Sunday 21 January 2018

Annie's favourite blog and a weird friend

Spending this weekend at a place on the east coast.

My favourite place on earth...except maybe that small seaside onsen town in Kansai.

Going back to KL in a few hours.

Wish I don't have to.

Wish I can stay here.

If only I got that money when I quit my last job, I would have just settle down here.

Open a small shop and live a quiet peaceful life.

No more all these politics nonsense.

After it became clear that the Najib-Dr Mahathir war had reached the point of no return, I don't really care about the shit anymore.

Well, what to do. Those bastards didn't let me have the money.

But it's okay. I believe that rezeki tu Allah yang tentukan.

There must be a good reason why I didn't get the money and have to continue working the way I am now.

Maybe Allah wants me to work some more because I still have something to contribute.

Don't know lah. I'm not religious, but that's the way I see it.

Honestly, I think I'm the least ambitious person this side of the planet.

I don't fancy being popular, rich or powerful at all.

All my life, I work hard just because it's my responsibility to do so.

It's not so that I can naik pangkat or earn more money than I need.

I don't manoeuvre for positions and such.

My energy is only enough for work.

Not for the other nonsense.

That's the way I am.

It's just too bad that the place where I used to work, it turned out that it's compulsory to kiss ass to do well.

I have too much pride to do that.

That's what an old friend said to me.

Maybe he's right.

Anyway, just to let you know, as far as blogging is concerned, my favourite blog is actualy a non-political blog.

It's the blog of

Tukang Kebun's

(please click on the link to read)

I enjoy reading her stories about her farm and travels.

Tukang Kebun and her loved ones live at a small farm planted with all sorts of plants which produce she sells online.

There were farm animals too.

I learnt about her blog from my aunts who occasionally buy her farm produce.

I wish I can be more like her.

Hers is a blessed life.

Like me, Tukang Kebun also likes Japan. She studied there and speaks the language. Another thing which I envied about her.

Anyway, someone wrote about me today.

The guy is okay despite sometimes being a total dick.

I totally understand his sentiments.

Don't get too stressed out my friend.

Here, enjoy this,


  1. Yes Annie, your friend is sure weird, especially after 1MDB shit hits the fan.
    I can understand your friend's dislike for Melayoos in UMNO and PAS in the past, but all that have been forgotten after China came to the aid of UMNO-Najib's and its 1MDB's debt. Weirder now, when your friend seems to be pro-MCA, after the it made a somewhat secretive Party-to-Party relation with the Chinese Communist Party and was known, promoting President Xi Jinping's One Belt, One Road vision.

    Nonetheless, I just hope UMNO-Najib will not fall into China's debt-trap diplomacy, just like Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka did. You know la... desperate people will grasp anything to safe his ass.

    1. If you think china is malaysia's santa, you are mistaken.

      Another term for BN you will see the effect of all the nonsense this Bn government is doing, then everyone can feel the pain.

  2. I make sure those Bastard Nasional 'pay for sth' by NOT voting them wink

  3. I am a retired civil servant living in TTDI. I bought my house TTDI in the 80s and have watch it mature over the
    decades. Lovely place to stay till Ku Nan comes into the picture. I refrained from voting the last election. I will vote BN again if they purge Ku Nan out of UMNO. Dah kenyang suapan Cina terutamanya Si Desmond. My household had 12 votes. Saya dah fedup dengan muka korup Ku Nan. Save Kiara Park please.

    1. Save Kiara Park.. it is beautiful place. Save the remaining green lung for our children

    2. It’s kinda sad looking at Kuala Lumpur nowadays. Empty spaces are all being seized up to make room for more high rise buildings. As if the remaining ones that remain vacant for a very long time are still not enough. Building frenzy has enveloping Kuala Lumpur like no tomorrow!..

      Even lands the size of badminton court are not spared. All taken. There’s nothing left. Even lands meant for park, playground, open areas and greeneries all greedily taken up. If they find an empty space in the middle of nowhere, expect them to come in and placing hoarding boards around it within days.

      The greed is so insatiable and unrelenting. Take no prisoners they say. There’s a lot of money to be made in this and the need to make it fast. The clock is ticking. There’s not much time left.

      There’s nothing left future generation except MASSIVE DEBTS they created in the process..

    3. Wishing you all Shangri-La Selamat

  4. good attitude, work under me and you don't have to work. weirdo of the east

  5. seek no further east or west, paradise is me, come. mucho mucho

  6. Annie,

    Sounds like your friend, Tukang Kebun, sure has an idyllic lifestyle :)

    A nice little farm, pottering amongst the vegetable patch, feeding the chickens and watching everything grow.

    It does appear to be a lifestyle choice rather then something she is being forced to do.

    I mean, she has studied in Japan so I guess there is no shortage of work for someone qualified from Japan.

    My sister is an MBA graduate from Kyoto University (or was it Tokyo University? I can never remember) and she was a senior executive in some Singaporean government department, traveling the world on govt business.

    My sister still visits Japan every now and then to catch up with old friends.

    As Mahatir has pointed out, there are many graduates in Malaysia who do not have the same luxury of choice as your friend, Tukang Kebun.

    Very lucky person is your friend, Tukang Kebun :)


    1. "Very lucky person is your friend, Tukang Kebun :)"

      I guess Tukang Kebun and generation of hers, if they've not bought or rent the 'little farm' or kebun, are very lucky to have inherited it from their parents. But for those who're not so lucky and living in urban areas, selling nasi lemak or taking-up part-time job as Uber drivers is the best alternative to support themselves or their families, especially when job opportunities are scarce.

      Nonetheless, the 'unlucky Rakyat' who don't owns land can still literally depend on the government as the guardian of vast State or federal land, to make good use of it for their benefit... e.g., in job creation. Of-course not like giving land, FOC, to some God forsaken faraway Arabs, to set-up some peace foundation, when they themselves, amongst its neighbours, are purveyor of hostilities, hell-bend on killing each other.
      Furthermore and most definitely, only Muslims with Religious education background could get jobs in this so-called 'peace foundation'. And when you associate religion with anything and everything, it will only perpetuate more hatred amongst its multi-religious/culture population.

      Or... granting/selling land to foreign government owned entities who then build fortified premises like that Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP) in Kuantan where benefits are only reserved for a few big-shots of UMNO-Najib's rent-seekers.

      Worst still, when Rakyat's tanah-pusaka or primeland are sold to foreigners to pay 1MDB's debt... debt of which was stolen in the first place by Jho Low and his accomplices.

    2. Very well said RD.

  7. you got to be ass kisser so that your ass be kissed. 1 O 1 principle

  8. RD,

    //Of-course not like giving land, FOC, to some God forsaken faraway Arabs, to set-up some peace foundation,//

    //granting/selling land to foreign government owned entities who then build fortified premises like that Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park//

    I find it strange that we have given away land to foreign entities for free BUT we charge Bankk Negara RM2billion for land to build educational facilities.