Sunday 2 September 2018

Fuel of choice - Petronas

When I first started driving, my first choice of fuel was Mobil.

That's because I was a fan of the McLaren F1 team which was sponsored by Mobil.

Back then, I even used its Mobil1 lubricant oil for my car.

My second choice was Petronas as at that time I considered the Suber Petronas team as my second favourite F1 team.

That was until I fell in love with someone who preferred Shell.

Yup, I actually switched to fuelling up at Shell stations for a few years because of that.

Later on, that person switched to Petronas and I followed suit.

I know, it sounds stupid, but that's how I ended up using Petronas fuel till today.

I only go to the others if I can't find a Petronas station.

Well, I'm quite happy with Petronas now.

Makes me feel patriotic too, okay.

After all, its Mercedes AMG Petronas team is the F1 champion for the past several years now.

Even though I'm no longer a big fan of F1, it feels good to see the team sponsored by the national oil company doing well.

So, that's the story of my fuel preference.

Today, there was this story,

Government defends Petron as its fuel provider

I think the story by Bernama was weirdly written.

But never mind, this is why the story comes about,


It issued the statement in response to criticism from former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and PAS Deputy President Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man on the appointment of Petron Fuel International into the panel of fuel suppliers for government vehicles via its indent cards. 

Okay, it's actually because of Mirzan Mahathir's interests in Petron more than anything else.

Honestly, I don't really care about such allegations of nepotism anymore.

I have accepted the fact that Malaysians don't care about it.

That's because PKR, DAP, and Pribumi Bersatu which top leadership include family members are doing well.

So, I'm nowadays fine with it too.

Turns everything into a family business. It doesn't matter.

This is Malaysia Baru, okay.

Well, whatever it is, I think I'll stick with Petronas.

It's Malaysians' after all.

Petron....err, I don't even really know the brand lah.

If I feel like switching one day, I think I'll go to Shell.

Reminds me of those days when I was so in love....hahaha.

Eh, here's a song,



  1. Annie,

    You are weird :)

    Fancy choosing which petrol brand based on your boyfriend :)

    I have no particular preference for fuel - I catch public transport :)

    I do use my sister's kapcai occassionally to get around my kampung when I visit and when I need to refuel, I use Shell only because it is the nearest to me.


    1. Gladiator
      You bgn tidoq think Petronas. You makan think Petronas. You berak oso think Petronas. You nak tidoq balik oso u must think Petronas..

      So long as you use electricity .. you termakan subsidy ehsan dari Petronas. Cannot run wan unless you live in a cave.

      When you think of Petronas, think of Arwah Tun Abdul Razak. When u think of Tun Razak, no choice.. must think of Najib, cannot run wan as he is Tun Razak's son.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. When you think of Petronas, think of Arwah Tun Abdul Razak. When u think of Tun Razak, no choice.. must think of Najib, cannot run wan as he is Tun Razak's son. When u think of Najib, u must think of Rosie. When u think of Rosie & Jibby, u must muntah when u realise how much money these crooks have stolen from us...

    3. The nego to include petron started under previous gomen la

      Apasai nak bising?

      Cissss...nak spin x pandai spin pon

  2. i changed when esso changed to petron ciao...

    1. Annie,

      Instead of your normal cliched technique of “start with cerita dongeng, then in 3rd para, make it political" why not write about something of great importance to all you Umgnok macai?

      Which is...


      Betul tak?

      Where is he?

      Leader of oppo, okay.

      Right now that uncouth kera keling Lokman Adam is trying to become the new Jamal Jamban.

      Loud, brainless, biadap.

      Is this the "new Umno"?

      You want Lokman Adam to be the face of the party?

      You want Najis Tong Rosak to be the face of the party?


      Good luck with that.

      Notice every remaining Umno leader with a brain (a small handful) are remaining completely silent.

      It’s only the brain-dead Umgnok bloggers like Raja P*ki Kotor (RPK) who think that making Najib a hero is going to win the hearts of Malaysians. (Of course Annie would not be dumb enough to cut & paste long statements from Najib in her blog - whoops : )

      So again…


      Because all Lokman Adam is going to achieve is what Jamal Jamban achieved in Selangor.

      And we know how that ended...

    2. Why are you so concerned? Are you an umngok macai?

    3. Actually bro

      When lokman call tun mamak

      You look at lokman face konpom 100% got indian blood

      Munafiq betul

      Ehhhhhh lifeofannie, toksah play innocent la

      You are the biggest ameno macai of all la

    4. Annie,

      Nope, I am not an Umno macai.

      However, as a Very Neutral Blogger, you must be quite interested in both sides, kan: )

      So...why are Zahid, Tok Pa, KJ etc all so quiet?

      In the case of AR Dahlan and SS Keruak, understood lah.

      Those guys are lalang anyway.

      But why is the most corrupt of the Old Umngok - people like Annuar Musang and Tajuddin Ali Baba ITM - now the face of the party?

      Seems like the fastest way for Umno to fuck itself faster into oblivion, right?

      Save them, O Neutral Annie!

      Save them!!!!


    5. Strange. U sure sound like those you called umngok macai. Arrogant and stupid. Well, whatever.

  3. Thanks to useless Najib, malaysia is no longer part of one of the F1 hosts sponsored by Petronas

    1. Petronas still continue sponsoring Mercedes Benz. This is good enough for exposure all over the world. Why waste 300-400 million every year to sponsor F1 in Malaysia? No logic at all.

    2. Why waste 300-400 million every year to sponsor F1 in Malaysia? That's because Najib and BN stole from taxpayers money

    3. F1 sponsorship do nothing to rural folks & those in sabah sarawak. The f1 tourists are also dwindling as there are many other venues. Better to spend money on world class cycling events.

  4. Malaysia Baru ok; nepotism only when you are in the opposition..When you get power, it will be justified because no one steal money like 1MDB.Hypocrite, right or wrong?

    1. Yup, Malaysia Baru everything can. Because BN bad, Pakatan good. Yay. Hahaha.

  5. Yes Malaysis baru everything good. Because they don’t steal !!!

    1. Yes..totally agree with Anon 3:41.
      BN not only steals but we even lost our right to host Petronas F1 Grand Prix.

    2. Lifeofannie prefer good old days when ameno steal rakyat’s money

      Then hire PR firm Yahudi pulak

      Jibros paid 77 million for improving image

      Lifeofannie can do same job for RM7.70...hehe

    3. Anon 13:50.

      Lifeofannie RM7.70 charge plus SST :)

  6. Mahathir to honour Harapan agreement on succession

    -To that batu api mamak blogger who is working so hard not to make it happen, suck it up punk!!..

    1. Which mamak? Say the name lah...

    2. Of-course Dr.M must honor the agreement on succession, as planned... i.e. 2 years or slightly more.
      However it also depend on Rakyat's acceptance, especially in constituent where a by-election will be held to crown him as the country's PM no. 8.
      What if he lose the backdoor à la-Kajang move which is an outright abuse of democratic process?
      What if there were allegation of money changing hands or return-favors in vacating the seat for him?

      Like the 'Mamak' once said... only the man himself could negate his own prospect of becoming PM.

      And now... Hishammudin Rais' sailang exposé had made supporters of DAP skeptical of him after his wife demanded Rafizi, not Guan Eng, as Finance Minister.

      Makes people think... its all about money, after all.

  7. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //You bgn tidoq think Petronas//

    Could you pls explain your incoherent comment?

    It doesn't seem to be related to anything I said.


    1. Prof nasi lemak basi can't string any coherent sentence together la. This is the kind of fools umno has to defend it.

    2. Bro

      Don’t expect intelligence from ameno macai like nasi dedak la

    3. Anon 13:47 × 2

      You buka hp, laptop or computer.. think Petronas. Think of Petronas think of Arw Tun Razak, think of Najib

      Dont be like Gladiator.. Shell?? he thinks British oso thinks Dutch thinks of penjajah thinks of bucket collecting..

      Yey! Guan Eng innocent !!
      Yapedapadoooo.. sikalang semua bole ikut teladan dia. Now many can own bangalow with swimming pool at belly cheap price wan..

      Mayak tanah bendang sikalang Penang and Kedah can oredi convert into industrial land yahooo

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Former chief minister of Sarawak, Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'kub was one of the first who proposed the idea of Malaysia setting up an oil company in 1971. It was not Tun Abdul Razak. What has Petronas got to do with HP,laptop and computer? When I buka my computer I think of Microsoft not Tun Razak or his son. When I buka my handphone I think of Steve Job not Petronas or Tun Razak or his son

  8. As usual Annie likes to spin things and then pretend to be holy holy.

  9. I am beginning to think that all umno MACHAIs are a paranoid bunch. All the time thinking that PH goverment naik because of FITNAH. So now they want to emulate PH'S techinc of propaganda by means of menghasut guna fitnah. Unfortunately none of U are good as HISHAMUDDIN RAIS. Hishamuddin Rais's 'Sailang Series' are based on Facts - taken from the news in the medias. For example Rafizi did wailing after Tun Mahadir made the announcement regarding the 3 top minister's post in his cabinet. And Tun Mahadir did spent hours to be installed as the PM after PH win the election. Hishamuddin only told the story about what happened di belakang tabir, causing Rafizi to wail...HEHEHE. Takda fitnah di sini. However, when UMNO bloggers started wailing about PETRON, I seek Pakcik WIKI's help to know whether Mukhriz Mahadir is indeed, the owner. Information from Pakcik WIKI tak sebut langsung nama Mukhriz. The biggest share holder is MAYBANK. If I am not mistaken, Mukhriz sold his share in PETRON in 2013, that is why I am surprised why people make so much HOHA about the matter. Ini memang betul-betul membesarkan persepsi!...hehehe

    1. La...Mukhriz memang la tak terbabit. Sigh.

    2. Itu Rafizi Hishamuddin Tun galuh2 sama sendili apahal ini pun salah Najib owh??

      Mukriz dulu2 mcam mana bole dapat dana/wang beli Petron shares?? Wah.. dia mayak kaya ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. Aiyo Annie,

    Cerita kurang umpphh lah!

    Cerita apek dpt diskaun beli rumah sama macam khir toyo tapi sorang dibebaskan tapi sorang lagi kena penjara. Ini baru cerita best...

    Satu lagi itu orang invoke pun bebas jugak walaupun dia curi maklumat rahsia pelanggan bank.

    Apalah Annie tak pandai cari isu.

    Itu cerita petron tak ada kena mengena dgn Tun M lah. Lagipun petron cuma salah satu pembekal bukan pembekal utama. Ini bukan isu langsung!

    1. Mmg expected. 12/222 singa tua dh takde gigi, kan dh sll habaq. LKS cerkah dia melatah le..

      Dah tak laghat copy paste ini pun hangpa tak faham2 ;

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Aiyo nasi lemak!

      Tak kan semya salah Tun M kot? Agak2 la

    3. Tak payah layan nasi lemak tu sangat. Dia tu dah nasi basi bau macam dedak je..

    4. Cerite apek boleh lepas tuduhan rasuah pelik sikit..Bila UMNO perintah, ada Menteri Besar yg kena tuduh rasuah dan didakwa.Tiada gangguan sapa sapa dan hakim boleh secara 'indenpendent' buat keputusan bersalah.

      Bila PH perintah, kes lebih kurang sama, ada pulak hakim secara 'independent' boleh buat hukuman tak bersalah. Musykil saya semusykil keampunan ekspres Anwar Ibrahim.Nilah cara baru pemerintahan PH.Rule of Law, ye..

    5. Prof Nasty Berak,

      "Mmg expected. 12/222 singa tua dh takde gigi, kan dh sll habaq."

      Good, good.

      Keep attacking the singa tua.

      Good strategy, bro.

      Shame you tak layak join Form 4, otherwise you would understand...takpe lah.

      Kipidap, dongibab!

  11. Think of Tun Razak, think of Najib

    Think of Najib, think of:-

    Pink Diamond

    1. Wow...that's an awful thought. Wish neutral Annie would write more on them

  12. A friend told me that son of PM was no longer a share holder in Petron, based on the financial report.

    He also told me that Petron was the best petrol in terms of fuel economy for long distance driving. But I never try to confrim his assertion since I only pump petrol at Petronas (helping local brand mar).

  13. Unknown3 September 2018 at 16:11 aka Prof Nasi Lemak,


    You are great value for entertainment :)

    Let's see how many subjects you cover in just one posting, shall we?

    1/ You bring up hp, laptops and computers
    2/ You talk about Petronas
    3/ You mention Tun Razak
    4/ You mention Najib Razak
    5/ You bring in Shell
    6/ You mention the British
    7/ You mention the Dutch
    8/ You talk about colonisation
    9/ You talk about bucket collecting
    10/ You talk about Lim Guan Eng
    11/ You talk about bungalows with swimming pools
    12/ You talk about industrial land in Penang and Kedah


    What a display of incoherence!!

    Exactly what are you trying to say?

    I can only guess that you are trying to insult me in some way but pls lah, you need to do better.

    Your disjointed statements of randomly connected subjects just make it very hard for people to understand you.

    Honestly, it is like you are on drugs!!

    So, lay off the ketum, put out that ganja cigarette, stop taking those ketamine pills and try again, OK?



  14. Anonymous @ 3 September 2018 at 17:11,

    //Former chief minister of Sarawak, Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'kub was one of the first who proposed the idea of Malaysia setting up an oil company in 1971.//


    Prof Nasi Lemak prefers to substitute reality with his own fantasies :)

    He is our resident clown and we love him for his nonsensical statements. :)

    //What has Petronas got to do with HP,laptop and computer?//

    It doesn't matter to Prof Nasi Lemak.

    Those words sound good in the sentence, so he puts it in :)

    It may be that he believes it makes him look clever, I dunno.


    1. Haha..."resident clown". I like that...He should be called resident clown cum moron...hahaha

    2. Kesian Gladiator
      Only know how to parrot whtever his "leaders" command him to relay.. donno how to use yr own otak.

      Ini mlm pakai lampu minyak tanah ya.. tomollow go buy a generator..


      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Kompom Prof Nasi lemak ini kurang siuman...cakap tak coherent. I symphatise with Gladiator trying to talk sense to that nasi lemak lunatic

    4. Anon 22:43


      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Prof Parrot....hahahaha

  15. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Only know how to parrot whtever his "leaders" command him to relay.. //


    Not "leaders" but "leader".

    And he is writing this now :)


    And oh, thks for the laughs to finish my night :)



    1. Oooops Gladiator

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Anon 17:09.

    "Cerita apek dpt diskaun beli rumah sama macam khir toyo tapi sorang dibebaskan tapi sorang lagi kena penjara. Ini baru cerita best..."

    Memang 'cerita best' bila, kes rasuah beli rumah banglo antara Khir Toyo & Guan Eng ada persamaan, tetapi 'hasilnya' berbezanya:-

    1). Masa & ketika mereka berdua diseret ke Mahkamah berbeza.
    2). 'Motif' mereka berdua diseret ke mahkamah, juga berbeza.

    Khir Toyo, nasibnya agak malang. Hujung 2007, di kritik hebat kerana incident MB hadiah penyapu kepada Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor (MDHS) kerana kutipan-cukai tidak memuaskan.
    2008, Khir Toyo hilang jawatan MB setelah Selangor jatuh kepada PR dimana PAS adalah sekutu, bersama DAP. Ada yang mendakwa, BN Selangor kalah PRU12 kerana penjawat Awam marah kerana diaibkan dengan 'hadiah penyapu'.
    Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, pembelian banglo dibawah harga pasaran dibongkar oleh Kerajaan Pembangkang Selangor. Pada penghujung 2010 dihadap kemahkamah. Akhir 2011 dijatuhi hukuman 12 bulan penjara dan rayuannya ditolak pada 2013. Akhirnya, pada 2015 Mahkamah Persekutuan, sekali lagi menolak rayuan beliau.

    Oleh ynag demikian... ada yang berpendapat Khir Toyo di'kambing-hitam'kan sebagai 'bukti-teladan' bahawa UMNO/BN tidak bertolak-ansur dengan rasuah, sehinggakan pemimpin tertinggi sendiri pun, kerajaan BN sanggup seret kemahkamah. Maklumlah, kes beliau 'hangat' menjelang PRU13 (2013).

    Manakala kes Guan Eng, pada pendapat/persepsi umum, beliau diseret kemahkamah... bermula July 2016... untuk memburuk-burukkan DAP, sebagai persediaan menghadapi PRU1 14. Lebih buruk lagi, Kerajaan Persekutuan(BN) seolah-olah teragak-agak untuk memulakan proceeding Mahkamah apabila PRU 14 semakin hampir, kemungkinan besar kerana gusar beliau terlepas dari sabitan bersalah atas alasan 'political conspiracy' untuk menafikan/sabotaj MB Pulau Pinang dari bertanding PRU14.

  17. Grief; Annie's already taken. Time to retire the old harley; goodbye cruel world.

  18. Prof Nasi Lemak,


    That's you all over :)

    Stop the ketum and you will feel better :)



  19. if u’r qualified, elements of nepotism or cronyism can be dismissed. mirzan was d petroleum engineer n now d rich oil baron. he is more than capable to take his bet. he’s not in d preference glory tat u afraid of. so is nurul. no partiality given to her. she fought hard to get appointed. d entitlement is hers, nothing nepotism in it. many others too….if u just think differently.