Friday 7 October 2016

Rogue Ones and cyber gangsterism

I do understand the need for everyone to earn a living.

Thus, I'm actually not so much against bloggers getting paid for what they write.

True, it makes them mercenaries,  but so what, as long as they don't break any law.

I don't think a blogger shouldn't be allowed to earn a living by writing in favour of those who are willing to pay them to do so.

Whether what they write is true or otherwise is secondary.

I'm of the opinion that it's up for us to decide whether the writing is worth reading.

That's why I often times wrote that we should be careful with what we read.

The writer, if paid, was just earning a living.

If we decide that the writer was writing falsehood, we can just stop reading the bullshit.

And if we feel that we don't have the capacity to decide whether what was written is the truth or a lie, I suggest we read other things which are really worth our time.

We can read gardening blogs and learn how to plant chillies...for instance. That's better than reading political stuff which we are not sure to be true or just bullshit.

I think it's a simple enough concept.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you should noticed that I almost never used the reprehensible word "dedak" or even "the red bean army", associated to paid bloggers..

I don't like those words because I'm still okay with people getting paid for what they write.

Proper journalists are also paid for using their writing skills and talents to earn a living.

So, why can't others get paid too, right?

Of course the best are still those who write purely because of their ideals.

They are the true pejuang.

If their writing is good instead of raving and ranting like a lunatic, then they are the ones deserved to be read the most.

But not everyone can afford that. Ideals can be quite expensive and people need to eat and feed their spouse, children or dog or cat.

Really, I understand the need of some people to be mercenary bloggers, cyber troopers and what ever.

If you all find them so reprehensible, just don't read their writings, okay.

But try not be too harsh on them. They just cari makan.

Having said all that, I'm nonetheless do get disgusted whenever I read these kind of stories,

In Malaysia, another blackmailing blog exposed

To be paid or even asking to be paid are still tolerable, but to blackmail for payment is very wrong.

It's against the laws too.

I can still tolerate a blogger taking payment to whack someone, but for the blogger to then offer the victim to stop the attack for a higher payment is really disgusting.

These are the people who truly give bloggers a bad name.

I encountered these people once.

It was back during the run up to the last general election.

There was this group of supposedly Umno bloggers who approached the team of then Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

Ghani's team at that time didn't have dedicated cyber war people.

The bloggers offered to help with the campaign of Johor Umno and Ghani in return of a fee of several million ringgit.

The Ghani's team declined the offer because they really didn't have a budget for it.

Anyway, the demanded fee was way too high considering that the bloggers were not even of the top notch variety.

Unfortunately, the bloggers didn't take the rejection very well and in retaliation started to post series of slanderous articles aimed at Ghani.

They kept a constant barrage of those posts until the very last few weeks before the 2013 general election.

My sources insisted that the bloggers were paid by another group of Umno people, backed by very powerful personalities who wanted to make sure that Ghani is out of Johor after the election.

But of course I have no hard evidence on this, so that I can't say for sure whether it's true or not.

Nonetheless, I was told that the very same group of bloggers could now be seen from time to time at Kota Iskandar.

Okay lah, that's their rezeki, but what they did by whacking and slandering people who declined their services was bad.

That's cyber gangsterism.

I heard of this kind of behaviour from time to time.

Blogger demanding money from politician by threatening character assassination.

I strongly advice the politicians who experienced this to report those bloggers to the police.

The same goes to business people or any individuals being threatened in such a manner by rotten bloggers and social media players.

My experience on this matter was mostly on the Umno and BN side.

That's because I am from this side of the political fence.

I do wonder if the opposition people experienced the same.

Are there any opposition blogger or writer who got nasty because their demand for money was rejected?

Are there opposition bloggers or writers who indulged in character assassination of their leaders who rebuffed their demands?

I strongly believe it's the same on their side.

There are a case or two which I suspected to be those of opposition bloggers or writers turning rogue because they were not paid or accorded the recognition they thought they deserved by their political masters.

DAP don't pay, turn to Umno. Later, if Umno don't pay, turn back to DAP.

Scary la those.

Well, I guess it's all the same on this or that side.

End of the day, it's for us to decide what we want to read.

My suggestion is, let the cari makan bloggers earn a living and don't be too hard on them, but try to read the genuine ones more.

Even that, do be selective because even the genuine ones can be just spewing a lot of rubbish. All emotional and crazy.

In fact, I find some of the paid bloggers to be better in the sense that they do a good job by being rational, research their material well, write beautifully, very creative etc.

If they make better sense, why not read their blogs too, right?


  1. Tajuk yang lebih sesuai


  2. Lame excuse. Just because mau cari makan then it's okay to write something that is not true or right . Everything else not their concern.Hmmm....

    1. What about the a-g, closing a case when he knows the rakyat WHO PAYS HIS SALARY have been cheated of almost 17 billion ringgit??? Isn't that worse. Bloggers spin don't hurt us, but lying public officials do.

    2. Actually both parties, be it spinning bloggers and lying public officials are equally bad.

    3. Spinning bloggers don't cause us to lose billions.....

    4. It may be true but spinning is still unacceptable .A wrong deed is still wrong however you look at it.

    5. Yep, both are wrong. And for the dedak bloggers who protect thieves, they are accomplices too. Morally.

  3. What righteous person you trying to be. Fuck off.

    1. What fuck person you trying to be? Righteous off.

    2. None so self-righteous as f**kers who can't see what their private parts are up to.

    3. 10:09, that's deep sir. Very deep.

  4. The UMNO bloggers must learn from RBA in order to succeed. Money is certainly a factor. So does the creativity. Here lies the difference. The RBA is very creative especially in coming-up with interesting term like kucing kurap when referring to DAP muslim supporter. Thanks to Jeff Ooi. As a result they not only managed to retain Penang but won with bigger majority.

    1. The Muslims must realize that the anti-Islam DAP cannot be their choice. They must stick to UMNO, where none of the kucing are kurap but are all Fat Cats. Some are pedigree Persians and are being kept in Riza Aziz NY penthouse.

    2. skrng ternyata bahawa Riza Aziz telah songlap wang rakyat Malaysia, adakah kerajaan akan membawa dia ke nagara ini untuk berdepan dengan keadilan? Toksah harap ler. Malaysia mmg dah jadi negara si pencuri. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang rasuah dan mengamalkan budaya rasuah dan mencuri. Amerika yang membenci rasuah dan pencuri yang menyauk duit rakyat mereka sendiri ialah negara kafir. Malaysia pula ialah sebuah negara Islam yang ada belasan mufti, ribuan Qadhi, jutaan ustaz yang sibuk mengkafir-harbikan orang lain, tapi tutup kedua mata, bila orang Islam sendiri mencuri dan berasuah. Cantik ler tu...

    3. 13:45,

      Nice try but not as creative as Jeff Ooi. The latter was specifically referring to muslims in penang who'd voted DAP into power in last election.


  5. Annie,

    To be very frank a lot of people (including dear Tun) are living like it's still 2006 all over again.

    Back then, SoPo blogs were a novelty and people took them seriously. hence they (although it's an over-inflated ego claim) helped to "take down" Pak Lah.

    Now that the novelty has worn off, people are quite aware of why people do things. And people make the huge mistake of trying to write in English when they can't. I'm looking in the direction of various bricks and dogs and rocks and things. I mean, you have nothing substantial to say...and you mangle yourself saying it, when urbanites are pointless to talk to anyway. The decline of these blogs is just like the decline of the NST. Why spend time reading shallow propaganda?

    And the camp changers are even worse.

    Who is going to read any of RPK’s long-winded fantasy bullshit, when just a few years ago he was licking Anwar’s, ummmm, feet (?) And let’s not even mention the multiple-turncoat piece of Chinese flab who is now dispensing religious advice to the Malays. Who the hell reads these people and goes: “Duhhhh, ya, me is convinced now!”

    Whoever is paying these ineffective losers is wasting public money, but I guess we’re fully used to the gomen doing that.

    1. 'To be very frank a lot of people (including dear Tun) are living like it's still 2006 all over again.'.....yep. He gave too much face to the over the hill bloggers....who thinks that blogs in malaysia are reliable? I would only rate maybe JMD becoz he's ALWAYS based on facts and not on spin, also check out Pure Shiite....

      Ok this guy is very detailed, but seriously, READ AND THINK about what he says....when the government trying its best to liwat every living malaysian, then KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR BEST DEFENCE...THINK.

    2. Pelik lah. Duit cash SPRM boleh tangkap tapi duit masuk dalam akaun peribadi boleh di lepas. Macamana SPRM nak buktikan dari mana punca duit? Kalau salah, sebab kesalahan ialah memiliki harta terlebih dari kemampuan. Kalau dia buat tender ikut segala peraturan dan di luluskan tanpa soal-jawab, dia tak bersalah. Ini bukan projek kecik anak.. boleh bayar kad kredit Najib yang di guna oleh Rosmah. Elok dia yang jadi PM...berbillion dia boleh simpan dalam rumah.

    3. RPK is rightly changing his MT back archive to be under a fake name of "Julian Khoo". This is most wise as all his previous anti-hudud, anti-UMNO and pro-Anwar ramblings can now be blamed on a new DAP chinaman, even though he does not exist. Most assuredly, a brilliant strategy by RPK to cover his deep fear of Rewcastle-Brown.

    4. Macamana SPRM nak buktikan dari mana punca duit? Hm. Kes 2.6 beliyon tu jauh lagi teruk, xde tindakan pon. Nih lah akibat kerje jahat si Lanun Bugis & konco2nys. Tutup jer Institut Integriti Malaysia..Suruhanjaya integriti Agensi Penguatkuasa, Suhakam..SPRM..PDRM..Pejabat Peguam Negara..mahkamah..buat perabeh duit negara jer bayar gaji diorang mahal-mahal tapi tak boleh selesaikan masalah PM yang takde integriti. Kalo dah semua orang tak ndak berintegriti..nak kaya cepat..baik kita jual jer Tanah Melayu ni kat Tok Arab..apek China..orang amarika..pastu kita pulak menyewa ngan diorang untuk tapak rumah kita. Kitakan banyak duit..apa nak ďiherankan..bayor je ler!

  6. Even before blogging, there were senior journalists who were on the payroll of politicians and business people.

    I recall the time Anwar and his Wawasan team went for the top Umno posts. A journo friend of mine who was following a certain state politician on a foreign trip said 2 senior journos from a local daily kept turning up at the hotels trying to see him. Apparently, he hadn't paid up.

    And some journalists are notoriously well-known among PRs for demanding freebies and junkets. Even editors will call asking for free tickets for pop concerts etc.

    Some of those then moved into blogging. Those in the industry know who lah.

    1. Hmmm, I guess a 40mm rear admiral would need siber kabberup for his behind launch his frontal attacks unashamedly.

    2. Certainly it is only RPK who can testify as he has tasted that 40mm for many years. Unfortunately the main fetish for Malaysians now is having a fat hippo in a big black wig sit on their faces while a Bugis pirate steals their wallets. Most wrong.

    3. Raja Petra Kamaruddin the one down under Anwar? Seriously . . .?

    4. Nobody knows. But rpk's stabbing of anwar was definitely from behind! Hehehe

  7. The only bloggers I read now is you and jebat. but jebat don't write no more. or he write not often. I like to read you two because the english is easy to read. Keep it up!

    1. "English is easy to read"

      Yeah... it is to your level.

    2. 14:09, how's your bm? Sucky? Move to singapore lah.

    3. Is your BM, up to my level?

  8. annie...i have been doing that long time ago and it amaze me seeing people not running away but listening to people like that...

    >james bond

  9. The way you pontificate as though you are so righteous. In Johor, all know how much money and benefit you were getting as an arselicker. You were and is no different. Dare to publish?

    1. Agree.

      Cakap Fu yoh...macam upright sangat. Macam dia bukan wartawan pelacur.

    2. HA HA HA, you just got your bluff called, bro. Padan muka. Why? Because who says you know what you are talking about? Ada bukti bro? Nope. Another internet troll with just as much credibility as Najis Rosak or Raja P*ki Kotor. Go join your fellow con-men, lah. Enjoyz!

    3. I still will support Najib.

      I am absolutely not affected. My two children are overseas. I have a house overseas. Money ( quite a bit but well earned)The family can afford regular holidays. There are two cars parked in my garage and in an upmarket area. My business is doing well (of cause must regularly "give" some money to get more money, but well worth it - just say "ikhlas", it is no longer rasuah. I made money and wealth during Najib's era. Frankly, I pray Najib will stay and things don't change. I will be the first to vote Najib.

  10. Ahhie,

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    1. I don't think Najis Rosak and his inner circle of confusion can get that.

      Worst crisis management ever.

      Lie first, shut up for 2 months, tell 42 lies (like the donation was to fight ISIS even tho it didn't exist!)

      Messy, messy, messy...

    2. Apa guna nak cakap lagi pasai "public trust in leadership" plak? Zaman tu dah lama pupus. Makan tak hadam, sakit perut tak lawas, tidur tak lena dibuatnya bila dengar segala kepincangan najib dan 1mdb akan ditanggung oleh kerajaan (duit rakyat). Sedangkan najib tidur lena, makan sedap-sedap, pakai mewah-mewah, rakyat biasa terpaksa cari pendapatan sampingan/kerja lebih masa. Ekonomi makin teruk, sykt besar pun tutup kilang, sektor perbankan kurangkan pekerja, ramai dibebani hutang...apa yang mampu kami lakukan? Hanya berserah pada takdir Allah

    3. Yang susah dahulu? Melayu
      Yang miskin dahulu? Melayu
      Yang takkan berubah? Melayu

      Ia duduk menadah tangan iya.

    4. Anon 15:09,

      Pi Indonesia cari kerja buruhlah.

      Pelik, Bangla tak susah, Indon buat duat, Myanmar boleh cari duit, Nepal boleh cari kerja. Semua kerana,pribumi malas.

    5. Rogues and Gangsters?

      Just remember Evil is not Untouchable

  11. 'Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) vice-president Mukhriz Mahathir suggested that the two senior civil servants who were arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) with RM53 million cash should take a leaf out of the prime minister’s book.

    In a jibe at Najib Abdul Razak, Mukhriz said the Sabah Water Department officers should have deposited the money in their personal bank accounts and claim it to be an Arab donation.'

    HA HA HA!!!

    1. Logical. But they need jho low to draft the fake letters and Pandi to clear them. I think only the hippo & hubby gets these perks...

  12. funny....people say u urself are playing on both side of the fence.

    1. Not really lah bro. Only person who says that is one menopausal old chinese pig who was happily rolling in her own Malaysiakini shit quite recent lah bro. Bit hypocrite lah bro, u see?

  13. Re:But not everyone can afford that. Ideals can be quite expensive and people need to eat and feed their spouse, children or dog or CAT....hehe kejamnyer

    1. Or their pet old pig, i.e. themselves. Ya?

  14. Annie,

    //I do wonder if the opposition people experienced the same.//

    This is what I know about the opposition.

    Many of them operate on a shoestring.

    For example, in my kampung, the Pakatan ADUN is being criticised by the villagers because she is seen as very stingy and just not spending money as freely as the previous BN ADUN.

    The villagers cannot seem to understand why the Pakatan ADUN cannot come up with the RM100K or so to repair the dirt roads leading to the kebun2.

    I was told that the previous BN ADUN never seemed to have problems whatsoever coming up with money for road repairs to the kebun2 every time the villagers complained.

    I have also observed quietly from a distance the behaviour of several other Pakatan politicians around and it seems that they have a common theme - they do not display great wealth in their dressing, their jewelery, their cars, their homes, etc.

    Even their relatives live modest lives.

    In the days when PAS was a Pakatan partner, I recalled one of their youth leaders(?), who disclosed his assets.

    He seemed so laughably poor! The man had something like RM700 in his bank account!

    I was shocked by his bravery in opening up his personal life for inspection. I had nothing but admiration for him.

    So, I am guessing that many opposition bloggers are not being paid simply because Pakatan is not a very rich entity.

    Whatever monies Pakatan gets is jealously guarded and frugally spent.

    If there are any opposition bloggers being paid to write, I would be interested to know who they might be.

    //If they make better sense, why not read their blogs too, right?//

    Actually, bloggers who write nonsense can be very entertaining.

    For example, there is one blogger I occasionally read who tries to claim credit for her Alexa ranking by using Canadian walruses to increase her page hits.

    In her effort to seem important and popular, she does not seem to realise that many people are not laughing with her but laughing at her.


  15. Looking at the emotional responses og the PM hater I have a very strong doubt Pakatan Harapan will be able to form a government after the next GE

    Prof Kangkung