Friday 12 January 2018

Shahrir the saviour of Felda...whatever (updated)


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Had a chat with friends yesterday when one of them asked me what did I hope to achieve by asking this question,

Shahrir, are you in cahoot with the gang trying to take over the KLVC project?

I told him that I was not trying to achieve anything except maybe to irritate Shahrir and the gang a bit.

I'm not pretentious, okay.

Mine is after all just an insignificant anonymous blog written by an airhead, right?

Anyway, I told my friends that nothing can stop the gang from taking over the KLVC project in the first place.

They had set their mind on it, planned it and had proceeded with it.

The ball is already rolling.

Bear also in mind that the gang members are so very powerful that newspaper editors, who are supposed to be men with integrity kiss their ass just to survive.

That's how they planted the story in Berita Harian which started all the havoc.

That's also probably why not many want to write about this nonsense.

Takut kena black listed rasanya.

The gang definitely don't really care about the damage done to BN and Umno on the ground at the Felda settlements as the opposition exploited the Jalan Semarak land deal issue which was created by them for their scheming.

Well, never mind. That's none of my business anyway. Ni saja aku tulis suka-suka.

I bet that once the gang has taken over the KLVC project, Shahrir will make an announcement that he has saved the Felda land and the Media Prima newspapers will hail him as a hero of some sorts.

Shahrir, the Mr Clean has saved Felda. Yay!

And everything will be fine again.

And the Felda settlers will be happy with the explaination.The newspapers will do nice stories with interviews of them praising Shahrir as the saviour of Felda.

Agaknya lah. The plan supposed to be like that, I think.


Lebih baik aku dengar lagu. Another favourite song of an autistic boy, actually



  1. Annie,

    //I bet that once the gang has taken over the KLVC project, Shahrir will make an announcement that he has saved the Felda land and the Media Prima newspapers will hail him as a hero of some sorts.//

    Like I said elsewhere, the only way to save that project is for the gomen to pay Synergy Promenade a huge compensation.

    There is no other way I can see how that contract can be rescinded.


  2. then what happen to the emperor? his balls and dicky-dick to be pickled in vintage red wine naturally, sperm to be preserved in liquid nitrogen -375C for posterity, genome/gene analysed for bugisness, pink-lip, mongoloid, banging, fuckuat, piracy, kleptocracy and other defective traits. further reproduction of such human aberration to be condoned

    1. Structure STOLE LAND
      Structure SOLD LAND
      Structure is the culprit for Feldo losses.....
      Ini lah jadi bila harta rakyat di beri free pada PENYAMUNS

  3. It's very obvious though... the gomen under Najib & UMNO is very good at playing... wayang.

    1. The elite never fought for malay, that’s a big fat lie

      They want to swindle more! That’s the ultimate

    2. What to expect.... putting so many endangered rats w tons of cheese ready to b stolen/ eaten slow n steady.... Perhaps it was n still dUmno/ BN policy to reward/feed those greedy ones??

    3. trying to search the scapegoat..poor management la, poor structure la, poor monitoring la, poor this n poor that...all this is due to the top chap who allows it to steal..nothing else even with the highest standard of operating procedure it would not cured the greed exists deep in their can you expect monkeys to look after the banana plantation n tell these monkeys not to steal..the best solution is to shoot all the monkeys no doubt it is cruel..what i mean is to forfeit all the ill gotten wealth n incarcerate for excuse n pardon for this kind of corrupt..

  4. sigh dumbos are so smart & malays are so stupid??? Not all malays are dumbos & most malays are NOT dumbos ponder...hidup harapan

  5. Sharir Mr.clean ? you must be joking. He has admitted receiving RM1.0 million or was it RM2.0 million from you know who, where the arab donate the 2.6 billion.

    1. Politician running the corporations is the sure way of mismanagement!! The political solution has been to replace the previous mismanagement team with a new mismanagement team headed by another politician albeit a conveniently retired one so what do you expect?? So you have the solution of the neverending mismanagement!!

    2. Planned shphioning of the country's wealth
      Where was the mismanagement you laughing stock, the receiver of one million dollars as a for what you did

      Lecturer anjing

  6. The Melayu in Felda are getting screwed.
    They are screwed by a bunch of Melayu.
    Please tell me which part should I care?

  7. Jom gi Saudi Arabia untuk lawatan kerja. Ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh pembayar GST.

  8. Sharir is an umno opportunist like any umno members. Thats why cr**ks survive in umno as all umno members believe their party is the best cause all umno member dream to be the top cr**k one day. It is their lottery ticket for comfortable live.I say all cause umno members continue to keep tainted or suspected tainted leader. UMNO members condone these leaders actions.

  9. Dumbos without malays will die but malays without dumbos will live hidup melayu no???

  10. Kata ekonomi kukuh malaysia nie..hehe...kalo asyik kutip cukai je...urmmmm

  11. Dr. M’s Candidacy Strengthens Ringgit, KLSE Moves Up, Western Media, Wall Street Pick Up Scent.

    -A week after PM candidacy announcement. Ringgit strengthen. Stock market reacted positively. Imagine if it becomes a real deal in the end.

    1. Last Friday or so... TV3's Bulletin & Nightline features the 'soaring Ringgit' at 3.98 to a Dollar. This is weird. TV3's never report the exchange rate of the Ringgit before... since its crash. They've even stopped highlighting the exchange rate of Bath & Rupiah against the Ringgit.

      That's why after realizing the actual cause of the 'soaring Ringgit' was due to Dr.M candidacy as PM, they cease reporting about it, altogether.

  12. Budak ni pernah ngaku sebagai bakal menantu sultan sebuah negeri. Sultan itu dikatanya bakal bapak mentua dia. Masuk Matriks pointer hancur, masuk UMT kena tendang. Kaki bergaduh dgn Polis, Mak Bapak, & ramai lg, budak ni juga ialah bekas banduan & pernah masuk hospital mental. Hari ni dia ialah penyokong UMNO tegar. Najib sila lantik dia jadi menteri.

    Prof kangkung tak boleh jadi menteri sebab dia bukan kali gaduh

  13. Something is really wrong in Malaysia. The rakyat are angry, the need to express themselves.

    We want to see Malaysia more developed & not robbed of billions of ringgit

  14. Its the same everywhere.....and the poor rakyat have to pay for the mismanagement.....better send all of them to prison....dont burden the poor confidence already....anything but not....??? Rakyat please decide carefully....

  15. Umno thieves $$$$$ competition who’s top ten pls reply ha!! ha!!!!

  16. In Japan, these directors will HARA-KIRI....In Boleh Land, Tai Chi is the way to go

  17. Already 60 years!!! Time to CHANGE for better management

    Cikgu mabuk Masuk jamban bapak dia

  18. BN harus disiasat bawah Akta Hasutan kerana suka melagakan antara kaum dan agama.

    UMNO/TV3 takutkan orang Melayu kononnya Cina akan kuasai Malaysia. MCA pula, takutkan orang Cina kononnya Melayu akan tindas Cina

  19. From your articles, look like its very tough & stressful for you as a BN blogger because:-
    1. BN bloggers whacked BN bloggers mirroring BN civil war (eg shahrir vs isa)
    2. fighting against Harapan bloggers & trojans or turncoats in BN
    3. Red Bean Army
    4. $hringgit - too bad all stolen or pau by MO1

  20. Perlakuan najib seperti dictator

  21. T. M sedar yg die dh tua.. tapi selagi allah swt bagi nyawa dn selagi waras T.M mahu bela rakyat yg terniaya memerah duit dn tenaga rakyat ole kerajaan skg (najib)sebagai bekas PM klu d calonkn maka ia akan pulihkn keadaan .. din die tau allah swt akn ambil beliau bile2 masa je... marilh kite ramai2 mndoakn TM pnjg umor... amim ya rabalamiiiin

  22. Annie,

    You'll need another update now that the land is supposedly transferred back to FELDA hands - at no cost to FELDA even!!!

    So, I guess there is now nothing to investigate because no wrong has been done now 😀

    I suppose this also means there is no need for Synergy Promenade to be prosecuted for anything.