Thursday 25 January 2018

To vote or not to vote

This seems to be the most interesting political issue at the moment,

#UndiRosak debate rages across social media

People getting fed-up with politicians.

The Pakatan people are apparently saying,

Boycotting GE14 will only help BN

Well, I think if they don't want people to boycott the election and vote for them, then they should improve themselves and be a proper alternative to BN.

BN people should do the same.

At the moment both sides are equally annoying and irritating.

I myself have half in mind of giving this coming general election a pass.

Seriously, as it is now, despite the loathsome characters of some Umno and BN leaders, many Pakatan leaders are no better than them.

Not worth my time and effort to vote for any of them.

Of course there are those who think that's being irresponsible.

But the right of not choosing is provided for in our democracy.

I used to argue this with my friends when we were in college.

If they felt that it's so important for everyone to take sides, then they should make it compulsory for everyone to vote.

Like in Singapore.

But they didn't.

Well, I think politicians don't like it that we don't care for them.

Especially those who are not good enough but insisted that they are better than others.

They need our votes to justify their relevancy.

The problem is that they don't seem to really bother to make themselves relevant to us.

Do you all really feel it's worthwhile to spend a morning of your life to wake up early, go to the voting centre, queue for quite a while and cast your vote for characters like Ku Nan? Or Rafizi? Or you don't know who else that have actually done nothing for you?

Seriously, isn't that such a waste of time and effort?

In my case, I have to drive down from KL to JB some more to vote.

Quite troublesome.

It's just that at least I know who I'm voting for if I choose to do so.

Jazlan versus Salahuddin Ayub for MP.

Okay lah. Those two are not so bad.

Still waiting for their call.

State seat....the Chinese area of Pengkalan Rinting. That's definitely going to be DAP's. So, why should I bother?

Maybe I'll just drive to the beach and have a picnic on polling day.

See lah how.


  1. Shall we c TDM contesting Pekan... Then the curses will be borne by the Pekanian. Who win doesn't matter. Khalid Samad .. Go to JB laa challenge ur brother baru betulll. Leave SA to SS.

  2. Sis, just change IC address and no need to drive to JB

  3. Well Aannie unless you like the present kleptocrat government then dont vote. I dont and i am going to make that changes hoping for better. As you always said not all MP are bad. We are talking about Party as a whole not individual. Currently BN is government of the day and to me they are plundering our nation. By just going to the beach and pray will not bring the change. If we put PH in Putrajaya after PRU 14 and if they cant fare better then the present government then we have to do that changes again and again if thats what it takes untill we get a good one. Thats how it works in a smart and democratic country. Example is everywhere Aannie, its as simple as that. Dont get personal and emotional with any of the MP that you like which you think is doing a good job that makes you think they should stay. That will be a wrong move bcoz it is not about a hanfull of them but it is bcoz they are under one party as a whole. So its either change or not. There is no in between. You cannot stop or delay the GE by not voting. Come on Aannie you are a smart girl. No one is asking you to take side we are only asking you to pick a side which you think can perform and bring prosper to our people and nation.

    1. Penatlah kan nak kena explain panjang lebar macam ni kat orang yang tahu tapi buat2 tak tahu macam Annie ni

    2. Anon 1636
      If you really want changes why bring the old horse?it is really mind boggling to me

      Prof kangkung

    3. But... Prof Kangkong... only 'the old horse' could garner the most votes for PH.

      His 'lead by example' motto, experience and statesmanship is second to none. Even when the Malay deserted him in 1999, majority of the Chinese voted for his governance, giving him 2/3rd majority.
      Furthermore, there is no worrying about Dr.M playing to the gallery of the Malays using Hudud laws, like UMNO-Najib.

      Therefore, to Najib's camp, the most agonizing fact about Dr.M candidacy as PH's designated Prime Minister, is his triumph of winning GEs, 5 times in a row, with 2/3rd. majority when he was PM.

    4. Simple Prof,the old horse has more experience and you need an old timer to tackle all the serious issues facing the country.

    5. But RD i thought if you vote for TM u got DSAI as a package? I mean, is that what PH are campaigning for?

      Quite manipulative.

      And if YDPA does not agree with PH PM candidates (as happen in Perak & Selangor). Do PH want to trigger riot against the Palace?

      If only PH win the GE lah.

    6. Dear Anon 23:25.

      DSAI is about to be released around August and according to the law, he's forbidden to get involved in Politics for next 5 years. That's why they have decided to make arrangement for a Royal pardon so that he can be active again in Politics, as soon as possible, upon his release from jail.
      However, if he were to be granted a Royal pardon, its customary... to first, admit his guilt, show remorse and swear never to do it again in future. Hence, that political conspiracy thing, goes down the drain.

      Therefore, it's highly likely that DSAI had to wait GE15 to become next PM, after Dr.M, then maybe, after his wife, Dr. Wan Azizah.

      There's no manipulation whatsoever, about PH's nomination of Dr.M as the designated PM.

      And... it's in good taste that The YDPA is oblige to give his consent on PH's choice of PM.

      As it is, the granting of consent by The YDPA on Prime Minister's nomination is totally different from that of a Sultan from a State's Menteri Besar as in Perak or Selangor. Furthermore, there is no requirement whatsoever in the Federal Constitution that a PM must be Malay.
      With UMNO-Najib and BN's defeat, all Dr.M had to do to become PM is winning at least one Parliament seat, anywhere. The more seat contested, the better his chances. Of-course, no mischievous backdoor maneuver like that Kajang-move which would put The YDPA in a difficult position to give his consent.

      It's stupid of the opposition to trigger any riot when they have no authority over law enforcement agencies or the military.
      However, in anticipation of losing GE14, it's UMNO-Najib that might 'trigger' riot or any threats to national security ... e.g. by using the Red-shirt. Hence, its UMNO-Najib as the Executive that can manipulate the Legislative and Judiciary, so that the newly revised NSC act (akta MKN, in Malay) which revoked YDPA's prerogative of declaring 'state of emergency'... come into force, resulting the suspension GE14 or handover of government.

    7. So its mean YDPA got no say on appointing executive power in this country as long as all politician in same coalation agreed upon one candidate of PM?

      To be honest, i cant see any difference that Langkah Kajang would not happen again, as appointment of PM are upon YDPA approval as well.

      And Najib cant trigger any riot per se as he is already has no executive power. If he found try to do coup d etat surely he kena for treason against YDPA.

      Anyway, thanks RD for your enlightenment.

    8. Its also for their own sake of survival that the Palace remain apolitical; i.e not taking side or is seen to be absolutely neutral. Hence, His Majesty cannot afford to take any risk of incurring the wrath of about half of his subjects or Rakyat by appointing an executive as he wish or to his liking.
      Furthermore, the Rakyat have been promised that so and so become PM, if PH wins. So the Rakyats are very delighted and they went out in droves to vote so that the man they cherish and look-up to, will become their next PM. After winning, they celebrated in the streets all night but by morning, the YDPA decided to appoint somebody else as he wishes.
      I don't think this situation bodes well for the longevity of the Institution.

      And that is also why Rakyat in Kedah, especially the youth, are very angry at Najib and the Mat Lena MB. Its Najib himself that promise to make Mukhriz MB during campaigning for GE13 but after winning they toppled Mukhriz about a year later and appointed Najib's minion. That's why the new old-MB had become too scared of the crowd especially in stadium, afraid of being booed.
      I will not be surprise if PPBM wins in Kedah, GE14.

    9. Najib admin day so teruk
      That an old horse can be a better admin

  4. I am voting in JB for PRU14, Parlimen Johor Baharu.
    Definately I will vote.
    Better vote hantu berbanding iblis.......!

  5. Just like UM don said the other day, if you want CHANGE to happen, then GO for PAKATAN!!...Yeah!!!...

  6. If you don’t bother whether to vote or not, then you have NO RIGHT to complain about harga makanan mahal lah, harga barang mahal lah, harga minyak naiklah, harga rokok naik, tol naik, GST, Income tax, tanah-tanah kena jual kat China etc.

    You have the power to set things right by exercising your right to vote but you choose to be indifferent. If you get a bad government then it’s your fault. You deserve it. Serve you right.

  7. Pangkahlah parti mana kau nak pangkah asalkan tak pangkah DACING!!!...

  8. Annie ,

    My personal feeling is that the #UndiRosak campaign will probably hurt BN more than Pakatan.

    Consider this.

    Pakatan youth are more or less committed to voting for Pakatan.

    I think it is fairly safe to say that DAP will have no problems.

    Similarly, Hindraf will ensure that most Indian youth will vote Pakatan.

    This leaves the Malay youth vote.

    So, Amanah youth will follow their leaders' instructions a la PAS-style.

    PPBM youth will already be committed otherwise they would have stayed with UMNO.

    PKR youths may be somewhat affected but I think many are still quite committed to the cause.

    BUT on the UMNO side, many of the youth may well be torn between voting UMNO or voting PPBM.

    I mean, say what you like about young Malays but I think enough of them have a brain and they know what is going on.

    They know who Mahatir is and what he has done for the Malays.

    And they are not blind.

    They know that they are only riding kapcais while others are driving around in Lamborghinis and Maseratis.

    They know they are only eating roti canai and teh tarik while others are feasting on the finest caviars and sipping on the best champgnes.

    They can see for themselves the massively HUGE gap between themselves and the children of UMNO warlords.

    Nup, #UndiRosak could well kill UMNO, NOT Pakatan.


    P.S. You will also note that Mahatir is showing his usual fine form in making the Pepsi/Coke comparison - simple and easy enough for his own young troops to understand, persuasive enough towards wavering UMNO youth.

    I know I am right when I say that UMNO strategists are scared shitless of Mahatir even if they pretend publicly that Mahatir is a has-been.

    Like I said previously, I am glad Mahatir is now on my side of politics :)

    1. "They know they are only eating roti canai and teh tarik while others are feasting on the finest caviars and sipping on the best champgnes."

      Yes Glady. Malay youth would have seen with their own eyes, a photo of Felda's big-shots, including that UMNO she-man politician, with expensive cigars in-between their fingers... in London.

    2. Gladiator,like in any war strategic thinking must be accompanied by soldiers and weapons.Najib has the advantages of having all the weaponaries that he needs to win the war.
      Prof kangkung

    3. Betul. Cakap je tolong Malaysians, but the shit that Malaysians have to go through in our own land just to make a living. Disgusting and pathetic!!! But it's not the foreigners who are making our lives miserable. It's our own Malaysians who are giving Malaysians a hellish experience.

    4. Malaysians never helped Malaysians
      They only helped foreigners

    5. Totally agree. Anon 12:30

  9. Since MO1 was already cleared from any 1mdb wrongdoings by apandi, 1mdb audit report should be released & wrongdoers charged (bukan MO1 meh)!!! Wakakaka

  10. I just want Malaysian rights to be respected. Malaysians should not be treated like second hand citizens

    1. If you meant that Chinese have been treated as 2nd. class citizens, I don't think Dr.M, during his reign as PM before, ever treated them as such. In-fact, he even trusted Chinese like Mathias Chang, enough to be appointed as his political adviser. Unlike Najib, who trusted a kaki-botol MatSalleh who had a penchant for wild-parties with local girls.

    2. No. I was referring to kampung folk working in Chinese corporation. They are treated no better than street dogs. Anywhere can cari rezeki but some chose to stay because it is near their kampung and the paycheck can feed their family.

    3. In that case, its not racially motivated at all. The Malays themselves should be partly blamed.

      I'm Malay myself and I've lived long enough to realized how my race's tidak-apa, lackadaisical attitude towards work have been eroding the trust and confidence, resulting that 'cheap' impression on the Malay employees, as a whole, was deduced by Chinese employers.

      Its a bitter pill to swallow, but if you've read 'The Malay Dilemma', maybe you will understand.

    4. My vote goes to Pakatan, if Tun M can help us Malaysians. Let us have our dignity back!

    5. Annie love gst

      She is a masochist
      Unfortunately she is a minority and UMNO loves minority’s like her
      Why don’t we increase gst by 60% dumbf***?

  11. Dictum on Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are the same is horrendous
    Thiese initiaters are clueless making a fool of themselves
    Just google 'cola war' on Wiki

    In the business fratenity there are voting and non-voting stocks
    Voting stocks are more transparent,decisions are made by the board

    Why watch football when star players comes and goes

    is the same in the political theatre/arena
    Politicians revolve in the same sphere

    Voting makes the administration transparent or complacency sers in
    We are blessed country with voting rights

    Politicians do not encourage voting because they do not want you to go to the ballot box and mess things up

    If you don't vote nothing changes,status quo

    Don't vote if you are infatuated with GST and high costs of goods

    Sometimes we vote for handsome/beautiful candidates


  12. tak mahu mengundi, gi dok kat bulan...easy!


    1. Elon Musk belum buat roket sampai bulan lagi la... :(

      Ke haku nak buat?

  13. Prof Kangkung,

    //Najib has the advantages of having all the weaponaries that he needs to win the war.//

    Hm, I wonder where he got the money to buy all those "weapons"?

    Meanwhile, Pakatan people are paid no money and use no weapons - just their feet to carry them to the voting stations and their hands to mark their ballot papers.

    You decide for yourself who the rightful winner of GE14 should be.

    I hope that what you support will be right and just.


  14. Anonymous @ 25 January 2018 at 20:54,

    //1mdb audit report should be released & wrongdoers charged//

    Eeerrr... there are no wrong doers, OK?

    No money is missing and nobody did anything wrong, remember?

    Plenty of 1MDB profits - just look at how many people got free trips to Mecca. (I think the total bill stands at around RM30million - no, not RM30billion but RM30million).

    So, everything is hunky dory, A-OK and absolutely pukka, old chap.

    And no, the audit report cannot be released so that pesky people cannot ask pesky questions, like for example, whatever happened to that RM3.5billion(?) which was paid to the fake Aabar BVI?

    Are we getting it back?

    Have we got it back?

    Note also that we had to pay ANOTHER RM3.5billion(?) PLUS penalties of RM1.5billion(?) because IPIC did not get the first RM3.5billion.

    Oooppps, too many pesky questions.

    Sorry :)


    1. So MO1 meludah ke langit jatuh ke muka sendiri, after long golden silence MO1 now said 1mdb got failings (read wrongdoings) so Bodoh Nasional adoi...

    2. Gladiator.

      "Note also that we had to pay ANOTHER RM3.5billion(?) PLUS penalties of RM1.5billion(?) because IPIC did not get the first RM3.5billion."

      Latest information from FB posting by SatDee and reply by that Engineer MP from Langkawi, Ir. Nawawi something... the latter said he and Arul Kandasamy are going to have some sort of nothing2hide Q&A in Langkawi soon. Ir. Nawawi claimed that there're news/evidence, the fake Aabar BVI did belong to IPIC.

      If its true, then there is good chance that 1MDB could get a refund of the 2nd. RM3.5 Billion + RM1.5 Billion penalty. Therefore that land in Penang & Pulau Indah which was stealthily sold off to China, to pay IPIC recently, could be 'returned' to 1MDB.
      Looks like it will resemble the recovery of Felda's Jln. Semarak land.

    3. Anon 08:47 if what you commented is 'true', MO1 or BN will on primetime tonite (esp TV1-3) spewing all these 'truths' wakakaka

    4. Anon 10:42.

      I don't RTM or TV3 will be airing it. It's just a ploy by UMNO-Najib's kaki-bodek to bluff the orang-kampung Malays in Langkwai.

  15. MO1: syukurlah masih ada yang Bodoh Nasional (incl annie + undirosak), kalau takda habislah MO1...

  16. Anon 807
    The right not to vote is also a democratic right.why all of a sudden Pakatan people are becoming defensive with this undirosak movement.After all BN supporters can also spoil thei votes as a sign of protest.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Unlike BN tunnel vision, now you see light at the end of tunnel!!! Prof Kangkung dah ubah or harapan...

    2. Sapa yg tunnel vision anon 1048.with your recycle PM candidate,you have no vision at all.
      Prof kangkung

    3. bn-umno dah tak keruan macam cacing kepanasan bila menyedari P HARAPAN pimpinan 'Vintage Tun M' semakin hari semakin power, berikutan sambutan hangat & bertambah semarak baik dalam negeri maupun di luar negara.

      Mereka sedar 'Vintage Tun M' ada kelebihan luarbiasa mencipta rekod dunia di mana beliau adalah satu2nya pemimpin tunggal lagi unggul yg meraih kemenangan cemerlang 5X berturut-turut p/raya dgn majoriti 2/3 pulak tuu......!!

      Menyedari hakikat ini, bn-umno berura-ura mensabotaj PRU 14 dgn mengajak pengundi2 memboikot (kejora juga tak putus2 darah berbuat sama di blog ini) untuk menyelamat diri mereka dari terhumban dari Putrajaya....satu taktik & tindakan pengecut......!!

      It's clear cut that 'Vintage Tun M' is sending a shiver down spine to Najib's camp.

  17. 1mdb = ibu segala kegagalan & MO1 = bapak segala kegagalan, i use my undi tumbangkan MO1 & BN...

  18. dah daftar tapi tak undi/rosakkan undi - kalau nak main-main jangan daftar

  19. Instead of wasting your time waking up early in the morning, take a shower and get ready, going to the polling station by car and having to drive around for 10 minutes to find parking, then having to queue up for like 30 minutes with an empty stomach only to then spoil your vote by putting "x" on all candidates, they might as well stay at home and not go out and vote at all.


    1. 1 spoilt vote is a waste to all party or coalation. Its your party or coalation lost.

      If your party or coalation not interested to garner votes why be grumpy about it?

      Your party or coalation does not interested in votes, your party and coalation just want supporters.

    2. Me... I will only spoil my vote if there're only PAS & UMNO-Najib contesting in my constituency, by writing on the slip:-

      "Kepada Warga-asing, dijual rumah secara Freehold atau Kekal selagi ada bulan & bintang.
      Kepada Rakyat sendiri, dijual secara Leasehold atau pajakan 99 tahun.
      Kepala But*h la... Rakyat diDahulukan."

  20. Vote which side can get the China Chinese out of here? Actually it's not so much the China Chinese that is a thorn in the flesh, it's the bloody Malaysians working for them acting all haughty and condescending toward fellow Malaysians!!!

  21. Pokok jatuh letak kat FB pun boleh kena marah. Ini tanah kita tahu?

  22. RD,

    //Ir. Nawawi claimed that there're news/evidence, the fake Aabar BVI did belong to IPIC.//


    If that is the case, why did IPIC take 1MDB to the Arbitration Commission(?) in London?

    Are those Londers so incompetent as to give IPIC a win against 1MDB?

    And why did 1MDB so stupid to pay up another RM3.5billion plus penalties to IPIC AFTER already paying RM3.5billion to the now-supposedly-not-fake Aabar BVI?

    Just doesn't make sense.

    I think that Nawawi fellow is talking cock.

    And we are still missing that RM3.5billion.

    //Therefore that land in Penang & Pulau Indah which was stealthily sold off to China, to pay IPIC recently, could be 'returned' to 1MDB//

    I will bet that nothing gets returned to us, the rakyat.


    1. Gladiator.

      Me too thinks that Nawawi fellow is talking cock. Of-course those gullible Makcik & Pakcik in Langkawi would believe him and Arul Kandasamy.

      "I will bet that nothing gets returned to us, the rakyat."

      I'm sure, Dr.M can ensure, most of it will be returned to the Rakyat. That's his promise anyway, if PH win.

    2. tht nawawi already retracted his post. because he got bombarded with questions from satD :D

  23. Anonymous @ 25 January 2018 at 23:25,

    //And if YDPA does not agree with PH PM candidates (as happen in Perak & Selangor).//

    Frankly, I would be quite shocked if the Agung does not agree to to any Pakatan candidate for PM.


    1. If u mean "any", there would be choices yea?

      That is why i mentioned another a la Kajang Move may occur.

      Do PH have any backup "Interim PM"?

  24. Today a 92 years old wife of a former prime minister was quizzed by the men in blue (dressed in brutality) for matters of public concern.The lady who was dressed in doctor's purple gown was questioned for :

    a) possession of designer handbags
    b) misuse and abuse of government jets
    c) complicit in the murder of a foreign translator
    d) excessive dislike towards noisy mat rempits
    e) spending RM 1200 on weird hairdos
    f) excessive weight gain below midriff region
    g) penchant for pink diamonds
    h) possession of excessive and unaccounted cash
    i) possession of various credit cards utilised all over the globe for fine dining,shopping,purchases and flaunting
    j) hugging Lee Chong Wei to the extent of suffocating him
    k) having secret liaison with a fat pig named Jo Low
    l) travelling with the same fat pig in an expensive yacht
    m) seen in the company of high heeled Hollywood drunkards
    n) watching a soft porn movie titled Wolfie something

    While the lady doctor was being questioned, her husband,an old horse was accorded immense respect by a bunch of jockeys from the European Union and their discussions centred on global economic matters,the runaway success of 1MDB,GST in Saudi Arabia and possible cultivation of horse bran in TRX.

    These great happenings truly made my day and now it is time for some relaxation.And what better way to welcome the weekend than by listening to Sona Jobarteh and her Band.

    Rasta Rules

  25. One more thing... Anonymous 25 January 2018 at 23:25.

    If the YDPA doesn't gave his consent to PH's choice of PM candidate, the Royal Institution could be exposed to lots of negative perceptions... eg. the Rakyat might have the impression that His Majesty has business interest with his own choice.

    1. Ok. If YDPA choose i.e. Mukhriz as His Executive Advisor over TM. Would you think/feel/type/talk the same?

      YDPA cant deny a winner but definitely he can choose upon his wisdom who he wish to be his Executive Advisor.

    2. It would definitely be inappropriate on the part of His Majesty The YDPA to choose other than those in line of succession as nominated by PH's consensus, of which was promised to the electorates.

      Therefore, the option of Mukhriz being chosen by His Majesty is out of the pool. And... it would also be a wisdom of His Majesty to choose from what have been laid on the table, in line with the spirit of 'Federal Representative Democratic Constitutional Monarchy', hence ensuring the majority of His subject, happy.

  26. i think the real form protest is dragging urself out in broad daylight suffering long queue to vote againts BN even when u r sick to the bone (theres term like this even ?).

    us lot also dont like all the lecehness, but we just have to do it.

    my son ask me later what do i do for this country. Ill say this time im out to vote againts BN.

  27. Anonymous @ 26 January 2018 at 21:17,

    //tht nawawi already retracted his post.//


    I thought there was nothing to hide?


  28. Anonymous @ 26 January 2018 at 20:31,

    //If u mean "any", there would be choices yea?//

    Yea, there are choices.

    How about Lim Kit Siang?

    ROFLMAO :)

    So, are you going to suggest that the Agung is going to take a racist approach as to who can be PM of Malaysia?

    Use your brain lah - be very careful with how this conversation can go, OK?

    //That is why i mentioned another a la Kajang Move may occur//

    Eeerrr.. the whole point of Mahatir being "interim PM" is to have Anwar Ibrahim being the PM after a Royal pardon or whatever mechanism will be used to quash his conviction.

    So, yes, another Kajang move is guaranteed if Pakatan wins Putrajaya.


    1. "So, yes, another Kajang move is guaranteed if Pakatan wins Putrajaya."

      I'm sorry Gladiator.
      I've never agreed with Kajang-move. It's just an abuse of the Democratic process. Wasting Rakyat's time and resources and in the process, MONEY can change hand too. Now... PH cannot be seen as promoting corruption. They just cannot afford it, at a time when they should be prudent with Rakyat's money.

      Furthermore, the Rakyat have decided once. Why force them to make another choice again? The atmosphere in the country will be... non-stop politicking. Not good for race-relation.

      Therefore, its better to wait out the term or... PH could choose to disband Parliament early... say after 3 years... to make way for anybody?
      That, I think its more righteous and just :)

    2. Up to the goverment then. They hold the power.

  29. Anonymous @ 26 January 2018 at 21:47,

    //Ok. If YDPA choose i.e. Mukhriz as His Executive Advisor over TM.//

    Aiyoh, stop making up hypotheticals, OK?

    What if the Agung wants Azmin Ali?

    What if the Agung wants Mat Sabu?

    What if the Agung wants Lim Kit Siang?

    What if some alien landed his interstellar craft at KLCC and decide he wanted to be PM?

    What if... what if...

    This is called "over-thinking" and is usually unproductive.


    1. Ok. Thanks glady. I just follow your advice.

      No need to think or over think.

    2. yaa maan..gladiator maan listens to bob marley..u r a rasta maannn...

  30. Rasta Rules,

    //Today a 92 years old wife of a former prime minister was quizzed by the men in blue (dressed in brutality) for matters of public concern//

    You meant,

    "They were all dressed in uniforms of brutality"

    as per Bob Marley from "Burnin' and Looting Tonight"


  31. You are such a silly twit. Have you not seen the results of young voters boycotting the elections in U.K. (Brexit) and U.S.(Trump)? Who do you think is going to end up losing the most? You !!! .. you nincompoop. There's a very real chance that BN can FINALLY be evicted from the governing of this country. If we don't take the chance, then the next opportunity MAY come when your grandchildren are of voting age. IN the meantime, airheads like you think you are doing the correct thing by boycotting. Albert Einstein rightly said "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former" You my young friend, I'm afraid, are infinitely stupid for thinking that boycotting is actually sane choice because you perceive the opposition to be no better than BN. Well, show me where they have done worse than BN in Selangor and Penang. WE, the voting public in these two states are not gullible, like you. WE KNOW that if if these two state governments do not perform, we'll kick them out at the next election. You however, do not even realise that you can do that. Wake up you nut. VOTE AND MAKE YOURSELF BE HEARD.

    1. Most sensible argument.too bad there are too many foolish people around not knowing that this so called undirosak movement is the work of dedak eater out to do favour to the party that has done so much damage to this country.
      When this people who dont vote finally wakes up when this country has gone to the d will be too late to do anything.Tun M is our only hope.

  32. i will not vote....reason....

    any sensible mind will choose not to choose one dog shit, between two dog shit to be the leader to lead. done

    1. Either dog shit will win and you will still be ruled by dog shit
      Therefore you will remain shit.

    2. 11:30

      just up and..go and lick their whole shit voter

    3. If I’m non Muslim I will bet 100million dollar that a guy like anon 01:51 will vote UMNO

      I have seen a lot of guys like this in university, entitled snowflakes lazy ass bum and last minutes assignment turn in

      A piece of shit who is like a complement frog in boiling water

    4. Anon 10.34
      An adage 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach'
      The high costs of living do not affect him he is complacent
      Those who are surffering especilly city dwellers will know who to cast their vote for
      Kampung's sufferage is the targetted group to canvas and convert to vote


    5. 10:34 & 18:22

      you dog shit pariah bastards...your opinion are NOT facts...go and fxuk each and other...bastard dog shit

  33. Anonymous @ 27 January 2018 at 11:55,

    //No need to think or over think.//

    Where did I ask you not to think?


    1. Nowhere. Just over-thinked.

  34. I'm now more adamant to cast my vote in GE14 after visiting this blog post, and reading all the interesting arguments and views here.

  35. Anonymous @ 27 January 2018 at 17:35,

    //Nowhere. Just over-thinked.//

    More like under-think to me.


  36. Tun Siti disuruh siasat..
    Konon Bonda dah buat jahat..
    Pentadbiran Klepto amatlah dahsyat..
    Penuh berkuman otak tak sihat..!

    Lemah lembut sifatnya Bonda..
    Jadi pendamping pada Ayahanda..
    Cincin berjuta dia tak ada..
    Tidak shopping,Hong Kong,Florida..

    Kenapa Bonda mesti disasar..
    Sudah mulakah nak main kasar..
    Mungkin Klepto semakin gusar..
    Jual barang tak laku di pasar..

    MO1 yang songlap harta negara..
    Shopping sakan ke sini sana..
    Semua diam tak ambil kira..
    Langgar undang2 kebal tak kena..!

    Buatlah helah pelbagai cara..
    Rakyat melihat tanpa suara..
    Selagi mana boleh berpura..
    Rakyat menunggu pilihanraya..!

    Pada Bonda usah berduka..
    Rakyat menyokong seluruh negara..
    Bandingkan konon 3 juta mereka..
    Hanya disokong beruk dan kera..!

    1. A nonagerian amongst many righteous Malaysian women that yearned for a better Malaysia
      A quest/an endeavour that has put many younger Malaysians to shame
      TUN Siti at your age and struggle will be remembered in the pages of Malaysian history


  37. Anonymous27 January 2018 at 11:58

    "Up to the goverment then. They hold the power."

    Lets me give you an analogy.

    A father is the head of his family. Therefore, he too, holds 'power' and can rule supreme over his family's daily affair.

    But... what if one day, he decided to rape or sodomize his children... with his wife's approval.

    Can we, as the community where the family lived, say... 'up to him la, whatever he which do with his family. He holds 'power' what?'

    1. "Therefore, its better to wait out the term or... PH could choose to disband Parliament early... say after 3 years... to make way for anybody?
      That, I think its more righteous and just :)"

      Do you mean you want to "rape & sodomize" your children when you post this?

    2. Don't be ridiculous, Anon 14:32.
      I'm not talking about myself, but a government.

      When I wrote that, I was referring to Glady's suggestion of another Pakatan's Kajang-move, to install an ex-convict, replacing Dr.M, of which I'm firmly against. Its outright abuse of the democratic process.

      While that 'raping and sodomizing own children' was an analogy to your 'tidak apa' and don't-care attitude of just letting the government of the day, do whatever they wish to do.

      You wrote... "Up to the goverment then. They hold the power."

      That's where I made an analogy of a father who had 'power' over running the affairs of his family, can also do whatever he wishes, to his children... of-course with the wife's consent.

    3. When I wrote..."of-course with the wife's consent."

      The 'wife' is referring to you, who don't seems to care, even if the government of the day is plundering the country.

      For your information, I'm still a registered member of UMNO. But now, I hold no allegiance to any political party, not even Dr.M's coalition.

    4. If i dont care, i dont even would raise question RD.

      I respect your political allegiance.

      Thanks RD

    5. Yes, its true. Raising questions is also a sign that you still care for the well-being of the country.

      I'm sorry, if I had misjudge you in anyway.