Monday 8 January 2018

Old people still want to play


Mahathir is Pakatan’s PM candidate



Saifuddin said also stated in the agreement was on the legal process that would be initiated to obtain a Royal Pardon for Pakatan Harapan’s de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim after the opposition pact took over the country’s administration.
“This is to ensure Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can immediately play a role in the federal government and then to be appointed as the 8th prime minister,” he said.

Honestly, I feel that this is a bit of a let down.

Can't they at least said once Dr Mahathir steps down as PM,  he'll be replaced by a credible young leader instead of Anwar?

PKR is still all about Anwar as PM, is it?

Isn't it by right about a better Malaysia?

Really, I was hoping yesterday for Pakatan to name Azmin as PM candidate and Mukhriz as his potential deputy.

That would have been much better.

Such a Pakatan move would likely force BN to push up younger and more credible people in their ranks to take over from the older and much tainted leaders. .

Well, if I have my way, I want this country to be run by good younger people.

The older people should just rest.

And they can put aside their baggages too.

This is what I previously wrote about my wish on this matter;


Let's say I have been given the chance to set a single rule for the next general election.

What I would do is to ban everyone above 60 from actively taking part in it, except voting.

Everyone above that age limit can't become a candidate or even campaign for the election in any way.

They must sit quietly at home and only vote on polling day.

Really. I think the older people should leave it to the young ones to fix the country, if it needs to be fixed. The older people should ideally just help out with things instead of continuing bossing people around.

But of course it's not going to happen that way.

It's going to be the same old faces fighting over the same old issues all over again.

They really don't know when to let go of things, don't they?

Well, never mind.

Stupid Malaysian politics like that lah.

We have no choice but to simply go with the flow.


  1. PH telah meletakan asas yang baik, hanya PM untuk dua penggal, proses ini akan menjadikan PM Malaysia di masa hadapan milik pemimpin sekitar usia 40-50an.

    Gandingan Mahathir-Anwar adalah paling mantap dan lulus ujian untuk berhadapan dengan wang dan kuasa.

    1. Mahathir will forever be a single champion if this is a badminton game. Can never put him in the court with another guy to play double! And in a team for Thomas Cup too!

  2. Hi Annie,

    The Pakatan want to get new law going, they said this at the convention.

    Only 2 terms for PM, that is about 10 years.

    Then, only then can the younger generation can become leaders.

    Otherwise, you can wait until the kingdome come also, never happen.

    1. Do it in Penang first.2 terms CM
      Prof Kangkung

    2. 2 terms for PM ONLY. Not applicable for MB or CM.

      Please note that Nik Aziz held on the MB post to his last breath... though he had to carry his urinary pouch while he himself, carried by his men.

    3. you got it wrong RD.

      He handed over the MB post to Ahmad Yaacob right after Pas won the GE13 election.He passed away not long after that.

      Prof Kangkung

  3. wisdom comes with age and play pley still. bn barang naik

  4. old hand needs love too. endless play

  5. Agree, I'm very dissapointed. PKR & PH are still fixated on Anwar. Anwar pun masih x sedar diri, masih ingat dia god's gift to Msia. There are no statesman left in Msia, only politicians.

    1. I'm afraid... to some extent, Anwar also practiced the policy of 'cash is king'.

      Its a known fact that during his tenure as DPM cum Finance Minister, many people without noticeable income, especially young men in Permatang Pauh, drove 4WD pick-up trucks. At that time, the most popular was Pajero and Ford Storm... if I'm not mistaken.

    2. It was during the heady days of the '90s when the term Melayu Korporat @ Melayu Keparat was coined. Anwar used his two main weapons (ie his oratory skills and money) to hit all the obstacles on his way up the party hierarchy. The late Tun Ghafar was among his victims. Of course Anwar had another weapon in the name of crooked dxxk. But, that besides the point.
      It is going to be interesting two see the clash of the titans between Mahathir and Anwar to be the Chief Opposition since the PM post is out of the question for both.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. 4 tahun.. Mmbesar di zaman tun M time nyanyi lagu patriotik smngat dia lain mcm.. Bangga sgt dgn negara malaysia.. Skrang klau nyanyi dah x rasa luar sgt mengagumi Tun..tapi org kita sekarang ada yng dah anggap org tua tu mcm x prnah brjasa utk negara..sedarlah atau kamu semua sudah lupa??

  6. Tun Dr. M has been bestowed an award from the people of Malaysia, (P.M.I.W.). Prime Minister In Waiting..

    1. No lah. Got chosen by another old man & women only.

      50 years that face only. Boring already.

  7. Imagine Dr. M becomes prime minister again Annie.

    1) No GST tax
    2) Food prices become affordable again
    3) No increase of highway tolls
    4)Young people are going to have jobs again. No longer wondered the streets with food trucks and food pandas selling nasi lemak

  8. barisan dacing meletakkan seorang pencuri yang curi berbillion ringgit duit rakyat untuk jadi PM, seorang pengecut, seorang penipu, pemberi rasuah, makan rasuah, kawan taik jolok, laki rosmah, lanun bugis .... the choice is clear when we put side by side.

  9. Now the onus is on Bersatu to deliver the rural votes. They have a massive job in front of them. There’s quite a lot of ground to cover. It’s going to be a lot of hardwork for them. I hope Bersatu is ready for the challenge.

    It’s not going to be easy. Rural voters are tough nuts to crack. They always prefer the usual way of doing things and despise change. There’s a challenge in there.

    Bersatu need to be on the ground as soon as possible. Hit the ground running. They gonna need helping hands from Amanah and PKR.

    I pray for Tun to have the best of health up until polling day and post elections. It’s going to take a lot from him. At his age, it’s gargantuan sacrifices and efforts. Hopefully,With god willing, it is all worth it in the end.

    1. Easy. Sell Mahathir’s name. Tell them how good life was under Tun M. High price of rubber during his time. High price of palm oil. Low price of goods and essential items..

    2. Anon 1140.
      You are being nostalgic.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. What is wrong being nostalgic?

    4. 1mdb is not a scandal?!

      Aiman tino

  10. Annie would think that just to let old people idle, rot and die...?

    With old people comes the young and, everything else tagged along namely....experiences, wise and wisdom etc etc.

    That said said Annie,

    - what did the Majlis Raja Raja putuskan tentang siasatan 1MDB? I read their statement.

    - what action Majlis Raja Raja took regarding the Citizen's Declaration? More than a million signatures by the way! Do the RAKYAT matters, over a million of them?

    - what feedback did Majlis Raja Raja got from the MKN's supposed Draft's 'REWORK' or whatever you want to call it. It is now LAW unto itself, MKN is a very very dangerous precedence yet, M01 crowed claiming credit abolishing ISA but, he got an almost absolute power to clamp everybody's nuts, including the Majlis Raja Raja that is seen as passive albeit not far from being closely synonymous with being SUBMISSIVE, RELENTING, COMPLIANT or whatever that be.

    Please don't take these words as demeaning to the Majlis Raja Raja or any one person perse, it is no longer POLITICS! It is to stop the rots that is consuming the country.

    - 1MDB is not THIEVING? Clear the OSA hurdles, do the CLEAN AUDITS on 1MDB Accounts 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.....and even the Parliament is a NO GO for 1MDB's questions? PAC? That was just a smokescreen PACarimakan wei! Too many hanky-panky Jho Lo, IPIC, Article 117, UNITS, Husni's U-TURN, Kevin Morais, M01, DOJ, Justo Xavier, London Court of International Arbitration-1MDB's (technical) lost etc etc. Too many dots to joint, too many blanks to fill...

    - 2.6 Billion with OPENED Bank Statement (dissolve all irregularities with money-trail) simply because he said it himself, not HIS but it did went into HIS ACCOUNT!

    - 42 Million SRC's money found in the PM's PRIVATE ACCOUNT without JUSTIFIED nor LOGICAL explanations. If you can brushed aside with a simple I don't know, then it should be across the board I or anybody else can 'DONATE' 50,000RM - 1,000,000RM to anybody I like without BNM's scrutiny, saving BNM's the work and time to REGULATE!

    Now with FELDA thing coming to the fore...would you rather the COUNTRY BURNS, Annie???

    I am so faraway in North America and last home in late 90s but been away for more than 30 years but, I am deeply concerned...if this kleptocrat government (worst of its kind by Jefferson Sessions) returned to govern post GE14, then Malaysia and the people still in the country will not get my concern anymore, except for my worry for my nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties godmothers/fathers 1st or 2nd and distant cousins, friends and acquaintances...these I hold dear, why, because they do not have the luxury to 'pack-up and Go' and set up shop somewhere new!

    Ikhlas dari....

    1. Annie want Azmin be to the PM designate and Mukriz as the deputy. Annie is still blurr, and don'tknow how much anger Azmin has caused the non malay (aka chinese) voters in selangor who are going to vote him out, together with his co trouble maker like zuraidah an tian chua.

      There is much suspicion on Azmin and his gang, dont be surprise if he pull off a surprise when the time comes. Don't trust Azmin.

    2. You wait and see, Azmin and Mukriz will come to picture after PH wins the next general election.

    3. dont think PH would win, so there's that...

  11. Qualities of TUN M
    Detailed orientated,focused and attentive
    Good listeners
    Pride in a job well done
    Organisational skills
    Efficiency and the confidence
    Setting an example
    Communication skills

    Traits of a competant statesman
    Old is gold with a short learning curve


    1. Qualities of Najib

      He doesn't know anything
      Love stealing any money by available
      Love his Rhino wife
      Love whoever being US Pres eventhough the Pres hates him
      Love his Mongolian gf but have to sacrifice her
      Love to speak like an insane homeless
      Love his PD gf
      Love Isa Samad, u help me, i help u laa ketot
      Love his chinese pet pig jho so low
      Love being bodek by his pet dogs rahman dahlan, said keruak ect
      Love being a atupid, pathetic haramjadah

    2. Tua Mahathir tua kelapa
      Makin tua makin banyak santannya

      Ini buktinya.....

      The Renowned World Class Statesman, Tun M sentiasa diingati & didoakan oleh ratusan juta umat Islam di seluruh pelusuk dunia, terutama bagi mereka di bumi para anbiya & rasul, khususnya di Palestiin, Mekah & Medinah.

      Tun Majathir adalah satu2nya pemimpin Melayu Islam nusantara yg diizinkan masuk ke dalam Kaabah.

      Walau dah berusia 93 tahun, beliau masih diberi perhormatan dan diminta memberi pandangan di simposium atau forum antarabangsa termasuk di institiut terunggul world class, Oxford.

      Beiau masih cergas, cerdas, sihat tanpa bantuan alat atau orang terus menjelajah ke seluruh pelusuk tanah air memberi ucaptama atau ceramah2. Mana dalam dunia ada orang yg dah cecah 90 tahun masih secergas Tun M...??
      Najib & Hadi Awang yang jauh lebih muda pun dah nampak lebih tua, uzur & tak secekap dan seberani Tun M, apatah lagi menghadapi sesi soal jawab wartawan2....??

      Nama beliau terus diingati dan diabadikan dalam catatan buku sejarah negara Bosnia sebagai wira Islam menyelamatkan ratusan kanak2 Islam Bosnia dari penyembelihan puak Serb. Di Hadratul Maut, Yemen ada jembatan diabadikan sebagai 'Jembatan Mahathir' atas jasanya bagi kegunaan penduduk tempatan di sana.

      Tun Mahathir terus dilindungi oleh Allah SWT dari pembunuhan kejam sepertimana yg menimpa pd Sadam Hussien, Obama & Ghadafi kerana lantang membidas dgn tegas USA & Israel. Beliau malah pernah dgn beraninya mendesak PBB mengheret presiden George Bush ke tribunal jenayah perang yg membunuh jutaan orang awam & kanak Iraq.

      Dengan anugerah & limpah kurnia Allah SWT kpd Tun Mahathir, saya yakin beliau masih layak & mampu memimpin semula negara untuk menggulingkan pentadbiran lembik/lemah Najib yg korup, menindas- menipu rakyat & sentiasa tunduk kpd kuasa2 asing, terutama USA & Republik China Komunis.

      Lagi satu, di mana pun Tun Mahathir berada, dia tetap dapat perhatian & sentiasa duduk di Main Table, tidak seperti Najib duduk di belakang2 macam tak diumpamakan seperti di Persidangan Apec Manila & OIC Turkey baru2 ini. Itu namanya 'Aura' & 'Chemistry' Mahathir tetap menyerlah & hebat.

      Najib APA ADA......???

  12. Annie wrote... "The older people should just rest."

    I don't think old but still healthy people like Dr.M could rest in tranquility if the country is being run down to the grounds by thieves aka kleptocrats.

    1. Annie , hormat yang tua dan sayangi yang muda , both are required. you have been carried away .

    2. Mahathir build malaysia asean tigers

      He will not let his design to be destroyed by insane man like najib

  13. Rahman Dahlan said by picking Tun M as PM candidate, Pakatan has making it easier for BN to win the elections. Oh really??

    If it is indeed going to be easy for BN why bother to comment in the first place? And in a series of tweets? You should just keep quiet lah kan if your enemy make mistake.

    But you can’t resist yourself and keep blurting out ‘feel good feeling’ words on social media. Isn’t that A SIGN of of worrying.............

    1. Huh, what to expect. Coming from a guy who suggested road users to wake up early and use trunk road going to work if they don’t want to pay tolls.

      A guy who arrogantly issued a challenge to Lim Guan Eng to debate him but ran helter skelter into his wife’s skirt when Guan Eng replied and said yes.

      This Kota Belud guy is nothing but full of hot and smelly air (a.k.a. fart).

    2. Laman Dalam is Jibby's no 1 ass-kisser.

      Tin kosong.

      Just like Salah Krack.

    3. When you can deliver a thought or strategic improvement better than others, what has age got to do with it?

      This is not politic but we could definitely learn the meaning of experience for this surgeon.

    4. Rahman Dahlan has his asshole in his mouth!!

  14. I sincerely hope Dr M can make Malaysia good again!

    1. I have absolute faith in Tun and he deserve a second chance to rectify the mistakes that he has done so that we may become a better country again free of all the satans which are destroying this beloved country of ours.

  15. post GE14 who could surgically castrate the emperor and empress? who pickled emperor napoleon's phallus? tangan ghaib

  16. Annie. Silap tempat. This has nothing to do with the Rahman Dahlan comment. So may I post it again here? Tkasih.

    When you can deliver a thought or strategic improvement better than others, what has age got to do with it?

    This is not politic but we could definitely learn the meaning of experience from this surgeon.

  17. The Pakatan Convention naming TDM as PM and effort to be made to release DSAI from prison.
    Feel like.. do we get a chance to be taken 20 years back and replay what might have happened if DSAI had not been sacked ? Like watching back to the future ?
    I wish they chose some one younger, dynamic and move on from TDM, DSAI etc .. Muhyiddin and Azmin perhaps .. but yeah.. maybe we just think of removing someone without thinking who s to replace

  18. Annie,

    Agree that old people should 'rest' .. but not Tun Dr M (he is old by numbers not his ability and credibility)

    Among the people that should rest should be the people who try to convinced the masses to keep supporting 'thief/moron' by writing blogs with an article 'analyzing' swift code for example.


  19. PM old onot, pls dont songlap like that BN MO1 2.6 billion songlap, 1mdb or felda...

  20. Please allow me to write in BM as I feel I can express myself better using my mother tongue.

    Saya dah baca pelbagai komen berikutan keputusan pembahagian kerusi yg dipertandingkan.Bacalah Malaysiakini,the Malaysian Insight dan byk lagi portal berita yg secara tradisionalnya cenderung menyokong pembangkang.Betapa kucar kacirnya Pakatan.Amanah Johor tak puas hati sampai boikot konvensyen.PKR selangor tak puas hati Tun M dipilih sebagai bakal PM.
    Sekarang bukan lagi retak menanti belah lagi tapi retak dah betul betul terbelah.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof. Kangkong.

      Orang kat UMNO cukup puas hati, sebab itulah ramai yang masuk PPBM.

      Ada pepatah orang putih kata, "can't see the forest from the tree"

      Bila tengok pokok terlampau dekat, dah tak nampak dah hutan.

      DAP cuba bertanding 35 kerusi saja.

      Macamana pulak dengan cerita dongeng orang sokong UMNO kata Lim Kit Siang nak jadi PM.

      Macam ini, susahlah orang kampong nak percaya.

    2. 1mdb rm2.6 billion, is not a scandal!?

  21. Annie,

    Waaahhh!! So many comments in such a short time!!

    Well, I don't blame people for their interest in Mahatir's candidacy for the post of PM if Pakatan wins Putrajaya.

    From what I can see, PPBM is on the front foot and it means business - 55 seats!! Wow!!

    Now I know why BN has been concentrating all it's cannonfire on Mahatir - they are scared shitless of the man!!

    So much so for a senile, nyayuk 92 yo man who should be sitting at home in his rocking chair, playing with his cats and grandchildren.

    //PKR is still all about Anwar as PM, is it?//

    Well, it is, OK?

    And Azmin Ali will loyally await his turn as PM because he knows he will be PM after Anwar.

    //Such a Pakatan move would likely force BN to push up younger and more credible people in their ranks to take over from the older and much tainted leaders//

    Maybe that is exactly why Pakatan is not promoting its younger leaders - yet.

    Why give BN the opportunity to improve its chances?

    And on their part, the younger Pakatan leaders know the marketability of the Mahatir factor, they are willing to take a back seat for the time being.

    //Well, if I have my way, I want this country to be run by good younger people.//

    Well, i don't think that is going to happen for another 10-15 years even if Pakatan wins GE14.

    I mean, first, Mahatir will need to step down, then Anwar needs to have a turn as PM, and then Azmin will have his turn, Nurul might have a turn, etc.

    If BN wins, it is unlikely that we will see any young leaders in the next 30-40 years.

    Canada, France, Austria and New Zealand now have very young leaders under 40, so hopefully we will see that trend spreading into more countries.

    //We have no choice but to simply go with the flow.//

    I am always reminded of a saying by Sarah Pallin - dead salmon also go with the flow :)

    Sometimes, we need to go against the flow.

    BTW, I found this list on ...eeerrr... a blog I read regularly :)

    Interesting, don't you think?

    I know of at least one seat which Amanah will win hands down :)

    Kerusi parlimen yg akan ditandingi *PPBM*

    1. Arau
    2. Pdg Besar
    3. Langkawi
    4. Jerlun
    5. Kbg Pasu
    6. Jerai
    7. Pendang
    8. Baling
    9. Pasir Puteh
    10. Bachok
    11. Jeli
    12. Gua Musang
    13. Ketereh
    14. Machang
    15. Tumpat
    16. Hulu Terengganu
    17. Setiu
    18. Besut
    19. Tasek Gelugor
    20. Larut
    21. Lenggong
    22. Tambun
    23. Bagan Serai
    24. Gerik
    25. Tapah
    26. K Kangsar
    27. Pasir Salak
    28. Jerantut
    29. Kuala Krau
    30. Lipis
    31. Paya Besar
    32. Maran
    33. Pekan
    34. Tg Karang
    35. Sabak Bernam
    36. Sg Besar
    37. Putrajaya
    38. Titiwangsa
    39. Kuala Pilah
    40. Jempol
    41. Alor Gajah
    42. Masjid Tanah
    43. Pagoh
    44. Mersing
    45. Tenggara
    46. Sri Gading
    47. Penggerang
    48. Pontian
    49. Muar
    50. Simpang Remggam
    51. Kota Tinggi
    52. Tg Piai

    Kerusi parlimen yg akan ditandingi *PKR*

    1. Kangar
    2. Alor Setar
    3. Kuala Kedah
    4. Kulim Bandar Baru
    5. Merbok
    6. Padang Serai
    7. Sungai Petani
    8. Permatang Pauh
    9. Bayan Baru
    10. Nibong Tebal
    11. Balik Pulau
    12. Padang Rengas
    13. Gopeng
    14. Sungai Siput
    15. Bagan Datoh
    16. Tanjung Malim
    17. Hulu Selangor
    18. Selayang
    19. Gombak
    20. Ampang
    21. Pandan
    22. Petaling Jaya Selatan
    23. Kelana Jaya
    24. Subang
    25. Kapar
    26. Kuala Langat
    27. Lembah Pantai
    28. Setiawangsa
    29. Wangsa Maju
    30. Batu
    31. Bandar Tun Razak
    32. Teluk Kemang
    33. Rembau
    34. Bukit Katil
    35. Tangga Batu
    36. Segamat
    37. Sekijang
    38. Ledang
    39. Batu Pahat
    40. Sembrong
    41. Pasir Gudang
    42. Johor Bahru
    43. Tebrau
    44. Indera Mahkota
    45. Kuantan
    46. Bera
    47. Kemaman
    48. Dungun
    49. Tanah Merah
    50. Pasir Mas
    51. Rompin

    Kerusi parlimen yg akan ditandingi *Amanah*

    1. Pokok Sena
    2. Sik
    3. Pdg Terap
    4. Kepala Batas
    5. Lumut
    6. Parit
    7. Parit Buntar
    8. Bkt gantang
    9. Kota Raja
    10. Sepang
    11. Hulu Langat
    12. Shah Alam
    13. Kuala Selangor
    14. Jasin
    15. Pulai
    16. Simpang Renggam
    17. Jelebu
    18. Tampin
    19. Temerloh
    20. Marang
    21. Kuala Terengganu
    22. Kuala Nerus
    23. Kubang Krian
    24. Kota Bharu
    25. Pengkalan Chepa
    26. Bachok
    27. Rantau Panjang



    1. 48. Dungun
      49. Tanah Merah
      50. Pasir Mas
      51. Rompin

      - These seats are predominantly hardcore Malay seats. Melayu totok punya seats. A revolving door between Umno and Pas in past elections.

      People in these areas consume info via tv, surat khabar and cakap-cakap kedai kopi. They are not internet savvy.

      PKR stands no chance there. They are not very well received there. PPBM or Amanah stand a better chance. PKR can swap these seats with other seats.

  22. Anonymous @ 8 January 2018 at 01:16,

    //Only 2 terms for PM, that is about 10 years.//

    That is a better option than having a cut-off point of 60 y.o. for PM.

    I hope Pakatan also includes a clause which disallows anybody from becoming PM more then once, a la American rules about President.


  23. Prof Kangkung,

    //Do it in Penang first.2 terms CM//

    Why not introduce such a legislation on a national basis?

    Would it not be better if everybody plays by the same rules?


  24. Anonymous @ 8 January 2018 at 08:38,

    //Now the onus is on Bersatu to deliver the rural votes.//

    Yup, this is now the challenge for Pakatan.

    PPBM is the best weapon which Pakatan has for the rural seats.

    PKR, DAP and Amanah would never have made any significant impact in the rural seats.

    //Rural voters are tough nuts to crack.//

    Well, PPBM offers a familiar face - Mahatir.

    And the FELDA cockups by BN have not helped BN at all.

    //Bersatu need to be on the ground as soon as possible.//

    As far as I know, PPBM has already turung padang over 9 mths ago.

    They were promoting themselves in my kampung, driving around in their pickups and flying their flags.

    I think they were checking out the outlying Melayu kampungs around my kampung because there are a few UMNO strongholds there.

    Of cos, Amanah has strong grassroots support in those Melayu kampungs but now with PPBM in Pakatan, I suspect that is effectively the end of UMNO around my kampung.

    PAS is virtually impotent in my kampung now.


  25. Prof Kangkung,

    //You are being nostalgic.//

    Nostalgia wins votes.


  26. Anonymous @ 8 January 2018 at 09:45,

    //I am so faraway in North America and last home in late 90s but been away for more than 30 years but, I am deeply concerned..//

    Deeply concerned enough to come home and vote in GE14? :)


  27. Anonymous @ 8 January 2018 at 11:13

    // how much anger Azmin has caused the non malay (aka chinese) voters in selangor who are going to vote him out, together with his co trouble maker like zuraidah an tian chua.//


    Chinese votes will vote Azmin, Zuraidah and Tian chua out in GE14?


    I am willing to bet that you only hang around with MCA people, right?



    1. I am hardcore DAP supporter.
      Know how many votes my family has in selangor? 18 only, but none of them will go to any of azmin's goons.
      NEVER trust Azmin!

    2. I am in their constituency and I will to continue to vote them in cause they address my local issues.

    3. im also hardcore harapan (DAP) supporter, i vote any harapan & asalkan bukan umno or BN (ABU)...

  28. The king maker is the rural area, BN have given up on urban and PH need a solution to win the rural. The old man might be the trick to crack the rural vote bank.

  29. Hi Annie,
    Bank Negara "buying land" money transfer out from left to right pocket to fill the Najib Finance Ministry to pay debt.....Najib expertise like the Felda suddenly disappear and transfer to his crony

  30. Anonymous @ 9 January 2018 at 07:44,

    //18 only, but none of them will go to any of azmin's goons.//

    That is a shame :(

    Sounds like you have fallen for MCA's propaganda by with-holding votes for Azmin.

    Even if you do not like Azmin, and you use your brain a bit, you will understand why it is essential that Pakatan gets as many votes as possible.