were no longer around for much in Johor and the fact that many of the old war lords among the division chiefs had been replaced by younger ones may helps a lot.

On the ground, I believe support for Umno in Johor will return if the party could do the right things.

What ever it is, I believe that Johor Umno on its own has a better chance to bounce back from the GE14 defeat compared to the party at national level.

Well, I heard things were quite fucked up at the party headquarters in KL these days.

That's why good people like Tok Pa and Anifah Aman left the party.

But I rather not elaborate on it.

That's for party president DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to fix.

If he fails to do so, then this would probably how many Umno members will react soon,


  1. Kami satu keluarga pun ade kat Batu Pahat, pi kemas2 baja2 kebun sawit.. skrg harga menurun pasai mulut PH masin sangat2 (takde GST harga menurun), terpaksa la masuk kebun buat kerja sendiri2 aje.

    Jangan jadi macam Gladiator, topan dah nak sampai PD tak lama lagi pun dia masih mampu tidoq saja, dok mamai pasai toilet tak habis2. Kekekeke

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Nasi Dedak,

      Awwww, kesian la you

      My tears are flowing

      Go ask kak rosie to lelong her birkin and diamonds lah dei

      Macai tetap macai

      Pokpekpokpekpokpek kena liwat by ameno, heeheehee, nak pokpek lagi pulak

    2. Anon 16:20

      Shhhh bahaya jangan sebut2 perkataan macam "liwat" tu.. terasa pula 3 beranak pemimpin2 tertinggi PH nanti. Tak kesian ke?

      Perwakilan2 PKR ganas2 tau, mrk naik marah nanti kepala kamu kena humban dengan kerusi pulak..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Professor Nasty Berak - the only person who has been truly liwatted is brainless Form 3 dropout cut & paste specialists like you.

      Working for RM15 a day while your bosses are in Lundang & New Chork, spending our money on penthouses and jewels.

      Who's stupid now, huh Prof Berak?

    4. Anon 10:32

      Kamu ni.. sebut liwat liwat liwat.. satni "kipas sakti" toknek melayang benjol dahi kamu..

      Berak? Zaman angkut bucjet dah lama berlalu, cuba lupa2kn sja kenangan lama dgn Tuan2 Putih bole tak?

      Hmmm.. ade suka jewels, penthouses.. tapi mungkin kamu lebih suka suka kuda2, naik jet dan yatching pakai rambut palsu, buka kedai roti?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. " suka suka kuda2, naik jet dan yatching pakai rambut palsu, buka kedai roti?" ........heheh, it sound like dat HIPPO rosmah.......but the rambut maintenance pls make sure pay RM1,200, OK? Kah kah kah!

  2. Pity Annie think johorean vote for ph bcoz of umno johor.
    Same goes to melaka and n9.

    Never think or imagine it was due to national issue.
    Heck johorean even whack the crown prince in his facebook while he suggest not to change the whole ship.

    Is there really a hope for umno to revive if nobody from inside understand what went wrong with umno today.

    No wonder tok pa and anifah left. Annie, it is beyond your iq level to digest the problem of umno today let alone talk about rejuvenation

    1. Correct

      If we know the trunk of the tree is rotten, we won’t climb up one branch la

  3. Annie,

    Looks like a big budget affair.

    You know, I never understood why people all over the world spend so much money on weddings.

    To me, I would rather just a simple announcement, let's go down to the kopitiam for a kopi O, maybe a roti canai, then go home.

    The money saved and the ang pows could go towards a deposit for a new house, nice furnishings, a new car perhaps, etc.

    But, I know, I know, I am being silly :)

    //For one thing, I know that none of my old gang have switched sides.//


    I still think, though, that they are in the minority and lack the political muscle to effect change in UMNO.

    The Zahid Hamidis, the Lokman Adams, etc still have a death grip on UMNO, probably because they control the money supply.

    Najib Razak is right, you know - cash is king :)

    //Personally, I think the possibility of Johor Umno getting back on its feet is quite possible.//

    I guess it depends on what you mean by "getting back on its feet".

    If you mean that Johor UMNO will be a viable political force to take on PH in GE15, I seriously doubt it. Maybe in GE16 or GE17 but not GE15.

    I say this based on what Johor PH will be doing between now and GE15 - it will consolidate its position for the very reason that PH knows that Johor is the birth place of UMNO.

    And then, there is the PAS conundrum.

    PAS wants Johor - badly.

    The PAS-UMNO coalition is clearly controlled by PAS, even Ku Li sees it.

    PAS is driving the bus and make no mistake about it.

    So, it is possible that PAS will demand more seats in Johor.

    I think Zahid Hamidi will find it difficult to say "no" to PAS because he can trade Johor for PAS support in Perak and Kedah.

    Think about it - sacrifice one state for control of two states. A good trade.

    But no matter how we slice or dice it, PAS will be making all the decisions here.

    For as long as the PAS-UMNO coalition exist, the future of UMNO will be decided by PAS :)

    //Well, I heard things were quite fucked up at the party headquarters in KL these days.//

    No surprises there :)

    Najib Razak is still the leader of UMNO, albeit in a de facto capacity.

    Zahid Hamidi, the elected leader of UMNO, is still inconsequential, still incompetent, and still invisible.

    Lokman Adam is still pushing the same old "ketuanan" barrow, not realising that the wheel has fallen off.

    Yes, it was all fine when UMNO was in power because that power could be used to plaster over the cracks, plug leaky holes, make unhappy people happy.

    Without power, UMNO has been shown to be nothing.

    Some UMNO people have bounced back quickly, eg your old kakis, or people like KJ, but most of the atas people in UMNO are still deluded.

    These atas UMNO ppl actually think that they can still win back power in GE15!! Doing the same old things that UMNO was doing for the last 60 years!!!


    If PPBM plays it's cards right, UMNO will never ever represent the Malays again.

    But that will depend on PPBM and talking about PPBM will cause me to write another 5,000 words :)

    Cukup lah. I have bored ppl enough.

    Time to go catch some Pokemons and find lunch.


    1. Actually the wedding is nothing lavish. It was held at the groom's rather modest family home. The pelamin where the couple sat in the picture was at the porch of the house. It was just a normal Malay kenduri kawin.

    2. Parti 12 kerusi nak control parti 50 kerusi. Tergelak aku.

  4. Annie when a party become corrupted to the core,you need time to weed the existing corrupting influences,UMNO needs a long period of cleaning up process say in the next 10 to15 years before it will become an alternative party for the people to choose from.

    1. No money.

      They cannot survive without dedak.

      You see now, Lokman Adam (the new Jamal Jamban) can only afford to pay 30 people to "demo".

      Last time Jamal Jamban had hundreds! Even thousands.

      And they can only afford one sub-standard cyber-typist called Prof Nasty Berak.

      At least last time they could afford Form 5 drop-outs, now down to Form 3 drop-out.

      By next year...tadika drop-out!

  5. Replies
    1. depa nikah senyap2 kat siam. tak buat kenduri nanti bini pertama dan kedua mengamok..

  6. "What ever it is, I believe that Johor Umno on its own has a better chance to bounce back from the GE14 defeat compared to the party at national level."

    Sorry Annie.

    Voters don't see it that way.

    The "new Umno" nationally is every bit as bad as the old.

    The legacy of corruption is the same, and voters know it very well.

    What difference is Hasni going to make, when his bosses are corrupt snakes like Annuar Musang and Tajuddin Pasir Songlap?

    What difference is Hasni going to make, when his party chief is the useless Zahid Komedi?

    What difference is Hasni going to make, when his party's two most active spokesmen are Lokman Adam (the new Jamal Jamban) and the world's biggest kleptocrat, Jibby al-Songlap?

    Voters don't want these crooks back in power.

    In Johor or elsewhere.

  7. "That's why good people like Tok Pa and Anifah Aman left the party. But I rather not elaborate on it. That's for party president DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to fix."

    But he hasn't.

    And he won't.

    Here's the problem for Umno.

    The poo-poo has not even hit the fan yet.

    It will hit the fan when the MACC traces all the outflows from “Mr. X”, the hush hush account in AmBank, to the 400 frozen accounts.

    Who do you think got the cash?

    HINT: Why did 191 KBU defend this pinklips pirate to the death, even when it was clear that he had stolen public money?

    Answer: CASH IS KING.

    It’s safe to presume all the 191 UMNO warlords have reached the billion ringgit milestone in their capacity as division chiefs who determine the fate of the UMNO president.

    All the 191 UMNO warlords have their own pet projects to enrich themselves. That was how the Malaysian prime minister, by virtue of being UMNO president, kept his power. For example, Haris Onn Hussein, the brother of former Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Onn has a 20.16% stake in Ekovest, a company awarded the contract to build the Setiawangsa-Pantai Expressway (SPE) at a cost of RM3.738 billion with a concession period with the Government for 53½ years. That’s a cash cow the Hussein family can milk for half a century.

    Even a Tier-3 UMNO warlord such as Tajuddin Abdul Rahman – nicknamed “Six Million Dollar Man” for his role in offering bribe to the tune of RM6 million for his UMNO division chief post – was already a billionaire years ago.

    This is the same Tajuddin who screamed until foaming at the mouth warning the Malay-Muslims about “Christianity, Chinese and Communists”. Amusingly, his own “Ali Baba” company – Detik Utuh Sdn Bhd – was a partner with Chinese-based Crest Builder Holdings Bhd in a 49:51 equity participation involved in building Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Tapah campus in Perak in 2013.

    Tajuddin was given a cool 23-year concession to setup and maintain the campus, at a staggering RM1.3 billion. Essentially, Tajuddin’s Detik Utuh, an inactive construction company with no prior performance record in the industry, has been milking RM56.5 million every year for maintaining “new buildings”.

    Now do you understand the blind loyalty of KBU?

    These are the same crooks in charge of “new Umno”!

    You think the rakyat in Johor cannot see that?

    1. Anon 14:36

      You sebut2 nama Tajuddin.. spelling dan nama bapa tak sama tapi bunyi2 macam Tajudin Ramli??

      Google tengok2 kes pun tak sama..

      Yang Tajudin nih apa hal pulak eh?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Professor Nasty Berak,

      This is why you failed Form 3, bro.



      Not the same person as Tajudin Ramli, lah.

      Anon 14:36 spelled it correctly ("Tajuddin") to refer to the crook from Pasir Salak.

      I guess you cannot read, right, Berak : )

      Are you dyslexic bro?

  8. You mention only Tok Pa and Anifah, but the party is just beginning its implosion.

    18 more waiting to quit.

    To those wondering if some 18 MPs from a total of 53 Umno MPs will jump ship, the answer lies in understanding the DNA of Umno since its very decay fifteen years ago when Tun Dr Mahathir stepped down in 2003.

    Over the last fifteen years, at the very least, Umno has been overwhelmingly personified by cash, contracts, connections and concessions (4Cs).

    If there are no more 4Cs to be had post May 9th 2018, then the reverse is equally true: Umno will become a C4 (explosive). It will explode with the right trigger too!

    The livewire of Umno now is criminal breach of trust. The timer is the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA). Combined together, it is enough to send shock waves through out Umno. Those who have been touched or contaminated by the seedy money of 1MDB must now be running scared.

    Thus, if there are 18 MPs in a “secret list” who are about to bail (leave Umno) — as Bung Mokhtar, the MP of Kinabatangan affirmed — then the likelihood of that happening can only increase with the tempo and intensity of the investigation of MACC based on the further pursuit of CBT and AMLA.

    Tok Pa and Anifah won't be the last.

  9. Prof "Nasi Siam" Lemak,

    //skrg harga menurun pasai mulut PH masin sangat2 //

    Alamak, gangsta!! I like how you belagak on the dance-floor :)

    But apa ini, hang??

    Another display of you trying to hijack the blog owner's article to discuss your own topics about kelapa sawit prices, Langkah PD and my sleeping habits.

    You are effectively "stealing" her audience for yourself when people start responding to your hijacked topics.

    Come on lah, write something on-topic so we can know what you think about Annie has said.

    Later on, you can work your own topics in, if you can make them relevant to your initial posts.

    Hope you dont mind the bit of suggestion from others on how to show a little blog etiquette. :)


    1. Gladiator?
      Are you talking to yourself??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. My cute cute Any!!!! of course will not switch side for the meantime, because "their doles is still rolling",
    once all the "doles" thosia-s capatis habis kering see what will do?
    By the way Any if you meet up with allthe UMNOg old gang please do a favor to our beloved country, advice them to be honorable citizens unlike that loyar of ex PM so called sharfie abdollah who do not declare his rm 9.5 millions to LHDN!!!!!

    1. Anon 16:19

      Tak cukup pengikut ke? Kalut asyik otek kecek ahli2 UMNO switch side? Hmmm baca satu article, ahli UMNO entah macam mana digodek "terjadi" ahli PKR pulak nih?

      Tak berselera le.. pemimpin2 yang dah expired, tarikh luput rasa lemau..

      Desperate benar kamu semua ni.. Gladiator tu pula, bukan ahli PAS tapi memanjang dok mamai bebel pokpokpokpekpokpek hal2 PAS.

      AYOYO.. Topan makin dekat nak tibai PD, nakhoda kapal PH yg mana satu pun kucar kacir tak ketahuan hala.. PM in waiting macam bola pimpong jadinya..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Kluangman @ 23 September 2018 at 13:11,

    //Ooooo ingatkan majlis umno kahwin pas..//

    ROFLMAO!!! :)


  12. As usual, Annie is delusional.

  13. I was at the wedding selepas majlis bersanding. How come I didn’t see you. Were you in green, a beautiful looking lady standing behind Dato Mat Zahri who was also in green?

  14. While you think Umno was bad enough, PH is much much worst.

    What business a political aide sits in university’s BOD? There is no such thing in history of higher institution in Malaysia where a politician or political appointment sat on the university’s board. It is supposed to be filled by academicians or appointees with spectacular academic background. Not an opportunistic politician. It has never happened before. This is first.

    Do you believe the university’s administration could run independently having someone VERY close to the minister sits on its board? Can they free to make a critical decision for the good of the university knowing someone having an ear to minister sits across the table? Isn’t this construed as political interference in day to day running of university which supposed to be free from all of stuff?

    1. Anonymous23 September 2018 at 19:14

      Please lah.

      Did you complain when all the GLCs were headed by Najib cronies who stole all the money?

      The next huge scandal to be exposed will be PR1MA Homes, and how many billions were stolen by JJ and the BOD.

      And many, many more to come.

      "Isn’t this construed as political interference"...heh heh heh.

      Please lah.

      Enough hypocrisy.

    2. It was not Umno who PUT something like “to bring autonomy to university” or “to ensure university free from political interference” in its manifesto. PH did. So who is a hypocrite now?

    3. Anonymous24 September 2018 at 05:47

      Here is DIRECT QUOTES from 2013 BN Manifesto:

      PROMISE: “Fighting the Scourge of Corruption"

      PROMISE”: Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance"

      I guess 1MDB and many others are the "proof", huh?

      So who is a hypocrite now?

  15. Anonymous @ 23 September 2018 at 17:37,

    //As usual, Annie is delusional.//

    How so?


    1. Figure out yourself. Gladiators don't need to be spoonfed.

    2. "Personally, I think the possibility of Johor Umno getting back on its feet is quite possible."

      That is 100% delusional.

    3. Anon 22.50

      Actually thinking of it as an absoluteness as in 100%, that is delusional

  16. Quote Annie--"That's why good people like Tok Pa and Anifah Aman left the party." unquote.

    Quote Wong Chun Wai=="But dig deeper, and it sounds more like a group of Umno MPs – who find the gravy train now derailed, and without benefit in sight – cooking up a juicy story to let the various insecure factions in Pakatan Harapan fight over them, for what they are still worth as MPs." unquote.


    1. Anonymous23 September 2018 at 21:27,

      Bullshit from Wong Chun Wai.

      The REAL gravy train pelacur2 are still in Umno, and nobody will touch them with rubber gloves and triple condom, bro.

      Tok Pa and Anifah were NOT the gravy train guys.

      This Wong Chun Wai should cover the arrest (coming soon) of his former MCA masters for getting 1MDB money...

    2. NEWS

      Vocal Umno man Syed Ali quits party
      Pub Today 1:49 pm | Modified: Today 1:54 pm

      That Wong Chun Wai may be correct afterall?


    3. Apa lah - that WCW is also gravy train rider mah - MCA corrupt like hell!

    4. Don't worry, Ph dumpsites would welcome bad rubbish !!!


  17. Anonymous @ 23 September 2018 at 22:38

    //Figure out yourself.//

    I have, and my opinion is that I have not encountered an article where I consider Annie to be delusional.

    Hence, my question to you.

    But if you are unable to answer beyond making a one-sentence statement, so be it.

    //Gladiators don't need to be spoonfed.//

    You misunderstand the need to spoonfeed versus a request for more information.


  18. Anonymous @ 23 September 2018 at 22:50,

    //..."Personally, I think ...//

    Thank you for giving the statement some context.


  19. Prof "Nasi Siam" Lemak,

    //Gladiator tu pula, bukan ahli PAS tapi memanjang dok mamai bebel//


    Stop talking about me to others behind my back :)

    But then, I guess you have had enough of me whacking you and don't want to talk to me directly.

    You know, maybe I should be a bit more gentle with you.

    I saw your comment in Syed Akbar Ali's blog about crazy Talibans.

    I think you are a fairly moderate Muslim and I think Malaysia needs more moderate Muslims like you to give Islam a good name.

    As for your racial feelings, I dunno lah.

    Some people become very good at hiding them, so that is between you and whatever beliefs you have, OK?

    Look, here's the deal.

    From now on, I will be nice to you and I will only whack you on your political allegiance. :)

    I won't whack you too hard lah, OK? :)

    I am not here on Annie's blog to make enemies.

    I genuinely do want all Malaysians to get along with each other and if we disagree, we disagree without feelings of anger and animosity.

    I am a nice guy you know :) I really am, just ask me :)


  20. How to revive umno when umno don't want to fight Anwar in PD ?