Saturday 30 December 2017

At the Pribumi Bersatu AGM

I was at the Pribumi Bersatu AGM in Shah Alam today.

It was pleasant meeting my friends there.

Haven't seen them for quite a while.

There's an aide of Pribumi Bersatu president TS Muhyiddin Yassin who used to be quite close to me.

The guy was all smiles when he saw me.

We chit chatted for a bit but I didn't want to hold him up too much as he was very busy at that time.

Another Muhyiddin's aide also said "hi" to me.

We are old friends but I last saw her more than two years ago and at first didn't recognise her.

She's now wearing tudung and much slimmer. It was fun meeting her again.

Then there's another old friend who is an aide of party chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was very happy to see me.

He cracked a joke about me not being on his side and we shared a laugh on it.

I think he understands my position and that's why he still regards me as a friend.

I also bumped into Pribumi Bersatu deputy president DS Mukhriz Mahathir and shook hands with him. He still remembers me. He's the only politician I have ever had selfie with.

The AGM itself felt very much like an Umno function, which is understandable as most of those present are former Umno members.

I think you all can find the stories on it all over the net by now. So, no need for me to write more on it, I think.

Okay, I took several pictures there which I want to share here;

Delegates at the registration counters before the AGM

Dr Mahathir delivering his policy speech

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali was also present at the AGM

Dr Mahathir flanked by Muhyiddin and his son Mukhriz

Star political writer Jocelyn Tan was among the media people covering the AGM. She is perhaps the most senior and only prominent journalist at the event. As I previously wrote, she's a real on the ground type of a journalist.


  1. There's now a new PPBM branch in my area.

    Good to see it.

    I hope people do not make mistake of voting PM Rosmah for another 5 years.

    There will be nothing left of the nation's wealth by the time she is through.

  2. Hi Annie,

    Thank you for this piece of article and pictures too. Appreciate it.

  3. Annie,

    //The guy was all smiles when he saw me.//

    The poor fellow probably thought that you had signed up as a PPBM member :)

    BTW, was a nice polite AGM?

    I am sure Prof Kangkung would like to know too :)

    //As I previously wrote, she's a real on the ground type of a journalist.//

    Well, you are not too bad yourself too, considering you went along to see for yourself what was going on :)

    Nothing like first-hand information - as it happens, so to speak.

    To be honest, I have never really read Jocelyn Tan very much.

    But based on purely on your observations and say-so, I am quite willing to concede that Jocelyn does seem to be very professional in her approach to her job.

    It is a shame she considered to be extremely biased in her writings.


    1. Gladiator,you should read Jocline Tan's writings.She is funny.
      She is one of the reasons why I read The Sunday Star.
      If you read her article in today' The Sunday star ' in comparing Tun M's state of health with Mugabe's, she quotes Mugabe shaking hand with potted plants.It really tickles my funny bones.Haha
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof Kangkung,

      The funny bones are at your front part.

      There's none at your back.


  4. looking good, hopefully they last a few GEs and get more than 2 or 3 seats

  5. Happy New Year Annie. Beware the wolves are coming out Tonite.

  6. Prof Kangkung,

    //If you read her article in today' The Sunday star '....//

    I read it and it was the usual Jocelyn as I expected.

    I didn't find it that funny other than the throw-away line about Mugabe shaking hands with a potted plant.

    I did a quick google but found nothing about the Mugabe incident.

    It would probably be trivial to refute some of what she says but I didn't read too deeply nor use up too much brainpower thinking - too lazy :)

    She does write very well though.


  7. Happy for annie who ubah to harapan & may this new year 2018 bring good changes & happiness to all msians...

  8. Hi Annie,

    It is heartwarming to know you attended the function and came away happy.Guess it is the correct way to attain maturity in political blogging.Hope you make time to attend DAP,PKR,PSM,PAS,Amanah functions to get comprehensive understanding of their struggles as well.

    Such attendance would most likely make you hate DAP,LKS,ZI and LGE less and give you an understanding of why DAP has remained unshakeable all these years.

    Jo Sell Lin Tan ....a journo who has failed to make her mark after all these years of scribbling.Nah,she imagines too much and her analysis and predicts always goes awfully wrong.Her penchant in ridiculing the anti establishment forces makes me vomit.She has no class,no substance,no journalistic backbone and always loves to wag her tail at the behest of her masters.Hope she retires soon to save many from reading her bedtime stories.

    It would be more thrilling to check out Bombino (full concert) Live @ Festival Rock En Seine 2016 ) the real Jimi Hendrix of the Desert playing exquisite guitar then to read the sputum of Jo Sell Lin.

    Rasta Rules.

  9. Tun Dr Mahathir - how many 91 year old man have you seen doing the things he now does?

    Every waking moment of his life is now devoted to fighting our battles for us.

    He is tireless in making people understand the need to get Najib and Umno out of government. He travels all over the nation speaking to any one who will listen to him…telling them that the time for change has to be now…..for another term in government for Najib and Umno will doom our future, our children and our nation beyond recovery….and all this he does for what?

    At 71 I have a routine everyday, which, if I do not follow, karma will bite me in the rear by the end of the day. If I do not have enough sleep, do not eat the right food, do not have a rest in the afternoon or enough sleep at night…any of these things and more….I will regret not doing because the physical and mental toll on me will simply blow me away by the time I go to sleep….and to recover, will take me the best part of the next day…if not more.
    Now see what Tun Dr Mahathir is doing today.

    He leads the opposition. He is the glue that holds the opposition together and gives it substance and direction. He leads by example, do my example and articulates our grievances and our aspirations with clarity and firmness in a manner we can identify with.

    In Tun we see all our passion for change coalesce into a tangible identity ….one that is positive.

    The opposition led by Tun now brings fear to the Umno led Barisan Nasional government….and that fear is real.

    Not perceived or conceived by smoke or mirrors … by day, this Barisan Nasional government is beggining to understand that PRU 14 has already been lost to them. All that is left for them is to work out in their dedak infested minds by how much will they lose PRU 14.

    I only have this to say to that….by any margin that this BN government loses…it will never be enough!


    1. Quote on leadership by John Calvin Maxwell

      A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way
      Thats TUN M


    2. Guess what.....??

      Rupa2nya Ucapan Tun Mahahatir di AGM Bersatu turut ditontoni dgn minat oleh jutaan umat Melayu Nusantara di Spura, Brunei & Indonesia.

      Malam tadi saya bercakap melalaui telefon dgn anak saudara sepupu saya dari Jawa Tengah & mereka juga mendoa'kan semoga Tun M & P Harapan sukses menggantikan Najib.

      Walaupun jutaan umat Melayu berada berelerakan jauh di mata, namun jauhari tetap mengenal mutu.

  10. Orang umno kata, biar hilang tanah, biar hilang duit rakyat, biar pelabur asing lari, dan biar matawang Ringgit Malaysia jatuh. Janji Isa Samad & Najib selamat.

    1. Mappadulung & Macai Sdn.Tanpa-Had sudah dazed and confused ... tapi biar rakyat mati ...

  11. So our new year celebrations and the new year happiness lie in the high hopes that we have for this year. Because we have little good to look back on. 

    Large segments of the society have already deteriorated  economically, socially and politically.  The bigger problem with our country is that this deterioration does not affect everyone to the same degree.  Race, religion, language and  culture still defines all of the above.   But it does pull down the entire nation.  The whole country is deteriorating.  

    However  I am always optimistic because the change that we need to undertake to correct the situation is so simple.  First we must get rid of this band of bastards who are stealing the people blind.  The job is actually a very easy thing to do because they are such stupid and incompetent fools. 

    And a simple mechanism is available for us to effect that change – the ballot box.  Just vote them out.  

    There is a suggestion that in their desperation, the  thieves  will deny the public the chance to vote. Again a totally stupid idea. 

    To achieve this, they will have to make the Civil Service, the Police and all the other security and legal services subservient to their evil plans.  Sadly we have already seen this happening but to a lesser extent.  The Civil Service, the Police and the other services are part of that deterioration that has already set in the country.  

    Hoping for change in this “Happy New Year” the Police, the Armed Forces, the legal and judicial services should not be party to any attempt to ‘constitutionally’ or ‘legally’ cancel or postpone the upcoming general elections.

    The public must also start talking about this threat more openly. We have to pre-empt the thieves and expose any evil plans they may be hatching to postpone or cancel the elections. 

    How do we thwart this? Its very simple. Just talk about it. That is the first step. Share this concern among your family, friends, at work and among your social groups. Lets get the conversation going. 

    It can indeed be a very Happy New Year folks. 
    It is all up to us. 
    The power really lies with us. 
    You really do not know just how powerful you are.   

    Happy New Year everyone.

    - ostb blog

  12. Salam Annie,you meet Sufi yusof?thats great.Kind and humble gentlemen.He love bigbike(Ducati scrambler)Tapi sufi kata dia sedang kumpul duit nak beli and I believe him.

  13. Ostb blog?never heard of this blog before.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Kalau dah kangkung, memang kangkung..

    2. ostb blog:

      if you can access it.

      your idol the Chief Thief already ordered that MCMC blocked that website. little did he know that there are ways to circumvent blocked websites. i easily did it.

    3. Pros Kangkang,

      Your general ignorance and lack of education are both well known.

      No need to point it out again.

      Happy New Dedak!

      Prof Sawi

    4. Now mamak is no longer the flavour of the month,bugis rules.

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Respect to bugus by abolishing batu tiga tolls

      Kau hadeee?!

  14. Oh.outsyed the box.the mamak guy.

    Prof Kangkung

  15. Selamat Tahun Baru Annie.

    I like the theme color red.

    Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah always look very ayu and elegant when she wears the traditional dress.

  16. I missed it and wish could be there during the #Bersatu AGM. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Annie ;)