Wednesday 31 January 2018

Finding Syed Mokhtar

This is a comment at Lebai Sudin's post

Sharing the cake of Malaysia's rice industry

Annie dan Lebai Sudin makan dedak Syed Mokhtar.

I think that's the most convenient answer for many people these days, especially when things disagreeable to them were laid out properly based on facts.

Well, it's okay. I got those all the time ever since I started blogging on my own almost five years ago.

A very popular pro-BN blogger even accused me of being a paid DAP cybertrooper and went on and on about it for more than a year. Really.

Actually, I do wish I could get paid for my writings. I could do with the extra cash.

I don't see anything wrong to receive payment for writing stuff like that post by Lebai Sudin.

It's just facts. Not lies or even spins.

It's not even political.

Anyway, all those journalists got paid what.

Some even got shares and stuff and became quite wealthy because of what they wrote and their position in newspapers and television stations.

They also got all sorts of titles - Datuk, Datuk Seri, Tan Sri and whatever else.

Everyone needs money to survive, that I understand.

Unfortunately, mine is just an insignificant anonymous blog.

Why would anyone wants to spend money on my writings anyway?

I'm not even clever or popular.

I wrote that many times.

I also never won any literary awards or anything like that.

I definitely don't have Datukship....thank goodness.

And a lot of times I just ramble in this blog about my own nonsense.

I can't even properly figure out things like the 1MDB and forex losses issues. Those gave me headaches, actually.

That's why I mostly stick to things I'm really sure about.

For instance, I don't really write about Sabah or Sarawak because I visited those states only twice each.

I write more about Johor because I'm a Johorean and familiar with things there.

I'm not like some people who can just sit at home reading the Internet and then write as if they know about everything.

I need to go around, meet people and see things before I can write about something.

That's more or less my MO.

So, that's about it.

Anyway, I have been lazing around these past few days.

Really no mood to write.

I'm writing this just to pass time.

I just imagine someone is with me in my room now and write this as if I'm talking to that person.

Most of my posts are actually written like this.

Really amateurish, right?

So, Syed Mokhtar wants to sponsor my blog?

Come on la. Get real, ok.

By the way, anyone knows where is Syed Mokhtar these days?

Someone actually asked me that two days ago.

How would I know. Never even met the guy in person.

Eh, enough lah, better you all listen to songs with these girls, ok...


  1. Pejabat Pos has been privatised which is under Syed Mokhtar. Someone is not doing his/her job in the Pos Laju. I sent via air two separate gifts in boxes (child rattan rocking chair and rattan rocking horse) to the US, somehow they decided not to mail them and return them back to me. It has been 5 months I am still waiting for the refund of postages paid amounted to RM380. Is Syed Mokhtar spreading too thin that service is poor?

  2. Annie,

    //This is a comment at Lebai Sudin's post//

    There are many newbies to your blog as many of your articles are reproduced by Malaysia Chronicle.

    MC is a rabid tabloid-like news aggregation portal which is supposedly aligned to Tian Chua.

    I find MC rather amusing becos it hammers BN like hell but it seems to reserve a special spot in its Hell for Azmin Ali!!!

    Hang on, you say, MC is pro-oppo, so why hammer Azmin Ali?

    Well, fuck if I know.

    I am wildly guessing that it is becos MC is backing Nurul Izzah.

    Maybe Tian Chua has the hots for her, I dunno, and I don't blame him cos Nurul Izzah is one damn sweet looking gal.

    I have seen her in real-life and, gosh, she is an absolute honey.

    But I digress.

    Anyway, I have a feeling that many of your newbies have arrived at your blog via MC.

    Looking at the commentators on MC, I have noticed they are largely the tembak-without-thinking type.

    Kind of like PAS people - tak guna akal a la my unicorn is better than than your unicorn

    I guess if those newbies hung around for a while at your blog or went thru your archives they would figure out that you can easily afford to write whatever you like without needing to get paid by anybody 😀

    Yup, it is nice to have such a luxury.

    From what I can tell, many of your regular commentators, including myself, share the same fortunate circumstances.

    Some folks may find it weird that I, seemingly a Pakatan supporter, am defending you, a seemingly UMNO supporter.

    I like to think that we are a new breed of politically aware animal - beholden to nobody but our own conscience.

    And my conscience tells me to vote Pakatan this time.

    Next time?

    Hmm... wait lah.. let's see how Pakatan performs in Putrajaya ... if no good.. I have a bullet with their name on it... I am young enough to vote in GE15, GE16, GE17, GE18, etc 😀


    1. "Kind of like PAS people - tak guna akal a la my unicorn is better than than your unicorn'...
      hohoho.. Mr away your identity are you..

  3. annie, why not you put up an article on Finding Jho Low wink???

    1. Doubt amoi annie will do as per above, even that dumbo JANTAN oxfart chickened out from Finding Jho Low wakakaka

  4. Yes Syed Mokthar have acquired some of the of major companies. Nevertheless if we closely observed is it with benefit or more likely a bailout to save the company. Many will say negative things based on their assumptions but only few that knows the truth.

  5. "I don't see anything wrong to receive payment for writing stuff like that post by Lebai Sudin."

    Me too feels the same. Everyone need to earn a living. What journalist don't get paid for writing, anyway?

    However, a journalist must not lie or be subjected to term of employment where its compulsory to write lies to prop-up his/her paymaster's reputation or establishment.
    A little bit of spinning and concealing some damning facts that would certainly cause difficulties to the paymaster is acceptable though.

    Let me give and example.

    Remember a few moons ago... 4 police officers were beaten-up when raiding a house... or is it kongsi... while its 30 strong occupants... unclear whether illegal or legal migrants, gambling?

    Now, this mob-style beating of on-duty public officers is a very serious offense and must be dealt with sternly. If not, it would turn into a plague.

    Sadly, the main-stream media, including RTM/TV3's prime news, stopped its 2 day or so, brisk reporting about it, without even mentioning the migrants nationalities, who or which company hired and brought them in, to build what.

    Living in multi-racial country and due to race sensitivities, maybe the Rakyat can understand why UMNO-Najib's government and its controlled media withheld the migrant's race or nationalities :)

    Of-course, there were videos and pictures of a few of them, maybe those very aggressive in beating-up the cops, being handcuff and brought to courts. But that's about it.

    Most possibly, in a few months time, there will be news that they're about to be deported to their home-country, after serving time but one thing is very certain... i.e the Rakyat must never know why or what those migrants came to build for us, unless PH becomes next government.

  6. Anonymous @ 1 February 2018 at 13:08,

    //giving away your identity are you..//

    Eeerr.. whatcha mean?

    That I am not a big fan of Parti Ajaran Syaitan?

    That I believe that Parti Anak Syaitan encourages its members to follow the ulama blindly like the proverbial lemming? Tak bolih guna akal.

    If that is what you mean about "giving away" my identity, I urge you to go find and speak to one Haji Mohd Zin of Alor Gajah, DPH and ask him about my views on Parti Ahli Syaitan. :)

    The good Haji was a regular commentator in this blog once upon a time, long long ago ....

    If I am not mistaken, the good Haji is a very pious man who comes across as a great guy - intelligent, witty, gentle, friendly, likable, loving, caring, and lots of fun to have around.

    We have not seen the good Haji around these parts for a while and most people here will probably not remember him.

    I think the good Haji's absence is possibly due to him being upset with me because in a back-and-forth discussion between me and him, he admitted his resolve to stone to death, his dear "adinda" aka "little sister", Annie, the author of this blog, if she committed the heinous sin of adultery or something like that. :)

    Yes, very pious people tend to display lots of, what seem to be, very good and very admirable qualities BUT very often, intelligence, tolerance and forgiveness don't appear to be some of those qualities.

    Maybe they are very forgiving and apologetic but that might be after they have chopped off your head, or your hand, or have stoned you to death - I dunno.

    I mean, they probably don't consider it their fault they had to chop your head off or stone to death their beloved adinda, you see.

    Come on, it is really YOUR fault for sinning, right?

    It all makes sense - to them ... somehow.


    1. God fearing people should show alot of compassion.Muslim always start everything with the following sentence "In the name of Allah most compassionate most merciful".Surprisingly alot of Muslims who repeated this sentence every day quite a number of times fail to appreciate the oft repeated character of the Almighty i.e full of compassion and full of mercy.Indeed those who claim to be closer to God seems to lose both their compassion and mercy.Their foremost desire is to inflict pain on others usually but sometimes on themselves too.

    2. I totally agree with you Anon 23:19 Once upon a time I knew some Malays who are so cultured and nice, respectable and sincere. But I hardly encounter such nice Malays anymore. I meet some who inflict pain on others, just because they can. Berlagak, and showing no compassion at all by the way they talk to others. Such a disgrace these Muslims are to others, and they claim to be God fearing.

  7. Anonymous @ 1 February 2018 at 23:19,

    //God fearing people should show alot of compassion.//

    Is the show of compassion before or after they chop off somebody's head or hand? :)

    //the oft repeated character of the Almighty i.e full of compassion and full of mercy.//

    I guess one possible argument those pious folks could offer is that it is the Almighty who is compassionate and full of mercy BUT they are not the Almighty, so there is no need lah for them to show compassion and mercy :)

    Hmmm... maybe they think they are doing the sinner a big favour by sending him/her to meet the Almighty for lots and lots of compassion and mercy.

    //Indeed those who claim to be closer to God seems to lose both their compassion and mercy.//


    It seems that the closer they are to God, the less their compassion and mercy.

    Weird, ain't it?

    //Their foremost desire is to inflict pain on others usually but sometimes on themselves too.//

    The only pain they inflict on themselves come in the form of nice big house, nice big cars, more trophy wives, etc.

    Oh, we common folk have no idea how much pain those very pious authorities have to suffer to save our souls for Paradise, eh?

    I mean, imagine having to maintain those big houses with air-con, big TVs, marble floors, etc.

    And how about the petrol for those big nice cars?

    And on top of all that, those extra trophy wives are expensive to look after, you know.