Sunday 30 October 2016

Dear Allah, the Most Beneficiant, the Most Merciful

My grandmother is in hospital again.

Mother and almost everyone in the family are down there in Singapore.

I can't be there yet as I got things to do here.

Mother said it's okay as my grandmother's condition was not serious.

Still I worry.

Feeling so helpless because I can't really do anything about it.

All I can offer now are my prayers for my grandmother to recover.

Hopefully Allah will grant my wish and she will be well again.

I'm sure Allah will consider my prayers even though my grandmother is not a Muslim.

My grandmother is the most kind hearted person.

It has never really matter to me that she is a non-Muslim.

I personally know quite a number of evil, malicious and depraved Muslims.

I'm quite sure Allah loves my grandmother more than them.

Seriously, at a time like this, all the other things such as politics and what ever do not really matter to me.

They seem even silly to me at the moment.

After all, not as if all the aggravations changed anything.

You all may think that I'm the one being silly, but really, as far as all those political nonsense are concerned, it's now better to just pray for the good to win in the end.

I think it's better to pray for Allah to save this country rather than praying for one side or the other to win.

You can't really be 100 per cent sure your side is the good side, aren't you?

That's why we should still pray for the best and accept the outcome later.

I'm not a religious person but I think you all should not underestimate the power of prayers.

After trying your best, prayers are all you have. Really.

Okay, I need to get back to work.

I choose this song for your Sunday. Enjoy.


  1. Timely reminder not to mention appropriate. Hopefully your texts show some light especially to those who are still seeking the truth. There is only ONE god - the creator of universe, heaven and hell.

    I pray for her speedy recovery - God willing.

  2. Annie,

    Sorry to hear. Hope she gets well soon. All the best.

  3. Pray your grandmother gets better, Annie. Stay well. All my best wishes to your family.

  4. Is your granny some kind hearted angel?

  5. Annie,

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    I recall vaguely that you said she was in Singapore, meaning that she is probably in a Singaporean hospital.

    If so, she will be in good hands and she will get the best care possible.

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery.


    1. You are probably right 20 years ago. Many things have changed since then. Many of the singaporean best doctors have migrated to australia or new zealand. Like ex penangite Gurunathan who's now a new mayor of New Zealand town Kapiti, the ex-singaporean down under do not mind when they are referred to as migrant. What an exemplary character.

    2. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth31 October 2016 at 15:50

      Hmm...the Indonesians don't seem to think so. Many still travel to Singapore for medical treatments and hospitalisation.

      I would think that Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National University Hospital are better run, have better doctors and more up-to-date equipment and facilities than their Malaysian counterparts.

      How many Malaysian VVIPs seek medical advice and treatment in Singapore?

    3. south 15:50,

      But singapore is also popular for fake doctors. News regularly coming out from the hospitals that someone has been caught masquarading as a doctor. In one particular instance, a doctor with fake certificate was only charged after treating more than 400 patients. The rule of thumbs say that there are dozens of cases undetected for every case detected. So be careful!

    4. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth31 October 2016 at 21:46

      Blue 18:46

      Which hospitals in Singapore? Quote specific cases.

      What about the fire in the premier government hospital in JB? No comments?

      What about the Malaysian VVIPs who seek medical treatments in Singapore? No comments also?

    5. Blue @ 31 October 2016 at 13:27,

      As far as I am aware, Singapore is still well regarded for its medical services.

      But then, I could be somewhat biased as my cousin, his wife and daughters are all doctors in Singapore.

      My cousin's dad, ie my uncle, and my cousin's sister, ie my cousin as well, are also all doctors.

      My cousin's sister, ie my aforementioned cousin, is also married to a doctor, and both of them are specialists.

      So, you can see that there are lots of doctors in my extended family. :)

      As for fake doctors in Singapore, I could only google a case in Australia of a Singaporean citizen who pretended to be a doctor and he treated about 400 patients.

      It appears he got away with it for some time because he was in a very remote area in Australia.

      And I found another case of a real Myanmarese doctor in Singapore who produced supposedly fake accreditation papers.

      A later news report suggested that the accreditation documents may not be fake after all because the Myanmarese registration system seems extremely primitive and not very well kept.

      I did not see very many other Singaporean cases reported on google.

      Given Singapore's relatively small size and highly efficient admin systems, I doubt if any fake doctors can get away with it for very long.


    6. Yea, quack doctors can't run their sham for long...the island is too tiny. But its the public health care costs that gives you cold turkey treatment - the public hospitals behave like private entrepreneurs.

    7. south 21:46, you need to ask every time a simple question is posed to you? All you need to do is google and the answers are right in front of you.

    8. Anon 13:27,

      The case involving a fake Singaporean doctor in Australia is probably a tip of iceberg. If a Singaporean can do this to Australian, then likewise, the foreigner can also do the same to Singaporean. It is easy now for anyone to copy a certificate or create a fake one with the use of modern technologies. The use of IT also makes it difficult for anyone to tell the difference between original and fake. The case is very rampant in Singapore where more than half of the professionals including doctors are foreign nationals.

    9. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth1 November 2016 at 20:11

      Blue 13:27

      Doubtless you meant "Come on"? Unless you have a vocabulary deficiency....

      Be that as it may, exactly how many fake credentials doctors have been detected in Singapore? Those detected - have they been dealt with?

      How many Malaysian doctors are working in Singapore? U wanna Google for that info?

      Why did you duck my question about Malaysian VVIPs getting medical treatment in Singapore? Google didn't help you out there?


  6. Let us pray for the speedy recovery of Annie's grandma.Aamiin

    Prof kangkung

  7. Annie,

    I think you have raised a very interesting point.

    Praying for the speedy recovery from illness for a non-believer of Islam and your belief that Allah loves your grandmother (who is a non-believer) more than those (*quote) "evil, malicious and depraved Muslims" (*unquote), are two different things.

    For the latter, I think there is a fallacy here, because an "evil, malicious and depraved" person is not a Muslim, and a Muslim is not an "evil, malicious and depraved" person. Only an uneducated fool would consider that all who profess the religion of Islam are Muslims.

    Anyway, perhaps the defenders of pemimpin Islam tersohor like prof. kangkung and Hj M '1MDB money channeled to Muslim brothers in Sabah' Zin of Alor Gajah DPH (dan puak-puak yang sewaktu dengannya) can enlighten all visitors here on your statements regarding Allah's love over and above the so-called 'evil, malicious and depraved Muslims' in the light of the following ayat:

    Mujadillah Ayat 22:

    22. Engkau tidak akan mendapatkan suatu kaum yang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat, saling berkasih-sayang dengan orang-orang yang menentang Allah dan Rasul-Nya, sekalipun orang-orang itu bapaknya, anaknya, saudaranya atau keluarganya. Meraka itulah orang-orang yang dalam hatinya telah ditanamkan Allah keimanan dan Allah telah menguatkan mereka dengan pertolongan yang datang dari-Nya. Lalu dimasukan-Nya mereka ke dalam surga yang mengalir di bawahnya sungai-sungai, mereka kekal di dalamnya. Allah ridha terhadap mereka dan mereka pun merasa puas terhadap (limpahan rahmat)-Nya. Merekalah golongan Allah. Ingatlah, sesungguhnya golongan Allah itulah yang beruntung.

    An-Nisa Ayat 144:

    Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Janganlah kamu menjadikan orang-orang kafir sebagai wali dengan meninggalkan orang-orang mukmin. Apakah kamu ingin memberi alasan yang nyata bagi Allah (untuk menghukummu)?

    1. Annie has done very practical thing by introducing Allah to her ailing grandmother especially if she, according to you, is non-believer. I would encourage Annie to go one step further by reading the first surah of the quran.


    2. We simply don't know who goes to Heaven kan(?) Sdr ANON 11:58
      or Hell, this knowledge reserved for Allah SWT alone

      Personal and al-Quran coach Mamoon Yusaf argues for non-Muslim who embody the noble qualities the Quran commends. You will find it at this link below:

      His is a minority veiw, wa 'Llahu A'lam
      and wishing grandma good recovery in-sya-Allah

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  8. M'etal Zin'c cuti depaavali kot.. nanti bla dia balik dia kan jawab bang.

    Jaga ckit bang, ingeris dia shortcut style potong sana sini, susah nk pham, hnya dia aje yg pham.. huhuhu..

    1. anon 15:17,

      you are right.. sigh...

  9. There are many hospitals in Iskandar Malaysia. MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!