Friday 19 January 2018

Relax, Proton is not being racist

This is silly,

Diskaun Hokkien Proton ganjil dan rasis


Naib Presiden ISMA, Abdul Rahman Mat Dali tidak menolak kemungkinan diskaun itu berkait dengan kepentingan firma China dalam syarikat kereta Malaysia itu.

"Baru sahaja pegang syer besar dalam Proton sudah tunjuk rasis. Saya bimbang selepas ini pelbagai lagi langkah yang dilakukan mereka terhadap Proton,” kata beliau dipetik Ismaweb.

Abdul Rahman turut mempersoalkan kewajaran menawarkan diskaun secara eksklusif kepada anggota kesatuan Hokkien itu dan bukannya kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

"Ia dilihat ganjil. Malah sejarah Proton sejak mula lagi tidak pernah berlaku perkara seumpama ini,” katanya.

Proton's explanation;

Proton special discounts for Hokkien associations a normal practice


Proton in its press statement said it is a common business practice in the automotive industry to offer corporate sales discounts based on bulk purchase and fleet sales.
“We wish to reiterate that Nanyang also reported that Proton always provide corporate/fleets sales promotion to corporate customers, associations, organizations, and institution (including media). Therefore, Hokkien Federation (FHAM) is not a special case,” the statement read.
Proton also pointed out that FHAM had approached and support it with a commitment to purchase. 
“Based on the large number of members of the associations and its employees, we are able to custom make a special package that both parties have agreed upon.
“Any cooperatives, organisations and associations that buy certain volume of cars are also entitled to this corporate sales special arrangement, subject to terms and conditions between Proton and the said parties,” said Proton.
So, next time, associations like Isma should check properly first before making a statement.

Not nice if shoot first without checking like that.

Isma said they found it weird that Proton is offering such thing to people of a particular race.

Actually, it's not for a particular race, but descendants of people from a certain part of China. It's like Proton offering discounts to Johoreans.

But then again the offer was made after an agreement of some sorts with the association representing those people.

It's not racist, parochial or even discriminatory.

It's just a business deal.

You and your people buy lots of car, you get discounts. That's all.

Isma can also get such discounts if they approach Proton and offer to buy, let's say 1,000 Proton Iriz for its members.

Iriz is so cute. The white ones remind me of Star Wars stormtrooper helmets.

So, relax. Don't get upset for no reason.

Anyway, I like the idea of more Chinese owning and driving Proton.

I rather not say why though, because a Chinese ultra will whack me extra hard if I say it....hahahaha


  1. say you got the force whack me the harder the better. hokien proton iriz white helmet backseat

  2. I have a feeling that the Proton statement was "damage control".

    The deal was announced by the China boss of Proton:

    "According to Nanyang Siang Pau, this was announced by Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd (PONSB) CEO Li Chunrong during a dinner with local Hokkien businessmen last Friday.

    "Any Malaysian of Fujian origin who purchases Proton cars will enjoy our most preferential prices ever," Li was quoted as saying.

    And it's for "Fujian" Chinese.

    Guess what?

    But whatever lah.

    Once Jibby was forced to sell his backside to China, this was the result.

    You will see a lot more of PRC calling the shots in Malaysia in times to come.

    Even Jamal Jamban won't dare repeat his Petaling St antics.

    Maybe it's good for local Chinese to control Umno racism because of Jibby's personal $$$$$ interest, but bad for Malaysia as a whole.

    I think the Bugis pirate is past caring about Malaysia, at this point.

    1. That’s why next general elections is crucial for the rakyat to make the choice of life. The choice between life and death. The choice between 2 leaders of extreme opposite.

      A leader who is hell bent to SAVE HIMSELF and in the process DESTROYING the country or a leader who is at his ripe old age is on the path of DESTROYING himself in his do-or-die mission to SAVE the country.

    2. I mean ... Proton cud just as easily give a good price deal to the BUGIS association couldn't we?

      Hahahahahaha ...pheeew .... fuiyyoh!

  3. Ia bukan soal racist tetapi sensitiviti ..jika ia tidak dikawal akan menjadi sesuatu yang lebih serius.

    Proton perlu mengkaji semula polisi tetsebut..offer tidak wajar atas nama kaum atau ugama.

    Offer hanya sesuai pada komuniti dan institusi yang mewakili pelbagai kaum dan ugama.

    Kenapa dobi for muslim only di Muar mendapat bantahan besar²an, sebab itu Islam dan Melayu???

    Tidak kepada Proton sebab ia "china"?

  4. Malays (not all) are certainly behaving like Blacks in America.The say ghosts in shadows.The difference Malays are the majority in Malaysia but the way they behave make me feel ashamed to say that I am Malay too.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Sang Takfir Awang dah merosakkan perpaduan orang Melayu mengkafirkan orang yang betul beriman bukan prof.? Sejak 30 tahun dulu lagi ...

    2. Menteri pasola ugut sebab terdesak.Harap2 jangan terpegaruh dengan ugutan yang tidak berasas.
      Guru tenaga pendidik dan amat penting bagi generasi akan datang.UBAH jom undi lah PH PRU14

  5. Annie, gua Melayu tapi puak2 ni malas nak membaca. Bodoh sombong. Cakap berdegor-degor, berak atas gelegor kata org Perak...

  6. Look at this in another perspective...IF the Fujian community who seems to get this special bulk discount are of the Malay race instead of being of the Chinese race, would Isma then raise hell and yelled out "Racist" ? From this point of view, one can say that as long as such special benefit goes solely to the Malay race, then it is NOT a racist policy.


    A RENOWNED economist has voiced alarm at the high rate of foreign ownership of Malaysian equity, describing the situation as being similar to the "last days of the British colonial era". (Err sir.. It can’t be true. The prime minister said we’re on the right track to become high income nation..)

    Former United Nations assistant secretary-general Jomo Kwame Sundaram said the large presence of foreign owners did not bode well for the country’s coffers. ( ..but it bodes VERY WELL for their own personal coffers..).

    “If you have more foreigners owning capital then more of the money made in Malaysia is taken out of the country. It’s not funnelled back into the nation’s income,” said Jomo, a visiting fellow at the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI). (The country’s debt is at an all time high. We have no choice. GST collection and selling off country’s precious assetts to foreigners will never be enough).

    Jomo’s warning echoes that of Universiti Malaya’s Prof Edmund Terence Gomez, who said Malaysian equity was in the hands of more foreigners than locals for the first time since 1969. (The country is in reverse gear in past few years. Tun Razak must be turning in his grave. His DEB has come to naught. He must be of extreme surprise if he learned the guy whose responsible for all this..).

    Foreign ownership of share capital in local limited companies rose from 30.1% in 2006 to 37.9% in 2008.

    The government stopped releasing data on ownership breakdown in 2008. (If the truth keeps come out, then the gomen didn’t have a choice. New practice is to put OSA on it).

    In 1969, foreign ownership stood at 62.1% before dropping to 26% in 1985. (Wow! I wonder who was prime minister during that time..)

    The resurgence of foreign ownership in the local economy was an issue that needed to be urgently addressed, Jomo said, as it impaired the country’s ability to reduce income inequality and create more wealth for citizens. (Take a look at the statistics produced by the auto industry. Luxury cars enjoyed brisk business in past several years while other section of cars is in steady decline. The gap is getting bigger. People are getting poorer..)

    Although income inequality has dropped since the 1970s, the drop is partly due to a de-industrialisation process that is unsustainable in the long run, Jomo said.

    The manufacturing sector’s contribution to the economy has steadily declined since its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, giving way to traditional services such as retail and wholesale, he said. (We’re going back to the good old days where the economy is simpler. The rakyat will do anything to meet ends meet. Young people doing prebet sapu i.e. Uber, sell tudung, sell nasi lemak etc..)

    According to the Statistics Department, in the second quarter of 2017, services contributed 54.2% to gross domestic product (GDP) and manufacturing, 23.5%.  The Najib administration aims to build up the services sector in the economy to make Malaysia a high-income country. (Hmmmmm....)

    De-industrialisation, if it gave rise to modern services such as business and legal consulting or information technology, would not be a problem as it meant the country was moving up the value chain, Jomo said.

    “But we are moving to traditional services;  it’s the formula for getting into the middle-income trap,” said the former UM economics professor. ( As prime minister spend lot of his time focusing on saving his backside and the country’s struggle to meet its commitments lik paying its debts, the economy is on autopilot mode. No one really knows where the country is heading to..).

    The problem is compounded, he said, by the country’s over-reliance on low-skilled, poorly paid foreign workers. ( Addiction to cheap migrant labours. Pervasive in all sectors of economy. Bring little in terms value-chain and value-added. Money spent doesn’t create spin off since huge chunks are flowing out of country at high speed rate).

    1. Fully agree with the article; doesn't take a genious to see that the skilled & semi skilled technical jobs are shrinking. Najibnomics favours the construction sector that pay peanuts to their workers and prefer to employ low skills foreign workers instead of investing in technology. Yg kaya ialah tokeh2 pemilik company & the politically connected rent seekers.

  8. Nation wide total car sales by brand
    Year to date. 2017 Jan to Oct
    Produa. 184,707 uts
    Proton. 66,190 uts

    How to play catch-up,its a tremendous pressurised job for certain people


  9. Wise up folks. Racist or no racist, Proton can do whatever it please as policies are determined by its board of directors/majority shareholder. If Mukesh Ambani controls Proton, I am not surprised if Indians of any origin would be given special
    discount for Proton purchases. For the uninitiated, Proton is a commercial entity, race or no race. Don't cry over spilled milk. Proton has been sold sealed and delivered to Geely of China. Perhaps we will soon be equally treated without race discrimination when and if electricity tariff goes up. Everyone pays the same rate and everybody is happy. Lol

  10. Annie,

    I wonder if ISMA sees the irony in calling Proton racist!

    ISMA is one of the most racist NGO around and it shamelessly uses Islam as a tool to promote its racism.

    ISMA is probably jealous that they didn't have the brains to approach Proton to ask for a corporate discount.

    ISMA does not realise that the new management at Proton doesn't give a damn about the race politics in Malaysia - Proton only wants to sell cars.

    As you have said yourself, I have no doubt that if ISMA walks up to Proton and offer to support the Proton brand, it will get exactly the same discount as that Hokkien association and not one point less.

    But I don't think ISMA is going to do that because Proton is now owned by those hateful pig-eating Chinese kafirs and buying a Proton now would mean supporting pig-eaters, right? :)


  11. I think Proton didn't do enough.
    They should offer 20% discount to ALL Chinese.
    And Melayu are charged 20% more.
    We can call it NEP 2.0 or "reversing the mistake" or "helping the Melayu to get back their maruah" or "no free lunch" or "Bumi ini bukan lu punya" or "Bumi can F$%k O55".

    I'm so funny I can be a damn comedian. Jerry Sienfeld please move aside.

    1. Haha.anon 2130

      The chinese businessman have veen doing that for a very long time
      Prof Kangkung

  12. Tongsan mudah mari.
    Get used to it.
    I heard that Proton's canteen will begin selling Bak Kut Teh this year. (Apparently much like that tranny who calls himself Professor, I have my sources too)

    The smart Melayu have already sent their children to Chinese school.
    The stupid Melayu only gets butthurt.


    1. The stupid Malays send their kids to the Chinese schools so their children can work as clerks in chinese companies.Smart Malays send their kids to premier national schools so their children can fo to MRSM,the only schools that teach Math and Science in English

      Prof kangkung

  13. Happy Weekend Annie.

    I remembered the first proton car my father bought was the first batch of Proton SAGA around 1992.
    Time does flew so fast.

    1. Sorry salah info tak lengkap ISWARA hehehe...

  14. ISMA has got no money to buy Proton. They can't even afford BKT.

  15. "Buck up or lose out, Mustapa tells Proton vendors"

    Something long overdue...

  16. Is this a business deal or not? If PROTON has the right business model, it will not need the "white knight" lah. To stay afloat you will do everything lah.......Everything race,race,race...... macam mana mau maju? As we Peranakan say, " tak mati pun nasib lah............."

  17. Hi Annie,
    Ah Jib busy sell here and sell there to clear 1MDB debt, who knows the Razak Exchange to set up shop in the tower Indons will get more discount over Malaysians...since Razak Exchange owned by Indon.....

  18. Umno is big, And high % of its members are relatively well off as well. My question is -- is there a similar discount offered to UMNO members?