Monday 3 October 2016

Better than politics

Got a bit of free time now.

Just feel like highlighting this story,

Japanese scientist wins Nobel medicine prize for work on 'self-eating' cell mechanism

Excerpts ;

David Rubinsztein, deputy director of Cambridge University's Institute for Medical Research, said Ohsumi had provided scientists around the world with "critical tools" to help them understand how disrupted autophagy can contribute to illnesses including infectious diseases, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s.
Chister Hoog, a professor at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, told Reuters the work helped explain crucial processes in human development, from growing up, to aging to succumbing to disease.
"In the very early stages (of a human’s development) your organs and your whole body is constantly being made over again – you are growing. So you need to get rid of the old stuff and generate new structures," he said.
"When you undergo aging, you have structures that have to be taken away and this – autophagy – is the principle that gets rid of them.
"If you affect this system – the genes and proteins involved in autophagy – you no longer can take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."
I always admire these people of science.

Their works really aim to make our lives better.

Better than those people whose profession only make our lives more complicated so that they can earn tonnes of money from our difficulties.

I think you all know what are those professions.

Anyway, I hope Malaysia will one day produce such brilliant scientists.

They can really make our country proud.

For me, they can be our true heroes.

If only we can focus our efforts towards producing such scientists.

That would be much better than producing more politicians like what we are doing now.

Everyone seems keen to be politicians these days.

Just go to our social media and you can see that everyone is trying to be a political expert.

Politics is a shortcut to fame and fortune for most of these people.

Actually, that's why our politicians are not even of good quality, if you ask me.

Why do we give so much importance to them?

Why do we have to listen to them all the time?

Really. I don't think we need to do all that.

We should instead be focused on our works.

The Japanese don't seem to care much about all the stupid politics like we do.

They work hard instead.

That's why they got such brilliant scientists and other professionals who make their society truly better.

Election time, they just vote the politicians who bullshit the least.

Isn't that easier and better.

We should try that, okay.

Oh, by the way, in Japan they have very passionate politicians.

Watch this,

They really try their best don't they.


  1. I'm all things to all men . . . I can't change my mould. I am your cosmic politikus . . . and you want to worship me.

  2. Annie,

    These countries know the value of education.

    We are slipping way behind.

    "Education standards that were deteriorating despite Putrajaya spending twice as much as neighbouring countries on schools could stand in the way of Malaysia’s plans to join the ranks of developed nations, according to a recent World Bank report.

    In a report titled “Malaysia Economic Monitor: High Performing Education” that echoes criticism over the recent performance of Malaysian schools, the World Bank highlighted the critical role quality education plays in a country’s aims to gain a high-income status.
    In 2011, Malaysia spent the equivalent of 3.8 per cent of its gross domestic product on education, or more than twice the average 1.8 per cent within Asean nations.

    “A nation’s human capital, which is largely built by its education system, is a fundamental driver of economic growth,” it said in the report.
    “The quality of cognitive skills of Malaysian students, as measured by standardized international tests, is not on par with the country’s aspirations to become a high-income economy.”

    Tun was right about Science & Maths being taught in English.

    But it became too much of a political football.

    How can we innovate if our standards have fallen so badly?

    1. Don't talk about that, what about our uni? Worse lah!


  3. " Pointing to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey results released last week, the World Bank was blunt with its assessment of Malaysia’s underperformance.

    It said Malaysia did not only trail high-performing education systems in East Asia, but also poorer nations such as Vietnam, which outperformed the country by a significant margin.

    In the latest edition of PISA, Malaysian students lagged far behind their peers in Singapore, who placed second behind top-scorers in Shanghai, China, as well as 15-year-olds in Thailand.

    While Malaysian students registered marginal improvement for mathematics, they lost ground in both science and reading ability.

    The combined results meant Malaysia was 52nd overall out of the 65 countries, and firmly entrenched in the bottom third of the survey."


    The problem is this: "loyal but not smart" people are the only ones that the pink-lipped crook tolerates. If you look at the cabinet comment needed.

    Mat Maslan 3.85 may actually be one of the smartest.

    1. Mat Setan kompom bangang... otak mcm lembu tenusu... pegi minum susu cepat o Mat o Mat... bg sel otak berhubung... huhuhu

    2. Mat Maslan 3.85 is not as dumb as Hassan Malek, Aziz Kaprawi or Zahid lah. Or the guy with the beard.

    3. How about the PM and her husband? Not smart either.

  4. "Better than those people whose profession only make our lives more complicated so that they can earn tonnes of money from our difficulties."

    Kursus Perkawinan is one example. After... about 30 years collecting fees... divorce rate had been increasing. Newborns being abandoned... seems to increase too.
    Rubbish being thrown... more indiscriminate... too.

    Therefore, we should scrap the Kursus Perkawinan and replace it with free Civic Classes for every couple intending to wed, regardless of faith.

    No needs for certificate or the involvement of "those people whose profession only make our lives more complicated".

  5. It boils down to the system of education. Like other advanced nation, Japan uses single stream of educatiion system. All students there, regardless of their background are very fluent in Japanese after graduating from schools. Above all they take one common exam. This is 180 degrees different from what is being practiced in this country. Not only the SJK products are struggling to read amd write BM properly, but they also take different exams. Worst some of the papers are purposely diluted in order to match their incompentency in the subjects. Until this isroblem is addressed, this country has a long way before producing world class scientist.

    1. Sdr. Blur,

      "Until this isroblem is addressed, this country has a long way before producing world class scientist."

      Yes, give your isroblems with English, you can aim no higher than position of DPM. If you have any isroblems with that, just remember that Bahasa Jawa is not widely spoken unless you are assaulting someone on golf course. TQ.

    2. Anon 11:45,

      What hope of a country in which the examination standard is intentionally lowered to accommodate the inferior quality of students has?

    3. Blue,

      Did you know the SJK 's United Examination Certificate is accepted for exam into Oxford, Cambridge, National University of Singapore, all leading American and Australian universities.

      So, let us down play SJK's UEC certificates. I doubt Sekolah Agama's certificate can get you direct entry to these universities.

    4. 'What hope of a country in which the examination standard is intentionally lowered to accommodate the inferior quality of students has?' - mister you go show this sentence to 'Engrish' teacher, sure pengsan o!

    5. Anon 15:43,

      How come this country has to produce a single world class scientist with UEC background?

    6. 15:43,

      ......has YET to produce....

    7. Blue,
      maybe you should Google and find out. They info is all there.

    8. Anon 23:48,

      Googling means facing difficulty in finding. Almost certainly you would have cited the figures to prove your point. Unfortunately you have none. Can't blame you for this as there is no evidence to support the theory that students taking sub-standard examinations would end-up as successful scientists.

    9. Sdr. Blur,

      You are missing the point that the only "science" of relevance in our country is how to fail miserably at covering up the theft of public funds for RM60 million worth of personal shopping items. Hence, Maths is a better skill, and the non-BM-spikking SJKC product Jho Low was chosen as errand boy. Dun jeles OK.

    10. Anon 13:50,

      Clearly you cannot prove what you have claimed. You are good example of SJKC trained product. Good in claiming but poor in supporting.

    11. So long as UEC Exam certificates are sufficient to enter renowned educational institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, National University of Singapore, Australian universities, that is enough proof of the quality and standard of the examination. They are not using UEC to enter sub-standard level 800 band of Malaysian universities. Oh by the way, the inventor of the Thumb-Drive is a Chinese from Penang who furthered his studies in Taiwan.

    12. Anon 18:06,

      Read the headline properly. The topic of discussion is 'scientist' and not business.

    13. Laaaa, tak kan scientist Malaysia terrer sangat, x kira kaum cina india melayu dayak kadazan dll.....

      Cuma BUGIS & MINANGKABAU kat PutarJaya mmg pakar dlm bidang SONGLAP.

      Tu jer....

    14. 20:36, stealing is also a science, ya. We are very bad actually. Seven countries already know the truth.

  6. Annie,

    //I think you all know what are those professions.//

    Marketing people, Microsoft, people who write apps.


    //I hope Malaysia will one day produce such brilliant scientists.//

    Don't hold your breath.

    It could be a long long wait.

    A society which has its brightest and best people shackled by narrow-minded religious mores will NEVER progress very far.

    I give you the example of the Middle East.

    When Islam first started, science and the arts flourished as the young religion fitted itself into the social fabric then existing.

    As the science and arts spread throughout Europe, other centers of excellence developed.

    Meanwhile in the Middle East began to decline as Islam grew in stature.

    Today, the Middle East is nothing more than a camel lovers playground.

    //Politics is a shortcut to fame and fortune for most of these people.//

    This phenomena is only evident in under-developed countries where there is no other way to make a living and the only fat cats are those who can control and exploit the resources of the nation for themselves.

    In developed countries, there are many examples of politicians who are in politics because they want to improve the lives and well-being of the citizens of the country.

    These politicians are not fabulously wealthy and they live in very ordinary homes.

    Look at the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

    Of cos, in Malaysia, the story is very different.


    1. 'In developed countries, there are many examples of politicians who are in politics because they want to improve the lives and well-being of the citizens of the country.These politicians are not fabulously wealthy and they live in very ordinary homes.'

      Actually they are also corrupt, in some cases. But they don't have Pandi Ali to "NFA" all legal cases against them. That's the diff. In Malaysia the law protects the thieves.

    2. Anonymous @ 4 October 2016 at 12:04,

      //Actually they are also corrupt, in some cases. //

      True, and the amounts involved are unbelievable.

      I know of one case, overseas, where a sitting MP was caught out spending about RM4,500 without proper authorisation.

      He was not authorised to spend money on prostitutes, you see.

      This, now, ex-MP is going thru the legal process and will probably ended up in jail,

      In another case, the Speaker of the House in Australia, had to resign because she spent about RM15,000 when there was no real need to.

      Like I said, the amounts involved are unbelievable.

      I suppose there are no Malaysian MPs who have spent money on prostitutes nor is there any question that the Speaker of our Dewan Rakyat has been acting improperly, so no Malaysian politicians would be deserving of any jail time, right? :)

      Why, Malaysian politicians are probably in a class of their own :)


    3. Tak payahlah harapkan parti UMNO nak buat perubahan, tukar pemimpin tetap sama. Harapan kepada pembangkang, andai kata menang PRU, hasil negara untuk manfaat semua, bukan hanya ekslusif untuk ahli parti, macam umno skrg. Harta negara jadi macam harta mak bapak dia yang punya.

  7. Hye annie,

    Have you watched japanese drama(based on true story) called "1 liter or tears"?

    I think that is how their doctors motivated to do researches.

    Rather than watching "Suamiku abang Sado"(?)

    1. Sorry the drama called "1 litre of tears" just smattering in english.. :)

  8. That japanese man is truly smart and respectable person
    And im sure he is a product of good near zero corruption japanese government
    I hope all smart people of all walks of life, like ceo, degree holder, master holder, phd holder would follow this man path of sincere lifelong learning
    University is not a stepladder to achieve political status
    University is not a place to gain political advantage
    University is not a place to subliminally jilat busuk umno
    Mahu cepat kaya? Mahu cepat kaya(?) oh my disgustingly lovely le dedakian
    And not support corruption of umno led government
    Umno elite is using 1mdb as their personnal bank account and not for achieving original goal of 1mdb
    Wake up from your busuk bed and realize that they dont care about you
    We are being defrauded on enormous scale
    Hammar that sentence into your brain because i know that most malaysians are all mentally retarded with short term memory issues


  9. Pimpinan parti perlu jelaskan percanggahan antara angka RM 17 billion hutang 1MDB yang dijanjikan presiden parti pada November 2015 dengan jumlah sebenar RM50 billion yang disahkan Ketua Audit Negara pada 17hb April 2016?  

    Ke manakah hilangnya duit hutang RM50 billion 1MDB itu yang sekarang terpaksa ditanggung oleh rakyat ?
    Inilah dua soalan pokok yang menjadi cabaran besar kepada semua perwakilan UMNO yang bakal hadir di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO Disember 2016.
    Jika para perwakilan tidak berani minta penjelasan bagi dua soalan itu, ia bermakna kehadiran mereka dan juga UMNO sendiri tidak membawa faedah lagi untuk rakyat negara secara amnya dan kaum Melayu secara khususnya yang semuanya sangat mengharapkan perwakilan UMNO bercakap tanpa bimbang atau takut kepada presiden dan isterinya. Jika para perwakilan tidak berani menjalankan tanggungjawab yang begitu mudah ini bermakna terkuburlah perjuangan politik UMNO seluruhnya. 

    1. Jangan harap sgt ler bro. Umno? Prinsip? hehehhe

    2. Umno perlu dibersihkan. Kita mahu piawaian tahap mat maslan dan ahmad bashah dalam umno. Kita mahu lebih ramai mat rempit dan mereka yang dah dapat kad PR pusat serenti masok umno....kah kah kah

  10. "If only we can focus our efforts towards producing such scientists."

    Instead, Najib's UMNO/BN government, with his beleaguered Jho Low's 1MDB, chose adulation and affiliation with religion to remain relevant.

    Therefore, our country will produce more "people whose profession only make our lives more complicated so that they can earn tonnes of money from our difficulties."

    1. He will do anything to stay out of jail. Or 'she', rather, because there's no doubt who wears the pants.

  11. Ever considered this:

    All those countries who are successful, economically high-tier, technologically advanced, world class education standard and are generally first world ALL consume PORK.

    Is there something in the pork, which makes those consuming pork very successful.

    1. You have to ask the fat cinawoman fake ustazah lah. She conned some poor suckers at pmo into giving her dedak...(maybe pig food?) all that pork eating paid off lah...

    2. Sorry Anon 15:39, the Jews don't consume pork and they control nearly the whole world. I think you must have taken too much pork.

    3. Illuminati makan ape ye? Hmmmmmm....

    4. Jews are an exception but NO Muslim country is advanced in Educaton, Medicine, Technology and other aspects.

      When God was distributing goodies, the Jews choose brains and the Arabs choose oil which the Arabs needed Western and Jewish linked companies to extract and while this was going on the Jews worked out ways to not to depend on oil eg. Tesla.

    5. We eat pork and my family is very successful and doing well. Two sons doctors and a daughter who is an architect. Me and my wife are doctors.

      So pork worked fine to nourish us.

    6. Anonymous4 October 2016 at 21:28

      If you really is a doctor, then you are disgrace to your family and has fail as a parent, ie the way you present your arguement is really repungent.

      For your info, I am a pork eater.

    7. 'Illuminati makan ape ye?'


    8. Anon 22:10,
      What 21:28 is saying is that all that pork eating has done no harm and if his family is successful... well that is good.

      But a fair point made out is the question why almost all pork eating country is successful, while the non-pork eating Arab countries are a a failure. Fair argument. No point getting edgy.

    9. 'But a fair point made out is the question why almost all pork eating country is successful, while the non-pork eating Arab countries are a a failure. Fair argument. No point getting edgy.'

      Are you some kind of vegetable? So the result would be different if it was chicken or cereal bars? Can you argue that from either a scientific or logical basis? Get real la pundek...LOL

    10. 21:28

      'pork worked fine to nourish us.' Pork is very fattening, it made Fat Soh's eyes almost disappear!

    11. Let's get back on track with teaching SCIENCE & MATHS in ENGLISH language, folks ah?

    12. 4 October 2016 at 15:39,

      You, air / madam, are a moron.

      Thank you.


    13. Theres some more pork eating people in Catholic South America and Africa Sdr ANON 23:41
      where most are not Muslim

      ( avoid generalising, boleh?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    14. Anyway, see where pork eating oriental countries are and where camel eating are. Enough said.

    15. 'where pork eating oriental countries are'...ummmmm, the champions of illegally copying western technology? clap clap!

    16. So there copied western technology? Funny, they are the the same now building our countries infrastructures. Now, the Arabs can't even copy and sew an underwear. To copy also you need brain and which the Arabs has none.

    17. Face it, today it is China's century. China is even using its lose change to buy all the American bonds and Saudi Arabia eats humble pie and dumps the Islamic calender in favour of the Christian Gregorian calender just to save money paying salaries. Sooner or later, Arabs will arrive at the Chinese door step with a begging bowl. Afterall, the Chinese are already buying up Malaysia on a fire sale. Malulah... pork is good.

  12. Jews don't eat pork.

    1. As Children of God, God has blessed them with brains and Arabs with brawn. Proof? Arabs are bombing and killing each other while the Jews are advancing.

  13. Dear Annie
    Your mentor now in meroyan mode
    No comments allowed but just hantam the Grand Old Man
    I guess this is what happens when his conscience eats him up.

    1. I think everyone has the right to reply. That's how I see it. Thank you.

    2. Your mentor now need to meroyan hard after so much $$$ riding expenditures exploring asean solidarity???

    3. He can eat the dedak in his wallet.

    4. He does actually allow comments, but I've noticed it can take 2 weeks to show up. (He's working at the pace of a gomen department now!)

      And there are very few comments anyway.

      Seems your "blogging captain" isn't really into it any more. PS, he's restored his blog roll (so much for Blobby's theory). That's the main use of RockyBru now, to have a convenient way to laugh at Blobby.

      When his blog roll was down, I couldn't be bothered to type:


      into my browser bar.

    5. ""

      HA HA HA HA! I think ah soh should register that domain so the walrus-bots have another playground to explore! LOLOL

    6. mdzfrs,




  14. Blue @ 4 October 2016 at 10:18,

    //It boils down to the system of education.//

    It is not the system of education.

    It is about what the students are taught and how the students are taught.

    It is about the policies set by the Education Ministry which discriminate against the brightest and the best.

    You can have all the single stream education systems that you like but if there is no change to how things are done now, you can forget it.


  15. Annie,

    "Annie" comment (hee hee) on this story?

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 — A spat between Umno’s Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed and his state MCA allies over his suggestion for the Chinese Barisan Nasional (BN) party to “loan” Pengkalan Rinting at the next polls has taken on racial undertones.

    Media reports quoted Nur Jazlan, who is MP for Pulai that covers the Pengkalan Rinting state seat in Johor, as saying he had made the proposal based on “studies on the ground” that showed Chinese voters in the constituency have not “fully accepted MCA, and efforts to wrest back the seat from DAP may be futile”.

    “Please don't threaten me or turn this into racial issue because I don't practise racism,” Nur Jazlan was quoted saying by New Straits Times Online in Putrajaya yesterday.

    “It is my right as the Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman to express my views, as I only intend to help and work together with our component party to win back the seat,” he added.

    Sinar Online reported Nur Jazlan as saying that Umno had given Pengkalan Rinting to MCA in 1995 after holding the seat for nine elections, but MCA lost it in Election 2013 after holding it for just three elections.

    “I proposed to take the seat if it is loaned to Umno. After we win, we’ll give it back,” he was quoted saying.

    1. MCA will cave in lah. Just wait.


  16. Hari ini dah 5 Oktober…. sudah 5 hari berlalu tarikh penyerahan akaun 1MDB yang telah di audit selepas 2 KALI DITANGGUH.

    Sudah diserahkan ke belum ? Dah siap ke belum ?

    Seperti yang semua maklum, Deloitte sudah menarik diri dari menjadi juruaudit 1MDB dan sehingga kini tidak ada sebarang kenyataan dari 1MDB atau kerajaan siapakah yang menggantikan tempat Deloitte.

    Bukan itu saja, Deloitte juga telah menarik balik akaun 1MDB yang telah mereka audit bagi tahun 2012-2013 dan 2013-2014 dan tanpa segan silu menyatakan akaun 1MDB yang telah mereka audit untuk dua tahun itu TAK BOLEH PAKAI ! (should no longer be relied upon).

    Dah siap ke belum ?

    1. Deloitte's put 1mdb in the "Toilette"! LOL

    2. Ada lagi ke.... Juru-Audit antarabangsa yang bangang, sanggup mencemarkan credibility mereka... cari-makan dengan 1MDB-Najib & Jho Low?

    3. Anonymous @ 5 October 2016 at 12:55,

      //telah menarik balik akaun 1MDB yang telah mereka audit bagi tahun 2012-2013 dan 2013-2014//

      So, really there is no point in 1MDB submitting audited accounts anyway for 2014-2015 or 2015-2016.


    4. oditor baru mana ekkk?

      Sape berani nak sentuh 1mdb? xde pon! Huhuhu


  17. Penjawat awam Arab Saudi akan dibayar gaji mengikut kalendar Masihi mulai bulan ini, bukan lagi Hijrah seperti amalan biasa, bagi menjimatkan wang.

    Penukaran itu, yang diluluskan kabinet minggu lalu, bagi membolehkan kakitangan awam bekerja lebih lama, lapor portal Middle East Eye awal minggu ini.

    Perbezaan antara dua sistem kalendar tersebut — antara Hijrah yang mengikut peredaran bulan dengan sistem pusingan matahari yang menjadi asas Masihi — lebih kurang 10 hari setahun.

    Setiap bulan Hijrah mengandungi antara 29 hingga 30 hari berbanding sebulan Masihi yang mempunyai 30 hingga 31 hari kecuali Februari.

    Arab Saudi, pengeluar minyak terbesar dunia, memotong perbelanjaan kerajaan selepas mengalami kemerosotan sejak dua tahun lepas susulan kejatuhan harga minyak dunia.

    Minggu lalu, kabinet memotong 20 peratus gaji menteri dan membekukan kenaikan gaji penjawat awam berpangkat rendah.

    1. 'Minggu lalu, kabinet memotong 20 peratus gaji menteri dan membekukan kenaikan gaji penjawat awam berpangkat rendah.'

      Bila pokjib nak potong gaji nya sendiri ? Kadar 100% OK kot

    2. Nampakgayanya... Janji Pak Arab... nak bayar RM1 Juta seorang kepada mangsa terbunuh akibat kren terbalik, musim Haji 2015... akan hanya tinggal... janji.

      Mogok pekerja kesihatan Arab Saudi yang tidak dibayar gaji, lebih 6 bulan. Kedutaan India pun sudah membekalkan makanan kepada warga mereka yang bekerja di Arab Saudi... dan yang peliknya... MSM di Malaysia, langsung tak menyiarkan berita ini.

    3. Dorang mungkin kena guna USD$620 million yg Jibbi konon "reverse-derma" tahun lepas.....pi tanya dorang mana wang tu skrg? huhuhu......

    4. USD$620 million tu masuk dompet si Jo Low, lepas tu si lanun & si hippo mintak sedekah bagi pihak riza aziz & kak semah...pendek kata, sayonara lah 620 million...

    5. kan pak arab dah donate kat najib beratus ratus million dah
      tak perlu pak arab donate extra 1million kepada mangsa tragedy tu
      kira postpaid lah tu
      tak rasa bersyukur ke najib
      kita orang melayu harus rasa bersyukur
      najib sepatutnya bersyukur makan nasi bujang selama 10 tahun
      barulah bersyukur syukur syukur syukur bersyukur`ded

      bagaimana dengan i did not use a single cent of 1mdb money on myself?

  18. GENEVA (AP) — Swiss prosecutors investigating suspected embezzlement at a Malaysian state investment fund say that $800 million appears to have been misappropriated from investments in natural resources by a former subsidiary.

    The Swiss attorney general's office also said Wednesday that a Ponzi scheme appears to have been used to hide the embezzlement from both the 1MDB fund and its former SRC unit.

    Switzerland's attorney general opened an investigation last year of two former 1MDB officials and persons unknown on suspicion of bribery and money laundering, among other offenses.

    The Swiss office said it has made a new request for legal assistance from Malaysia, aimed at obtaining further evidence to corroborate its findings as well as securing the help it initially requested in January. It said that is "still pending."

    KIMAK JILAKE.........

    "initially requested in January"

    WOIIIIII Pandi B***, hang dah tidoq 10 bulan ke????

  19. Apandi, you`re fired.