Sunday 9 October 2016

The new Tiang Seri Umno

BN lost its two third majority in the Johor state assembly the other day.

The story is here,

BN loses two-thirds majority in Johor 

That's the first time ever.

For someone who was part of the team which defended Johor in the last general election, I was a bit sad over it.

Well, we worked so hard on it back then. okay.

But I don't really blame Jorak assemblyman Shahruddin Salleh for doing what he did.

He is after all the right hand man of TS Muhyiddin Yassin in Pagoh and thus his political career is tied with that of the Pribumi Bersatu president.

After all, it is almost certain that he will be dropped from the BN candidate list for the next general election.

May as well he gets out now. At least he would be seen as a hero by those who hate BN and Umno.

I also suspect that Shahruddin will likely replace Muhyiddin to contest the Pagoh parliamentary seat in the next general election while his boss moves to Muar as rumoured.

That's bad news for Datuk Razali Ibrahim, the current Muar MP whose majority was reduced to merely 1,646 votes in the last general election.

Razali, who is a deputy minister had such a bright future in front of him back then and was even tipped as the second in line for the Johor MB post.

Now his political career may be snuffed out altogether.

Poor Razali.

Nonetheless, looking at the bigger picture, I don't think there will be a mass exodus of Umno members switching to Pribumi Bersatu in Johor.

And Shahruddin is likely to be the only one among the BN assemblymen and MPs who is motivated enough to do so.

The others, even if they are personally unhappy with the BN and Umno leadership will stay put.

Unlike Shahruddin, they don't have to worry about getting "killed off" for being too close to Muhyiddin.

The former Umno deputy president actually doesn't have too may die hard supporters in Johor despite being the state MB for nine years two decades ago.

Yes, he has his supporters in the state but they are not of significant number  or overly loyal to him.

Muhyiddin on his own is not much of a force in Johor.

The real danger to especially Johor Umno is still the unhappiness over several issues among the Malays on the ground.

If not addressed properly, and combine them with the huge hostile Chinese electorates in the state, then things can be quite dire.

That's the big job of current Johor Umno chief and MB DS Khaled Nordin and his team.

If they fail to prevent the Malay votes in the state from further splitting, then it's not impossible for Johor to ends up like Selangor, which has about the same electoral breakdown.

I'm of the opinion that the current over dependency on the palace-driven "Bangsa Johor" concept may not be enough for Khaled to keep things together.

Khaled and his boys simply need to do more....and better.

It's going to be tough but there's no other way to do it.

Guess by now they know that occupying Kota Iskandar does not really mean a life of leisure and luxury all the time.

They have to work hard too, okay.

Whatever it is, I don't see Johor returning to the good old days when Umno and BN were so dominant there.

Back then, Johor was considered as the Umno bastion.

Tiang Seri Umno, they said.

Well, I don't think that's true anymore.

Anyone contesting under the BN ticket in Johor is not assured of victory anymore.

They can lose, even in the heart of Bangsa Johor heartland of Muar.

Seriously, Johor is no longer the Tiang Seri Umno.

That title has moved to Sabah, I think.

That's where Umno is supreme now.

Almost untouchable.

At least that's how I see it, based on reports and talks with friends from Sabah.

I wish I can write more about Sabah but I have only been there once.

So, I don't think I'm qualified to do so.

Unlike some people, I will not try to pretend to know about a state which I have hardly been to.

See lah how.

If I can go there and be on the ground more often, I will write more about that new  Tiang Seri Umno.


  1. In the last GE, I counted and there were 21 seats won by Opposition, but news reports say 18. And Liew Chin Tong says need 29 to get two third. Totally confused now.

  2. Bukit Batu, Maharani, Stulang, Senai, Skudai, Pengkalan Rinting, Johor Jaya, Kulai, Sg. Abong, Bakri, Batu Pahat, Gelang Patah, Jementah, Bekok, Bentayan, Tangkak, Yong Peng, Parit Yaani, Penggaram, Mengkibol, Tanjung Puteri, Pekan Nanas. Which one did I get wrong, Annie, or anyone here can enlighten? Thanks

    1. Maharani.

      Also you have included State and Parliament.

    2. There is no threat to UMNO/BN in Johor. In fact, it could regain its'2/3 majority with ease.

      For UMNO, what they can do is to ensure deadwords like Ahmad Maslan and Fuad Zarkashi are not selected.

      For MCA,it would be better for BN to have direct young Chinese candidates who understands the aspiration of the young Chinese. MCA despite them trying to redeem themselves are no longer the party of choice for Chinese. In Gelang Patah, the MCA candidate for next election is Jason Teoh and he has absolutely no chance against Lim Kit Siang, whose voter base comes from Skudai the state constituency firmly held by Dr Boo of DAP. So, unless there is a Chinese of stature, Gelang Patah is a sure win for Lim Kit Siang. For Chinese voters, what will sway will be the recognition of UEC qualification just like was done in Sarawak, new Chinese schools in Kluang, Johor Jaya and Skudai.

      For the Indians, all the government has to do is approve a Tamil Secondary school or upgrade the Tamil School in Skudai to a Secondary school and BN will have the Indian votes in the bag and if the Tamil Secondary school is in Skudai then BN can be assured of all the Indian votes in Gelang Patah.

      PAS in Johor is almost certain to lose all its seats. The only seat it may retain is Maharani.

      Amanah is most unlikely not to win any seat and in any even is very likely to contest and lose in three way fights which will favour UMNO.

      PKR as usual will come short. They may come close again in a number of seats but in Johor, to win again is very unlikely. With a better candidate UMNO may regain Batu Pahat.

      Gerakan and MIC, well less said is better. It is better for BN to consider direct Indian candidates. If MIC were to contest Putriwangsa, for certain it will lose.

      Now, DAP had the best showing in 2013 but much of it was due to the groudswell and the early work done by Dr Boo. As it stands, DAP is split in Johor. There are many who wants Liew Chin Tong out. Liew Chin Tong wants to move to Gelang Patah, if Lim Kit Siang contest in Selangor or Penang. It is a known fact that in Senai party members don't even invite their own Assemblywoman to functions there. DAP is projected to lose Pengkalan Rinting, Senai, Bekok, Tangkak, Pekan Nenas, maybe Penggaram, possibly Mengkibol. The seats DAP is very likely to retain Skudai and Stulang and maybe Yong Peng.

      Amanah in Johor is earmarked for Pulai and Putriwangsa. For Putriwangsa there is already a catfight by PKR, Amanah and DAP. All claiming the seat which is now held by PAS which for certain it is going to lose.

      Bersatu? Not a ghost chance of it even sniffing a a seat. Muhyiddin has no chance, nevermind he was a former MB.

    3. Inilah politik kau org.. menangguk di air keruh. Dah janji dulu nak jadi rakyat Msia ikut perlembagaan. Skrg bila dah jadi citizen, boleh buka mulut.. mcm2 tuntutan dan blackmail yg kau org buat. Jgn bagi kat pembelit ni apa yg mrk mahu. Biar kalah pun tak apa drp menggadai maruah. Tak guna punya suku sakat. Betul2 anti national.

    4. Ntah pelik la umngok ni, bila tertekan je main isu perkauman,takut takutkan pakcik makcik kat kampung..yg pencacai umngok ngaji kat luar negeri lebih bongok dari yg tempatan punya...aku tgk elok je obama perintah us, rasanya dia tu kulit kafir pun x guna isu perkauman berbanding umngok yg mengaku islam...alahai so low...

    5. Menggdadi maruah?

      Oi.. Itu sudah berlaku. Berapa banyak tanah negara China dah beli kat Malaysia. Nama tanah "Bandar Malaysia" tapi sekarang milik China. Konsesi kemudahan asaspun sudah dibeli China. Di Johor, Pantai Lido lesap dan hilang dan diatas tanah yang ditambat semua dibeli China. Bon-bon hutang dibeli China.

      Nak cakap tentang maruah? Maruah apa yang tinggal.

    6. maruah bangsat fantasi najib and macai
      hooray aku kaya
      rileklah aku songlap siiiiiiiikitttttt jeeeeeeee
      peduli apa orang lain
      riiiiiiiileeeeeeeek sudahhhhhhhhh

    7. ya juga, maruah Melayu takda nilai.
      Melayu tak guna, nak maruah buat apa? klu ada maruah pun takda nilai.
      Cakap je banyak.

      Melayu nak wang taknak kerja, nak beli BMW dan rumah besar, tentulah kena gadai negara.
      Itu Cina punya salah?
      Padan muka hilang negara.
      Ikut perlembagaan? Lagi satu pandangan lanchiao.

  3. Better get off from ur slumberland. Parti cap bunga raya now struggles since Mahathir condemned bangsa Johor that caused Sultan angry.

    1. Firstly, TDM did not condemn bangsa Johor but merely gave his personal opinion on the issue when asked by a reporter. If Sultan thinks otherwise this is a democratic country . Secondly , in a democratic country leaders are elected by the rakyats. However a sultan 's influence is not to be ignored .

    2. @ Anonymous9 October 2016 at 12:14

      Your level of English is so bad that you should change your name to either "Blue" or "Zahid". However, you are far superior to SJKC products who can speak neither BM nor English, and hence are unable to deal direct with Umno for Ali-Baba songlap arrangements. These true China Communist imports are condemned merely to bailing out Bandar Malaysia and 1MDB. Kesian.

    3. China Communists own the spratly islands, too. The Bugis crook will let them take over the country as long as they keeping bailing him out. Dun forget East Coast railway project 30 billion, also done by Jib's Commie Chinese cronies!

    4. najib owes the china government, big time. Very dangerous for us. He will give people anything to keep himself out from jail. hope the Rulers will understand, this situation is not normal anymore when the main suspect is selling the country to save himself. We will regret later if nothing is done now!

    5. Anonymous9 October 2016 at 22:30

      Wah new allegation eh? Loan isnot the benchmark for economy...its gdp. Doesnt matter how much debt u have as long u have very good income. Try to learn it frm google. During mahathir tenure he used to borrow billions frm japan to trigger the industrial even our economy cukup2 makan.

  4. Sometimes politics is confusing. One minit angry another minit good friends. That is politics, I guess.

  5. There's no tiang seri where Darth Vader rules ... the Melayu empire will strike back!

    1. Beware the power of Jabba the Hutt and her flying Birkins.

    2. Those flying Birkins hurt extra, coz they were bought with our money.

    3. lol nobody wants questionable busuk birkin

    4. "lol nobody wants questionable busuk birkin". Indeed so. It is better to channel stolen public funds into private jets, jewels and Wolf Of Wall Street. These are far less likely to pick up the small of hippo sweat. In the meantime the WSJ has allowed their lawyers to go on leave as "next Tuesday" has come and gone.

    5. He wont sue WSJ lah

      Too much proof

      He cannot "fix" USA court

    6. Blur 21:27,

      "lol nobody wants questionable busuk birkin" - welcome to SJKC standard English and third class BM

  6. Come on Sir TMJ, pray consult wisdom guru Yoda... Maharajalela Mappadulung Moneywalker must go down!

  7. No different between BN loosing 2/3 majority and DAP capturing the state since Lim KS is a Johorean as much as Khalid Nordin. Unlike other states, Bangsa Johor is the only requirement for anyone to lead Johor. Being a hard core Bangsa Johor, Lim KS is certainly an MB on the making. With the support from ex-Pas members the time is almost ripe for DAP to take over Johor.

    1. Lim KS, as a Cinapek from anti-Islam DAP, is condemned to remaining jaguh kampung. The top job of PM must be held either by a Minangkabau or her Bugis proxy. This Minangkabau-Bugis team has resolved to liwat all 16 million Malays and then rob them too. In this, they are more ambitious than Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang's hero and 1st choice for PM. Anwar's jubor tally is estimated at less than 15, plus he did not buy any Chanel for RM500K while people were dying in Kelantan floods.

      LKS knows Anwar can never beat the Minangkabau-Bugis team when it comes to fucking & robbing the Malays, hence his only remaining choice is to peluk Islam and change his name to Ridhuan Lim Kit Siang Abdullah.

    2. 14:14:

      No Lim KS should remain as Lim KS. Being Bangsa Johor, Lim KS meets the requirement to rule. Better stil if he can improve his English from sub-standard SJKC to thick Oxford accent. "Zero" must be pronounced as "zero" and not "jelo".

    3. Robbing the Malays, ye lah tu. Rakyat pun dah fed up. Umno dah jadi pelindung kepada rasuah. Umno bukan lagi pelindung rakyat marhaen seperti dulu. Siapa yg pertahankan rasuah ni kalau bukan umno. Shahrir tu awal2 lagi dah dapat RM1 juta, Mat Setan tiga suku dapat RM2 juta plak.

    4. 'Anwar can never beat the Minangkabau-Bugis team when it comes to fucking & robbing the Malays' - yah, true dat. Not just Malays but all Malaysians too!

    5. bersyukurlah kita dapat rasuah. manelah ko nak dapat peluang lain. rasuah tu halal tauuuuuu. jom terima hadiah sama sama demi bangsa orang kita


    6. Sdr Blue,

      The thick Oxford accent is only relevant for making Pak Lah sign crony deals buta2 for the benefit of the 4th Floor Boys, including many Indians pretending to be Malays. That was a past era.

      For now, whether it is pronounced "jeelo" or "zero' matters not. Ability to count is far more important. For example, Tan Sri Ambrin's AG Report on 1MDB revealed that 7 billion USD is unaccounted for. That is "7" followed by nine jeelos or zeroes.

      No wonder the document had to be quickly hidden under OSA, although I understand the first effort they made was to hide the Report under kebaya Cap Badak Air, saiz XXXXXXXXXL. Even that could not cover it.

    7. Blue,

      Have you heard Lim Kit Siang speak and write English? He was not from Chinese school but from Batu Pahat High School and at a time when English standard in Malaysia was world standard -unlike your Sekolah Kebangsaan standard.

    8. 22:43,

      Yes, I did listen to LKS speaking in English a couple of times. It sounds very much unlike the ultimate dream of Bangsa Johor. Thick SJKC accent instead of Oxford standard English. Forget about BM. Almost beyond comprehension. Can you blame him? Partly yes and partly no. The system is responsible for the partly NO answer. This is is the result of taking exam papers which are internationally lowered due to the incompetency of students in BM at SJKC. On partly YES, well, LKS should have hired a personal tutor which he dud not.

  8. Chinese mosquito not so smart:

    "Having people “jump parties” in order to change governments is not the right thing to do, said Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong.

    Mah was commenting on a report quoting Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as saying in Muar Friday that the Opposition was gunning to take over the state governments of Perak and Terengganu via crossovers."

    Hello pantat, how you think Perak govt changed hands? Lu sular lupa ka? Silly umno shoe-kisser. "Gelakan" betul!

    1. Does anyone actually care what Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong says or thinks?


  9. Annie,

    Am quite surprised that Ustazah Blobby (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) has not paid tribute to her hero and fellow dedak eater, Jamal Ikan Bakar yet.

    Have you seen this?

    In the above video, about 10 of the red shirts (I call them "rent shirts" as it's a more accurate description of these dedak addicts) surround one poor guy, kick him off his motorbike, then, one of them sneaks up from behind and kicks him in the back till he falls down.


    How manly! How macho!

    The poor guy is lucky he didn't suffer a spinal injury. He may have a family to earn money for. His bike may be his only means of transport. Should that all be jeopardised, just because Rosie's fishy whore-for-hire wants another 3 million banked into his account?

    I think this is backfiring big time.

    The video is in the BM section under "Biker BERSIH 5 kena terajang dengan Baju Merah" and has 260K views, while the other language versions have only a small fraction of that.

    It is the Malays who are making the video viral, and mainly condemning this cowardly act of violence.

    But that's the problem with people like Ikan Bakar and that loose pigskin filled with cellulite that likes to sembah his feet.

    As long as the dedak keeps flowing, they just don't care.

    They lost their souls a long, long time ago.

    (Blobby's soul should be commended for being able to break through so many layers of fat. Good job!)

    1. jamal look so awfully handsome... how i wish to sodomize his pure noble gangster ass

    2. The one kicking and the one being kicked are both Melayu?
      We need to get more Melayu kicking Melayu.

    3. Zahid pun macam jamal jugak. Samseng taik kucing. Dia menyokong dan menghalalkan cara samseng jamal ni. Malaysia sudah di perintah oleh undang-undang rimba. Negara Islam konon. Sepuluh org lawan satu. Berani betul la tu.

    4. wow, sickening. It is so brave to kick someone in the back from behind like that? I think that guy was MC for few days at leasr. This jamal is noh omar's macai, tell noh to make him behave lah. No wonder this useless noh omar can never win selangor back. Hopeless guy.

    5. Baguslah tu..
      Yang meranapkan negara Melayu.
      Yang serang cederakan orang Melayu, Melayu juga.
      Yang jadi macai UMNO buat tingkah pertahankan Najib dan Rosmah, Melayu juga.

      Syabas wahai Melayu. Melayu diambang kehancuran.

    6. mdzfrs,

      Jamal Ikan Bakar is definitely not doing UMNO any favours.

      He is using gangster tactics which only reflects poorly on UMNO.

      Something tells me that Jamal Ikan Bakar is not very familiar with social media, phone cameras, and how fast news travels nowadays.

      If he was aware of technology, he would not have made a fool of himself by claiming that PDRM treated the Baju Merah "like dogs".

      Fancy insulting PDRM when the evidence is there for all to see.

      I am not sure what he expected PDRM to do.


    7. Please gve me drction to fat soh blog... I wanna whts the hype is all about.. :p

    8. 'Blobby's soul should be commended for being able to break through so many layers of fat.'


      Pure genius bro : )

    9. i prefer "loose pigskin filled with cellulite" on bro


  10. Keturunan kamu berhujah macam inilah, yang membuat Malaysia hilang Pulau Batu Putih dengan Singapore.


  11. Sure not qualified write to about Sabah, Lil sis Ms Annie
    the new Tiang Sri, although the wife sees more than plenty of Sabah in TV broadcasts

    Unfortunately(?) or fortunately for Sabahans $ billions are poured in by DS Mohd Najib. That and traditional broadcasting will in-sya-Allah have the most influence on the elections outcome in Sabah and Sarawak which
    1) has remote and difficult-to-reach voters, but
    2) contribute as kingmaker 25% of parliamentary seats
    as no decisive kill is expected either way on the peninsula

    PAS has not made make much headway after so many years
    and neither should AMANAH

    State controlled broadcasting now cover those two states in up to 1/2 of the formal news programs. DSP Dr Salleh has now started to run so many soap opera featuring the Kadazan DMs, Bajaus and Sarawak Dayaks!

    NB. Awaiting ful revelation(?) More what money from Sabah rural water projects?

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  12. Annie.

    Kalau Kerajaan pimpinan Najib Razak tidak berterus terang dengan keadaan ekonomi negara, nescaya undi orang muda akan beralih arah.

    Barang-barang harian semakin hari semakin mahal. Graduan Melayu terutamanya banyak yang menganggur. Ini ditambah lagi dengan hutang PTPTN. Orang-orang kampung sudah mula hidu ada sesuatu yang serba salah. TV3 lapor ekonomi kukuh tetapi sentimen ini tidak dirasai oleh rakyat jelata. Saudara mara saya di kampung mula sangsi dengan laporan TV3. Pak Ngah saya rasa kerajaan sengaja tidak bercakap jujur.

    Pergi hospital kerajaan pun banyak membuka mata sekarang. Tiada obat. Tiada doctor specialist. Nak buat pembedahan ringan pun payah sekarang. Disarankan pergi swasta jikalau mampu. Macam mana nak mampu dengan duit ringgit yang semakin mengecut ini? Saban hari kita dengar kes rasuah berbilion-bilion. Mana hilang duit itu?

    Kerajaan perlu jujur.

    1. Umno dah rosak teruk. Mmg xde harapan lagi. Dah tenat dgn pebagai masalah dan mustahil untuk dipulihkan. Bak kata org putih "it's game over". Kalau dulu selepas umno asal di berikan wajah umnobaru, dgn kebijaksanaan Tun Mahathir, rakyat sokong dan tetap percaya. Malah bangga ada PM seperti beliau. Tapi kini diberi nama atau "brand" apa sekalipun, rakyat yg bukan pemakan dedak tetap akan tolak. Kepercayaan rakyat dimusnahkan oleh pemakan dedak yang memenuhi MT termasuklah ketua2 bahagian. Usaha untuk memulihkn umno hanya membuang masa sahaja. Rata2 rakyat menanti Pru sahaja untuk menunjukkn kebencian pada umno.

    2. Apakah Baju Merah, Jamal Jamban, Ali Tinju, Rani Kulup, Isma, Pekida semua peduli.

      Melayu susah? Alahai jangan bohong. Melayu tetap teguh di belakang UMNO dan Najib. Siapkan saf, siap untuk undi UMNO dan Najib.

      Selagi, Melayu tidak merentas Selat Melaka mecari nafkah hidup di Indonesia, orang Melayu tidak susah.

    3. 'Selagi, Melayu tidak merentas Selat Melaka mecari nafkah hidup di Indonesia, orang Melayu tidak susah.' Hehehe! Tapi org Indon pun gelak pecah perut bila nampak org melayu kat malaysia nie begitu mudah diperkudakan olih si lanun Bugis. Ishhhh.....

  13. who in their right man would vote for UMNO(?) 1st deny any transfer over in his own account, only when have been back in the corner he confessed(damage/influence/sympathy control). his way of governing have always be shady, wasteful and mosquito-like songlap(?)(forget about malay wellbeing from najib)

    1. "Bank statements made available show that at least five separate cash deposits were made into two of Najib’s AmBank accounts in KL, totalling RM3.4 million between 2nd February and 3rd March 2015. The sum represents 34 times his official salary of RM100,000 per month."

      "In 2011 SRC was financed by a RM3.81 billion loan from the public pension fund KWAP and Nik Faisal was deployed to be in charge. However SRC has never produced a single audit to explain where that money went.

      On Wednesday, the Swiss AG, who together with Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department has investigated the now closed Singapore branch of BSI Bank, where SRC held its accounts, confirmed the bulk of the money (a staggering $800 million) was misappropriated."

      When is this Bugis crook going to face justice for his many, many crimes?

    2. Dr Mahathir’s point is that a serious crime of embezzlement of vast amounts of public funds has been committed.

      And it also happens that the Prime Minister is entangled in this scandal. Because this involves so much public funds (an unprecedented level) and it involves the Office of the Prime Minister, it is the crime that should be disentangled. The focus is on the crime, the embezzlement of vast amounts of public funds.

      Hence a Commission of Inquiry into the 1MDB, including the commissions and ommissions of the AG’s Chambers, the Police, Bank Negara Malaysia and the MACC with regards to this huge embezzlement should be instituted. This is where the Rulers Council can still have a legal and lawful role to play.

      Because a “Royal Commission of Inquiry” still bears the “Royal” seal. This is where Dr Mahathir seeks to draw the Rulers’ attention. It is not a silly and crude attempt to “overthrow the Prime Minister”.

    3. He break constitution 1st

      Ruler got to move fast on this guy

  14. Annie,

    //it is almost certain that he will be dropped from the BN candidate list for the next general election.//


    Almost certain?

    //Now his political career may be snuffed out altogether.//

    Hmmm, true, because even a three-cornered fight will probably favour Pakatan as PPBM will most likely cannibalise UMNO votes.

    //That title has moved to Sabah//

    Actually, I am more inclined to think that Sarawak would have the title.

    Adenan Satem is a solid performer and is genuinely popular amongst Sarawakians.

    Even my sister, who vote DAP in GE13, voted for Adenan Satem's PBB, in the recent state elections. Go figure!

    UMNO Sabah, OTOH, could lose seats to Shafie's new party.

    Shafie is putting together a strong team and is even able to even attract DAP and PKR people over to his side using the "Sabah for Sabahans" theme.

    If Shafie can convince Sabahans that UMNO Sabah is subservient to UMNO Semananjung, he will win seats.

    Sabahans and Sarawakians hate Semananjung with a passion, and Shafie only needs to play up the fact that, he, an anak Sabah, was shafted by Semananjung people.

    Anyway, this is all idle speculation on my part and I am just speaking without real knowledge of what is going on.

    I have noticed others here who have given very good analysis.



  15. Itulah dia UMNO NAJIB. 

    Pasukan baju merah yang diwujudkan tahun lepas dengan restu dan sokongan Najib ... Mengikut khabar angin, Baju Merah ini dibawa berbincang dengan parti2 BN yang lain, mendapat bantahan dari parti bukan Melayu BN tapi diredah juga oleh Najib. Nah ...... sekarang rakyat Malaysia boleh saksikan sendiri -  itulah dia wajah Umno Najib. 

    Wajah disebalik topeng Wassatiyah atau Kesederhanaan yang dipakai oleh Najib. Semuanya lakonan jer .... Takdernya Wassatiyah di sebalik nilai songlapan 1MDB ... Ekstrim hingga pecah rekod dunia !

    Takder Wassatiyah nya nilai derma yang direka oleh Najib  ... Ekstrim hingga pecah rekod derma dunia peradaban manusia sejagat !

    Dan kini rakyat Malaysia dipertontonkan nilai Wassatiyah Umno Najib yang dibawa oleh askar2 baju merah Umno .... 

    TAHNIAH Baju Merah !  Anda memang layak sebagai Wira Umno !

    PS - Pihak Polis diharap ambil tindakan sewajarnya mengikut undang2 negara ya. Tak perlu tweet pun ok ... 

    Mustapha Kamil

  16. Hahahaha. Spot on. En Mus. Tweet buat apa, ambil tindakan dulu and let us do the tweeting.