Friday 28 October 2016

We read only what we want to believe

One of the most uncomfortable things that I learnt from writing this blog is that most Malaysian readers only want to read what they want to believe.

Basically, most of us want to feel good about what we read, preferring those written which confirm what we believe.

To put it simply, most of us actually read because we want to be entertained. That's all.

Pro-opposition people want to read pro-opposition stories while pro-government ones prefer to read pro-government stories.

They want the writings to comfort them into believing that what they believe is the truth.

Of course the pro-opposition stories are more juicy because they were laced by many elements of alleged scandals and improprieties, thus attracting quite a number of readers from among the pro-establishment too.

We like gossips, after all.

Truth and facts are actually secondary.

Those who really want to be properly informed are in fact the minority.

So, as it is, when I write about something that favour the opposition, those who are pro-establishment would jump at me and vice versa.

At first, it was quite difficult for me, but I got used to it after a while.

Nowadays,  I just don't feel anything anymore, being called names ranging from Umno bitch to DAP hired cybertrooper.

Yup, I had been called both, among many others. It all depends on what kind of story I wrote on any particular day.

Well, I guess that's the way things are and I simply have to accept it.

Anyway, these days I can't be bothered too much by all these.

Nothing much to motivate me, anyway.

These days I write whenever I feel like doing so instead of making it a discipline like before.

That's why you would notice that I don't write everyday anymore.

Yup, I'm getting lazy.

This posting, for instance, I just opened up my laptop, went to this blog and just write whatever that crosses my mind.

No research, no nothing

Why should I go through the trouble of doing that. No reason, okay.

You all may not believe it, but I really am writing this blog just out of boredom these days.

As I wrote previously, this blog is just sort of a journal of my thoughts and nothing more.

It's not really to influence you all and it's absolutely not for fame or money.

Who wants to pay me writing about myself riding my mamachari in the morning or missing my beloved in the middle of the night, anyway?

I did quite a lot of those in this blog.

You all can believe or dismiss this blog all you want. It doesn't really matter to me.

Okay, I know I'm rambling again.

Well, at least I don't think my rambling is hurting anyone.

It's not like I'm promoting hate and violence or anything like that, right?

Seriously, aren't you all tired of Malaysian politics?

It's the same shit over and over again.

Mostly, it's really not worth my time to write, okay.

Just wait for election, can or not? Use the time for work instead of quarrelling with each others.

Eh, better listen to a nice song lah.

Sorry that I am wasting your time making you read this stupid rambling of mine today.

Here, better enjoy this one instead :


  1. "Of course the pro-opposition stories are more juicy because they were laced by many elements of alleged scandals and improprieties, thus attracting quite a number of readers from among the pro-establishment too."


    Scientists rely on what is called "empirical evidence", i.e. it is forensically observed and verifiable.

    In chemistry, for example...

    CdSO4(aq)+K2S(aq) → CdS(s)+K2SO4(aq) a fact, scientifically analysed and explained. It will happen every single time, like salt dissolving in water.

    Some other empirical evidence:

    a) The Auditor-General, TS Ambrin Buang, after a year of professional auditing, concluded that around RM28 billion from 1MDB is missing. (This led to the govt covering up the bad news with the OSA.) The Swiss AG's figure is smaller, "only" RM18 billion, but they can only investigate sums which passed through the Swiss banking system.

    The movement of billions across borders is fully electronically traceable. It is a forensic process. It is not disputable. So if you get US$681 million in your account, the source & pathway are fully traceable. If you spend money on a credit card to buy jewellery, that data is recorded forensically. There is no escape.

    And that is why the WSJ will never, ever, be sued.

    Even the MACC recommended prosecution (twice).

    Wait for the election? Yes, but I would suggest that an international financial criminal who stole from his own people and is now trying to cover a global scandal (and who is leading, or rather "misleading" the country now) will not play by any rules.

    1. Spot on dude. A cornered rat will never play by the rules. He has drilled his butt thousand of screws to the prime minster's seat. He will never ever let it go. Come what may.
      He even has back up plan put in place via MKN in case, just in case there' s an uprising and massive demonstration on the streets. Even if the country were reduced to ruins and there's smell of death at every corner of the streets, he'll be up there laughing and smiling; strengthening his grip to power like never before. He's the Asian version Bashar al-Assad.

    2. 'Even if the country were reduced to ruins and there's smell of death at every corner of the streets, he'll be up there laughing and smiling; '.....yes, I agree. Or he will get on 1 of the 6 private jets & run away. Zimbabwe, kut?

    3. Sebenarnya kepala hotak rakyat dah menjadi tepu. Tak mampu memilih pemimpin yg sepatutnya. Habis penyamun diangkat menjadi ketua. Semuanya terhasil dari dedak yg dah mendaging dlm diri. Inilah kelicikan penamun. Sebagai pemakan dedak tegar rakyat pasti memilih Najib di PRU14. Hidup Penyamun!!!

    4. Tanya najib bila nak saman fitnah wsj...duk tunggu ni...penyokong najib pun tak dpt jawap...

    5. Anon 20.45
      Methodology in Truth Suppression Techniques
      This is an interesting read,just google it
      Unable to reproduce in total here,but in brief
      (1)Truth is the truth,this the thief has to accept it
      (2)Play dumb
      (3Use actors/actresses is issue deflective/illogical statments
      (4)Intermittancely the thief will surface issuing denial statments
      (5)Discrediting whistleblower
      (6)Asking for proof
      (7)if all fail,ursurp power or Cabut
      There are more to these,they even teach you how/when/what
      to say
      Your intuitions is correct

  2. Annie, adakah kamu anggap kami ini dungu tidak tahu menilai apa yg kami baca?

  3. Same shit on both divide.

    Are they interested in the rakyat's well being?


    Both sides are busy filling up their coffers. Maybe 10 sen for us and 90 sen for their own pocket for every ringgit spent.

    When were politicians rich in the 1st place prior to Tun Dr M?

    Those who lived through the 60s and 70s will know civil servants and politicians do not live it up like they do now.

    So WHO brought this shit up and let it morph into what it is now?

    Let's be frank.

    Who sold us out?

    Who closed the door of opportunities and reserve it for the few cronies and made shit loads in the process? The money is being help hidden well by the proxies?

    Just an example. Taxi permits. Cronies companies holding it. Cekik darah for ordinary folks who are trying to make a living.

    Airport limo service. Another crony project. Why the monopoly?

    Opcom. zzzzz...

    MAS. Do i need to say more? Thanks to Tajuddin our national carrier is in such deep shit.

    What is up with the so called privatization anyway? Tapi SEMUA MONOPOLY. Lepas tu tipu la Melayu cakap tingkatkan bumi equity. You come out with a few poster boy Melayu as successful businessmen. Pooodahhh lah...

    Till today the Malays can't get equal footing in job market.

    You know why?

    Because who screw up the education system? The colonial dudes left us with something that is workable. But NOOOO...someone backside itchy must kill it off.

    Then through the years it just slide down the hill. It gotten even worse with the Arabisation thanks to Anwar. And they send their kids overseas while the masses are fed with more doses of religion.

    Hey the problem we have now grew from a seed. Who sow the seed? We are just reaping it now. Jibby is bad and stupid but he learnt his trade from a master.

    And who keep feeding the DAPigs? The only reason why Dapigs get away with their shit is because UMNO Baru gives it a reason to exist.

    Bunch of nincompoops.

    Really for the rakyat...please...If really for the rakyat, you would fix the bloody education. You will work harder to make us mingle freely instead of dividing us. You keep religion out of the public sphere.

    As for RUU355. PAS can shove it up their ass. Can't even get Kelantan state right, want to impose their version of hudud on ordinary rakyat. To those who think they might go to heaven by supporting RUU355, hey feel free to move to Kelantan. Serambi mekah yo...tinggal la kat Kelantanistan sekejap. Biar miskin merempat dalam budaya kotor. The place is filthy. All these lebais can only address simple stuffs and more often than not it revolved around thing like vaginas and hair. NOTHING MORE CAN THEY FOCUS ON. The moment you ask them how to uplift the poor economically, blank...but if some chick tak pakai tudung...what bukan main cepat cakap haram. That is PAS for you. Keep surfing your porn in your state of Kelantanistan. Highest porn surfers and prostitute visitors in Malaysia. Sebab hanya pandai bab seks je.

    1. Wow.I am impressed with you anon 15:29
      I have more or less share the same ideas but I have to admit you have a flair in writing.
      Things are going to change due to several factors.Taxi permit is no longer a lucrative business with the emergence of ride sharing apps.
      APs(Approved Permits) for cars will be abolished,it is just a matter of time.
      Soon these cronies who live out of other peoples'sweat and tears (i.e taxi permits,APs) will have to do something else to earn a living.
      Just because I am the supporter of UMNO/BN it doesn't mean I agree with ALL of the govt's policy.

      BTW who are u going to vote saudara anon?

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Nobody betul except you hihi....
      Last last penjajah juga yg kau puji. Bila nak merdeka?

    3. You replace a workable system with a dumb down one. So are you are saying it is okay to have a dumb down system because the leader is Melayu. Tak pe lah...merana majoriti Melayu. Wipe out all the good system sebab yang tu kapir and is by the Mat Salleh.

      I give credit where credit is due.

      Anyway memang pun Malaysia dah merdeka pun tapi ekonomi melayu tak juga ke mana-mana. Pemerintah Melayu sejak Merdeka. Jadi mana cacat merbanya? Nak blame non Malays? Polisi kerajaan semua Melayu yang buat esp after Tun Razak's time. So what has Tun Dr M did for you with his policies? Melayu kalau graduan pun harap kerja kerajaan dan GLC. You see any prominent Malay businessman yang tak harap monopoly to survive? Berapa? Halal industry pun orang Cina yang banyak. UMNO Baru has always keep Melayu lalai dengan agama, candu with false cushy jobs in GLCs and the below average with Gomen jobs. How many are in MNCs? Heck even building his biggest double erection were done by Koreans and Japs. Input by local talent? Berapa? Architect pun Mat Salleh. Siapa pulak yang puji bangsa penjajah? And this has always been the modus operandi. That high speed railway from KL to Sg will be the same. Bagi je contract to China and I can safely bet with you. 95% kerja semua China firms buat. Yang local all supply stationeries la. And the deal disher will pocket his/her handsome commission. Dah merdeka pun...tapi talent Malaysia masih tak jugak jugak naik value chain yang lebih tinggi. Akhirnya bergantung jugak la pada bangsa penjajah. Bagus la tu...sekadar pandai tukar nama jalan dari Mat Salleh kepada nama Sultan-sultan. Yes. Malaysia sudah merdeka!

    4. Mr 15:29

      Yes, you are right. And I think you implying Tun is responsible. I think so too. But we was 100% better off as a country under him.

    5. That is because he was riding high with petro dollar. Hello. You bagi Jibby pun sama la. Petro money tu dia tabur dedak. Dia anti Jibby bagi dedak. Macamlah dia tak bagi dedak. His dedak not direct je. Bagi AP, bagi monopoly, subsidies. And he is smarter. Tak bodoh cam Jibby pergi letak duit berlambak dalam personal account yang boleh track.

      Tapi bila subsidi ditarik balik sebab ekonomi tak menentu, petro dollar hilang, semua yang gian subsidi mulalah meroyan. To begin with there shouldnt be subsidies. Let the market determine it. Things will be cheaper in the long run. Things are expensive now sebab ada cronies kat belakang. Heck citrus fruits used to be cheap. Now pun ada some madaf**ker AP.

      Rasuah during Tun Dr M's time is called money politics. Okay pulak tu.

      Every year any madaf**ker politicians make noise about nons heing in the top 10 list of Richest Men in Malaysia, I just want to say, wait till you know how much money your politicians have. Duit haram tu. Yang tak boleh declare. Lepas tu bersandiwaralah. Siapa yang bela all these rich nons?

      NEP kena hijack and tak habis habis Melayu cannot catch up. You really think Melayu cannot catch up? Seriously? You cuba bagi semua masuk system yang ditinggalkan penjajah tu, you will see how many smart Malays you can produce. Tak people where can easy to control. Control masses yang bodoh kan lagi senang. Lepas tu sell them the idea ketuanan Melayu. Betul tu. Ketuanan Melayu only for selected few Melayu. Dah macam modern feudalism.


    6. Anon 18.39, kalau kekal sistem penjajah , majoriti org melayu masih lgi di kampung,jadi petani n nelayan. Only now maybe tanah tu bukan dia punya lagi. Pendidikan penting utk kemajuan, sistem penjajah menganaktiri pendidikan org melayu.
      Nasib baik kerajaan selepas merdeka titik beratkan pendidikan rakyatnya , kalau tidak , tak adalah perbincngan ni..hihi.

      Like you, I too give credit where credit is due. Not all yg kerajaan melayu lakukan tu buruk. Don't simply group them together.

    7. Prof Kangkung

      Saya malas nak keluar vote with the keadaan politik now. Parti cap bunga tu semua satan sama dari UMNO Baru. think Tun Dr M doesnt know about Jibby dirty laundry when he was in his cabinet? There is more to this than the 2.6bil in his account. Jibby has to go. Laki yang tak boleh kawal bini is satu. Laki yang dikawal bini is a big NO. Esp for MO1. Until a more credible candidate and party rocks up, I aint voting. Sorry. Dont waste my time.

    8. 22.14

      Apa benda yang anda tak faham pasal pendidikan yang saya utarakan. I said keep the system that you know will work. The Mat Salleh is not in our country anymore. You run je the system yang mereka tinggal for your own people. Cam mane pulak Melayu masih boleh jadi petani jika guna system sama? You nak tengok jurang sekarang between Melayu elite dengan yang Melayu masses? Melayu elite belajar kat mana? Sistem apa? Then year in year out you hear inequality in hiring. Graduan local esp Melayu tak boleh speaking. Cubalah anda suruh Melayu masses ni pergi apply kat Khazanah. You tengok what kind of position offered if at all. Your GLC pun melambak Melayu yang guna sistem Mat Salleh. MRSM guna sistem IB. TKC dan MCKK lagi tak payah cakap la. Sekolah Kebangsaan? Baca doa. Panggil budak non tu kapir. Yup. We are so successful that we ended up whinging year in year out that we are being indiscrimanated against by hiring managers in SME, local corporates and GLCs. Those Chinkies ahhh...only wanna hire if you can chong cheng chong cheng. Eh, you also can chong cheng chong cheng la. If you care to learn. Beat them at their own game. Tapi kalau speaking pun malas ni pulak nak belajar chong cheng chong cheng.

      The gap is getting bigger between not just the Malays and nons, but also the Melayu elite with the Melayu masses.

      Kerajaan titik beratkan pendidikan Melayu? Not too sure what you are referring to but BM has been bastardize beyond belief and as for mermartabatkan BM, our national language seems to be only capable to deliver drama cinta peppered with you and i kat TV3, cerita hantu/mistik/seram dan cerita lucah. Kalau perbahasaan pun diganti dengan debat...tolonglah jangan pandirkan orang Melayu.

    9. 23.53
      Do you know anything about the school systems and their focus before merdeka ? And you want to keep those systems?
      But from what you have written , l gather to you, school system is only about the language medium used in schools. No doubt there is much to desired and improvements to be made in our schools but for us to be able to discuss these matter intelligently (I hope) says something about the present system , don't you think so?

    10. The nation is run by the products of the so called excellent orang putih education system. A system is a collection of manusia and non-manusia. The difference is that manusia has soul and accountability. And the problem arises when excellence has no soul and accountability.

    11. MO1 - di manakah perjuangan membangunkan negara? Hutang berbillion? Kos saraan hidup meningkat? Mencuri dan menyamun? Salahguna kuasa? Apa yang telah berjaya diperjuangkan musnah sama sekali - kemerdekaan diragut? Pembagunan diruntuh? Bersatupadu menjadi perpecahan kaum? Kemajuan dan kesejahteraan kehidupan rakyat dibunuh demi kepetingan peribadi? Kealpaan dan tidur nyenyak dijadikan platform untuk mula lancarkan misi menyamun? Negara hendak dimufliskan, maruah bangsa dan agama diperdagangkan, bangsa di bangsatkan, agama dilacurkan dan negara diletak sebagai cagaran untuk kepuasan hidup sepasang suami isteri tanpa rasa salah dan berdosa.

    12. 07:38

      Hard to say. Some Singaporeans ... I'm not saying alll .... behave quite badly or whether they are Malaysians driving S'pore-registered cars, I'm not sure .... in spite of their top notch education system. The term "Ugly Singaporean" was created.

  4. Annie, you hanya perlu tulis apa yang kamu mahu dan kamu percaya.

    Kami akan baca samada kamu rasional atau hilang pedoman.

    Kita sebenarnya mencari kebenaran rasional.
    Tidak ada untungnya menyebelahi mana mana pihak kerana kita tidak berkepentingan pun cuma menyuarakan kebimbangan atas dasar tanggungjawab kepada ugama bangsa negara dan anak cucu.

    Penanda asas rakyat, termasuk awak tidaklah dungu seperti yang disangkakan pemimpin.

    Kita kena bagitahu pemimpin loud and clear we are no more stupid yang boleh dikencing lagi.

    Kata TMJ, enough!

  5. Reading the blogs make you aware of many new things like marrying the ghost. A woman can name her son after her boyfriend surname by simply marrying him after he is dead. Wondering how the ghost ghost would react if she decides to have another boyfriend?

    1. While the non Muslims are divided in terms of existence of ghosts, it's the Melayu Islam that would accept the being without question, calling it 'wajib' to believe the existence of jinns.

      Jinn or ghost, they are just different names. Melayu said they saw puntianak, they have hantu raya at home, they met jelangkung in the jungle, and they were frightened by kerinchi in the market.

      Just to be religiously correct the Melayu Islam called them jinn.

      While the non Muslims are not so keen on all these horror stories, it's not the same with Melayu Islam, where they will have all these ghastly movies in theatres and TV3 all year round.

      And when come to doing business the Melayu Islam don't believe fengshui, calling it syirik. But they would resort to black magic sending ghosts and doing all kinds of bad things to kill off their rivals businesses.

      Same goes to Melayu Islam politicians, or 'politikus' in bahasa baku.

      When come to ghosts or jinns, no other race comes close.

      Memang first class!

    2. I hope the ghost is haunting the MACC officers day in and out now.

  6. Not really, Annie.

    I used to be a staunch BN supporter and voter. Defended govt, was sceptic about pro-oppo blogs, reformasi, Bersih etc.

    Until Jibby's money grabbing antics came to light. And the demonisation of Tun M and any BN member who voiced concern. Worse was the balls sucking idiocy uttered by shameless ministers. And the muka tebal of the extremely tebal roly-poly with her flagrant spending of rakyat money.

    And now because of the billions robbed and stolen, it's the poor rakyat suffering under mounting debts and expenses.

    I read today of that poor mohd shukri guy who jumped from penang bridge bcos he was going to jail for a small offence. While bigtime crooks go scotfree and DARE to nasihat us.

    All this made me read the alternative media. I admit some of the commenters on Malaysiakini are very racist and chauvinist, whacking anything Malay instead of just blaming Umno. It angers me. But I'm more angry with what Jibby has done.

    I've changed. Najb has to go and be prosecuted.

    1. I feel you dude.

    2. 'I read today of that poor mohd shukri guy who jumped from penang bridge bcos he was going to jail for a small offence. While bigtime crooks go scotfree and DARE to nasihat us.'.....this country is now 100% about money. All the struggles of our early PMs wasted. TAR died poor. Tun Razak never stole even one sen from public coffer. His haramjadah son has destroyed everything.

    3. My father worked as a rubber tapper in an estate in Johor when I was a little boy.I am very sure we had a much difficult life back then as compared to the guy who jumped off the bridge.
      But my father did not commit suicide.In fact he lived to the ripe old age of 75 when he passed away.
      Masalah dengan generasi sekarang ialah terlalu byk yg menghasut.Lepas tu cuba dpt political milage dari tragedi yg menimpa org lain (remember Teoh Beng Hock and Sorbini,the custom guy who committed suicide).

      Prof Kangkung

    4. I am extremely saddened by the fact he ended up his life that way. It breaks my heart. If he's desperate for cash for his legal case he could always publisize it via his facebook page. I'm more than happy to chip in if that could ease his burden. Too late now. He's gone forever. Rest in peace my friend.You will be missed..

    5. Well Prof. Kangkung, I think you haven't read Shukri's facebook page in full. It's funny you judge him and came to conclusion that lots of people taking advantage of this tragedy.
      Hey bro, he clearly stated in his facebook page that the current political situation of the country was one of the reasons why he took his own life. There's an air of hopelessness in his lamentation. Siapa yang menghasut siapa disini? But then again it's always the opposition's fault. They're always ended up the bad guys. The people in the government are all angels. Taking money from the penchant fund, from zakat fund, money meant for orphanage for personal excursion overseas are actually a very noble cause, very noble deeds indeed. After being caught off guard and exposed, just keep a straight face and pretend like nothing happened. After a while it's business as usual.

    6. he kill himself because cannot stand too unfair, he made a small mistake and caught, but big fish are free. The biggest thief in malaysia is najib, still bermaharajalela with his corruption even selling country to china for kickback. So....? What is future for us.

  7. Lu help same gua, wa help sama lu, mahhhh...

    'Malaysia will sign a contract to purchase Littoral Mission Ships from China when Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak visits Beijing next week, according to a Facebook posting by the country's Defence Ministry.

    The text of a speech to be delivered by Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, but was later removed after Reuters asked a Defence Ministry spokesperson for comment.

    Ties between Malaysia and China reached a new peak in December when China came to Najib's rescue with a US$2.3 billion deal to buy assets of scandal-hit state fund 1MDB, helping ease Najib's concern over the firm's mounting debt.

    Malaysia could buy up to 10 of the littoral mission ships at a cost of approximately RM300 million each, said Lam Choong Wah, senior fellow at Refsa, a Malaysia research institute. He is also the author of a book on Malaysian military capability.

    "The truth is we could have bought these from a number of countries. But China is the only country that has provided political support for Malaysia during the 1MDB scandal. This is payback for that political support."

    3 billion spent on ships, where will most of the profit go? Hee hee hee. Scorpene ring a bell?

    1. 'But China is the only country that has provided political support for Malaysia during the 1MDB scandal. This is payback for that political support.".....or let's be honest, China s the only country corrupt enough to want to give face to this crook. They have no reputation to defend! After this the bugis can deal with African countries, Mexico, etc.


    2. 29 October 2016 at 11:15

      Be grateful. After Bandar Malaysia opens, it will have the world's biggest underground Petaling Street. The tourists from Beijing will feel they have come home.

    3. saya sungguh bersyukur kerana bandar malaysia dijual kepada china songlap
      im truly grateful from the bottom of my hearts
      thank you for selling Malaysia to tanah suci communist China
      you gave me hope for a scum like me
      i have matured into full fledged adult yang sungguh suci dan sokong UMNO
      for a lowly sow like me.. for a scum like me... najib sold this to china!
      thank you s-so much..

    4. Edra energy - sold to China
      Bandar Malaysia - sold to China
      East coast railway - funding by China
      Iskandar - funding and buying from China
      TRX - partial funding and built by china
      Second Penang Bridge - funded and built by China

      Apa lagi cina mau?
      Apa lagi Najib mau jual?
      Mana semua Pak Arab? Sikit pun tak mampu tolong ke?


  8. TIME TO MUNTAH.....

    "He made the accusation that the struggle of my party has deviated from his struggle from before as an excuse to attract people to join his party and create a split within the Malays.

    "It is true that the struggle today and that of before are different.

    "Before, he, who is 91 years old, struggled for independence.

    “Today, I struggle for the nation's development," said Najib in a blog post on Friday."

    See that?

    “Today, I struggle for the nation's development."

    And your own pocket, kan?

    1. “Today, I struggle for the nation's development."...and my wife's insatiable appetite for luxury. And my stepson's insatiable appetite for penthouses and making filem lucah. Ya, muntah is right!

  9. Or missing my beloved in the middle of the night?

  10. And the government just write whatever beauty and sweet regardless the truth.
    In the hope that the people just believe whatever they published.

    Now the bangsat of pm was caught red handed lying in the parliment.
    How come he can confused between RM 1B and RM 57M.

    Wait a moment. Wasnt not so long time ago when the opposition start asking where is the money they taken back from cayman island.
    1st written answer from the bangsat pm said in the bsi spore.
    2nd answer which amendment from the 1st answer, not money but some valuable docs.
    3rd not money. Just unitlah.

    Annie.. please wake up

    1. The caymans money long gone bro. Arul the forked tongue snake and his owner the bugis crook have stolen it. The 'units' are worthless from Day 1.

      PS: the bugis crook LIED IN PARLIAMENT OPENLY when he was asked why the Malaysian funds were held in a Singapore bank. He claimed this was due to bank negara regulations, which is 100% bullshit.

      Remember, please - this pink-lipped thief is THE FINANCE MINISTER and CHAIRMAN OF 1MDB BOARD and under Art 117, everything done by 1MDB needed his written approval. Then the macai had to say "he signed buta2 only."

      Our country has become a joke.

      Are the public really this stupid?

    2. 29 October 2016 at 11:09

      Do not insult the PM's husband. How can he be expected to keep track of every small document? Indeed it is possible for 681 million USD to sneak into his AmBank account by the back door. Do not blame him.

      Harap maklum.

  11. Malays are calling for perpaduan amongst themselves. Behind the call for unity is a common belief that the achievement attained thus far for bangsa Melayu was a collective effort. So they believe that every Melayu must have an equal share of the wealth.

    The problem is, some have been able to transform the political power to money, while the majority of the rest still lagging behind.

    Through monopolising various sectors of economy, maintaining a colossal governmental force, giving out cash and financial aid through various means, in the end the efforts succumbed to their corrupt leaders' greed. Many still are living like shit.

    But the gravy train is going to stop soon, they don't believe. Intelligent and learned amongst them saw this, but would dare not speak out.

    There is a sure end to people like this. Like they said, setinggi tinggi tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua.

    And like they would love to say when they see Justice is served : padan muka.

    And this padan muka would last for a very long time.

    1. Annie,

      You are one japan expert. Surely you know the movie 'Kaiji'.

      The situation in Malaysia now is very much like the gambling game in the movie, it's at a critical point.

      When DSAI was sacked, the public has since been fed with awful revelations of buggery sodomy and unlawful sexual intercourse. Since then, while on the one hand the Melayu Islam is being made to be more conservative and religious thus promoting self-righteousness, on the other hand sexual scandals were published and spoken about in public as a mean to kill off other seemingly more religious Melayu Islam.

      The end result is what everyone can see, there's no betterment in terms of moral amongst the modern malay.

      With the relentless pursuit of worldly wealth, while the country's resources diminishing, there will only be more false propaganda on racial heroism and more fake sexual revelations on anyone who dare to speak against the corrupt leaders, so that the malays will for a moment be fooled and swift their focus away. But this cannot last because tok lama told me yang haq tetap haq yang batil tetap batil.

      When will it stop?

      Watch KAIJI.

    2. 29 October 2016 at 11:10

      what you say is right but malays will not change. the feudal mindset is still there...

    3. anon 30 October 2016 at 07:53
      when i read your statement that malay cannot change it made my blood boil, and the idea of holocaust and genocide seem right for a split second


  12. Annie,

    Bandar Malaysia should be renamed Bandar China.

    The Tongsan Middle Kingdom has returned to conquer Tanah Melayu thanks to the weakness of the Bugis pondan. To the rest of the world, he now smells like poop, so he needs to hook-up with crooked regimes.

    The railway deal with China's CCCC looks like the best bet for his kleptocracy to continue. I hope he will use it wisely, as he did for 1MDB money…..

    1) Buying votes in the election

    2) Keeping the KBU and lesser macai well-fed with dedak

    3) personal allocations for berjoli, shopping, jewellery, private jets etc.

    The East Coast Railway was reported months ago as being doubled in price. The "difference" is to try and pay off the money the Bugis stole from IPIC in UAE, plus to bail-out two Jho Low companies (named in the documents).

    Now in Bajet 2017, the Bugis pondan has basically confirmed the report. The price is RM55 billion, meaning it went up by RM25 billion in one year from RM30 billion!

    Who will repay the difference of RM25 billion extra hidden in the deal?

    We will, of course.


  13. So, why CCCC China as the partner?

    Because they are as corrupt as he is.

    Did you know they are banned by the World Bank?

    "A Chinese contractor chosen for the US$200 million Malé-Hulhulé bridge project was blacklisted by the World Bank over fraudulent practices during a road improvement project in the Philippines.

    The CCCC Second Harbour Engineering company was sanctioned in 2009 and barred from engaging in any road and bridge projects financed by the World Bank Group until January 2017.

    Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz said at a parliamentary committee today that the bidding process for the ‘China-Maldives Friendship Bridge’ was conducted by the Chinese government last week."

    Want some more?

    "HARARE, June 6 (The Source) – The company that won a lucrative $2 billion contract for the construction of Zimbabwe’s most important highway is under a World Bank ban for tender rigging and fraud.

    Zimbabwe recently named Chinese firm China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) as the main contractor of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway dualisation project. An Austrian firm based in China, Geiger International, was named as the financier of the project.

    However, according to a World Bank listing of firms that are ineligible for contracts that it finances, state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Limited, CHEC’s parent company, is banned until 2017. According to the World Bank, companies that it places on its blacklist would have been found in violation of its “fraud and corruption policy”.

    That's right, folks.

    These Cinapeks make a living by working hand in glove with corrupt gomens, making under the table payments, marking up and splitting the difference.

    Their next "partner"? Malaysia.

    That's why China now owns us.

    He will lick their feet for kickbacks.

    1. The Chinese garmen damn corrupt. Thats why he has to run over there and pakat with them. 'You help me...' Rite?

    2. communist china practices unregulated capitalism, thats why they are corrupt and jlow

  14. I don't really mind china investing. But their construction safety standards are crap and coupled with our own cincai attitude, I fear for the projects.

    Also china is now friendly but wait lah when it demands payback.

    Get ready the "bunga mas" tribute all over again.

    Jibby and Rosmelda....

    1. What projects??? Look at TRX. Dah siap ke? 4 years behind, it's empty. Just an open piece of wasteland. Like 1mdb, these are just wayang projects. Songlap the money once the dotted line is signed. Then share the loot.

    2. 29 October 2016 at 16:30,

      Of course. "TR" stands for "Tandas Rosmah" and the "X" indicates the size, X-tra large. It takes time to make a facility worthy of the de facto PM's girth. Be patient.

      Harap maklum.

  15. Photo-op:

    "Hadir sama ialah Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom dan Ke­tua Pengarah Jabatan Kemajuan Islam (Jakim), Tan Sri Othman Mustapha.

    Memorandum yang ditandatangani tujuh wakil institusi agama itu mengakui bahawa kerajaan di bawah pentadbiran Najib terus komited dalam memartabatkan Islam sebagai agama persekutuan.

    Ia juga menyatakan dasar-dasar kerajaan berpandukan nilai-nilai Islam seperti Indeks Syariah Malaysia sehingga memperkasakan institusi agama bermula di pe­ringkat bawah hingga ke peringkat atasan membuktikan usaha murni dan ikhlas kerajaan."


    Guy who stole $4 billion standing with guy who spent Yapeim cash on shopping & golf, and they are now 'champions of Islam'.

    We are doomed.

    1. Bagus jugak Najib buat propaganda macam ini kerana ia membuktikan bahawa Najib sedar betapa ramainya rakyat (yang tak makan dedak) yang membenci dan tidak menghormati dia. Najib layak digelar PM paling cokia negara ini.

    2. The pinklips would sell his own mother at this stage. And now that Pandi knows beyond doubt the money is from 1MDB, why not re-open the investigation??? Clinton pun kena. Malaysian version is a balaci. This Pandi should fear hari akhirat.

    3. 'Pandi should fear hari akhirat' he dont.

      Speaker, pac chief, igp, also no fear.

      They are muslim konon but they do not fear to Allah swt because their moral is destroy by MONEY....yes, they only sembah $$$$$. Is true.

    4. Tak lama lagi Ahjib dan Mophair, Pandi dan Macai sekongkol.

  16. Annie,

    The Pulai fatboy is talking crap:

    "Nur Jazlan, head of the Pulai Umno division. said that his father, Mohamed Rahmat, then Umno secretary-general and Information Minister, had been criticised the most in those days for his defence of Mahathir and Umno’s interests in leading the government.

    “Mahathir’s leadership caused Umno to be outlawed, with Umno being revived in 1988 according to his leadership. Today he has left Umno for the second time to openly oppose Umno. Who’s the real hypocrite?” Nur Jazlan said".


    “Mahathir’s leadership caused Umno to be outlawed, with Umno being revived in 1988 according to his leadership."


    I have no idea what this worm is wriggling to say.

    I think the real hypocrite is Mr Chubby, who walked out of the PAC when the truth needed to be exposed. Note that he didn't say a word when the new Carimakan chairman deleted the Jho Low link without authority from the PAC report.

    Thanks, Chubby.

    Thanks for selling us out in exchange for your life of complete mediocrity as a Deputy Minister in a 4th Rate, 3rd World Kleptocracy.

    You da man.

    Hope Pulai is watching.

    1. Can't expect much from unprincipled man like him.

    2. “Mahathir’s leadership caused Umno to be outlawed, with Umno being revived in 1988 according to his leadership. Today he has left Umno for the second time to openly oppose Umno. Who’s the real hypocrite?” Nur Jazlan said".

      Ku li legal challenge made umno to be deregister in 1987. Then Tun created umno baru. Then by 30 years later umno becomes "Parti Dedak Najib", not the same as 1987 at all.

      Yes, I also do not understand what is nur jazlan saying. He choose to makan dedak najib, is his choice, but don;t be hypocrite yourselves!

    3. While Tok Mat was minister of information, his anak is minister of misinformation.

      How unfortunate.


  17. In today's struggle under the incompetence of MO1...

    i. 7 juta Melayu jadi pengemis tunggu sedekah BR1M

    ii. 200,000 graduan (Melayu) menjadi penganggur

    iii. Bisnes GLC rugi atau tutup - 6000 Melayu juga kena buang kerja

    iv. hospital tak cukup duit beli ubat

    v. universiti tak cukup duit mengajar kursus pengajian

    vi. jabatan kerajaan tak cukup duit buat latihan

    vii. Ringgit jatuh merudum jadi RM4.18 / US$

    viii. Pertumbuhan ekonomi merudum dekat 4% sahaja

    ix. Petronas rugi diseluruh dunia kecuali Afrika Selatan

    x. Kerajaan hilang lebih RM50b hilang dicuri oleh MO1

    1. well said.

      But for rural melayu, they have 'feudal' mindset. if they get beras 10kg during pru-14 and extra br1m, they will always vote bn, then the bugis lanun can keep exploiting org melayu sampai kiamat.

      feudal mindset will destroy melayu.

      if leaders are honest, is Ok.

      When leaders are corrupt & evil, like now...

      ...very different

    2. So here is the challenge for the political parties (the pembangkang) to change the mindset of these people .
      They are said to be simple minded and easily influenced. These political parties surely do not lack talent and know how . Unless of course , if they too believe that cash is king.

    3. If we were to compare UMNO against other political parties in Malaysia UMNO is the least feudalisti party.just to give us some ideas how feudalistic other parties are let me list down the parties and you make your own conclusion.

      DAP lim kit siang,lim guan eng,Karpal Singh,Gorbind Singh Deo (do I spell his name correctly?),Oh lupa, sapa nama bini Guan Eng?.P.Patoo
      PKR tak pyh cakplah.mmg parti anak beranak.'Anu'ar,Azizah,dll
      PAS nik aziz,nik abduh,yusof rawa, mujahid yusof rawa (before he left for Amanah)

      Prof Kangkung


    4. Saudara Otak Kangkung,

      Clearly your Professorship should be returned to whichever university (Universiti Kangkung Malang? UKM?)awarded it. You are mistaking the word "FEUDALISM" for "NEPOTISM". The concepts are entirely different. I suggest you buy a dictionary and apply for Professorship at USM (Universiti Sawi Malaysia.) Till then, silence is better than displaying your ignorance.

      Harap maklum.

    5. HAHAHAHA...............KIHKIHKIH

    6. Songlap is fantastic
      Its truly fantastic
      it`s been decade since im just a kampong man that fit me so well!
      Dulu-dulu kerja kampong pastu dapat projek songlap sebab UMNO percayakan aku
      Aku sorang je dapat… orang melayu lain tak dapat
      Sekarang aku multi-milionaire thanks to UMNO
      Orang melayu lain boleh merempat lah… bukan salah I…
      Cayunk I tak?....
      No fighting… peace yo…
      Syukur alhamdulillah…
      All grand thanks to Rosmah
      that`s right. im driven mad with love.
      Generous love, respectful love, pure love, tender love, familial love, erotic love, friendly love!
      Love, love, love... Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!

      But now Najib messed up everything by inserting songlap to his own personal account
      The opposition police will be looking for me
      How can I live with this? My life of living a life of aesthetic decadence in European castle as kampong man will be shattered
      I will be next executed after Najib no longer kawtim/backup/brother/gay me
      impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible!
      Why? How can it be?
      I thought I was loved! I am loved!
      By the witch Rosmah! the witch Rosmah! the witch Rosmah! the witch Rosmah! the witch Rosmah!
      i will not let you scumbag opposition do that
      what is this? How can this happened?
      I have been nothing but diligent
      the witch Rosmah love bathes my entire body!
      Ah... my brain... is trembling!
      I`ve waited so long for your love, your merciful love, your affectionate love...

    7. Dulu, dengan bantuan dan galakkan kerajaan, anak orang kampung, anak penjual nasi lemak, anak dreber teksi jadi graduan dapat kerja di syarikat GLC dan swasta, berpejabat di bandar.
      Sekarang, di galakkan graduan jual nasi lemak, pekerja GLC ,syarikat swasta, kerajaan bawa uber, dan orang bandar berpindah ke kampung tanam jagung.