Monday 10 October 2016

Stop the Bersih vs Red Shirts nonsense

I really think the authorities should move in and stop the planned Bersih and its rival Red Shirts rallies.

Such rallies are not good for the country.

I do believe in freedom of expression and such, but not to the extent of causing public disruptions.

As happened in the past, the authorities tolerated these rallies but the organisers kept doing it by breaking the laws.

For instance, they agreed to hold the rallies at a stadium or padang but later on march through streets to get there, causing disruptions to traffic and everyday lives.

This should be stopped.

Organisers of these rallies should not be allowed to repeat such nonsense again.

The authorities should just strictly enforce the laws on this matter.

I'm of the opinion that if people want to express themselves, they should argue their case through the available channels without causing problems to others.

They can even criticise the government or the opposition for that matter, in the social media if they want.

That's why I allowed almost all of those comments in this blog through.

Let everyone release their anger and frustration with minimal damage.

It's better than letting everyone goes to the street and causing problems.

Just look at how ugly the Bersih versus Red Shirts thing has turned out now.

You all had seen the videos, right?

I think it will only get worse if they are to clash at the rallies in downtown KL next month.

Seriously, why can't these people wait for the next general election?

If so itchy to quarrel, just whack each other in the social media lah for now.

Why the need to scare others who don't want to have anything to do with their nonsense and all those rallies?

Such a waste of time and energy too.


  1. Either that or Bersih's smart, becoz when you have idiots like the jamal fella doing press con in toilets and the red shits kicking poor defenceless people in the back, who looks worse? Red shits lah. Its still so funny - I remember the interview with the makcik felda from last year who said she was just offered a free trip to kl, and had no idea what the red shit movement was about. So sad. Felt sorry for her. I mean that is exploitation lah...typical umno kan. Jamal will get a few million, the real people will get rm50 or rm100....same with br1m, the first couple get to spend rm60 million on their little luxuries, but nahhhh, I give you rm800 lah, a few crumbs. Be grateful! Same syndrome. More red shits = more public disgust. Simple equation.

    1. Annie,

      there's this movie called PURGE. there's one truth the movie reveals, that is when circumstances allow, those otherwise peaceful and timid people can become more deadly and violent than thos who like to bark out loud trying to be macho man during peaceful time.

      today, it is no longer 1969.

      while it's also true that some people like the red shirts are known for their habit of talking big to cover their own failure in life, but if they are foolish enough to emulate their forefathers, it would be really funny to watch.

      if you want to do something to another,you don't go to street shouting to the sky proclaiming to hot air about what you want to do . those are chicken shit.

      but then again, it's not a must for them to know what's the meaning of chicken shit.

      they would google "chicken shit" and then get the result and think they are smart.

      there's just nothing you can do if some people don't want to be successful in life.

    2. Anon 12:46

      You are absolutely right. Nether red nor yellow shirts should be prevented from demonstrating especially in mid-afternoon during clear blue sky. Nature takes care of them. Like previous demonstrations, many things will be unfolded during Bersih 5 gathering when the day-time temperature reaches 35 degree celcius. Almost certainly many would collapse without regaining conciousness due to heat-stroke while others would end-up with rashes on their faces - an early sign of melonoma or skin cancer. So why bothering stopping them. Just relax and watch.

  2. Annie,

    My father went to GH yesterday and was told to do his blood test in a private clinic before coming back for diagnosis.


    What is wrong with PM Najib Razak's Gomen now?

    PMO BIG BUDGET. Obviously his pet projects are more important than the RAKYAT. So his wifey can get her 18% commission.

    What is the this shit tagline 'Rakyat Didahulukan'?

    Bring home those money lying around in US.

    You cannot keep supporting UMNO and skirt around this issue.

    There is a MAJOR mismanagement in finance by these jokers.

    Already in my area in Melawati, it is common sight to see school children bringing those cards to ask for derma for their school.

    Apa benda ni? First cut dia cut MOH dan MOE.

    Dia memang otak kat lutut ke?

  3. If only the MACC would catch the big elephant in the room... people are really fed up with the charade of catching small fish. Imagine the small fish got caught with RM100+million, but the Putrajaya whale with billions of money being shared with his friends around the world is still roaming around like muka tak malu only. MACC what can you do to be taken seriously? Pursue these people. KBS corruption why no noise anymore? Culprit sent to court already or not? This drama of catching only the small fish is not lost on the people. Only monkeys think Government is serious in stopping corruption. Someone is still roaming with money stolen from 1MDB.

  4. annie, do you mean to wait for the next election and let the corrupt be more corrupt?

    1. The way it's going with Pandi, who's basically an umno politician play-acting at being a civil servant, the 1st couple & konco2nya will have complete immunity from prosecution. Kak Semah can finally become Imelda. Why stop at only RM1,200 for hair treatment?

    2. Bank statements made available to Sarawak Report show that at least five separate cash deposits were made into two of Najib’s AmBank accounts in KL, totalling RM3.4 million between 2nd February and 3rd March 2015. The sum represents 34 times his official salary of RM100,000 per month.

    3. In 2011 SRC was financed by a RM3.81 billion loan from the public pension fund KWAP and Nik Faisal was deployed to be in charge. However SRC has never produced a single audit to explain where that money went.

      On Wednesday, the Swiss AG, who together with Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department has investigated the now closed Singapore branch of BSI Bank, where SRC held its accounts, confirmed the bulk of the money (a staggering $800 million) was misappropriated.

      Takpe lah.....ambik je.

  5. Annie,

    Something's wrong.

    The Porky Saviour of the Malays has not emerged to stick her tongue fawningly up Jamal Ikan Bakar's back passage.

    Very weird.

    I can only assume that her paymssters at PMO have told her not to play up the issue.

    The BM channel video of the assault has hit 370K views, and people are puking over the conduct of Ikan Bakar, who was watching the biker getting whacked without stopping his hired dedak squad.

    Of course I could be wrong and they might be making an extra-large red shirt for Blobby so she can put her flab where her mouth is.

    I'm sure she can Jamal can be a lovely couple.

    Whoops, she's Cnon-halal meat.

    My bad.

  6. Tak apalah..menjaga maruah.. Melayu terajang Melayu. Kipidap.

    1. Tak lama lagi bila umno dah melingkup ..kita ludahkan muka jamal pondan ni ramai2. Insyaallah akan berlaku. Jamal pondan ni tak guna nasihat dah. Kalau tak betul ..mati aib budak ni.

    2. Seperti biasa... Melayu hanya berani dengan Melayu.
      Polis pun sedar hakikat ini. Tapi kalau Bersih yang sebelum ini, dimana >90% perserta adalah Cina, baru Polis tegas. Geng Baju-Merah pun tak berani dekati mereka.

      Kalau Mat-Motor dalam video itu, Cina... sudah tentu Baju-Merah tak berani flying-kick.

  7. Annie,

    The way I see it is that a country which promotes good values will always encourage its citizens to speak out when there is injustice, corrupt behaviour, abuse of power, etc etc.

    And a country with good values will always act on the concerns of its citizens.

    But, sometimes, just speaking out in social media is not enough.

    By social media, I include the traditional channels, TV, radio and newspapers.

    Taking to the streets has a very long history going back to ancient times.

    The idea of taking to the streets is manifold.

    Sometimes, it is because citizens are fed-up of inaction by those in power.

    Other times, it is because citizens feel that their voices are not getting heard or simply ignored.

    I have seen many peaceful street marches in many countries protesting many different issues from the Israeli occupation to labour issues.

    And many of those peaceful street marches are along main thoroughfares.

    I don't have a problem with street protests as long as they are peaceful.

    They can start where they like, finish where they like AS LONG AS THEY ARE PEACEFUL.

    As far as a BERSIH march is concerned, street hawkers make good money selling drinks and food, so why begrudge those hawkers a good day "at the office"?

    The problem here is the Red Shirts who insist on using strongarm tactics and violence to prevent the BERSIH marchers from marching.

    The Red Shirts act just like the white supremacist groups who attack peaceful street marchers protesting the rise of violent racist acts in the UK and Russia.

    In most countries, groups like the Red Shirts will be arrested but unfortunately in Malaysia, that is not how things work.


  8. Seluruh rakyat Malaysia nampak tak betapa jahanamnya kumpulan taik kucing baju merah ni.polis ambil tindakan segera jangan lepaskan budak baju merah yg tendang belakang tu. Penakut mcm anjing. Ramai beranilah ko.......

    Inilah budaya samseng kg dusun yg diketuai oleh si ikan tongkol tu.......

    Memang jahanam negara kalau ujud kumpulan dan pemimpinnya seperti baju merah jahanam ini.....

    1. baju kuning pun 2 x 5 juga

    2. Hak untuk berkumpul, menyatakan perasaan tidak puas- hati... termaktub dalam perlembagaan. Lagi pun, Baju-Kuning sudah dapat permit dari Polis.

      Kalau... Baju-Merah juga mahu manyatakan bantahan terhadap Baju-Kuning, pergilah berkumpul di tempat lain. Mengapa perlu sekat hak-orang lain?

    3. Anonymous @ 11 October 2016 at 04:07,

      //baju kuning pun 2 x 5 juga//

      The baju kuning have been adopting a peaceful approach.

      The baju merah is using a violent approach.

      If you claim to be a good person in your heart, which do you think is the right approach?

      Cam mana now?


  9. Jika orang Melayu tidak mahu maruah Melayu dibela cara orang Baju Merah, berani tampil dan nyatakan pendirian?

  10. I am 200% with you on this Annie. Yes, neither the red nor the yellow has a right to march in the streets, barking and behaving wildly like a warthog looking after a during mating season.

    1. Just like the Palestinians.

  11. Your nemesis has attacked u again, calling your site a gutter blog. If it's really a garbage site, why bother reading and even attacking it. I wouldn't give it the light of day if is something insignificant. So Anibaba is anything but inconsequential.

  12. I hope she's not hoping for someone to vault a fiery Ferrari over sweet Annie. Oh that's mean.

  13. so many people are unhappy with the baju merah but the same stupid shit people were not so unhappy about the baju kuning...strange piece of shit people

    1. Anonymous @ 11 October 2016 at 04:10,

      Some people are unhappy with the baju kuning for political reasons.

      Some people are unhappy with the baju merah for their violent gangster approach.

      I, myself, have no problems with the baju kuning.

      Similarly, I would have no problems whatsoever with the baju merah if they took a peaceful approach.


  14. "I really think the authorities should move in and stop the planned Bersih and its rival Red Shirts rallies."

    Me think...the 'rally' part is... Bersih, but Red Shirt is not having a rally but pure harassment or provocation. And... I'm sure, Bersih have a permit, therefore legal, while the Reds shirt is just... shit.

    "It's better than letting everyone goes to the street and causing problems."

    Yes I agree with Annie. Publish all comments... at your discretion, of-course.

    But... it seems Police action or inaction towards the provocative, no-permit Red-Shit have been somewhat... wasatiyyah or very tolerant. I just hope this is not an onset of something sinister such as to bring about lawlessness so that the New-NSC act could be used, rendering GE14 being suspended, indefinitely.

    After-all, our beleaguered PM have too much in his mind:-
    - Realistic Budget 2017
    - DoJ's civil action against Jho Low and his step-son
    - The Stigma of his government being branded a kleptocracy
    - 1MDB's delayed and overdue, 2015 Financial Account. The need to re-audit 2013 & 2014 which they've disowned after DoJ's civil action.

    And... last night on TV3, I heard Noh Omar denied UMNO-Selangor had anything to do with NGOs such as Red Shirt. What a joke. He must have forgotten that there are pictures of him with Jamal and Najib, having a meeting.

    1. RD,

      //And... I'm sure, Bersih have a permit, therefore legal, while the Reds shirt is just... shit//

      I don't think BERSIH has a permit but then neither do the Red Shirts.

      To be honest, if the Red Shirts adopted the same peaceful approach as BERSIH, I have no problems with them running a parallel campaign against BERSIH.

      The key word here is "peaceful".

      IMHO, Jamal Yunos is short-sighted because he does not seem to realise that BERSIH is claiming the high moral ground with their call for peaceful assembly and peaceful protest.

      He is playing into the hands of the BERSIH organisers by using gangster tactics.

      Anywhere in this world, anytime in this era, gangster tactics against a peaceful protest will be seen as a no-no.

      Unfortunately for Jamal Yunos, he only thinks locally without realising that Malaysia has an international image and reputation to protect.

      If I was being silly, I would say that Jamal Yunos was being supported by Jews, or Israel, or the CIA, or the DAP, or evangelical Christians, or all the above, to make Malaysia look bad :)


    2. You tahu tak? This Jamal guy & gang diorang makan sambal belachan yang bukan dari jenis asli. Beli dipasar dengan wang haram Taigor Jibi!!!


    3. "Unfortunately for Jamal Yunos, he only thinks locally without realising that Malaysia has an international image and reputation to protect."

      Seriously, this monkey is killing the image of Umno even among locals, not that it can go down much.

      Even the red dog's owner, Noh Omar, is taking pains to distance himself from it. As a public relations exercise, it's a major fail.

      So Umno protects the 3Rs, right?

      RACE: Oh wait, no they stole from Th, Yapeim, KWAP

      RELIGION: Oh wait, lying and stealing are forbidden in Islam

      ROYALTY: Oh wait, they ignored the Rulers' wishes on 1MDB and NSC Bill.

      Umno was a decent party before. Under the Bugis lanun, it's a filthy criminal cartel. With no class.

  15. Annie,

    Good news! The Porky Saviour of the Malays has FINALLY emerged to stick her tongue up Jamal Ikan Bakar's back passage. (Though I have to warn him, her tongue is coated with many non-halal molecules.)

    She even showed a pic of her fellow dedak gobbler in his Felalli, bought with stolen public money.

    But even the walruses are getting bored of Fatty.

    Her post got ONE - yes ONE comment, and here it is:

    "1. tehtarik | October 11, 2016 at 9:05 am

    Buka main hensem betul datuk seri ikan bakar dalam kereta ferrari tu. Kasi cium cium sikit!
    Tapi apa guna hensem, keluar dari kereta ferrari, mulut berbau taik kucing dan dedak.
    Ini macai noh omar, pergi mampus lo. Nanti rosakkan peluang umno bn rampas balik selangor."

    Looks like 'Stazah Blob's readers aren't quite as mentally constipated as she is.