Monday 24 September 2018

Chair throwing, PKR culture?

Eh, what is this la

14 detained over PKR election brawl

So bad is it that

PKR election in four states postponed,

 Kedah polls cancelled

Well, there was this excuse

Election postponed to ensure
 clean election - Anwar

but I think it's just them being plain screwed up.

If I'm not mistaken, there were also fracas during previous PKR elections back then even before the party gained power.

Now even more la.

After all, there's that Rafizi versus Azmin fight. So much at stake, I guess.

As I wrote previously, it's actually a

So, maybe that's why they ended up throwing chairs at each other and stuff.

I believe it's going to just get worse later on when the results come out.

Well, never mind. None of my business, actually.

Just surprised that I was actually right on the part about them not being any better than Umno and its BN gang once they are in power....maybe even worse.

Yup, that's the Pakatan party with the most number of seats in Parliament.

Maybe that's why they started to throw those chairs around. They have too many of them.


  1. Annie,

    //but I think it's just them being plain screwed up//

    Yup, PKR screwed up in that e-voting system.

    Rolling out a nation-wide system just like that was asking for trouble and they got it in spades.

    I would have tried it out at one branch, then a couple more branches, then one division, then a couple more, then one state, then nationwide.

    That is at least 6 iterations or 6 years of testing which may be too long for some. So, OK, maybe at a couple of branches or even a couple of divisions first lah.

    It was crazy to roll it out in one hit.

    I don't know of many projects of this scale which have been smoothly implemented on the first go.

    But as I have very knowledge of what was done in testing and what technical failures caused the meltdown, I can only comment on general terms.

    //After all, there's that Rafizi versus Azmin fight. So much at stake, I guess//

    Of all the factional fighting in Malaysian political parties, this has to be the dumbest.

    Two senior PKR players fighting in public. Bodoh to the max.

    No brains to do it behind closed doors.

    As a PH supporter, it embarrasses me especially when I like the both of them.

    //So, maybe that's why they ended up throwing chairs at each other and stuff//

    A stupid display of thuggery.

    I really hope that action is taken by PKR and PDRM.

    It may be all fine and good to behave in this way when in Opposition but it simply does not look good when PKR is a coalition party in Govt.

    There is no place for this kind of behaviour in a new Malaysia.

    OTOH, I know it will take time for us to build a new Malaysia and 5-6 months is simply not enough to root out the deeply ingrained behaviour of 60 years.

    //Maybe that's why they started to throw those chairs around. They have too many of them. //


    Oh, you bad bad girl :)

    But I like you like that :)

    That was funny :)


    1. Gladiator,
      // It may be all fine and good to behave in this way when in Opposition but it simply does not look good when PKR is a coalition party in Govt.adiator,//

      Its never fine and good to behave like thugs and gangsters whether you are in the opposition or the government.

    2. Hee hee hee.

      Poor Predictable Neutral Ha Ha Annie.

      Suddenly a champion of the rule of law, anti-corruption and anti-thuggery.

      But like any Umgnok macai, she has a very short memory.

      Just a few things you never complained about, poor Macaiannie:

      a) Violence at Parliament by Tajuddin’s son and gangsters against Khalid Samad

      b) Attack by Umgnok Youth against Malaysiakini HQ

      c) Attack by Jamal Jamban against Petaling Street, leading to several PDRM officers being injured

      d) Attack by Umgnok Youth against Karpal Singh at Parliament when he was confined to a wheelchair

      e) Attack on Tun Dr M at the Nothing To Hide 2.0 Forum.

      And many more.

      Of course Macai Annie never complained about any of these : )

      You are doing a superb job, Annie.

      Your daily hypocrisy means that Umgnok will win 223 out of 222 seats in GE15.

      They will get 127.4% of the popular vote.

      So kipidap!

      Thanks to you, they lost Johor and with your efforts, there goes Perlis and Pahang, the last two Umgnok states.

      PS: Take some gingko daily, Annie, it’s good for memory loss ; )

  2. its none of your business annie

  3. It's really disgraceful. How can you expected these people to govern the country. These people will be like the UMNO people later on. I am not putting too much hope on these people to change Malaysia. I hope TDM could make as much changes as possible before he steps down.

    1. "It's really disgraceful. How can you expect these people to govern the country."

      You prefer the paid thugs of Umno last time?

      At least they made some money from their thuggery.

      These PKR thugs are free, so at least I know my tax money is not being used to pay them!

    2. You mean you prefer thugs to govern the country. Definitely its free. They will sapu from the Govt funds.

    3. Kih kih kih...

      Umno chasing last piece of dedak:

      "Umno has filed a suit at the Kuala Lumpur High Court in a bid to reclaim RM116.7 million that had been seized by the police in raids on properties linked to former party president Najib Abdul Razak.

      The haul included RM116.7 million in 26 different currencies, as well as various valuables including jewellery, luxury handbags, sunglasses, and watches.

      Umno had claimed the cash belongs to the party, and has no relation to 1MDB and its former subsidiary SRC International, which the police were investigating."

      Desperate, I guess.

      Maybe the Umno bloggers can get their last RM50 from this last piece of dedak...

    4. PKR should do a thoroughly check upon their new party members joined especially after May09 to make sure none of Umno dirty politics seeps into PKR or other PH component parties.

      It’s a great move to throw those people out of the party. Immature members who involved in disruptive troublemakers behaviour must be diciplined.

  4. Annie,

    The UMNO exodus has not abated.

    Syed Ali Al-Habshee has resigned.

    More to come. Stay tuned :)

  5. Anonymous @ 24 September 2018 at 14:23,

    //Its never fine and good to behave like thugs and gangsters whether you are in the opposition or the government.//

    Trie, true, true.

    Pardon the turn of phrase.

    It was said with with tongue firmly placed in cheek :)

    But, you are absolutely 100% corect. There is no place for such behaviour in either side of politics.


    1. From Tun Dr M, written in 2017:

      THUGGERY 15
      22 Aug 2017 | Popular

      1. We seem to have entered into a new phase in the effort of Najib’s supporters to ensure there would be no opposition to his continued premiership of this nation.

      2. During the “Nothing to Hide 2.0” forum a group of young people stopped the forum by acts of violence. Immediately UMNO leaders who were not present claimed that the thugs were members of ARMADA, the organisers of the forum.

      3. If they were, why should they riot when it was clear that the forum was not going in Najib’s favour. They rioted when their questions did not elicit answers in his favour either. Clearly they rioted to stop the forum, to protect Najib.

      4. Since they were obviously pro-Najib and were trying unsuccessfully to embarrass me, they just cannot be from the party I lead i.e. Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, and its youth wing, the Armada.

      5. UMNO leaders may deny these hooligans are from UMNO, but the fact remains that they are supporters of Najib, who is the President of UMNO.

      6. The police is of course free to question the organisers. But the IGP should not use threatening language against them – language that imply the organisers are guilty of not complying with police conditions. If the police have suspicions that the organisers are involved in wrongdoings, they can be called in for questioning.

      7. The police must hear their side of the story. The riots were fully captured on video. The rioters’ faces will help to identify who the rioters were and what they did.

      8. It looks like more thuggery is in store for Malaysians. We now get a report that Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy, has been assaulted and threatened by a knife wielding thug for not supporting the Government.

      9. This is Najib’s Malaysia. People are no longer safe and secure. I am now a threat to the nation. So look back over three decades and resurrect the crimes that can be blamed on me. If this fails to achieve the objective to demonise me, then we will be seeing more violence.

      Thank god Tun was not intimidated.

      He beat Najib, and he beat them all.

      Including the asslicking dedak bloggers : )

      Good for you, Tun!

    2. You don't have faith if you don't love your neighbor

  6. Wait until Tun M step down and PKR take over from him. Then all hell break lose. Thugs culture will be new norm. Chairs throwing in cabinet meeting. Chairs throwing in parliament. Chair throwings in general assembly. PRU no longer being held in quiet and orderly manner. Ruckus and fightings will erupt.

    PKR gomen then afraid of losing power. Threatening and intimidating anyone who disagree with them. Rakyat then afraid to leave the house going to vote. I hope I am wrong here. Oh God, please have some mercy...

    1. Anonymous24 September 2018 at 15:57

      Drama dah "over" beb.

      Rilek lah.

      "PKR gomen then afraid of losing power. Threatening and intimidating anyone who disagree with them."

      Ummmmmmm, please note:

      It was Barisan Neraka who shut down 3 papers, banned blogs, passed Fake News Act, and abused MCMC to create fear among rakyat.

      Who was "scared" then?

      Heh heh heh.

      "Oh God, please have some mercy..."

  7. Hahahahahahahahaha

    Baling kerusi besi, pakai kayu katok2, punya nak berebut jadi pemimpin?? Nak selamatkan Malaysia? Nak tolong rakyat????

    Kah kah kah kah kah

    Lawak lawak..

    Topan belum landing nah hai kerusi, kayu dah melayang????

    He heeee he heee geli.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. They are monkeys are they not?
    Surprised they haven't blame it on DAP.

    1. They probably learned the thuggish behaviour from observing the ah long pigs.

      PKR allows all ~800k members to vote whereas DAP only allows those 'more equal' ones to vote for 20 CEC members.

      Four legs goood, 2 legs better, says the pig.

  9. You're unfit to be UMNO President when you give way to PKR or Ketua Umum to win PD by-election.

    1. No teloq, lah.

      They know they will lose, so they stayed out.

      If they have teloq, Mat Hasan himself will stand against Anwar.

      "“Umno has a bigger role than contesting in a by-election that is being held by ignoring the moral principles behind an election,” the former Negeri Sembilan MB said in a statement today ahead of the party’s political bureau meeting."

      Heh heh heh.

      Ask Jibby al-Songlap to stand, lah.

      He is still President of Umno, kan?

  10. New Umno president is kecut teloq. Now his strategy for umno is no need enter election. Hello why bother having a political party when you are not going to enter election. Everyday umno president becoming a joke. No wonder members are jumping ship.

    1. "New Umno president is kecut teloq."

      New Umno president is Najib Razak.

      So...I agree!

  11. Vandalism, Umno culture?

    "Umno’s harassment of an editorial cartoonist’s exhibition is despicable, a Penang executive councillor said following Umno Youth’s protest which turned into a near melee yesterday.

    State executive councillor Abdul Malik Abul Kassim said Umno’s attack on Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, better known as Zunar, showed the BN party had a “jelik” (god-forsaken) behaviour.

    “I am sure the national Umno leadership is embarrassed by its Penang Youth members’ uncivilised antics, behaving like thugs.

    “Zunar’s artworks are based on what Malaysians feel, giving a funny take on scandals by the ruling elite through cartoons.

    “If that scares Penang Umno members, then it means Umno’s end is near,” Malik said in a statement."

    That was a VERY prophetic statement.

  12. I agree with you on this, Ann.

  13. Anonymous @ 24 September 2018 at 16:16,

    //From Tun Dr M, written in 2017://

    Hmm, that is related to PPBM but we are talking about PKR here.

    Unless of cos, you are suggesting that some UMNO operatives have infiltrated those elections in Kedah.

    //He beat Najib, and he beat them all//

    That he did, indeed :)


    1. Gladiator,

      Try reading, bro, it helps : )

      The point is that for 5 years the culture of "hired thugs" paid for by Umno even extended to trying to harm a 90-plus years old man.

      It's quite irrelevant that it's PPBM, BMPP, PMBP, DAP, PKR or whatever, lah.

      Or maybe you thought those recurring red-shirt thugs with freshly printed racist banners were "spontaneous" and "self-financing"?

      Hee hee hee.

      If Umno members are thuggish to each my guest.

      Ditto PKR.

      If they are used to break up meetings, threaten publications, and terrorize the non-Malays....that's a different ball game.

      Get the point now?

  14. Anonymous @ 24 September 2018 at 15:57,

    //Chairs throwing in parliament//

    Come on lah, those chairs in the Dewan Rakyat look pretty heavy, you know.

    Have a look!

    I doubt if any of those good-living-easy-life YB was strong enough to lift one of them :)

    Let alone throw one :)

    He/she would probably hurt his/her back or get a hernia :)

    Guarantee you no chair throwing in Dewan Rakyat :)


    1. Gladiator

      Future PKR elections semua hadir kena duduk bersila atas lantai.. no furnitures esp kerusi should be allowed in the room.

      Ni nasihat dari saya demi menjaga keselamatan.


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. Anonymous @ 24 September 2018 at 17:07,

    //You're unfit to be UMNO President when you give way to PKR or Ketua Umum to win PD by-election.//

    You should not blame Zahid Hamidi for letting Anwar Ibrahim have a free run into Parliament.

    Zahid Hamidi has no choice but to ikut perintah from PAS - boycott PD.

    This is the price of a PAS-UMNO coalition - PAS is boss.

    You want help from PAS, then you must accept PAS's authority.

    PAS has a Mandate from Heaven, you know. UMNO ada apa?

    There is no reason whatsoever for UMNO to boycott the PD by-election as UMNO has contested in PD for years and years.

    My guess is that PAS wanted to contested in PD, but as PAS has already had a go in Seri Setia and failed, it would seem unfair to UMNO if PAS gasak PD as well!!

    So, how? Boycott lah - if PAS can't have PD, neither can UMNO.

    But there are still a few days before nominations are called.

    I think PAS will change it's mind again before Sept 29th and let UMNO contest PD :)

    Just a wild guess on my part :)



  16. Anonymous24 September 2018 at 17:07
    You're unfit to be UMNO President when you give way to PKR or Ketua Umum to win PD by-election. unquote.


    I think its a matter of building bridges and favor to the PM in waiting. One who loves his own popularity and also remember, many in the opposition now were once his favorite lieutenants.

    1. Anwar's PKR is his overtly nepotistic family thingy which he's used to promulgate his reeking political ambitions.

  17. UMNO and BN has chickened out of contesting in PD.
    All scared of Anwar.
    Hahahaha....what a bunch of LOSERS!!

    1. Anon 19:55

      Ayoyo.. PD contest nak tabalkan jaguh Badut.. apahal pula babitkan UMNO dan BN??

      Sama2 sendiri syiok sama2 sendiri contest la.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  18. Anonymous @ 24 September 2018 at 19:02,

    //Try reading, bro, it helps//

    I am a speed reader and I read your original cut-and-paste several times :)

    The main thrust of that article seems to be that there is a culture of violence in UMNO-styled politics.

    //Get the point now?//

    Sorry, but I don't really.

    I think you are agreeing with Mahatir that there is a culture of violence in Malaysian politics.

    You don't care if there is violence amongst UMNO and PKR ppl as long as it does not affect the non-Malays?

    Pardon me if I am wrong - it is probably my very poor English comprehension skills :)


    1. "Pardon me if I am wrong - it is probably my very poor English comprehension skills :)"

      Yes, you're not kidding bro : )

      Very, very poor comprehension. You must be several times dumber than Mat Maslan, LOL!

      Let me reduce it to your level, OK?

      a) If member of politik party whack-whack each other behind closed doors, that one they problem one. Me no give shit. Me no give fuck. If DAP / PKR / UMNO whack-whack each other in own meeting, me no affected. Me no care. In fact, MIC have been beating each other in meetings for decades. Me no care. Me no give fuck. My rights not affected. They look dumb. Me no care.

      b) But that not what Umno do.

      c) Umno pay bad man to wear red shirt and kacau and beat normal rakyat and make us scare-scare.

      Because they want us to shush-shush. To be quiet.

      What they do?

      They send bad man to scare Malaysiakini.

      They send bad man to splash red paint on opposition MP service centre.

      They send bad man to beat up & scare opposition MPs.

      They send bad man to stop Tun Dr M exposing (sorry, long word!) truth about 1MDB & Jho Low.

      They send bad man to try attack traders in Petaling Street.

      They send bad man to push over and destroy Zunar cartoons in Penang.

      They send bad man to beat up peaceful demonstrators at Bersih rally.

      d) You see difference?

      e) The violence of Umno is used as...(OK, this is going to be hard to understand. You ask Daddy Gladiator to translate for you, OK?)…

      The violence of Umno is used as a systematic tool of intimidation to prevent any and all legitimate forms of dissent, which is entirely different from the internal fracas of a political party. The internal fracas of the political party makes that party look like fools, true, but it does not fundamentally undermine democracy by intimidating the media, opposition and ordinary rakyat.

      Sorry about the last bit, but someone can help you with that, right : )


  19. how to revive BN or dumbo leh, they dare not contest PD adoi

    1. Don't worry.

      Hadi Ah Wang will lead PAS to victory!

    2. Anon 21:30
      Ayoyo Kajang Move nak jadi Cheap Minister. PD move nak jadi Pekasam Minister.

      Syiok sendili "movement" apahal babitkan UMNO pula? Entertain your supporters udah le. Kasi Gladiator Hahahahaha tak renti.

      Tapi PD nanti jgn dok baling2 kerusi besi udahle. Sidia tu baru sangat balik dari Turkey, nanti kerusi terhumban kat tulang belakang dia.. dh kena terbang balik dok sepital Turkey.

      Ayoyo PH.. nak pilih PM pun kalut semacam?? Takde sangat ke pilihan??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Anon 2202, the turbaned Ah Wang Ringgit is also the Darth Vader yang mengkafirkan orang Melayu berpuluh puluh tahun....ask the Malaysian ISIS guys siapa hero mereka?

  20. Well, I have to agreed with everything Annie wrote.

    Without power throw chairs. With power, throw more chairs. Just imagine what will become of the Rakyat, Bangsa & Agama when their Rear Admiral is at the helm.

  21. Mukallaf 21:24
    Then why UMNO is so scared in taking on Anwar in PD? Wasted chance to increase number of UMNO MPs. Already so many UMNO MPs leaving the party.

  22. Tu baru throw chair jer pun nak blame UMNO? Got to stop blaming others and start be more responsible and own up.

    No one is stupid enough to gamble on ‘go live’ voting system online at national level without observing the common method of piloting and staggered implementation.

    Why so cock sure’? Implementation is not the same as shooting out ideas from loose mouth and calling it manifesto

  23. nazri shud call dumbos PONDAN for no ball to contest PD wakakaka

  24. Anonymous @ 24 September 2018 at 22:01,

    //You must be several times dumber than Mat Maslan, LOL!//

    That would make Mat Maslan very happy to know that:)

    //Let me reduce it to your level, OK?//

    Thanks for taking the trouble to help me understand it but my problem remains.

    How is everything you are saying related to the article Annie wrote?


    1. Completely related.

      Article about violence at party meet.

      My reference is back to that.

      Very clearly.

      Read point (a) and point (e) again.

      Read slow.

      Read good.

      Like I say:

      "Reading comprehension, bro"!

      Very the penting one : )