Wednesday 10 January 2018

Shahrir, are you in cahoot with the gang trying to take over the KLVC project?

This is an interesting development of the Felda land deal issue,

Felda land deal profitable, board had full knowledge

excerpts 1;

According to the daily newspaper, all decisions pertaining to the June 2014 deal were made by FIC without the knowledge of Felda’s directors until they were informed about it in September of that year.
However, a source with intimate knowledge of the deal told The Mole today that the Felda board had endorsed it on the very day they were officially informed about the deal and then re-endorsed it on June 3, 2015.
(This is about the Berita Harian story which I believe was planted by the gang to create havoc so that they can take over the project)

excerpts 2;

Ever since the Berita Harian report, Felda chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad has been pulling out all the stops to undo the deal although SPSB is said to have not found to have committed any breach of contract.
The source pointed out that the FIC-SPSB agreement was drafted in such a way that it is practically irrevocable, unless SPSB has breached it.
The exact wordings of the conditions for a breach are as follows:
“The parties hereto agree that FIC shall be entitled to terminate this agreement in the event the master developer fails and/or omits and/or neglects to complete the said project within ten years from the date of the first development order and the land conversion to the category of land use commercial, whichever is later.”
(Why is Shahrir going all out to revoke the project after the BH story came out and insisted that it must be undone even before the forensic audit started? In fact, he said Felda had lost the land before PM said it has not lost the land. I'm begining to suspect that Shahrir was in cahoot with those trying to take over the project because of this)

excerpts 3;

Shahrir had portrayed the deal as a total loss for Felda but according to the source, FIC in fact is set to gain at least half a billion ringgit from it.
The source quoted the minutes of the 10th FIC board meeting on April 29, 2014, as such: “It was resolved that the company (FIC) do hereby accept the offer by SPSB on the proposed minimum guaranteed return (MGR) of RM500 million or 10 per cent of the gross development value, whichever is higher.
“The first payment of RM10 million being part of the MGR shall be paid within one month from the date of signing of the property development agreement.”
The estimated value of the land is RM200 million.
(Yes Shahrir, why did you say Felda didn't get a single sen from the deal?  Why did you try to make things look so bad that the issue became the latest weapon of the opposition with the general election just around the corner? Are you any better than Isa Samad?)

Please also read my first posting on this issue;

- Everyone who should know about the deal, knew about it from day one. Nothing was said about it because everyone agreed that there's nothing wrong with the deal. That's the reason why MACC was quick to say there was no element of corruption in the deal. They knew it much earlier and had checked on it much before BH broke the story.

- The whole brouhahah was actually started by a bunch of people who were unhappy because the land deal leads to other deals which benefit a gang of people, believed to be linked with Isa. They were unhappy because they were left out of it, actually.

- These unhappy people, who have a degree of control over Media Prima are the ones who told BH to break the story which triggered all the noises.

And these greedy people trying to take over the KLVC project are still at it.

Just read the headlines of Media Prima newspapers on the issue which didn't show any real interest to correct the perception that the Felda land deal was so bad even after Najib said Felda didn't lose the land.

The latest that I heard was that this gang of eunuchs had already prepared two set of documents to revoke the land deal and stop the KLVC project even before the forensic audit has been completed. And they also have already set up some people to be the black sheeps for the whole thing.

Despite being close to Najib, these people don't seem to care that BN and Umno are bleeding support among the Felda settlers because of this issue which they created to take over the project.


  1. You cannot discount the fact that parts of the "Clean Shahrir" are trying to come out.

    This guy was Musa Hitam's polsec once, and was once a renegade voice who voted against Umno in Parliament.

    Then MO1 also bought him over using the stolen money in the special Ambank Songlap account.

    However shortly after Shahrir took over FELDA, he revealed publicly that billions were missing and not accounted for.

    Maybe it's the good vs evil fighting inside him.

    One thing is for sure, if Shahrir is 50% corrupt, then Isa Samad is 110% corrupt.

    Pinklips inside man to steal money from GLCs, just like Irwan Serigatal.

    Ask taxi drivers about SPAD and the Pink Diamond Hippo.

    Listen to what they tell you.

    1. Pink Diamond Hippo will ask for 30% to 60% of any projek going thru PMO.......her officers will do the asking of course.

      You cannot take riches to akhirat.....why she so crazy GREEDY, I dunno......

    2. Anon 944

      Taxi drivers as your source? I am not looking down on taxi drivers.
      Prof kangkung

    3. So stakat ni strategi PH nmpk berhasil...umno dh jd kelam kabut bila tun m diumum sbg bakal pm jika PH mng...tambah kelam kabut bila anwar plk diumum bakal dibebaskan jun ini...maka berbondong2 la penjilat2 ni mengambil bahagian utk mengkritik tun m dan anwar demi mnunjukkan kehebatan jilatan masing2 kpd big bos dgn harapan dicalonkan pru nnt...dlm kekalutan menyerang tun m dan anwar pemimpin ini mnjd lupa akan tugas hakiki masing2...nmpk bijak strategi PH kali ni...

  2. Advice for people of felda & all true malaysian......


    There are many who can't bear the thought of PM Najib and the BN continuing to "rule" Malaysia after GE14. But at the same time, they do not like the idea of Mahathir becoming the PM due to his past record.

    To me, as I had stated yesterday, the question is not whether you want Mahathir to be the PM. The question is whether we want PM Najib and BN to continue to rule.

    Many agreed with me. But there are also many who refer to Mahathir's past. I really don't know whether those in this category would support the BN or would not vote.

    There are however two factors that need to be considered before we could dismiss Mahathir.

    Firstly, he has apologised. Fine, it is just an apology. It may not be worth anything.

    Secondly, and more importantly to me, is this.

    In all those years, Mahathir was alone. He called the shot. He was possessed with unbridled power. So he did what he did without any obstacle. When there was an obstacle, he finished it off. went away.

    This time the circumstances are different.

    Mahathir is not alone. He will not have a compliant Cabinet, MPs and minions like before.

    If Pakatan wins, and Mahathir becomes the PM, his deputy is Wan Azizah from PKR. The cabinet will be full of people from PKR, BERSATU, AMANAH and DAP.

    Mahathir will have to live with Muhyiddin Yasin; Tony Pua, Lim Kit Siang, Khalid Samat, Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli and a slew of strong-headed bed fellows who are not about to be yes-men like those who existed when Mahathir was the PM before.

    During the 22 years of his rule, Mahathir surrounded himself with those who were loyal to him and his policies.

    He does not and will not have that luxury anymore.

    This time, Mahathir will be surrounded by those who are voted based on their promises to make Malaysia a better place.

    If the Pakatan wins in GE14, it would mean the people have spoken. It would mean the people would have said enough-is-enough.

    It would mean the people have KICKED ASS!

    And Mahathir knows that if the people have kicked ass once, there is nothing stopping the people from kicking ass again, including his ass.

    Those around him would also know that.

    So, think about it.

    You want to continue to wallow in self pity and lose your self-respect?

    Or do you want to take a calculated risk and make an unemotional and rational choice?

    1. Who is this art Harun guy?knowing Tun M I doubt if he really change.
      He can show you a piece of black cloth and convince you that cloth is white.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Its a myrh that TUN M was alone in his 22years as premier
      He practises what is called ' dynamism between leadership and followship '
      At that time he does not enjoy the luxury of buying loyalty
      You must be a GOOD FOLLOWER to be a GOOD LEADER
      He understands the needs of the rakyat(followers)
      To be a leader you must have at least one follower
      TUN M's job is to conceive ideas on nation buildinng
      He selled it to his followers. a if viable the follower built it
      TUN M cannot build it by himself and he always stressed that the people(follower) built it
      His very own successes in nation building has branded himself a dictator to nay sayers
      Do we hate him for his achivements?
      We can be a better person
      Go read books on management science


  3. Annie,


    Why you still talking about this?

    That piece of land is gone, OK?

    The deal appears perfectly legal from what little I know and I am sure there is precedence elsewhere in similar deals between other willing parties all over Malaysia.

    In fact, in my kampung right now, some villager has entered into a similar deal - he provides the land to a developer, the developer takes title and funds the development, the developer builds the buildings, the villager gets a number of buildings to call his own and to do as he pleases.

    That villager made about RM8million from the deal.

    OK, it is not exactly the same as the KLVC deal but we only need to change some elements in the agreement between the villager and the developer and voila - a KLVC lookalike agreement.

    OK, I am not sure how FELDA expects to make RM500mil from the deal according to the article.

    "...some among the Felda board who were also on the FIC board had met and endorsed the deal which promised the agency a minimum return of RM500 million..."

    Huh? What return of RM500 million? From where?

    Anyway, anybody hoping that FELDA can get that piece of land back can go whistle Dixie.

    The ONLY WAY, I can think of for FELDA to get that land back is for the government to force the parties to rescind the contract.

    Then the government will simply use rakyat monies to pay Synergy Promenade a huge compensation.

    Maybe that is what Synergy Promenade is aiming for - do little or no work, and get paid compensation just like that AES speed camera bullshit.

    But as far as FELDA settlers are concerned, the land will be back in FELDA hands and FELDA settlers will be told that everything is OK and how their interests have been protected and no money has been lost :)

    Great publicity and propaganda for GE14, don't you think?

    I mean, why should FELDA settlers care who paid for the compensation as long as they didn't, right?

    Meanwhile, the land will be under the control of a new bunch of crooks and the whole debacle will be repeated, with new twists, so that they, too, can korek some money out of it using some other clever legal tactic.

    Nice, isn't it, to be able to sell the same piece of land several times? :)

    Every single Malaysian could be a billionaire if only we all could do the same :)


    1. "Huh? What return of RM500 million? From where?"
      Gladiator, please read the article CAREFULLY all the way to the end to get answers to those questions of yours. Thank you.

    2. "Then the government will simply use rakyat monies to pay Synergy Promenade a huge compensation."


      Exactly like MOF is buying back tower in TRX for "undisclosed sum".

      This is Najis's preferred songlap method.

      As seen in 1mdb, src, and TH cases.

    3. The value of of the land is closer to RM 800M to RM 1B.So if it is value at only RM 200M then Felda wont make anything from the deal and has to wait 10 years to make less than the present value of the land.Definitely not a good deal for Felda.

    4. 1mdb 2.6 billion is not a scandal?!

    5. To the paranoid pee-em putarjaya

      Death is just a door away

    6. Anon 00:45..
      And black sabbath paranoia took me to stairway to heaven and deep purple...ahhhh...much better

  4. Either SPSB to dedak shahrir $$$ or dumbo to sack shahrir...

  5. before GE14 dumbos should conduct a 'dumbo spring', knives out for songlap, dedak or greedy dumbos wakakaka

  6. Hi Annie,
    When you takeover a land for "free" easily, you gain 999 years ownership the land. You can build simple low cost toilet hut on top the land and give it to the government to own the toilet hut but the land is still belongs to you now......which is better? toilet hut or the land?

  7. Annie,

    //please read the article CAREFULLY all the way to the end//

    Eeerrr... ahem... my speed reading/comprehension skills need more improvement :)

    Hmm... the RM500mil is from Synergy Promenade...

    Sounds like they will be in charge of building management and making money from rental of retail and office space...

    There's gotta be experts in real estate who are lurking in this blog.

    I wonder if any such expert can offer other views of how Synergy would generate RM500million from this deal to pay off FELDA.

    I may know lots of things but I don't know everything.

    And you know what they say about a man who knows everything, dontcha? :)


    1. And you know what they say about a man who knows everything, dontcha? Kantoi?

  8. M101 Skywheel

    Projek di Kg Baru, KL.
    100% syarikat China.
    Bahasa Melayu tak diiktiraf

    Prof anjing butoh mana?!

    1. Prof butoh anjing is collecting money from PMO.

      His kapchai takes 2 hours to reach PutarJaya.

      So give him 4 hours more...

  9. is rombongan MO1 + family to saudi arabia seeking donation (to win GE14) or refuge (lose GE14 escape macam marcos & imelda)???

    1. People must understand one thing:

      No songlap happens from GLC UNLESS Jibros gives it green light.

      FELDA SCANDAL - Investigators Should Enquire At PMO (FLOM Division)

      As one person with every reason to know wrote:

      “Look Into Felda Global Ventures, they are broke… sensitive docs prove an excess of RM2 Billion is being furiously padded on projects being approved to be siphoned off my PM & his wife”

      The documents referred to include memos from the Prime Minister/Finance Minister’s Office to Isa Samad, then Chairman of Felda, urging him to hurry up and process billion dollar payments to a small, unlicenced foreign investment vehicle.

      In one letter, dated 19th September 2013 and addressed to Y.B. Tan Sri Haji Mohd Isa Bin Dato’ Haji Abdul Samad, Ms Abod urges the Chairman of FELDA in these words [translated]:

      Subject: Financial Management With FELDA Holdings by XX XX XX XX

      “With regards to the matter above and under the orders of the Prime Minister for the business between the Prime Minister’s Office and FELDA Holdings and YB Tan Sri as the Chairman of FELDA, please hand the Statement of Readiness document over to the PM’s Office immediately. This is to ensure the investment project can proceed immediately and provide the investment returns.

      I thank you for your cooperation."

      This note was copied to Najib Razak himself and the ‘business’ referred to in the letter was a proposed investment of one billion US dollars in a previously unheard of private company managed by two foreigners, one of whom had no professional financial background.

    2. Ms Abod, the author of this and related letters held a specific role at that time in the Prime Minister’s Office, which has been identified in official listings and already publicised.

      She was in fact the head of the unit within PMO known as ‘FLOM’.

      Enquiries have established that ‘FLOM’ referred to First Lady Of Malaysia, who had opened her own unit within her husband’s office at taxpayers’ expense and her confidant Ms Abod was at the head of it.

      Perhaps it is time to enquire more deeply as to the exact daily duties of Ms Abod on Rosmah Mansor’s behalf, especially when those duties tied in with the Financial decisions of her husband?

      FELDA settlers for one will be extremely interested to have full answers, given that their multi-billion dollar nest egg has now substantially evaporated under the guardianship of Najib Razak and Isa Samad.

      The investment vehicle’s proposal was that it would then put the money into properties and raise a healthy return on them.  However, given the sheer size of the enormous investment, the handing over of control of such a sum plainly represented a huge risk.

      Pendek kata...

      The Hippo opened her own Songlap Division in PMO and was responsible for the theft from FELDA.

      And many others.

    3. Who knows exactly why pm.najibs and team went to saudi and by the same time perform Umrah with his families. Well this will bring impact to Malay voters esp Muslims.
      Tun M also once become the host to the Saudi govt and perform the Umrah. And the precious part is having privilage to enter the Raudahs. This also happened to PM Najib. It is to counter what Tun gets during his visit.

  10. umno tipu DAP jadi PM tapi sekarang Dr M jadi PM, apa lagi umno mau tipu, pi mampuslah umno...

  11. they want to undo you're undone. O mymy tangan ghaib

  12. 2018 will be a very tough year, after GE14 there will be lots of losing BN retrenchments & unemployed, then hope annie still got a job cari makan sigh

  13. Beberapa kes termaduk felda tidak lebih dan tidak kurang dari situasi "menyangak dari penyangak bagi kepada penyangak".

    Ada tiga abdul di situ yang terlibat..

  14. Anonymous @ 10 January 2018 at 22:24,

    //then hope annie still got a job cari makan sigh//

    Newbie? :)