Friday 28 September 2018

Italiano better than Malay and probably a very quiet PAU

In my last post, my friend Gondrong wrote about

Who cares about the Malay language

He seemed so concerned about the Malays and their language

However,  I cautioned that,


Anyway, being Malay is associated with being very negative these days.
So backward. So corrupted. So Umno.

True enough, these are some of the comments for Gondrong,

Si Gondrong ni macam katak bawah tempurung aje
Mungkin Si Gondrong in orang kampong. Tak tahu dunia.
Bukan ke, kes tulisan bahasa cina itu di Johor adalah terjemahan sahaja kepada yang asal. Surat asal itu Bahasa Malaysia.
Kadang-kadang kita simpati kepada orang-orang kampong ini, belajar tak tinggi, sebab itu orang melayu ashik kena tipu sakan aja.
Yang paling penting sekali, bukan sibuk pasal bahasa tapi ilmu pengetahuan.
Kalo kat sekolah itu, jangan nak score A BM aja, yang lain Matematik, Sains, dan Geography pun perlu skor juga.
Saya rasa si Gondrong ini orang kampong, jadi dunia dia ini setakat kampong dia saja. Kalau seberang sungai, tak tahu cerita. Sebab itu itu kena belajar ilmu Georgrafi.
Kalau orang melayu macam Si Gondrong nak tumpu kepada Bahasa Melayu saja, memang kereta proton ketiga atau Protiga tak akan menjadi.
Pendek cerita, Sains, Matematik pun penting, bukan Bahasa Melayu aja.

That's for Gondrong, because he wrote about Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia which is the national language.
Yup, frog under the coconut shell, uneducated, backward kampung folk, don't know the world.
There are actually other comments which were even more rude and condescending.
That's why I warned of the consequences for those wishing to talk about their Malay race, 
Malays who don't want to be labelled or cursed as such better not talk about their Malayness.
Melayu...the most bangsat race in the world....they don't say it like that, but that's surely what they meant.
Better be French or Swiss or something else....or Japanese...Japanese are the best, okay.

As for the part of my previous post where I wrote about 
these are some of the comments for me,
hahaha,...annie! confirmed u r org kuat najibrosmah...our deepest sympathies...
Just give it up lah Annie. Ameno, Pokjib, Badak cannot be saved. It's the end of an era...a very corrupt era.
Well, I guess these days no one can write about Najib unless it was meant only to curse him.
If I just wrote Najib was seen eating ice cream or Najib was seen chit chatting with a turtle, I'll be labelled makan dedak, supporting corruption, etc.
I must write Najib the most evil person who had been CONFIRMED to be a thief, stealing billions of ringgit from the rakyat. Nothing else.
Yup, that's the only theme they want to hear when it comes to Najib.
Guess, they need to keep up with the campaign strategy.
Don't know lah....I thought now the election is over, it's alright if I write like that.
Never mind.

Oh by the way, I almost completely miss this one - Umno general assembly starts this evening.
There's apparently very minimal news coverage on it.
Guess the media people don't care that much about Umno now that it's no longer in power.
Probably no more big time editors falling over each other to pose for pre-PAU photos like this,
Hehehe....somehow I always laugh when I see this picture.
Okay, I know la, they just want to survive.
I also hardly write about Umno these days.
Honestly, I find it hard to do so after the disappointing party election and appointments of office bearers after the party's GE14 defeat.
Well, maybe there's something they can work on at the general assembly.
But that's up to them.
If they just want to go around with the same bullshitting rhetoric as usual, then that's also fine with me.
I don't really give a shit. I'm not even a party member, okay.
In case you want to read more on this, please click on this link to a quite good commentry,

Umno has its work cut out, 

especially with leaders on different pages

Me, I need to go to the toilet I'm ending this posting here.
Here, enjoy this song for the day.
Yup, even Italiano is better than Malay, right.


  1. Si Gondrong can write all he wants but the fact remains that harping on race race race all the time gets you nowhere.

    He should speak out against those who are deeply embroiled in corruption and scandals but yet hide under the guise and pretext of fighting for race

    1. "....speak out against those who are deeply embroiled in corruption and scandals?

      No, lah.

      Must defend them at all costs.

      "I must write Najib is the most evil person who had been CONFIRMED to be a thief, stealing billions of ringgit from the rakyat. Nothing else."

      Actually Annie can write anything about Najib.

      Ice cream, turtles, Chinese ladies, whatever.

      Even OKU crying because they are so moved by his magnificent presence.

      It's all good.

      I guess stealing billions of ringgit from the rakyat is actually a slightly minor detail.

      Better not to mention it.

      Annie never does. (Except "it's a PH conspiracy" lah.)

      If there are enough ice cream, turtles, Chinese ladies and OKU, the rakyat will LOVE Jibros again and they will return to power.

      All the 1 billion in luxury goods and 584 handbags and 116 million cash will be returned to them.

      Then BN will win 134% of the popular vote, 223 out of 222 seats in Parliament, Annuar and Azeez can get their jobs back so they can liwat the Malays even harder, and we all live happily ever after.


      Annie is smart.

      Planning ahead ; )

  2. Annie,

    The issue is very uncomplicated.

    It's actually about Basic Strategy.

    Strategy has failed Umno badly.

    The pro-Umno media and pro-Umno / Very Very Very Very Neutral bloggers have failed Umno badly.

    They spent hundreds of millions on propaganda, had complete control of TV3, can use the police and EC, can cut out Tun’s face from billboards, etc etc etc.

    What happened?

    Left with Perlis & Pahang.

    The rest, all gone.

    BN, from 13 parties, down to 2 dead parties and one on life support.

    So the pro-Umno media and pro-Umno / Very Very Very Very Neutral bloggers have a choice:

    a) EVOLVE

    b) DIE

    You have all chosen (b).

    Up to you, I guess.

    Think about it:

    If you want to keep carrying JiBoros’s balls, do you think this will pay off in the long run?

    Really think so?

    Even the smarter Umno leaders (very few left) know it’s doomed to fail.

    Up to you, I guess.

    That’s democracy, though it just means Umno will die faster.

    Never mind.

    Kipidap, dongibab : )


  3. You like retro music or not, Annie?

    There were some good bands back then. (Not the commercial stuff, lah.) Music was actually better in the 60s, 70, 80s. And even before that.

    But some things can get very outdated.

    Like your tactics.

    “Anyway, being Malay is associated with being very negative these days.
    So backward. So corrupted. So Umno.”

    Ha, now that’s truly retro : )

    Let’s go back to black and white TVs and phones with wires, too.

    Basically, your retro “Umno = Malays = Umno” is the same tired old bullshit that Utusan, Umno and their macai have tried to sell for decades. Really. Of all the current Umno bloggers, your spiritual twins are UnSpinners (now renamed something else.) They also cirit-birit Race & Religion & Paranoia. They are also very retro : )

    “Divide and Rule”.

    That was the basic Umno gameplan.

    The 3Rs. (Which ironically, the Umno leaders never really cared about anyway. It was all about $$$$$$$$. That’s why there will be a LONG fashion show in orange MACC soon for the rest.)

    Read “Liberating the Malay Mind” by M. Bakri Musa.

    It’s in BM and English.

    He really does a good job of analysing how Umno deliberately tried to create a “siege mentality” in the Malays so their leaders could keep stealing.

    Like I say - Perlis & Pahang is all that’s left for Umgnok.

    Guess the siege is broken.

    The Umno bloggers still want to go retro, be my guest : )

  4. I agree with the reader's comment that Gondrong seperti katak di bawah tempurung. An instigator of racist issues.

    1. Exactly my point, anyone mentions anything connected with the Malay race will be branded a racist these days. So, better don't.

    2. You got it wrong Annie. It was not the Malay but Umno instead. You and Gondrong both are batu api, tried to provoke the Malay with the non stop race issue. Unfortunately, both of you have failed tremendously.

    3. "...anyone mentions anything connected with the Malay race will be branded a racist these days."

      Not really.

      There are a lot of Malay writers who are writing intelligently about the future of the Malays.

      With concrete suggestions.

      Only the crap ones are still vomiting Umno propaganda and failed rhetoric.

    4. Anonymous28 September 2018 at 12:31

      "You and Gondrong both are batu api, tried to provoke the Malay with the non stop race issue. Unfortunately, both of you have failed tremendously."

      Annie is a modest person, she always says she is an insignificant blogger.

      But she parrots the same message as the old Media Prima, RTM, TV3, Utusan, other Umgnok bloggers, not to mention the "live demo" champion, Jamal Jamban.

      All the same message, all with millions poured in. They are not insignificant. TV3 reaches millions.

      They all failed.


      The Malays are now too smart to fall for this cliched propaganda.

    5. Well, I expected these kind of comments. It's better if Malays don't say anything about their language, culture, economy etc. If they do, then they are batu api, instigators, Umno macais etc. As they said, Malays are not even a real race. I actually told Gondrong these but he insisted to write about his race and language all the same. So, that's about it.

    6. LOL...

      You are going around in circles, lah Annie. So if you failed once, just keep failing again.

      Kipidap ; )

  5. Good on you Annie. Even your piece written while making up your mind when to go to the toilet elicit free fall and unrelenting comments from the usual Melayu and Umno bashing group. It sure doesnt take much to make them rabid..must be in the DNA

    On gondrong piece, he may have the best intention on how to keep the Bahasa alive, but writing in this column filled with slimey racist and melayu bashing keyboard warriors is something worth a rethink on his side. Maybe write that when next PRU around. At this time if he write about lets use Bahasa Malaysia, some fools would respond he must respect other language. Some fools would say melayu cannot claim exclusivity right of Malaysia, some other fools would say who give a damn who comes first to Tanah Melayu opps i mean Malaysia. I am digressing..

    You are right annie the election is way over but the heat from this unrelenting bashing of melayu and Umno tells a different story. They will never be satisfied until Annie surrender. I bet if annie write about kueh bahulu or rendang ayam also the word melayu bangsat and umno would be the defining comments. Give it a try annie, the bahulu and rendang ayam.

    1. Anonymous28 September 2018 at 14:34

      a) "I am digressing". No, not really. Actually you are just inventing comments that haven't been made. fail. Hey, why not post some anonymously? Then you can prove you're right. Who's the fool now : )

      b) "...this unrelenting bashing of melayu and Umno tells a different story." No, Umno and Melayu are different things. If you are corrupt, please vote for them in next PRU, OK?

      c) "I bet if annie write about kueh bahulu or rendang ayam also the word melayu bangsat and umno"

      Heh heh heh.

      You poor, poor little child.

      Trying sooooooooo hard to make Umno = Melayu. Just like Failed Umno blogger Annie. Maybe you can start your own blog and share material with Annie? Recycle from 20 years ago Utusan back issues cukup lah bro. Please do, it's quite entertaining to wallow in nostalgia : )

      Kueh bahulu or rendang ayam? Please lah bro. The Umno bangsat only eat caviar in London and Paris, with money stolen from MARA, FELDA, Tabung Haji (bye bye Azeez), FELCRA, KWAP and more. These are all Melayu institutions. You don’t want to talk about that? Oh, I understand : )

      Nothing funnier to watch than batu api with zero sparks, like you and Annie. But it’s been raining a lot recently, guess that’s why?

      Heh heh heh.

    2. Wei mangkuk 14.34

      Melayu n ameno not same la doh

      Ameno job to rogol Melayu sampai miskin

      Get better arguments pls

    3. What a narrow minded. Many of us still associate Malay with Umno. Umno is a political party and Malay is a race comprising Bugis Banjar Jawa bangka etc etc. So that is why Melayu are unique, colourful, etc etc. That is why Melayu is a strong foundation for nation building. Malay is very special, high tolerant, can accept chinese indian and other races to live happily together in our belove country. Even they can accept Chinese mainland and chinese from other part of the world to invest here. Thanks Malaysia for giving us a lot. We will live and InsyAllah may die in this belove land.

    4. Many of us still associate Malay with Umno.......ya problem is sane people associates umno with corruption......

  6. Apa bole buat. Yang mendatang sini dapat kerakyatan free majoriti ujud masa zaman Penajajah Mat Salleh..

    ...kena la speaking MatSalleh kalau taknak angkut bucket. Nak layan bodek Mat Salleh kena la speaking bahasa England.

    Yang nak tergelak sgt, macam Gladiator.. penjajah dah 60thn mudik kapal mereka balik Negara depa dia dok berhayal konon depa tu "mat Salleh". Kekekeke

    Warna2 kulit celop pun takpe la asalkn bertutur macam Tuan Tuan Mat Salleh mereka.

    BTW.. terhegeh2 semua dengan US AG, WSJ, DOJ, betina Newcastle la.. nah baca nih;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Professor Nasty Berak,

      I think you have eaten too much nasi kangkang Dedak Special made by a 4,000 pounds female hippo.

      With pink diamonds on top.

      Now go save her from jail.

      As a Form 3 drop-out, you must have excellent legal skills.

      Hee hee hee.

    2. "Yang mendatang sini dapat kerakyatan free majoriti ujud masa zaman Penajajah Mat Salleh.. "

      That's because the Brits knew that you monkeys wouldn't have known what to do with your newfound independence.

    3. Anon 00:21

      Ye ke? Byk penagih candu, pompuan2 jalang dn bucket collectors.. buat menyemak aje bawa balik Negara mereka... so bg pilihan nak hijrah pulang kNegara ibunda/asal masing2 atau menempek kat sini.. kira kena abandoned la.. yang reject2 ni la macam "lost souls", dik sini bagaikan pungguk rindukn Mat Salleh dan Mainland China/India..

      Nak ikut Mat Salleh orang tak sudi, nak balik negara ibunda dah kena tanam kobis jaga kandang babi..

      Ni pasti dok kecut perut.. katakaloo Anw menang, faham2 aje la cara dia, mesti kena ganyang.

      ...luah mati bapa telan mati ibu.. Kesian betoi.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Lifeofannie

    Nasib baik u tak Japanese

    Blog captain gagal teruk

    No direction for macai2

    Kena seppuku diri

    Failure of leadership ma

    Macai also kena seppuku beb


  8. Annie is devoid of substantive things to write so much so that her significant source of materials nowadays comes from Gondrong who only knows how to give skewed views about race.

  9. Annie najib is a thief period. No need to take to court. How i wish this is libya? You know what they did to gadaffi in libya. Dalam tong minyak.

    1. Anon 19:29

      Amboi.. beria2 mengata orang. Entah2 kamu ni la pencuri dan kaki rasuah yang sebenarnya? Dah mula naik cuak nih??

      Omputih kata one finger pointing at another, 4 pointing at you.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof Pokpek parrot,
      Dah habis makan dedak najib ? Makan dedak pun rasuah ya.

    3. Agree no need to take Jibros to TT a whole lot of workload.

      All they have to do is to pin the WHOLE blame on Fatty Low, hehehe. Make it out that he's the real mastermind, and Jibros is just a blur cat....suruh sign sini, sign sana and he just got a pittance for all the trouble putting ink on paper.

      As for the 4000 lb hippo, she's also not the real mastermind...just a gal who loves diamonds and Brikin...all given to her as presents, with some pieces bought from her own diligent savings since young.

      Hurray...the Cina to the rescue again...for the past 61 years, whenever there's an election, the Cini pukimaks become the convenient scapegoats....the convenient "others" who will steal all the wealth and land, driving the melayus into the sea, making Christianity the official religon and LKS the evil Cina pukimak will be PM for eternity.

      Now another Cina pukimak, a Fatty bom bom, has come to the rescue...hurray, hurray, what a blessings the Cina are to the power that be in this wonderful country of ours. Imagine if there's no "others"...then hilang la all the Umno meleyu billionaires, to become filthy rich if there's no bogeyman to bash up ?

      So don't scold the cina pukimaks la....a small showing of gratitude is not remiss, right ? Tak kan sedikit showing of thankfulness pun takde....

    4. Anon 23:59

      Fasih pasai dedak? Dedak tu apekebenda? Sah tanpa ragu kamu ni sebenarnya kaki makan dedak.. hari2 pokpekpokpek pasai dedak.

      Gian ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. Annie,

    //Malays who don't want to be labelled or cursed as such better not talk about their Malayness//


    Come on lah, the Chinese and the Indians have faced the same labelling and cursing over the years, OK?

    Especially during the UMNO era.

    And the Chinese and Indians have hit back with their own labelling and cursing as well.

    As in the case of the Chinese and the Indians, where the labelling and cursing were restricted to DAP Chinese and Hindraf Indians, I think the situation here is restricted only to UMNO Malays, OK? :)

    I really cannot see anybody from PH labelling and cursing Azmi Sharom, for example, if he began talking about his Malayness.

    That fella has near rock-star status with many PH females.

    *Sigh* I dunno what those women see in him.

    I mean, he is merely good looking, he is just highly intelligent, he is only eloquent, but does that make him so special? :)


    Look, as in anything, it all boils down to how one talks about one's own race and culture.

    Nobody likes hearing another person go on and on and on about how great their race is, how wonderful their culture is, how incredible their people are, blah blah blah blah.

    Or how terrible it is that nobody respects their race/culture blah blah blah.

    Nup, such talk is pretty boring even if that person doing all that talking is French, Swiss or Japanese.


    1. Azmi Sharom is Malay? I thought he's me. Hmmmm....

    2. The only true Melayu is Rpuki...that MOM fugitive who has such vivid and wild imagination that he would put Lord of the Ring author into the shade. At least the latter wrote about the good fighting evil and prevails in the end...tetapi Melayu tulin ni tulis yang bukan bukan, pitting the Malays against the Chinese, instigating bloodshed...and without fail, churning out pure trash full of lies and falsehood almost everyday. Annie in comparison to this tulan man is an angel la....hehehehe

    3. RPK's ego must be shattered by his complete irrelevance.

      Looks like all the crook-supporting blogs are dying - except Annie's. She supports crooks and is thriving.

      Must be because she's cute ; )

    4. Anon 11:15
      ...Looks like all the crook-supporting blogs are dying - except Annie's. She supports crooks and is thriving...

      Biasala.. crooks nak sembunyi kejahatan diri will always point fingers as others. Kamu ni pasti kepala pencuri dan perasuah. Tu yang sakan sgt pokpekpokpekpokpek menuduh semua orang..

      Kesian.. yihan.. Paritāpam.. huhuhuhuhuh sedih sedih

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

    5. Berita yang akan buat PH TERKEJUT, Saiful Bukhari akan LAWAN Anwar kat PD.. tabik hormat sama Saiful.

      Katakalooo Anwar kalah, Saiful jadi MP .. SYABAS

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. HAHAHA HAHA!!!!

      Prof Pokpek Parrot is getting really desperate now.

      Accusing random blog readers of corruption, while his paymasters the First Klepet are preparing for holiday in Bamboo River, having stolen 4.5 billion USD from us.

      Cantik lah tu.

      Kipidap, Pokpek Parrot, dongibab!!!

    7. Anon 13:29

      Kamu ni kuat bohong. Guarantee kamu kuat mencuri dan kuat rasuah. USD4.5b? Apa dok merepet ni? US AG habaq kat hang ke? President mereka sendiri pun dok tengah bertekak dgn dia, kamu ni mengoyan lebih..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Weiiiii Prof Katatakaloo Aw Myint Saung PokPek Pantat,

    omputih juga kata...... "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

    hang faham tak ??? Poyo

    1. Anon 23:34

      Ni sorang lagi. Tak lekang dek mulut perkataan Pantat. No wonder bermati-matian sokong PH. Suka main benda tu rupanya dia nih? UMNO, PAS, Islam haramkan, no wonder kamu benci semacam..

      Kesian betoi

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. This is so boring. Yawn. Tak habis2.
    That's the problem with the monkeys. Lots of noise and posturing. Tapi solutions takda.

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is moving forward. Happy, productive, optimistic, engaging, innovating, unshackled, exploring...

    The monkeys INSISTS the world must revolve around them, otherwise it must be an injustice. Unfortunately the world doesn't care nor does it need to.

  13. Annie,

    Saya amat setuju dengan tulisan Gondorong.

    Sepatutnya, sebagai rakyat Malaysia, BM patut diutamakan.

    Saya amat sedih apabila blogger-blogger melayu mengagung-agungkan bahasa penjajah daripada BM.

    Apa salahnya kalau saudari Annie menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia daipada menulis dalam bahasa penjajah?

    Hina sangat ke Bahasa Melayu ini.?

    Sedih juga rasanya kalau orang melayu, penyokong kuat UMNO terlampau taksub dengan bahasa penjajah daripada bahasa sendiri.

    Cubalah saudari Annie renung-renungkan nasib bahasa melayu kalau orang melayu sendiri tak mahu menggunakan bahasa melayu, apatah lagi kalau bangsa lain.

    1. Tak tau lah, tapi ramai yg komen kat blog ni kata bahasa omputeh ni lebih kelas la sikit. Kalau tulis bahasa Melayu kira kampongan dan tak pandai la. Macam kawan saya Gondrong tu lah. Teruk dia kena kutuk. Tak nak lah saya jadi macam dia tu.

    2. Tak jadi kudis pun Annie kena kutuk. Dah kematu.

    3. "Tak tau lah, tapi ramai yg komen kat blog ni kata bahasa omputeh ni lebih kelas la sikit."

      Actually, nobody said that.

      So it's a good suggestion by Anonymous29 September 2018 at 00:31.

      Actually, how effective are you Umno bloggers like ponytail, RPK, the two fatties, the crazy Chinawoman long ago, Very Neutral Annie etc. etc. who write only in English?

      No point talking to urbanites, they won't vote for your bosses ever again. In fact your remaining 2 states may go as well.

      Bila orang Melayu akan bangkit bersetia kepada prinsip amar makruf nahi mungkar? Not as long as bloggers like you support thieves and criminals.....

  14. Who’s really killing the Malay language?

    An article by Tajuddin Rasdi is a professor of Islamic architecture at UCSI University.

    1. The article makes some good points.

      For Malay language to thrive, we need to upgrade quality of PROFESSORS in our unis.

      Too many of them are just kaki bodek and sit around thinking that being pro-kerajaan is enough.

      Now, imagine that a local academic creates an amazing piece of research that the whole world wants to know about.

      He publishes the paper in BM.

      So the matsals, Japanese, Koreans, etc have to hire translator to translate from BM to their own languages.

      THEN - THEN - the national language will be taken seriously.

      Question is, do our local academics have the drive and capability?

      Whatever it is, thank you Tun for doing this:

      That MPN was the worst group of kaki bodek ever.

      Good riddance.

  15. Annie,

    //I thought he's me.//


    I tort you were Japanese :)

    OK, you must be Italian outside, Japanese inside. :)


  16. It's strange that Annie is embracing all things Japanese when the UMNO culture is so alien to Japanese culture.

    In Japan, corruption is deeply frowned upon and not tolerated whereas UMNO thrives on corruption and money politics. The Japanese also don't harp on race issues.

  17. go arabic like egyptians & lost their culture & language wink

    1. right, to wat gondrong saying it…i dun think its a very cheap view at all. d national language should be where it belongs. dun wrap around d politic, culture n ethnic dispersal to wrap around d meaning of it. gondrong …..he is not a single track mind whose consensus only from his own tempurung casing as u think he is. d point is while we believe tat d eng is d thought language, a no limit to dis world, dun class bm as no exponential benefit so presumably a deceptive slippage to deeper n wider sight of dis world. i think tat wat gondrong is to me. i feel d same. ya... psychologically... it insults.

  18. pau 2018 dumbos shud wear orange in solidarity with azeez wakakaka

  19. Annie,

    Even Mat Hasan's speech at PAU is far more progressive than your blog.

    Ironic, huh?

    Even UMNO has left you guys behind.

    Rethink your strategy lah, Annie.

    I think ponytail needs to belanja all his macai minum at BSC (ehhhhhh bit mat salleh lah BSC, but he's always there.....) to discuss.....

    1. then dumbos shud sponsor loki bro asean solidarity expedition + annie go japan, then these BN bloggers will work smart & hard wakakaka

    2. Anonymous29 September 2018 at 14:33

      Tak cukup bro.

      Annie should demand free trip to Japan, beach holiday, free date with hot Korean guy, and luxury spa treatment.

      Loki Bro cannot demand anything, mamat tu dah tido....

    3. perhaps annie can quit BN & surrender herself to PH Dr M look east, she may get chances to go east (or japan) wink

  20. At least, now Annie's blog has more commentators than RPK!!!! I suppose most of RPK's commentators did not get paid after May 9?

  21. Annie,

    Please don't associate Malays with Najib and UMNO. We are far better than that.

  22. Is najib banned from attending umno assembly? Why is he not welcomed ? Perhaps Annie can shed some light since she is najib's staunch supporter aka neutral annie

    1. No he is not. Hidup Najib chants at UMNO AGM

    2. The Pinklips Pirate is there.

      Annie ironed his red baju Melayu to make him look hemsum, because she's now the second wife.

      Combined weight of Jibby's wives is now 4,150 lbs.

      Kak Ros contributed 4,000 lbs of the total mass.

      Or more?

    3. Anon 23:04

      Hmmm your spouse must really be gemuk ya? "pukul anak sindir menantu".

      Selalu macam tu la klo teruja teramat sgt mengata kat orang lain.

      Rasanya you ni kot 4000lbs? Otak pun penuh lemak2..

      Hmmm PD PD. Katakaloo Anw kalah jat mana pulak dia nak bertanding. Yg letak jawatan tu agak berapa dia dapat? Gaji MP for 5yrs plus allowances x goodwill, agak dapat dak sebiji banglo with swimming pool? Sarawak Report tak monitor ke Bank statement ex MP ni?

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

    4. Prof pokpek parrot,

      Gapo gak mu pokpek ni ? Lapar dedok kor ?

    5. Anon 08:43

      Alahai bokbuat tak paham pulak ye? Si ex MP PD tu bagi seat dia FOC kat Anwar ke?????

      Takpe. Katakalooo dia kalah kat PD, choose another kawasan, kami dh sepakat ramai2 nak masuk bertanding. Klo menang best juga. Can sell my seat, sewenang2 pasti dapat RM25juta.. bole beli kilang beras, dedak bertimbun2 kasi sama you olang.. free.


      Sedara mara sya in US cakap the PD by election is like a circus.. nak pilih Head clown to entertain PH supporters???

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  23. Anonymous @ 29 September 2018 at 18:42,

    //Is najib banned from attending umno assembly?//

    Hmm, now that you've mentioned it even Zahid Hamidi seems to be MIA as well.

    I think ZH was there for the opening but I have not read anything he may have said in his opening speech.

    Anyway, ZH is merely the President and it is really Najib Razak who is running UMNO, so why have we not heard anything from Najib or about Najib in this PAU?

    No opening speeches? No keynote speech? No nuffing from Najib?



  24. najib shud blast tis idiot zahid - takkan nak letak masa depan dumbo pada orang tua nyanyok mcm mahathir wakakaka

  25. annie you shud enlighten the malays to liberate themselves (incl yourself) from umno in view so many negativities against umno enuf said ciao