Thursday 4 January 2018

A likely depressing year

It's past 2am and I still can't sleep.

I'm writing this lying down using my phone.

My first posting for 2018 and I'm not even bothered using my laptop.

I'm really not motivated, I guess.

Well, what's there to be motivated anyway?

This new year, everything will be about the coming general election.

That's quite depressing actually.

Wish the year could be about something more cheerful like Malaysia getting ready to celebrate because its football team had qualified for the World Cup Finals and placed as second favourite after Germany to win the tournament.

Wouldn't that be wonderful.

Instead we are going to have more fighting among ourselves over politics.

Then people going to force me to take sides which are equally irritating and totally uninspiring.

Seriously, are you inspired by the likes of Ku Nan, Shahrizat, Noh Omar, bodek kings of mainstream media etc?

Or are you inspired by the likes of Rafizi, Teresa Kok, Hishamudin Rais, so perasan anti-establishment social media personalities etc?

Well, I'm not inspired by these people at all. I'm tired of them.

I'm even considering not wasting my time to vote.

I'm really not sure yet whether I should make the effort to go down to JB just to do it.

In my case the parliament seat is likely a repeat of Jazlan vs Salahuddin Ayub in Pulai.

I like both guys, actually. They are Sino-Malay like me.

See lah how. Maybe I will go through the trouble of giving my vote to whomever between them who makes the effort to call me before the election.

Both these guys used to have my number but I doubt they still have it....hahaha.

Okay. That's all. My eyes are hurting. Not good using the phone in the dark like this. I better sleep now.



  1. Cheer up Annie.Soon everything will be better before u know it

    Prof Kangkung

  2. Voting in General Election it's our responsibility as Malaysians, towards nation building.

  3. "I'm even considering not wasting my time to vote"

    come on annie, you shouldn't say thing like that. make your vote count

  4. this is the prevailing mood of the country except umno and bn members who are forever grateful...a new gomen will reinvigorate all of us

    Syd Ketupat

  5. hmm here's my theory. the crooks thinks they gonna loose, so now the propaganda is to demotivate people to vote ?

    just give it a rest annie. u r tired after all. ive never vote my whole life (being abroad, business trip and training abroad), never really got the chance except for undi post. But this time around i am around. and u know why. im supposed to be abroad. but guess who decided to cut the fundings for academics.

    so yeah this time im gonna vote. and guess who im not gonna vote ? it is now personal for me.

    u ask us to be patient and wait for GE anyway so it is the only thing that people look forward to now. the only arsenal tht we have, our right to vote. u can consider me as atas pagar who are pissed off.

    i heard rumours tht they gonna do something so tht GE wont be held. well tht makes sense.. chickens are around too.

    1. Mana prof sawi ni.lose or loose?anon1151

      Prof Kangkung



      Why don’t you try to public speak to clear your mind?

    3. sure kangkung if thts wht u only care about.

      anon 22.38,
      huh ? u even read properly my comment?

  6. for antidepressant and insomnia dial my number. O lala hakka-minang got it all

  7. Annie,

    //That's quite depressing actually.//

    Snap out of it, girl.

    Things could be a lot worse :)

    Consider this - there are people who think that they have the right to stone you to death for whatever sins their little brains think you have committed.

    Apparently, Kelantan is exploring how they can implement hudud, the whole box and dice including beheading, amputation and stoning, in a humane and caring manner :)

    That is just one example of what would be REALLY depressing - knowing that you would be stoned to death tomorrow for something frivolous which you did today :)

    //Then people going to force me to take sides which are equally irritating and totally uninspiring.//

    Yup, that sucks.

    I am lucky in that I can tell people to fuck off and leave me alone but not everybody has that luxury in life.

    But you are an intelligent person, so I am sure you can handle the deft sidestepping needed to get around uncomfortable questions.

    //I'm even considering not wasting my time to vote.//

    Now, that would be a shame.

    It means that "they" have won and have crushed your spirit.

    By "they", I mean the nameless faceless people who exist both in government and in opposition.

    //Maybe I will go through the trouble of giving my vote to whomever between them who makes the effort to call me before the election//

    Well, that is sometimes as good a reason as any to vote for somebody :)

    Nur Jazlan has the misfortune of being in UMNO and has been caught out saying ridiculous things in support of his president.

    But then the poor guy doesn't have much choice, does he?

    Salahuddin Ayub, OTOH, is greatly admired by many, even when he was in PAS.

    I think Salahuddin is a thoroughly decent fellow - consistent, tolerant, understanding, patient and a person who tries to build bridges.

    Even my cousin, a real-life Ah Beng if ever there was one, likes Salahuddin, and this was way before Salahuddin signed up to Amanah!!

    //Both these guys used to have my number but I doubt they still have it.//

    Aaahh, you never know :)

    My guess is that Nur Jazlan can easily get your number as you seem to be well-known in UMNO circles.

    Salahuddin will have a distinct handicap.


  8. For Che Blogger:

  9. it's dark and you're horizontal. beware of tangan ghaib

  10. Radiation from hp screen is very bad for eyes. Stop reading in the dark

  11. Sokong opposition

    Secara berhormat

  12. Memang betul bn personalities mostly memang macam sial; especially yg suka menonjolkan siri for the wrong reason dan cakap merapu tanpa berfikir. I do like Mat Hassan of NS and Zambry of Perak.

    Ph personalities pun tak kurang macam sial nya jugak. Rafizi huh..dia aje cerdik. I prefer Tony Pua. Tapi ph has more sensible words than bn. But get this - i used to despise LGE but today he proves capable.

    Memang betul dah dekat 20 tahun Malaysia berkelahi sama sendiri. Semua gila nak berkuasa termasuk pelakon terbaik di Sg.Buloh tu. Bila berkuasa gerenti salahguna kuasa. Azmin hmm dua kali lima aje. Dia inherit Khalid good work yang lain politik sampah jugak.

    My bet goes to the younger DAP reps and Amanah reps

    Annie, let's personalities yg rakyat Malaysia boleh terima memimpin. Keparat2 yg dah memang macam sial cakap dan perangai ni hambuskan. Macam KJ ni boleh la kasi chance subject to dia polish telor sendiri danjangan polish telor orang lain. H2O..buang terus. Dua duit pun tak berguna. Suruh dia pergu asah dan asapkan keris umno yg dah berkarat.